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Fort Nightshade Veterans' Memorial


Fort Nightshade was founded by an arctic wolf named Snowstar Fleetpaws. She was born and raised in the far North, where she organized a small band of followers. They wandered the frozen tundra, pillaging and plundering the land. Snowstar, however, grew bored of wandering the lonely North. She had visions of grandeur far beyond what the tiny band could accomplish.

Snowstar led the group south, gathering more creatures as they traveled. When they finally made it to the site that would become Fort Nightshade, Snowstar had amassed a formidable horde. The creatures built Fort Nightshade from the ground up, settling it on the edge of a high cliff overlooking the ocean, with a dark forest surrounding its other three sides.

Fort Nightshade flourished for years. It truly became a force to be reckoned with. Creatures near and far knew its name and traveled long distances so that they could claim a piece of its glory. Snowstar's dreams of splendor turned into reality. It looked as though the fort would never fall.

Unfortunately, Nightshade did fall. At its peak, the fort was so strong with so many members that Snowstar became nervous. The power and responsibility gnawed at her sanity. She believed her horde was organizing an uprising, and she was certain somebeast would be sent to assassinate her. The once-regal wolf spent much of her time in her quarters, and without a leader, the fort fell into chaos.

Members began to leave the fort, slowly at first then in droves. Snowstar rarely emerged, and when she did, she spoke to no one and gazed at the remaining creatures with mistrust and fear. Then one day she simply disappeared. No beast saw her leave. It was not long before the fort was abandoned completely.

Now it stands silent, a ghost in the shadows. Over time it has faded away to a bare remnant of its former glory. The walls stand abandoned, forbidding, lonely. Its name is only an old-timer's memory.

Seasons and Milestones

Autumn of 2003
November 16, 2003 - Fort Nightshade officially closed.

Summer of 2003
June 26, 2003 - Nightshade is open for two years.

Spring of 2003 - Spring of the Rippling Winds
By Berryice Moonseeker

Winter of 2002/2003 - Winter of the Silver Snow
By Duskdream Twilight
June 2002 - The Fort Nightshade Senate is formed.
June 26, 2002 - Nightshade is open for one year.

Autumn of 2002 - Autumn of the Whithered Rose
By Terranix Valthurak

Summer of 2002 - Summer of the Wild Wind
By Wraithe Stjerna

Spring of 2002 - Spring of the Crystal Sea
By Storm Brightblade

Winter of 2001/2002 - Winter of the Early Frost
By Nightfur

Autumn of 2001 - Autumn of the Dancing Leaves
By Casell Windnight

Summer of 2001 - Summer of the Final Construction
June 26, 2001 - Fort Nightshade officially opened.