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Slide Shifter
Blood Wave

It is a large ship. About 180 feet long and 40 feet wide. It has three masts of 50 feet long with a crows nest that can fit three of four creatures. It has a deck in the front. The figure head is a dragon. Below the front deck is the Captain's cabin and down below is where kitchens, eating rooms, bedrooms and other rooms of that sort are. The ships itself is blackish blue, slightly bluer then a black bird, that makes itself almost invisable. It is a war ship, suited for going at incredible speeds and can easily turn and slip through other ships. It is harder to not miss under water rocks and othere dangerous objects then to miss them. It is quite easy to steer. The wood is quite hard and it would take several catapults to sink it. It has windows on the side so vermin can shoot cannons, arrows, spears ect at the enemy. Very good at dodging blows. The sails is a lighter shade then the wood and has a fire breathing sea dragon embriodered on it.The deck is design so it is quite easy to jump off it on the enemy's ship. Blood Wave moves with grace and leaves ruins and dead littering behind it.