On the grounds of the Fort stands a tall stone monument, displayed proudly for all to see. The beautiful stone is engraved with hundreds of names. These are the names of those who stood by Fort Nightshade as it was raised into its glorious empire. Without them, the Fort would have failed.

An inscription on the stone says this: To our lost and fallen comrades, the founders of our world, we honor you.

These are the members of Fort Nightshade at the time of its closure. I extend my thanks to all of you for making Nightshade the successful club that it was. I hope you had as much fun as I did!
- Jenna

Cyclone     |     Wavestorm     |     Galerider     |     Icewave     |     Darksail     |     Seafire     |     Tide Shark     |     Storm Raider     |     Sea Hawk     |     Darkshadow     |     Twistedblaze     |     Blackwind     |     Night Marauder     |     Swiftdeath     |     Black Dusk

Member Count~432

Admiral of the Fleet:
Snowstar Fleetpaws
Arctic Wolf

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Admiral Killblade Stoat Male Sabre, Bow 430
Vice Admiral Drabane Darksun Black Wolf Male Ebony Hatchet, Ebony Knives, Ivory Sword 302
Vice Admiral Arrow Black Wolf Female Bow & Arrows 272
Vice Admiral Magicblade Black Wolf Female Sword, Battleaxpike, Bow & Arrows 245
Rear Admiral Leurc Fieht Nailliv Wearet Male Poisoned Sword 221
Commander Kauejika Frettchen Ferret Female Silver Dagger 143
Lieutenant Storm Brightblade Fox Female Dirk 86
Lieutenant Aconitum Miles Polecat Male Sword, Spear, Crossbow 61
Ensign Urthjaw Wolf Male Cutlass, Shield, Dagger 36
Ensign Bayn Swiftpaw Sea Otter Male Dirk, Sword, Longbow 35
Ensign Raziel Fox Male Bolas, Sword, Spear 33
Ensign Bloodspot Monitor Lizard Male Mace, Trident 32
Crewbeast Ironpaw Marlfox Male Sword, Battle Axe 23
Crewbeast Hissblood Wildcat Male Scimitar, Poisoned Arrows, Sword 18
Crewbeast Gawntry Hastefoot Gawtrybe Squirrel Male War Axe 10
Crewbeast K'maati Monteia Wildcat Female Scythe, Hooked Knife, Crossbow 10
Crewbeast Aubretia Squirrel Female Longbow 8
Crewbeast Catseyes Ferret Female Whip, Dirk 3
Crewbeast X Axeblade Marlfox Female Double-Bladed Axe 3
Crewbeast Kroke Frog Male Sabre, Throwing Daggers, Sling 0
Crewbeast Klaff Monitor Lizard Male Dirk, Round Shield 0
Crewbeast Strider Wolf Male Broadsword 0
Crewbeast Goth the Unruly Wildcat Male Battle Axe 0
Crewbeast Thar Ferret Male Bow & Arrows, 2 Swords 0
Crewbeast Molker Fox Male Hook, Chain 0
Crewbeast Darkpaw Bladear Ferret Female Staff, Dagger, Sling 0
Crewbeast Arono Weasel Male Sword 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Admiral Mistyeyes Fox Female Bow, Dagger, Sword 325
Rear Admiral Moonstar the Slayer Fox Female Sword, Bow & Arrows, 4 Throwing Daggers 233
Commodore Casell Windnight Vixen Female Sabre 205
Captain Archon Spikefist Marlfox Male Ivory Dagger, Bow & Arrows, Marlfox Axe 168
Lieutenant Silverblade Marlfox Female Sabre, Belt of Daggers, Bow 64
Ensign Zegas Whipcord Fox Male Whip, Curved Sword, Shield 47
Ensign ScarBlade Fox Male BroadSword, Dagger, Rope 39
Ensign Ugnatt Jon Wildcat Male Scythe 34
Crewbeast Arono Weasel Male 2 Swords, Double-Ended Battle Axe 24
Crewbeast Blaze Squirrel Male Sling 15
Crewbeast Iceyes Bloodpaw Vixen Female Posioned Spike, Club 13
Crewbeast Fire_Of_Death Vixen Female Sling & Stones, 14 Daggers, Sword 10
Crewbeast Starlak Crimsonclaw Marlfox Male Longbow, Broadsword, 5 Throwing Daggers 8
Crewbeast Gant Fox Male Crossbow, Throwing Knives, Longsword 6
Crewbeast Vilu Daskar Stoat Female Bone-Handled Throwing Knife, Sword 5
Crewbeast Fatso Hare Male Javelin 5
Crewbeast Hakan Ferret Male Sabre 4
Crewbeast Vega Mouse Male Long Sword, Dagger, Longbow 0
Crewbeast Grath Longshot Otter Male Longbow 0
Crewbeast Rain Otter Female Steel Longsword 0
Crewbeast NovaPaw Nightingale Marlfox Female Battle Ax 0
Crewbeast Blueice the Pure Wolf Male Two Double Axe Staves 0
Crewbeast Marlos Silvertongue Fox Male Scimitar, 2 Daggers, Herbs/Poisons 0
Crewbeast Martin Smellypaws Mouse Female Gullwhacker 0
Crewbeast Shadow Ratdeath Fox Male Longsword 0
Crewbeast Harwoarg Badger Male Sword, Axe, Club 0
Crewbeast Starlight Quest Hare Female Bow & Arrows, Sword, Dagger 0
Crewbeast Artin Hedgehog Male Shield, Sword 0
Crewbeast Tanaka Fox Female Knife, Saucepan, Body 0
Crewbeast Viola Mouse Female Sword 0
Crewbeast Diamondpaw Ferret Male Poisoned Daggers, Throwing Knives, Sabre 0
Crewbeast Roccamar Redfang Fox Male Longsword, Throwing Knives, Bolas 0
Crewbeast Lomani Weasel Male Bow & Arrows, Cutlass 0
Crewbeast Jo Em Omma Wolf Male - 0
Crewbeast Tential Arrow Rat Female Trident, Bow & Arrows 0
Crewbeast Deathgrin Sea Otter Male Scimitar, Sheild 0
Crewbeast Sparda Wolf Male Throwing Knives 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Rear Admiral Doompaw Ferret Male Cutlass, two daggers 227
Captain Ciar Tynan Polecat Female Rapier, dagger, darts 155
Lieutenant Commander Ruddertail Otter Male Otter javilen, scimitar, poisoner's pouch 113
Lieutenant Commander Zenvag Marlfox Male Two Swords, Whip 100
Ensign Blaize Bowbeast Arctic Fox Female Bow and arrows, skinning knife 52
Ensign Bloodpaw the Slayer Wildcat Male Double-headed axe, Longsword 43
Ensign Jerako Fox Female Wrist blade 38
Ensign Vane Ferret Female Dagger 31
Crewbeast Starstryke Marlfox Female Spear, Sabre 30
Crewbeast Slash Streampaw Otter Female Bow & Arrows, Short Sword, Throwing Knife 27
Crewbeast Blackfog the Assassin Black fox Male several knives 25
Crewbeast Roseberyl Moongold Fox Female Spear, axe, bow 23
Crewbeast Lumos Klisque Fox Female Sabre 21
Crewbeast Zodiac Ferret Male Bow & Arrows, Dagger 21
Crewbeast Kallen Renbauch Ferret Male Crossbow, Twin Daggers 17
Crewbeast Cheral Fortkinson Weasel Female Knives, dagger, bow and arrows 16
Crewbeast Goldrut the Slayer Wolf Female Gauntlets, Spiked Metal Boots 12
Crewbeast Mauna Wildcat Female Bow and arrows 10
Crewbeast Tarn Roccamar Pine Marten Male Mace-and-chain, Longbow, Long stabbing spear 8
Crewbeast Rhennbar Fishdeep Otter Male Sling, Bow & Arrows 7
Crewbeast Bladetail Fox Male double headed axe 5
Crewbeast Willow Weasel Female Twin Blades, Dagger, Longbow 5
Crewbeast Grayln Rink Ferret Female Staff, Double Daggers 5
Crewbeast Shadowtooth Wolf Male Bow & Arrows 5
Crewbeast Bolfur Grey Fox Male Double-edged Longsword, Longbow, Shield 3
Crewbeast Siren Astorgolden Hare Female Rapier, broadsword 0
Crewbeast Lilyblade Fox Female long bow, two broadswords 0
Crewbeast Folgrim Otter Male Morning star, 2 Mace Chains 0
Crewbeast Shadara Darksong the Seer Vixen Female Crossbow, Staff of Wood 0
Crewbeast Ripeye Sandblade Rat Male Copper Sword 0
Crewbeast Whitepaw Swifttail Otter Female Sword, Sling & Stones, Javelin 0
Crewbeast Rath Rawney Ermine Male Bolas, Throwing Knives, Whip 0
Crewbeast Micata Otter Male Sling 0
Crewbeast Vandace Swordshadow Wolf Female Bow & Arrows, Sword, Longbow 0
Crewbeast Gwalchavad Fox Male Spear, Sheild, Sword 0
Crewbeast Llenlleawg Fox Male Lance, Sword, Sheild 0
Crewbeast Gwalcmai Fox Male Sheild, Spear, Sword 0
Crewbeast Starlyte Sunbreeze Mouse Female Sword, Bow & Arrows 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Commander Maylia the Vixen Vixen Female Axe 128
Lieutenant Storm Devilbat Bat Male Fangs, claws, metal-edged wings 76
Lieutenant Redeye Pine Marten Male Spear 68
Lieutenant Zaviar Stormspirit Vixen Female Dirk, Crystal Staff, Poison Arrows & Bow 65
Ensign Kovu Redpatch Albino Ferret Male Poisoned Dagger 52
Ensign Lightening Wildcat Female - 51
Ensign Bloodeye Badger Male Sword, dirk, sling 41
Ensign Slasher Wolf Male Sword, Bow, Dirk 36
Ensign Redblade Quickfox Fox Male pike, longbow, dirk 36
Ensign Redslash Snowfur Wildcat Female Crossbow, herbs 34
Crewbeast Feroxa Iceblade Ferret Female 10 throwing knives 23
Crewbeast Nightstar Black Squirrel Female sword, bow and arrows, and daggers 20
Crewbeast Fortuna Vixen Female Sword, dagger, whip 18
Crewbeast Kruul Stoat Male Boat hook 16
Crewbeast Whiptail Trunn Wildcat Female Ungatt Trunn's Trident 13
Crewbeast SnowFang IceClaw Fox Female Bow 10
Crewbeast Terate Monitor Lizard Male Twin scimitars, scythe, mace 9
Crewbeast Farah Moonshadow White Mouse Female Staff, Sword, Long Bow 3
Crewbeast Lean Hardtrack Wolf Male Spear, double-edged battlesword, Steel claws 3
Crewbeast Ashleaf the Mercenary Squirrel Female Mace, poison darts, light javelins 0
Crewbeast Darkmoon Fireblood Standtall Squirrel Female Dagger, Javelin 0
Crewbeast Darkmyst Nightfall Squirrel Female Dagger 0
Crewbeast Bloodrath Otter Male Long Bow, Broad Sword 0
Crewbeast Marek Tolas Fox Male Twin headed axe 0
Crewbeast Fintirge Shrew Male Stabbing Spear, Sabre, Long Bow 0
Crewbeast Windblaze Darknight Fox Female Spear 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Admiral Silvren Sundark Black Fox Male Belt of daggers, battleblade, crossbow 562
Vice Admiral Darkfire Stargazer Black Fox Female Longsword, Morningstar 312
Vice Admiral Klitch Weasel Male long bow, sword, throwing dagger 283
Rear Admiral Iceclaw Searat Male Scimitar 223
Commodore Deathfang Ferret Male scimitar 196
Captain Swiftclaw Badger Male Vegas, throwing blade, spear 178
Commander Reiltar Shadowstrike Fox Male Longsword, Belt of Daggers, Crossbow 148
Commander Taji Stormchaser Grey Fox Male Dueling Daggers, Halberd, Studded Leather Gauntlets 138
Ensign Salocin Ferret Male Scimitar 55
Ensign Lamone Catclaws Wildcat Female Sabre, throwing javelins, whip 40
Crewbeast Ramira Nightwake Wolf Female Twin blades, belt of daggers, mace and chain 24
Crewbeast Staggar Padfoot Wolf Male Dagger 10
Crewbeast Bast-Imret Wildcat Female Mystic Staff of Nefertiti-Mau Mau 10
Crewbeast Ferro The Daft Ferret Male Sledgehammer 10
Crewbeast Mavoh Redfur Fox Male Sword 8
Crewbeast Nightbreeze Fox Female 2 daggers, longbow 7
Crewbeast Iorn Claw Badger Male sword, spear, bow & arrows 7
Crewbeast Roko Marlfox Male Long bow and arrows, sword, whip 5
Crewbeast Silversides Wildcat Female dagger 5
Crewbeast Nightstripe Ferret Female Broadsword, whip, set of 5 daggers 5
Crewbeast Bloodblade Ferret Male Scimitar 4
Crewbeast Sly Stripe Otter Male Sword, Whip, Ax 4
Crewbeast Vidda Bloodscale Monitor Lizard Male dirk, shield, boogila 0
Crewbeast Marlblade Ferret Male scimitar 0
Crewbeast Darkfang Wolf Male long black sword with poison tip 0
Crewbeast Sariuel Ravinclaw Ferret Male Throwing Daggers 0
Crewbeast Blacktooth Stoat Male Sword 0
Crewbeast Deathpaw Ferret Male long sword 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Admiral Skant Bloodfur Fox Female Curved Sword, Bow & Arrows 408
Vice Admiral Flasax Jasokrias Ermine Female Sword, Knife, Pike 303
Commander Nightflame Greeneye Ferret Female saber 133
Lieutenant Ardrad the Red Wolf Male poisoned hook, longsword 88
Lieutenant Shadow Fox Male Bow & arrows 81
Lieutenant Durran Bloodbather Ferret Male Glaiver 80
Lieutenant Crystaleia Otter Female Sword, longbow, dagger 69
Lieutenant Splitnose Ferret Male Sword, slashing ax, double pointed spear 61
Ensign Elmtail Squirrel Male yew short bow, steel dagger, sling 46
Ensign Darkstripe White Wolf Male Long bow, dirk, double-bladed fighting pole 45
Ensign Bloodfur Stoat Male Poison arrows, skinning knife 43
Ensign Gorepaw Albino Weasel Male Poison arrows, skinning knife 41
Crewbeast Deathbringer Otter Male Sword, long bow 29
Crewbeast Niffler Squirrel Female Sword 16
Crewbeast Harkan the Fighter Fox Male Paws 15
Crewbeast Vicepaw Squirrel Male scimitar 15
Crewbeast Wraith Shiftpaw Ferret Female Lashknife 13
Crewbeast Beowulf Scourge-paw Pine Marten Male Mace, Dirk, Spear 9
Crewbeast TerraLuna Wolf Female Saber, Bow & Arrows 6
Crewbeast Calaime FlameSpirit Vixen Female Dagger 4
Crewbeast Tyrela Bronzeline Wildcat Female Dagger 3
Crewbeast Zelda Sabereye Fox Female Broadsword, halberd, whip 3
Crewbeast Sabriel Daggereye Wildcat Female Daggers 3
Crewbeast Blueeyes Ferret Female Longsword 0
Crewbeast Darkblade Marlfox Male twin blades,longbow, throwing dagger 0
Crewbeast FireDark Swiftpaws the Clever Wolf Male long bow, hand crossbow, long sword 0
Crewbeast Kyle Greeneye Black Wolf Female Double bladed axe, long bow & poison arrows, long sword 0
Crewbeast Felkar Moonight Wolf Male Trident, long sword, battle axe 0
Crewbeast Crystalfire Ferret Female poison throwing knives, broadsword, longbow 0
Crewbeast Flametail Wolf Male cutlass 0
Crewbeast Slacker Ferret Male 2 sabers 0
Crewbeast Ivythrasher Fox Female stick with poisoning 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Admiral BloodBath The Bad Wildcat Male Mace, Sword, Dagger 309
Captain Berryice Moonseeker Fox Female Dagger 156
Commander Deathblade Weasel Male Sabre, Bow 150
Lieutenant Checkerpaw Stoat Male Cutlass 63
Ensign Killclaw Stoat Male Longbow 50
Ensign Scar Ferret Male Throwing Dagger, Saber, Longbow 49
Ensign Ripslash Quickstrike Ferret Male Cutlass, Throwing Daggers, Spiked Gauntlets 40
Ensign Tain Nuit Ferret Male short sword, shield, dagger 38
Ensign Starmin Rat Male Longsword 34
Crewbeast Jedediah Snowfur Fox Male Dagger, Bow & Arrows 19
Crewbeast Magnaflash Badger Male long, thick sword 14
Crewbeast Koser Trunn Wildcat Male Scimitar, Spear, Trident 11
Crewbeast Grimeclaw Lizard Male Long spear 10
Crewbeast Tagg Swiftstream Otter Male Sword, dagger, bow 10
Crewbeast Nightshade Swiftswing Vixen Female LongBow & Arrows, Diamond-Bladed Sword 10
Crewbeast Astra Riselle Fox Female Long Sword 10
Crewbeast Fleetpaw the Scout Hare Male Saber 7
Crewbeast Fang BrushTail Wolf Male Sword, Crossbow, Sling 5
Crewbeast Dragoon Quickclaw Grey Wolf Male Bow & Arrows, Axe, Sword 4
Crewbeast Srickz Fox Male Longbow, scimitar 3
Crewbeast Serlong Deathblade Gawtribe Squirrel Male Dagger, Scimitar, Bow 3
Crewbeast Karian Rose Arctic Fox Female Sling, Twin Short Swords 3
Crewbeast Ryoga Bloodsbane Ferret Male Whip, Rapier 3
Crewbeast LongBlade the Stranger Otter Male 1 long wavy dagger, 2 viles of poison 0
Crewbeast Clon Iceshadow Badger Male 2 large sabers, hand grapple hook 0
Crewbeast Dash Riprock Wildcat Male Longsword, Longbow, Dagger 0
Crewbeast Lintin Rat Male curved blade, 2 daggers 0
Crewbeast Thorn Weasel Male Battle Axe 0
Crewbeast Exvilger Fox Male Bow, Dagger 0
Crewbeast Firetail Otter Female Sword 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Admiral Zyneera Roseflame Fireblade Stoat Female Cutlass, Bone-Handled Throwing Knives, Crossbow 255
Rear Admiral Rosebud Fox Female Daggers 230
Lieutenant Commander Huturo Mouse Female Dagger, bow, arrows 109
Lieutenant Archon the Slayer Marlfox Male Long bow, two sided axe, dagger 64
Ensign Arkeya Ferret Female Longbow 46
Crewbeast Farren Black Fox Male Scimatar, Wooden poisened dagger, Poisen pouch 26
Crewbeast Gancho Stoat Male Sabre, Mace, Shield 22
Crewbeast Russano Fox Male Sword, spear, daggar 16
Crewbeast Shady Slipstream Otter Female Twin Swords, Sling & Pebbles, Bone-Handled Dagger 13
Crewbeast Rosebell Slashblade Ferret Female Bow & Arrow 12
Crewbeast Valgas Bloodscale Monitor Lizard Male two hand-held scythes, whip 10
Crewbeast Bloodslash Pine Martin Male Javelin, two daggers 8
Crewbeast Moonfur Wolf Female Sword 8
Crewbeast Bluefang the Vicious Wolf Male Sword, Dagger, Sling 5
Crewbeast Rilyan Starfire Fox Female Scimitar, Longbow & Arrows 4
Crewbeast Ice Eyes Arctic Fox Male Long Bow 3
Crewbeast Wolf Fang Ferret Male Mace, Bow and Arrows 3
Crewbeast Tagg Hare Male bow & arrow 3
Crewbeast Ringtail the Assassin Lizard Male poison, hard ring on tail, dagger 0
Crewbeast Seth Blade Wolf Male BroadSword, Bow with poisoned arrows, Dagger 0
Crewbeast Darkfire the Sly Fox Male Assassin Knife, Throwing Knives 0
Crewbeast Ublanca Terrorclaw Pine Marten Male sword, dirk, battle axe 0
Crewbeast Marth Squirrel Male Longsword, Longbow, sabre 0
Crewbeast Blueye Fox Female Knife 0
Crewbeast John Kenn Badger Male Bow & Arrows, Sword, Dagger 0
Crewbeast Paddlerung Otter Male Two Sabers, Sling 0
Crewbeast Maximilian Veerthofen Ferret Male Longbow, Long Sword 0
Crewbeast Deatheye Wolf Female Yew Bow, Staff, Long Sword 0
Crewbeast Amaya Badger Female Axe, Pike 0
Crewbeast Talon Deathblaze Wolf Male Sword 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Admiral Wraithe Stjerna Otter Male Bohemian broadsword, dirk, throwing javelin 487
Vice Admiral Slide Shifter Black fox Female Rapier 267
Vice Admiral Xeyla Kanai Wildcat Female Dirk, Crossbow, Sword 252
Commodore Flameblood Quickblade Weasel Female Fencing Saber, Longbow, Dirk 206
Captain ColdEyes BloodTalon Ferret Male Scimitar, Sharpened Staff 170
Commander Banek Pine Marten Male scimitar, dirk, throwing knife 132
Commander Gieren Wildcat Male 2 Two-edged swords, Throwing Knives 129
Lieutenant Darkvale Fox Female poisoning saber 90
Lieutenant Citrus Blossom Otter Female Sling, highly sharpened claws, spear 79
Lieutenant Adele Starminster Arctic Fox Female Blade 70
Lieutentant Kliset Starkust Hare Male Sabre, Dirk, Longbow & Arrows 65
Crewbeast Rokkar Watersword the Vanisher Black ferret Female Long rapier, dagger in an anklebelt, longbow and arrows 28
Crewbeast Telain Squirrel Male Daggers, Longbow 18
Crewbeast Vilu Daskar Weasel Male rapier 18
Crewbeast Shadowstar Otter Male Sword, bow, arrows 14
Crewbeast Deathclaw Black Fox Male Two poisoned daggers, sword 10
Crewbeast Dark Myst Black Fox Female Bow, Dagger, Short Sword 6
Crewbeast Taln Black Wolf Male Katana 6
Crewbeast Lekala Turncoat Stoat Female Axe, dagger 6
Crewbeast Deathclaw Quickblade Fox Male dagger, scimitar 5
Crewbeast Tyrr Darknight Wolf Male Bow & arrows 4
Crewbeast Ungatt Trunn Wildcat Male great axe 3
Crewbeast Blade Tail Fox Male Twin Daggers 0
Crewbeast Darkfang Fox Male Dirk, Longbow, Throwing dagger 0
Crewbeast Tas Shadowstreak Wolf Male Bow & arrows 0
Crewbeast Raker Ferret Male 2 Swords, crossbow, armor 0
Crewbeast Blonco Badger Male Axe, sword, long bow 0
Crewbeast Bloodblade Badger Male Axe, sword, long bow 0
Crewbeast Eliza Ferret Female bow & arrows 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Admiral Midnight Blackwaters Black Otter Female Sword 302
Captain Boar Warfang the Impaler Black Wolf Male Broadsword, longbow, golden dagger 159
Commander Saverill Grey Wolf Female Longbow 148
Commander Darkpaw Wolf Male Sythe, Poisoned Dagger, Two-Handed Sword 126
Lieutenant Commander Steelpaw Blackwolf Male Longbow, Sword, Pike 100
Lieutenant Reintail Quickpaw Ferret Male Sabre, Dagger, Javelin 80
Ensign Brush Tail Wolf Male Sword, Shield 59
Ensign Redclaw Ermine Male Bolas 33
Crewbeast Mariel of Thornrose Mouse Female Long double-edged sword, Gullwacker 28
Crewbeast Akeeva Phantom Wildcat Female Dagger, Scimitar, Crossbow 28
Crewbeast Boar the Fighter Badger Male Broadsword, Longbow 28
Crewbeast Nightblack the Poisoner Otter Female Poisons, poison dagger 24
Crewbeast Darkfur the Slayer Stoat Male scythe, trident, dirk 13
Crewbeast Remy Rat Male Dagger 13
Crewbeast Silverpaw Greeneye Wildcat Female Double-bladed axe 10
Crewbeast Madstrype Fangbow BlackFox Female Longbow, Scimitar, Spear 8
Crewbeast Grizzle Deathblade Weasel Male Battle Axe 5
Crewbeast Syfora the Theif Vixen Female Long dagger, throwing daggers, sling 3
Crewbeast Zarkan Marlfox Male long sword, sling, rapier 0
Crewbeast Van Glacierback Stoat Male Saber, curved dagger, throwing dagger 0
Crewbeast Meldrum Hare Female Long bow, spear 0
Crewbeast Edge Bathead Bat Male throwing javelins, dirk 0
Crewbeast Amber Otter Female Longbow & arrows 0
Crewbeast Moonkin Mouse Female Sword, sling, javelin 0
Crewbeast Slicear Yelloweye Black Fox Female Broad sword 0
Crewbeast Selwyn Longtail Rat Female Bolas, battle-axe 0
Crewbeast Star Stoutrudder the Wraith Otter Female Dirk, dagger, pike 0
Crewbeast Darkclaw Ripp Stoat Male Trident 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Admiral Chyarga Renmate Ermine Female Long Sword, Crossbow, Dirk 297
Commander Terranix Valthurak Pine Marten Male Katana, tri-blade, knife 137
Lieutenant Commander Darkfang Marlfox Male Sword, Throwing axes, Marlfox axe 99
Lieutenant Kimori the Shadow Wildcat Male long sword, crossbow, dagger 81
Ensign Naddani Isilden Wolf Female Saber, Longbow, Set of Throwing Daggers 55
Ensign Romsca Wildcat Female Mace, Sword, Dagger 51
Ensign Crippleblade Wolf Male 2 broad swords, special sword 40
Ensign Warfang Otterfox Fox Male sword, bow, axepike 36
Crewbeast Darkshaft Fox Male Bow & arrows, throwing knives, dirk 24
Crewbeast Minn the Silencer Weasel Male short sword, tri-stars, dagger 18
Crewbeast Russa Squirrel Female Stick, short knife 17
Crewbeast Deathfang Bloodteeth White Wolf Female Shield, Sword, Spear 10
Crewbeast Morellon Searat Male Cutlass, 2 daggers 10
Crewbeast Scale Tooth Monitor Lizard Male trident, dagger, claws 10
Crewbeast Scumnose Otter Male Sword 7
Crewbeast Ulic Dethclaw Albino Fox Male Halberd 5
Crewbeast JenFang Sarulayn Wolf Female Scimitar 5
Crewbeast Ruffpaw Badger Male two edged sword 5
Crewbeast Vladimirg Deathblade Ferret Male Scimitar, Mace, Chain 3
Crewbeast Darkshadow the Poisoner Water Rat Male Poisoned arrows & bow, Poisoned dagger, Poisoned spear 0
Crewbeast Last Light of Day Black Wolf Female Sword 0
Crewbeast Najari Zonen Cumplen Wolf Male 2 whips, fencing sword, 3 poisoned daggers 0
Crewbeast Yuliee Ermine Female Talon Gauntlets, Medium Straight sword, 4 throwing daggers 0
Crewbeast Slicer Marlfox Male Double-Headed Axe 0
Crewbeast Lorcan the Stout Ferret Male scimitar 0
Crewbeast Zarithose the Crazy Ferret Male Double bladed battle axe 0
Crewbeast Steamsnout Mouse Male curved sword 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Lieutenant Commander Shadow Slyfox White Fox Female Longbow & Arrows, Staff, Sword 91
Lieutenant Tawney L. BallyHare Hare Female Sling, Sabre 80
Ensign Nil'galath Mouse Female Sword, Bow & Arrows, Dagger 44
Crewbeast Pasque Hare Female Dirk 29
Crewbeast Darkshade Badger Male Flamberge, Katar, Giant Sword 21
Crewbeast Dalara Wolf Female Teeth, Dagger 18
Crewbeast Flash Squirrel Female Long Bow, Paddle 15
Crewbeast Tormeero Bluggdell Weasel Female Rapier, Cling, Curved Blade 14
Crewbeast Firefang Ferret Male Saber, Sling Shot 10
Crewbeast Whiteye Weasel Female Bow 10
Crewbeast Bronze-eyes Ferret Female Crossbow, 2 Daggers 9
Crewbeast Darga Truetain Possum Male Falchion, Flamberge 9
Crewbeast Greenflash Squirrel Male Broad Sword, Bow, Sling 8
Crewbeast Tallinquer Otter Female Poison Arrows & Longbow, Double-Headed Axe, Pomel-Hilted Sword 8
Crewbeast Diamondshadow Fox Male Battle Ax 6
Crewbeast Nomscru the Plague Wolf Male Axe, Throwing Knives 6
Crewbeast Bigfang Wildcat Male Dagger, Sword, Pike 5
Crewbeast Longclaw Fox Male Saber 5
Crewbeast Sedona Marlscut Blacksom Wildcat Female Broadsword, Axe, Dagger 5
Crewbeast Zak Ebonybrush Fox Male Twin Scimitars, Dagger 5
Crewbeast Troren the Claw Fox Male Poison, Skinning Dagger 4
Crewbeast Blackhard Dauntpaw Fox Male Battle Axe 4
Crewbeast Adrian Vallorn Ferret Male Longbow, Twin Bone-Handled Knives 3
Crewbeast Ferahgo the Assassin Weasel Male Throwing Knife, Mace 3
Crewbeast Delango Wildcat Male Pike 3
Crewbeast Stella Weasel Female Double Scimitars, Trident 3
Crewbeast Caleb Otter Male Bow 3
Crewbeast Longpaw Hare Female Spear, 10 Throwing Knives, Bow & Arrows 3
Crewbeast Black Eyes Ferret Male Cutlass, Dagger 0
Crewbeast Chronus Mouse Male Greatsword, Longbow 0
Crewbeast Koga Wolf Male Sword, Dirk 0
Crewbeast Nickear Fox Male Sword, Bow & Arrows 0
Crewbeast Zyra Nightlord Vixen Female Dirk, Staff, Arrows 0
Crewbeast Snarler Ferret Male Claymore 0
Crewbeast Silvereye Fox Male Spear 0
Crewbeast Redflash Fox Female Daggers 0
Crewbeast Revelon Badger Male Mace & Chain, Battle Axe, Great Sword 0
Crewbeast Blackspider Otter Male Longsword, Bow, Dagger 0
Crewbeast Decan Ferret Male Falchion, Battle Ax, 4 Daggers 0
Crewbeast Senior Weasel Male Spear 0
Crewbeast Silni Saliciamur Ferret Female Sabre, Pike, Dagger 0
Crewbeast Amalea Fastpaw Wildcat Female Two Dirks 0
Crewbeast Saltrin FastPaw Stoat Male Two Daggers, Sword, Bow 0
Crewbeast Macham Wolf Male Double Bladed Battle Axe 0
Crewbeast Dark Sorceress Wolf Female Saber 0
Crewbeast Redplague Fox Female Daggers 0
Crewbeast Jass Otter Female Bow & Arrows 0
Crewbeast Redwind Red Squirrel Male Bow, Dagger, Sword 0
Crewbeast Sophonax White Fox Female Bow & Arrows 0
Crewbeast Katena Squirrel Female Sword, Throwing Daggers, Spear 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Admiral Karda Jadefire Wildcat Male Morning Star Mace, Twin Short Swords 242
Crewbeast Sierra Ferret Female Axe 29
Crewbeast Bunker Rue Mole Male Sling, Dirk 14
Crewbeast Swiftarrow Fox Male Bow, Dagger, Rapier 11
Crewbeast Tipear Fox Female Long Bow, Sling 10
Crewbeast Deathshand the Destroyer Squirrel Male Dual Battle Gauntlets 6
Crewbeast Iron-Claw Otter Male Iron Hand (with retractable claws), Trident, Broadsword 5
Crewbeast Keldon Badger Male Mace 5
Crewbeast Nits Ferret Male Spear 4
Crewbeast Rannack Moongold Fox Male Longsword 0
Crewbeast Zallaen Fox Male Axe, Hammer, Dagger 0
Crewbeast Desire the Spy Osprey Female Talons, Beak 0
Crewbeast Ulilliaka Squirrel Female Scimitar 0
Crewbeast Splash Otter Male Sword, Crossbow, Otter Javelin 0
Crewbeast Madeyes the Rotten Fox Male Spear, Sheild 0
Crewbeast Darkstrike Lizard Male Arbalest, Throwing Knives, Short Sword 0
Crewbeast Demeech Marlfox Male Sword, Bow & Arrows, 10 Throwing Daggers 0
Crewbeast Ungara Longswift Badger Male Broadsword, Bows & Arrows, Dagger 0
Crewbeast Lazro Ritcher Monitor Lizard Male Scimitar 0
Crewbeast Sydney Martin Fox Male Double Curved Swords 0
Crewbeast Nightcrawler Weasel Male Long Sword, Throwing Axes, Satchel of Powder 0
Crewbeast Krey Otter Male Sword, Slingshot, Bow 0
Crewbeast Blackfur the Fierce Wildcat Male Trident 0
Crewbeast Surk Otter Male Long Bow & Arrows, Long Sword, Pike 0
Crewbeast Tyran of Ashwood Foxwolf Male Martial Arts, Longbow & Arrows, Gauntlets 0
Crewbeast Kheetrihy Vor Ferret Male Battle Sword 0
Crewbeast Ragtail Blackfire Rat Male Short Spear 0
Crewbeast Luna Bloodfang Battlefur Wildcat Male Painted Black Sword 0
Crewbeast Bluefen Ferret Female Dirk 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Crewbeast Bludtooth Badger Male War Ax, Longsword 0
Crewbeast Vash Black Fox Male Long Sword 0
Crewbeast Slashfang the Poisoner White Weasel Female Poisoned Dagger, Bow & Arrows 0
Crewbeast Deathshroud Otter Male Long Sword, Sling, Long Bow 0

Rank Name Species Gender Weapon Coins
Crewbeast Anu Otter Male Dagger, Throwing Knives, Poison 5
Crewbeast Lauralin Ferret Female Bow & Arrows, Short Sword, Knives 3
Crewbeast Cloud Silverfog Fox/Marten Male Broadsword 3
Crewbeast Finn Stoat Male Crossbow, Axe 0
Crewbeast Korva Ferret Female Bow & Arrows 0
Crewbeast Nightclaw Bilgerat Male Poisoned Tail Barb, 2 Hooks 0
Crewbeast Silverstripe Windtail Otter Female Sling, Sword, Shield 0
Crewbeast Iceclaw Wildcat Female Bow & Arrows, Battleaxe 0
Crewbeast Surt Fox Male Matches, Flintstones, Oil 0
Crewbeast Kazz Fox Male Battle Axe, Two Dirks 0

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