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Tawney L. BallyHare
The Bally Hare Diner Ship

This is a small sea ship. Designed not for a bally voyage, but for a meal! It'll be an eatin' place! First of all, with a blinkin' name like 'The Bally Hare', you know lots of hares with want to go for a short sail on it, so be sure that the kitchen is jolly well equipt with a plentiful supply of vittles wot! I say, and make sure there is a dining table on deck, in the cabins and a supply of food in the lifeboat. There is nothing like a cruise when a chaps got vittles eh? The boat should be made of nice wood, some kind of wood that inspires an good appetite doncha think? And there should be plenty a' seafood for the cooks to prepare, when a beats is out at sea, the appetite sure calls for some seafood wot wot!!