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NOTICE: The member roster for the old Fort Nightshade can be viewed here. If you were a member of the old site, you may re-enlist your old character and keep the gold you earned then. E-mail me with your character's name and OLD ship, as well as the NEW unit/ship you would like to be added to. Please write "Enlist" in the subject line.

Name: This is your character's name. You will use this name when submitting activities. Character names may not include titles (Colonel, Major, Captain, etc). Your rank as earned by doing activities will appear with your name on the Member Roster. If you wish to change your character's name at any time, delete your character from the roster, or change any other information, contact me at When contacting me, make sure you leave your name AND your current ship. Before choosing a name, please check over the Member Roster to make sure the name is not already in use. This is especially important if you want a commonly used name.

E-mail Address: This is optional, but it is often useful to provide an e-mail address in the event that I or another member need to contact you.

Gender: Male or female.

Species: Animals that have appeared in the Redwall books are preferred here, but you may choose whatever species you like as long as it is reasonable. No exotic animals will be permitted. Goodbeast species may join; you will be considered evil.

Desired unit: You may choose in which part of the fort you would like your character to enlist.

Sentinels: The Sentinels are the guards of Fort Nightshade. They protect the fort from invaders. A Sentinel must be fearless, clever, and stoic. Their hard work guarding the fort at home makes the Sentinels some of the most respected beasts in the fort.

Border Patrol: The Border Patrol keeps Fort Nightshade's boundaries secure. They protect all outlying areas of the fort. A Border Patrol guard must be swift, vigilant, and bold. They protect the fort from afar.

Scouts: The Scouts are responsible for surveying the land, near and far. They gather information for the fort to help the leaders make decisions. They also act as message couriers to other forts and hordes. Scouts must be stealthy, diplomatic, and vigilant.

The Pirate's Curse: The Pirate's Curse is a three-masted brigantine with 12 cannons, valued both for its speed and firepower.

The Dark Plunder: The largest and most powerful ship in the harbor, the Dark Plunder is a square-rigged, four-masted warship with 20 cannons, used for prolonged battles.

Email Address:
Gender: Male
Desired unit: Sentinels
Border Patrol
The Pirate's Curse
The Dark Plunder