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Roth Rouga
Sea Dragon

Twenty feet long and twelve feet wide. It is six feet tall. It is oval shape but a bit narrower. The motif is for exploring sea's close to land. My ship can go on large rivers, lakes, coastal waters and sometimes the open seas. It fits thirty creatures. It has 14 double bed rooms and two rooms with one bed each. In one double bedded room it has 20 little beds for slaves. There is a dining room, bathrooms a play room and the Capatin's room. There are lot's of cuboards with supplies for long journeys. On deck there is a Long building. That's where you discuss topics. There is a 30 foot mast with a large crow's nest on top. The boat has a 28 by 24 sail. The sail has a silvery green dragon launching itself from a stormy ocean with a black thunder cloud behind. The figurehead is a dragon snarling. The boat can be easily steered. The Sea Dragon is very fast and is hard to tip over. The wood is very thick so the boat rarely has any problems.