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The ship has two masts and the crowsnest is lined with comfortable cushions for the lookout. Pointing forth from the ship's front are two iron spikes, one for attacking, and another one below the water that is several yards long. It has an important purpose. If the ship is approaching a reef that is slightly below the surface of the sea, the spike will hit the reef, not allowing the ship to go any farther. There is also a long iron spike pointing from the back of the ship, to prevent a attacking ship from coming up from behind. The ship is made of wood, but is coated with steel, as is the top deck, to make it imune to fire arrows. In the deck below are twenty-eight sets of oars, rowed by slaves. The ships figure head is the bleached skull of a dead adder. This is to show enemies that even the most powerful creatures cannot withstand us. (If we come acoss a dead adder to make this figurehead, great. If we dont, we should send a few dozen troops to kill an adder for us.)