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Roth Rouga

This beauty of a ship is designed to hold up to 50 beasts. She has been coated over with some sort of wax mixture to keep her smooth and water-proofed. The black wood had been polished out and painted over with a single coat of black to make sure that the ship will always be dark as the night. Her figure head is two statues. One seems to be a sort of goddess, dressed in a cloth/toga like thing that starts at the waist and has a length of cloth flowing before it. The goddess' arms are outstretched before her, and her hair is fashioned to look as if it is floating about her, and her expression is one of somewhere between sadness and joy. The second statue is of a particularly evil looking devil. It is also female and wears what seems to be a sort of chainmail toga. It has a strip that goes up over its shoulder and connects to the main "skirt/dress". Its paws are raised over its head, holding a ruby orb that is highly polished. Its expression is one of evil joy or triumph. The goddess and the devil are both wildcats, but they have long tails that run along the sides of the ship and entwine up the back, holding a sapphire star. The figures are both made of white gold. The mast is designed with strange, but beautiful, white designs that are engraved in the black ash. Her sail dons the insignia of a fox and a wildcat (again with the wildcat's tail being much longer than usual), there tails entwined up the center and their front paws locked in what seems to be a sort of "war", looking as if they are trying to push eachother one way, or the other, off the sail. Up the sides are tiny sparrows and falcons, wings outspread or pointed in front of them. The crows nest has bits of raw silver studding its sides, and dons a silver and red metal telescope. The space beneath the deck has a large room for where the beasts must row when there is no wind, fifty cabins with extra room for furnishings and very comfortable beds, and a foodstore, along with an extra supply store. This ship is very grand, and is perfect for either a cruise or for a warship. Its name is painted on the side in flourishing gold letters.