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Roth Rouga
The Needle

The Needle is about four stoats long with a sharp front for going quick. The Needle is made from thick yew wood with an oak rudder. The needle would only last an hour or so in the high seas. For it is poorly built for rough waters, but in rivers it can outfloat and out boat most other ships. There are no cabins aboard The Needle, only a hole under each paddler's seat were you lift up the seat top and put food inside the seat. At least fifteen beasts can ride The Needle, twenty-two at the most. The crew must contain at least seven beasts or it will be impossible to navigate in rough waters. There are no sails becuase The Needle is a camofluage boat and sails would be clear to see. The sides are thick for one reason-if the boat is holed,you cut a piece of the THICK sides to replace the lost wood for the hole. Only do this in emergencies.