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Karda Jadefire

this is my personal small longboat. this is the vessel that i came to nightshade on, and it is my vessel of choice when moving across water. this ship is big enough for about 10 people. it is made of sturdy ebony wood, and as such it is black in color. it has blue symbols and runes painted by the seer of my old warclan. they read " black as night, invisible on the midnight water, gliding across the waves." this ship was built for use in the tough rivers and huge lakes of the northlands, as we are not seafaring people. it has a flat keel, and it is very sturdy. it has a large crossbow, almost as large as a ballista, fastened to its front. this can fire javelins or rocks. it normally had a gunner at the prow, one crewman, and the captain. this changed when my warclan was destroyed. i left in this boat, killing some pursuing birds with a few javelins from the ballista. it has not been used since.