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A dazzling bolt of lightning strikes a tree just inches away, followed by a deafening roll of thunder. Cold rain falls in sheets, so fast and hard that it is impossible to see ahead. A harsh wind whips through the trees, throwing dangerous debris to the ground. The storm is ripping the forest apart, and you are wandering alone in the heart of it.

You have been in the forest for hours, the storm getting progressively worse. Now, exhausted and starving, a hopeless feeling has begun to take hold of you. Nobeast can survive a storm like this out in the open. Your only chance is to find some shelter and wait it out. Scanning the area, you spot a large oak tree with a small hollow spot at the base of the trunk. You crawl down and settle in uncomfortably there. Eventually your weariness takes over and you fall into a restless sleep.

Thunder rumbles again, but the sound seems distant. A sharp pain in your paw makes you open your eyes. A tall ferret stands over you, gently prodding your footpaw with the sharp end of his spear. It is hard to distinguish him through the trees, as he is disguised in a green and brown cloak. He sees that you are awake and speaks. "Ahoy there. Yer lookin' lost. Me name's Cap'n Darktail. Come along with me, unless o' course ye'd rather lie there an' die. Ye look about ready to do that anyway." With some uncertainty, you follow the ferret. You have nothing to lose, after all. Darktail leads you through the woods. The rain has stopped completely, though you hear a few more distant claps of thunder. Suddenly, the ferret stops. He points towards a clump of ferns and you walk over. You gasp as you push away the bushes and see a massive castle. Darktail chuckles. "That's the Fort o' Nightshade. 'Tis a grand ol' place. Go up an' give the doors a push, mate. It's a roof over yer head fer the night, at least." You turn to thank the ferret and find that he is gone. You shrug and walk up to the castle. There are many towers above you and two great doors straight ahead. You can hear the ocean pounding around the back of the fort. You push the doors and wonder what you will find inside.

Enter Fort Nightshade...