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These are the mission assignments. Match them with the missions in the Mission Library.

Mission Number Mission Status
1 A spy was seen here two nights ago and again last night. Catch the spy and turn him in. Completed
2 Some shrews have attacked a small group of ours a day's march from the castle. Find them and rescue our soldiers. Completed
3 Somebeast is stealing large amounts of food from the larders. Catch the thief. Completed
4 A big pike has moved into the stream where we get our water. It has already killed some of ours. Kill the fish and bring it back here. Completed
5 A holt of fighting otters has moved to the forest from the north. They move closer to our castle every day. Take as many of our soldiers you need and stop them. Completed
6 A brethren of crows have settled in the trees just east of here. They attack anybeast that travels that way. Eliminate the crows. Completed
7 There is a traitor among us. Somebeast is poisoning our food supply bit by bit. Find the poisoner and stop them. Completed
8 I am suspecting that a fox soldier here is betraying us. He leaves the castle every night and returns every morning. Follow him and find out where he goes. Completed
9 A group of moles are unknowingly digging beneath our castle. Fill the hole and find the moles. Completed
10 Captain Darktail spotted a rat stealing gold. Find the rat, return what he stole, and stop the thief. Completed
11 A fierce storm knocked a large oak down and it fell on the castle's west wall. It created a large open gap on the side of the wall. We have placed guards outside the wall until we are able to fix it. Yesterday, a guard spotted some squirrels in the trees, spying. They quickly escaped. Find the squirrels and repair the west wall. Completed
12 A shrike has made its nest in the forest around the castle. Every time a creature enters the forest, the bird attacks. Several have been killed. We have tried shooting arrows at it, but it is too hard to shoot through the trees. Find a way to kill the Butcher Bird. Completed
13 A ship full of corsairs came to shore a short way from our harbor. Two nights ago, a crewbeast noticed a corsair sneaking around in the taverns. He told me that he didn't think it was one of ours. Drive the corsairs back to the sea. Completed
14 A shark has been sighted near our harbor. Take one of the ships, find the shark, and kill it. Completed
15 Rumor has it that deep in the forest a treasure lies buried. Find out if the rumors are true. Be careful, however, for a group of fighting hares was spotted in the forest. Search for the treasure and, if you see them, eliminate the hares. Completed
16 A small group of strange weasels recently joined the ranks. Every night since they joined, weapons have gone missing from the armory. Find out if the weasels are the thieves and, if they are, get back our weapons and show them what happens to creatures that steal from Fort Nightshade. Comepleted
17 A cloaked beast was seen two nights ago trying to set fire to our fleet of ships. Luckily the guards on board put out the fires before they did any serious damage. Find out who tried to burn the ships and repair the slight damage. Completed
18 Five fully grown adders have been seen in the forest. They have been responsible for the death of a score of ours. Take as many as you need, find the adders and kill them. Completed
19 A large volley of arrows was shot from the forest and hit the castle's east wall yesterday. The same thing happened today, killing several wall guards. Find out who is shooting the arrows and stop them. Completed
20 Campfire smoke was seen coming through the trees. A seabeast was sent to investigate and he came back, terrified, telling of huge cloaked lizards. The scout had suffered deep wounds, which he said were inflicted by the lizards' teeth and claws. Find the reptiles and kill them. Completed
21 Rumor has it that a treasure was stored on a seceret island near here. Some say two badgers are protecting it so no one would come near it. Take as many as you think you'll need and go find out if the rumors are true about the treasure and the badgers. Be careful, for we know nothing of this isle or the creatures that live there. Bring the treasure here once you are done and you will be rewarded well. Completed
22 A few nights ago a guard vanished while on guard duty. The next morning we saw the guard dead on the ground near the main hall doors. The next night it happened again to a ferret on sentry duty. Find out who is doing this. If you accomplish it, you shall be rewarded. Hurry before we lose more soldiers. Completed
23 One of our captains is conspiring against us. He has taken five other captains and ships and is rebelling. Take fivescore trained soldiers and kill them before they have the chance to attack us. Completed
24 A small group of soldiers have appeared broken and bloody. A vixen was with them, saying it was a band of powerful wolves and she tells you where they are. Deal with the wolves and when you come back kill the fox. Completed
25 We are in a big battle and have been for days. We are also running out of food. Find a way out of the castle, around the enemy, and find us some supplies before it's too late. Completed
26 A monitor lizard, who is a leader of a great horde, has challenged you to single unarmed combat. You must kill him and take his horde. Completed
27 A group of savage, primitive Painted Ones are attacking us. Go and wipe them out. Take two useless soldiers with you and if they don't die in battle, finish them secretly. Completed
28 Escape! A prisoner escaped from the dungeon a few days ago. We think he was wounded, but he kept running. He is a hare, but he might have an arrow in his leg. It is vital that this prisoner be returned alive. He may have important information, and may have heard important information about the fort's defense. Take a useless soldier or two, if they're killed, fine, if not, well, that's up to you. Completed
29 A slave captured by a soldier had belonged to a small group of woodlanders. They have already started looking for her. Find a way to stop them before they can do any harm. There may only be a few of them now, but they can always get help. Hurry before they get a chance to attack. Completed
30 Strange white ships with plain blue flags where seen leaving the harbor. A Water rat in a full white tunic and blue badges was seen holing one of our ships and sailing around the coast and coming back. Nobody has recently seen the rat on land. Take a ship and investigate this phenomeon. Completed
31 One of our best vermin, a stoat from the Darksail, has disappeared. When a search party was sent out, they were attacked by a large group of squirrels. As they retreated, they saw that the squirrels had taken the stoat captive. Bring the stoat back to Fort Nightshade, kill the squirrels, and take some of them as slaves in the dungeons. Completed
32 Two ships have landed on the shore a few miles from the fort. They are full of hares and badgers. They are here simply because they have been our enemies and we have slaughtered many of their kind. Think of away to stop them from reaching the fort. Completed
33 One of our ships and its crew are being held captive by another horde. They want a big ransom for them. Is the ransom worth a crew and a ship? Figure out a way to get the crew and ship back with having to pay the ransom. Take as many with you as you see fit. Completed
34 There has been talk recently of a huge eagle living in the nearby woods that was responsible for taking the lives of many scouts. Find out weather this rumor is true, and if it is, kill the eagle. If it is false, however, find out what really killed the scouts and kill it as well. Completed
35 While you're at sea, your captain falls overboard and drowns during a storm. You, being second in command of the ship, take control. You are lost in the middle of nowhere, having been unable to find any charts the captain had made. To make things worse, you see a ship on the horizon, sailing towards you. You instantly know they are enemies by the wild yelling you hear from them. Find your way home again without being killed by the pirates. Completed
36 You learn from a friendly gull that two ships of determined creatures approach the island from a place called Redwall. You must devise a strategy to defeat them and then carry it out. Completed
37 Threescore rats are rebelling. You and the others must stop them. Try to take prisoners. If you can't, kill them. Completed
38 There is a goodbeast army on shore below the cliffs. They arrived yesterday. Our spies tell me that they plan to scale the cliffs. If they do so, they wll surely find the fort. Stop them before they reach the top. Completed
39 A Rapscallion army has come. In a message sent to us, they say that they wish to battle for the fort. Take as many as you need and prevent them from taking over Fort Nightshade. Completed
40 A group of ten slaves have escaped. They stole a ship and sailed away last night. You have been authorized to take a ship and hunt them down. If you can bring them back alive, wonderful. If not, no big deal. You must, however, return the ship they stole in the condition it was in when they took it. Completed
41 A black squirrel comes to the castle every night and manages to kill or wound a guard on the walltop. Stop this creature quickly before he causes chaos at the fort. You may either kill him or take him as a slave. Completed
42 There is an assassin in the fort from a goodbeast bounty hunter club. You're in command of all the guards. Make sure the assassin does not escape and kill him personally. Completed
43 Every time a beast goes outside they are slain as soon as they can step out the door. The suspects are squirrels and you have to find out what it is causing the trouble and stop it. Completed
44 There is a mole digging underneath the grounds. He spys on us by coming out some unsuspected place at night. He wrecks the ships by digging his claws in the sides. Stop him at all costs. Either kill him ar take him as a slave. Completed
45 There is a group of traitors here in the fort. They are watching our plans on attacking Castle Marl. They have escaped to tell them. Catch them and bring them to me! Completed
46 A small group of foxes were sited outside the fort last night. There were about five of them in all. This morning a score of our foxes couldn't be found. Track down our foxes and see what they're up to, then do whatever is suitable. Completed
47 There is a ship of ninety mice on the sea. Take your ship and board this ship. Take some slaves to aid you. Tell of the booty you plundered. Completed
48 A strange squirrel came up to our gates and told us to give the Fort to us. While the squirrel was saying that, a creature hidden in the forest shot at one of the guards. The other guard went inside to tell what happened and the squirrel escaped. You must take as many creatures as you need and hunt this strange squirrel down. Completed
49 Fifty mice have landed on the coast. Take thirty troops and take as many prisoner as you can. You know what to do with the ones who resist. Completed
50 Someone has poisoned the food. They sneak in at night and poison all the officers' food. One captian has died this morning. You must find the poisoner and bring them to me. Completed
51 There is a Gawtrybe army coming from the south. Take an army of 300 troops and intercept them. Completed
52 There are searats attacking the fort, 160 in all. Take 200 troops and destroy them all. Completed
53 An open rebellion has occured. 100 of our troops have found a new leader, Kyler the fox. They are fighting in the courtyard. Take 100 of our finest troops and stop them. Completed
54 A score of goodbeasts have escaped from the dungeons, killing 4 guards and taking the fifth captive. They have run back towards Redwall, stop them before they reach Redwall, and if they do, find a way in and slay as many beasts as possible. Including the prisoners! Completed
55 An eagle has been sighted near our Fort. Every few days the eagle would kill a guard for dinner or lunch. Find a possible way to stop that bird from attacking us. Completed
56 A rat, Flamefur, that was captured earlier escaped from the dungeons. Reaching his big, nasty friends, he came back, wanting revenge on all Fort Nightshaders. They have launched an assault on us. The partaker of the mission must assasinate Flamefur and the captains of his force and take as many slaves as possible. Completed
57 Vallug Bowbeast has been succesful in breaking apart Kyler's rebellion, but the fox has escaped himself. Kyler has fled to the high seas and taken a fleet. This time he's not escaping unscathed. Find and kill him once and for all. Completed
58 An assassin is sneaking in and killing our finest soldiers. We have been unable to capture him. Smoke has also been seen in the distance. Find the assassin, kill him, and find out if the smoke was his or someone else's. Completed
59 Recently, Salamandastron hare troops have been scouting the area. Many have made camps around our fort. One of the nightly sentries noticed a hare being sent into the fort in a very good disguise as a weasel and another sending a hare back to bring information to one of the troops to the east. The one that sent off the other hare shot an arrow over the wall with a message attached that said many cruel things about our ruler. Try and route out the spy in the building and make him a slave, then try and hunt down the hare carrying back information. Also kill the hare that shot the arrow and wrote the message. Either kill or bring the hare in as a slave. If the hare has already brought back the information, bring a troop of about 250 and kill the troop and any others you run into. Then, take about 500 more to back you up and try and annihilate every troup in the area. Take back as many as you can as slaves and make them build up a huge, marble staue of our ruler to show them not to mock us. Make sure they get no food or water as long as they are building this. Make them suffer. Completed
60 A wolf named Moulfar, once one of our finest, has turned traitor on us. Normally we could crush him and his crew, even though they are savage wolves, but he has captured another five captains. Kill him and save our captains. Completed
61 A mixed group of goodbeasts are approaching the fort. They number four in all; two squirrels, an otter, and a wildcat. They are all well-armed. Try and enslave the squirrels and the otter, and persuade the wildcat to join. If he will not, well, you know what to do. Completed
62 A huge force has been sighted near Fort Nightshade. Each of the vermin are well skilled and trained with the weapons they hold. The leader is a huge red fox named Rellis. This horde is large enough to match us for size, so take the entire force we have and go into battle. Kill Rellis and his captains and take the remaining horde as soldiers. Completed
63 There have been slaves escaping for our seemingly perfect dungeons. Find out how the slaves are getting out and bring as many of them back, or, if you have to, kill them. Completed
64 A group of stoats, wildcats, and wolves, eight in all, had left Fort Nightshade about a season ago and only a timberwolf from the Seafire had returned. She was delirious for the first few days and kept on talking of "the southern alliance," but now she remembers nothing of it. Find out what happened to the remaining seven, bring them back if possible, and find out what the southern alliance is without suffering the same fate as the timberwolf. Completed
65 Recently, some of the slaves have escaped. Find out who helped them, for they could not have done such a feat alone. Food has also been disappearing from our stock for the colder seasons. This was probably stolen from the slaves. Find the missing slaves, find out who they are in alliance with, and bring them all to me, hopefully alive. I'd like to make a few impressions on the crewbeasts... Completed
66 Wolves are abroad in the forest. Five of them, well-armed warriors from the north. They appear to be alone, but our spies idicate that they communicate with others through a hawk. Two of our spies were sent to find out their intentions. Only one returned. This spy, mortally wounded, managed to report that the wolves were planning on seizing Fort Nightshade. Stop these wolves from reaching the fort. Be careful, for they could have others on their way to back them up. Completed
67 There is a traitor in our Fort. He or she goes to a goodbeast fort and tells them everything about us. The goodbeasts will know about our weaknesses soon. They will be attacking us once they find out. Capture the traitor and stop him or her from reporting any more information to the goodbeasts. Completed
68 Fifty of our soldiers went on a spying mission, using the information of a captured slave. One came back, weapons missing, scared, bruised, and missing an arm. After he recovered, he led a troop to the area of the ambush. There were bodies and weapons all over. Unfortunately, they too were ambushed and our only informants, the sole survivor of the first attack and the slave, were killed. We know of the scene because of a scribe's scrolls, which had been dropped in what appears to be a frantic attempt at escape. You must go to the scene, seek out the attackers, and bring them back. They will be punished accordingly. Completed
69 A few various goodbeasts have been sighted, mostly attacking vermin encampments. They number five score and have surrounded a few of our soldiers, out on forage and reconissance. Your mission is to save our soldiers and try to enslave the goodbeasts. Completed
70 There is a spy watching us from the outside of our Fort. It comes and goes quickly. We know the spy is a bird and that it works for the goodbeasts. Capture the bird and either kill it or bring it to me. Completed
71 A goodbeast has come close to our fort unnoticed by the guards. It has told some other goodbeasts about us. They are now preparing war against us. Stop them in any possible way from waging war against us. Completed
72 There have been some heavy rains lately, and lots and lots of water has collected in a dip next to the fort. This is very inviting to some searats, who have begun to break a hole in the fort. Your job is to kill all of the searats, and then empty all of the water so you can repair the hole. Completed
73 Various hordebeasts have been seen leaving the fort at dusk every day. They have been very sneaky about it, and their number grows every night. Your mission is to follow them and find out where they are going. If they are planing against the fort...well, you know what to do. Completed
74 You are walking around the fort when you hear something. It is a band of goodbeasts, searching for their lost young ones. There are many of them, and are armed. What do you do, and do you go and try steal their children from the other fort as our slaves? Completed
75 A badger comes to our gates for help. You let him in a tend to his wounds. He falls asleep and when he awakens, he is in blind rage, bloodwrath. What do you do? Completed
76 Strange ships have been sighted three days away from the coast of Fort Nightshade. You are to take 2 ships and only 2 ships to ask their business and, if need be, repel their attack with a navy battle. All Fleetpaws' ships are important to her, do not lose any, and more importantly, if you fail your mission and live, it would prove wise not to come back to the Fort still breathing. Completed
77 A rat has proclaimed that he is a god. He has stirred up our fleet and many actually believe him. He has 100 rats at his disposal. We know that he is named Ratigin, and is a great fighter. Most of our creatures are on an invasion on some island. Take all of our 120 beasts and destroy this infernal army. His army is very well trained and fight for what they believe in. The army sent on the invasion will not be here for another month. Winter is here and a blizzard is definitely coming. Completed
78 A confederation of 100 of our rats have decided to seperate the island and make their own kingdom. Choose which side you're on and complete your job. Either destroy the seperatists or save the union of Fort Nightshade Completed
79 A large ferret, leader of a huge horde, that has set his eye on the Fort has offered to battle you in a duel. Knowing Snowstar Fleetpaws would not approve, you sneak out at night and go to meet the warlord. If you can kill him, his soldiers will join the Fort. Completed
80 Some stoats have been pestering Fort Nightshade to let them join. The stoats have been seen talking to a strange beast by the edge of the woods, but the creature is always hidden in shadows. Find out what the beast is without the stoats seeing you or knowing about you. If it's a goodbeast, find a way to either capture it or kill it. You may not use more than 10 of Fort Nightshade's fighters to do this mission. Completed
81 A large group of about 200 poorly armed goodbeasts have been sighted a mere 2000 paces away from Fort Nightshade, already halfway done with a new settlement. Seeing as this is not the most impending crisis at the time, you have been given 20 of our warriors to take care of this settlement. Your mission is to use the element of suprise, and the goodbeasts' passive nature against them, to plunder and destroy the settlement. Beware of any hidden forces they may have, for even goodbeasts can't be so foolish as to settle near a vermin fortress. Completed
82 Many slaves have turned up missing. We think they are being smuggled out of Fort Nightshade. Take 12 troops into the woods and seek out the slave haven. Completed
83 A small searat was seen staggering out of a cave, gasping that he had stumbled upon a huge group of adders. He then turned a nasty shade of blue and fell over, dead. This cave he talked about is not all that far from the fort, and judging from the number of punture marks on the corpse, even the whole of Nightshade might not be able to overwhelm this foe. Summer is coming fast, and the serpents will soon awaken from hibernation, and they will be very hungry. Find a way the kill the adders without waking them up and meeting a gruesome, blue-tinted fate. Completed
84 A pair of large eagles, male and female, have made a nest on the side of the cliff above the beach. It's already full of chicks. The eagles have killed eleven sentries that came to near the nest. Because they'd see you if a great army went after them, you can bring ten of the members of Fort Nightshade. You must climb the cliff and destroy the nest, chicks, and adults before we are infested with the dangerous birds of prey. Completed
85 You are on wall duty when you look down to the harbor and see some things moving on the ships. You know that no one is allowed on the ships after dark. You sneak down and see that the harbor guards are dead from arrows, sword cuts, ax cuts, and other weapons. You hear the sound of shrews, hares, and otters aboard the ships. You quickly go to Snowstar and report what you saw and heard. Now, every time a creature nears the ship, the goodbeasts fire arrows. Four have already died. Your mission is to get our ships back before the goodbeasts take off with them, if that is indeed their plan. Completed
86 Three nights ago a seer came to our doors. She sat outside wailing until Snowstar reluctantly let her in. Later that night, the seer began speaking again, claiming that all who live under Fleetpaws' rule will die if they don't leave. She continued to say this for hours. Whenever another beast came near, she just shouted louder. Some of the more superstitious beasts began to talk. Eventually, the seer was forced out of Nightshade, but some of the creatures had already begun planning their escapes. It didn't help that the seer continued to sit outside our doors, wailing of death and destruction. The bolder ones even tried to get the loyal creatures to leave with them, claiming that the seer is right and they'll all die if they stay. Your mission is to stop these creatures from deserting without killing any of our creatures. Completed
87 A ferret was patrolling the wall two nights ago when he claimed to have seen a ship on the water. This morning, the ship was nowhere two be seen. Last night, a rat was patrolling the same wall and claimed he was the ship as well. This morning it was gone again. The position described by this patrol was closer than the one described by the ferret. The night patrols are now afraid to stay atop the wall, saying that the ghost ship will reach the shore and kill them. Find out what this ship really is and stop it if it is a threat. Completed
88 This morning, smoke was sighted in the forest. The soldiers sent to investigate reported that it was only a small forest fire and they put it out. This afternoon, two more fires appeared, this time spreading quicker. We believe creatures are intentionally setting these fires. Your mission is to put out the quickly growing fire before it reaches the fort and find the creatures who started it. Completed
89 While on a voyage, the crew of one of the ships saw a small island off the northern coast that had never been seen before. Your mission is to take one of the ships and its crew and explore the island. Be on the lookout for enemies, treasure, or slaves for Nightshade. Completed
90 One of our high officers was murdered. There are no suspects and no witnesses to the act. This officer was of value to Nightshade. Find the murderer before he acts again. Completed
91 You have been captured. You were out looking for slaves when a group of hares ambushed you. You are now in their hands. Free yourself before they finish whatever they have in store for you. Completed
92 A group of ten otters approached the fort one day. Before our soldiers would draw their weapons, the otters claimed that they wanted to join, explaining that they had been outcast from their holt and wanted revenge. They were allowed to join, and two days later, creatures began to die. There is no evidence that the otters murdered them, or even evidence that they were murdered, but they seem to be likely suspects. When asked, they claim that they no nothing of the deaths. It appears that the creatures died naturally, but many were young and healthy just days before. Find out what killed the creatures, and if it was the otters, kill them. Completed
93 You have been challenged to a duel. A fencing hare wishes to fight you to the death. Creatures from Nightshade have fought this hare before, but none have lived to tell the tale. Perhaps you will be the one who gains a new tale to tell on winter nights. Or perhaps the hare will walk away with a story for his friends. Completed
94 The fort is under seige. A holt of warrior otters have begun to attack the fort. Their numbers are the same as ours. Take the whole of Nightshade and stop them before they take over. Completed
95 A deadly drought has hit the land. There is no water and hardly any food. Creatures have already begun to get sick. Take one of the ships and its crew and find food and water before its too late. Completed
96 There is a thief in Fort Nightshade. Not only does this creature steal food and water, but weapons from the armory and other objects belonging to creatures here. There are no suspects. Find the thief and teach him that no one steals from Nightshade. Completed
97 Escape! An otter slave escaped from the fort. We ignored it at first, for we have more than enough slaves. But then the otter returned with friends and they freed five more slaves. Last night, a patrol spotted the otter and an even larger group of allies sneaking towards the slave compound. The patrol fired off a few arrows and scared them off, but this is not enough. They will return and try to free more slaves. Stop the otter and his pals and get our slaves back. Completed
98 One of Fort Nightshade's ships has reported an enemy fleet of eight ships. They are approaching Nightshade. Bring as many ships as you would like and see what their intentions are. Stop them before they are able to reach our docks. Completed
99 An armada of ships have made a blockade. They've been attacking ships trying to leave the harbor. Our supplies are running low. We've been able to forge, but soon we'll need food. Break the blockade and destroy the armada. Take all the ships and be careful getting out of the harbor. Completed
100 The newly formed senate has a group of creatures separating themselves from the Fort's loyal members. They disagree with the senate and are planning to kill those who support it most. Find out who the traitors are and stop them. Completed
101 Recently, a small mouse was taken prisoner in the dungeons. He has caused much disruption among the slaves, and now is organizing an escape. This must not be allowed to happen. If the mouse is killed, there is a risk that the rest of the slaves might become even angrier and revolt. That would be a disaster. Find a way to stop the slaves escaping or revolting without killing the mouse and causing more havoc. Completed
102 A group of mice recently set up camp on the beach. It is temporary, so we intended to leave them alone, but one of our spies reported back that the mice held gold. The crews jumped at the chance to steal it. Take who you need and clear out the camp, bringing the gold back here. Completed
103 A guard on patrol last night was found dead this morning, an arrow in his back. The other guards claimed they didn't see or hear anyone, but footprints were found at the edge of the forest. Follow the prints as far as you can and find the beast who killed the guard. Completed
104 Recently, a young stoat was patrolling on the walls, when he suddenly screamed and fell down. When his body was discovered, there was no arrow or any sign of poison. The guards looked over the wall immediately after he fell, but saw nobody there, not even a ship. He had apparently died for no reason. This morning, the body of a young weasel was found in the library. When her body was examined, the case was exactly like the stoat's. Find out what is happening before too many of Nightshade's creatures are killed in this mysterious way. Completed
105 Recently, a ship has been seen sailing toward the harbor at dusk. Each time, it suddenly and mysteriously vanishes. Last night, a search party was sent out to look for the ship, but never returned. Rumors have spread that the strange ship is haunted, and many at Fort Nightshade have become fearful and refuse to obey orders. Find out what is going on, and put a stop to it before panic sets in. Completed
106 Two days ago, a small group of soldiers was sent out in response to reports of a tribe of otters gathering near Fort Nightshade. Last night one of them returned, badly injured, saying that the soldiers had been ambushed and were under seige by the otters, and would be unable to hold out long. Leading a party of threescore soldiers, attempt to rescue the ambushed soldiers with as few casualties as possible. Completed
107 While at sea, the captain of your ship died and you were put in charge. Now a fox has challenged you, saying he is the rightful captain. The crews instantly gathered on the decks to watch. Fight the fox and claim captaincy of the ship. Completed
108 A school of pike have been terrorizing the ships that try to leave harbor, making it impossible to get the ships out. Drive them away or destroy them. Completed
109 A shark has been seen in our waters. We've taken the ships out and tried to kill it, but nothing has worked. A guard on one of the ships reported that the shark had moved into the cove and rammed the ship, causing serious damage. Destroy the creature before our ships are ruined. Completed
110 Yesterday a band of gypsies came to the fort. When asked what they wanted, they replied that they wanted to put on a show for us. They were let in and we agreed to watch their show tomorrow. Last night one of the gypsies was asking a member questions about the fort's high ranking members. That same gypsy was later seen talking to their leader, reporting what Nightshade's member had said. It is thought that the gypsies plan to murder the most valuable creatures at Nightshade and take over. At the show tomorrow, protect these creatures from the gypsies. Completed
111 One night some guards heard a scream. They hurried to the place where the scream had come from and found a guard dead. His face was in shock as he died. Find out who or what did this and destroy it before any more beasts get killed. Completed
112 Fire is spreading over the forest near the fort. The fort itself will be surrounded by the fire if we do not put it out. Take as many soldiers as you need to put out this fire. Completed
113 A group of moles has been seen digging around the fort. Take 10 soldiers and find out what they are doing. Completed
114 Late at night, the walltop guards have seen a band of woodladers around the fort. Eventually, the woodlanders set up camp too deep into the forest for the guards to see. The guards began to hear clanking noises coming from the camp. Find out if the woodlanders are planning an attack. Completed
115 Some beasts stole one of our ships during night and went east. Follow the theives and get our ship back! Completed
116 While you were on the sea plundering, a small army of goodbeasts attacked your ship and you were all taken captive on an island. Find a way to escape and get back to the fort as quickly as possible. Completed
117 There have been rumors around the fort that an assassin is going to assassinate Lady Snowstar Fleetpaws. Your job is to protect Lady Snowstar until this problem is solved. Completed
118 About a month ago, five important shipments of weapons and food were intercepted by a ship of otters. They wrecked the ship and stole the shipments. Since then, every week at least one of our ships carrying shipments has been sunk and the shipments stolen. This has begun to weaken Fort Nightshade's soldiers. Some of them have even died. Get our shipments back from the otters and then destroy them. Completed
119 There is a traitor in our castle. S/he left the place once s/he heard that we knew there was a traitor. A guard saw its figure move very quickly to the west. Catch the traitor before s/he goes somewhere and betrays us. Completed
120 There is a group of goodbeast warriors camped on the land. Find them and slay them all. Take as many creatures as needed. Completed
121 A thief has been stealing our food. Find him follow him back to where he lives. Slay him and return the stolen goods. Completed
122 A few nights back we heard a cry from the tavern. This was usual, since many deaths have occured there, but this was different. The victim was a rat, and as we found him he slowly slipped away from this earth. As he died, he managed to mutter, "Hare...carrying bow...arrows...big sword...killed me...said he was gonna get the whole o' the fort...him an' his bunch...beware of nightdark, 'e said. 'Waaare!" We turned and saw his mate sitting next to him, also dead, an expression of surprise on his face. Your mission is to find the hare and his allies and kill them all. Take as many beasts as is necessary. Completed
123 A few days back a ship appeared on the horizon. The guards at the harbor waited for it to dock, but it never did. Then it disappeared from the horizon. The next night it appeared again, then again, then again. It never docked, but it appeared, always remaining in the same place. The guards at the dock are suspicious of this; they claim it is a ghost ship. Your mission is to take a ship and find out what this mysterious vessel is. If it is a vermin ship, interrogate them and enlist them here at Nightshade. If they are know what to do. Completed
124 Not long ago, a Long Patrol ambushed a group of Fort Nightshade beasts and dibbuns who were out for a picnic of sorts. Most of the creatures were killed, including one dibbun, and it was discovered that the goodbeasts were trying to capture our youngsters as part of some bizarre attempt to civilize future generations of "vermin". Fortunately, all the dibbuns caught were rescued, but the Salamandastronian ship still lies at anchor to the north. Find a way to rid the land of this pestilence once and for all! Completed
125 It appears that there is a renegade band of vermin about a league from Fort Nightshade. They number sixty strong and are plotting to overthrow Nightshade. Just last week ten rats from Nightshade slipped out and joined them. Yesterday five more rats were found missing from their beds. A scrawled note under one's bed revealed that they were "goin owt to jine the rebels." Your mission is to catch more rats leaving the fort and bring them back. Then take threescore troops and crush this insurrection once and for all. Completed
126 The fort is in a Civil War, it has divised into 3 clans, one favoring Snowstar, one, another beast, and the other total Anarchy. Protect Lady Snowstar and put down the rebellion. Completed
127 There are rumors running around of a ghost haunting Fort Nightshade. Some of the beasts are disobeying orders. Find it and prove the ghost is a fake. Completed
128 Our fort is under attack by sea rogues and pirates. They are already climbing up the walls, ramming the gate, and throwing fire at us. Your mission to tell our beasts what to do, and defeat the enemies. Completed
129 The fort is under siege by an army of rats. While Lady Snowstar is ill, you are in charge. Completed
130 Lady Snowstar has fallen ill. The only cure is an extremely rare flower on top of an icy mountain. You and ten other beasts must bring some for a cure. Completed
131 After a major battle, Lady Snowstar is captured! Take two trackers with you and return her, unharmed. Completed
132 There is a rumor that there will be a poisoning at tomorrow's feast. You have until than to find out if this is true and, if so, stop it. Completed
133 Lately, crew members have been getting slain while out in the forest getting food. they get slain by sharp spears with strange symbols on them. We set a few horde members to go get food instead of one. Only one came back from the group, wounded. He said he did not see anything until the spears fell and slayed everyone. Your mission is to take a few crew members and find out who is attacking us and why, then slay them all! Completed
134 While you and the patrol you have been chosen to command of fifteen wolves, ferrets, weasels, and the like, are traveling through the woods, you see a band of inncent-looking mice coming towards you on the path, numbering about five score in total and therefore outnumbering you twenty to three. But you don't care; it will be a cinch taking these as slaves, and you will gain respect from Snowstar if you bring them all back. However, when you and your companions stagger up to them, expecting them to be terrified of you, you find they are no ordinary mice, but rather seasoned warriors ready to do battle with you. They show no fear as they draw their weapons to fight. Your mission is to show these stupid mice who's boss around these parts, put them in their place, and take them back to the fort as slaves. Mind you: make sure you take ALL of them captive, or kill them. One escaped mouse could bring back an army large enough to overtake the entire fort. Completed
135 A campfire has been sighted for the past three nights. It has been getting closer and the two trackers previously sent have not returned. Find out who or what is making the fire and kill or enslave them all. But before you do that you must find out if they are part of a larger force. Completed
136 A ship has been sighted off the north side of the island. One of our scouts said he saw goodbeasts on board. He also said they were making weapons. Find out how many there are and find out what they are going to do. Capture or kill them if they plan to attack. Get as many as you can! Completed
137 Some scouts have returned wounded and half dead. They say that an army of one thousand goodbeasts is coming to attack us. You have been placed in charge. Capture or kill them before they kill us. Completed
138 While hunting in the woods, you see a large number of vermin walking by. They are the small army of the new rat warlord, Wolfslayer. Your task is to kill Wolfslayer without letting his soldiers know you killed him, and then convince them to join Fort Nightshade. If they do not join, you must find a way to stop or kill them before they attack. Completed
139 Some fishermen of the fort, while out gathering supplies from the sea, stumbled across something... unpleasant. Some sort of twisted sea creature is plaguing the ocean, devouring or scaring away our main food supply! Something must be done about the very dangerous and disgruntled wavebeast before Nightshade faces a food shortage. Completed
140 A merchant recently passed through here specializing in fine wines. A large group of soldiers pooled their gold and purchased a large quantity of old wine. However, now we have a drunken riot on our hands! This is no ordinary riot, however, as the soldiers are beyond drunk, and rather insane. Bring a halt to the riot and discern the cause of insanity among the drunken soldiers. Completed
141 It seems that some very valuable ore has turned up near the Fortress, upon its own grounds. The ore can be made into a highly strong metal, and now a distant warlord has gotten word about it. He's sending a large team of miners to gather the ore that is rightfully property of Nightshade... and of course a rather large army with those miners. Find a way to thwart the army, and perhaps persuade the miners to gather the ore for YOU instead. Completed
142 A mysterious traveler has been seen milling around camp. The stranger frequently purchased drinks for groups of acquaintances. But now, all those that have accepted a drink from the stranger are falling ill! And it just might be contagious... Find out who this stranger is and deal with him, as well as figuring out what to do about the sick soldiers. Completed
143 A very large and powerful group of woodlanders are building an oupost dangerously close to Fort Nightshade. You have volunteered to take action. You have access to a fairly large army, but direct confrontation could bring disaster! Will you use politics or force to deal with these intruders? Completed
144 We have been finding holes in our ships. We are constantly having to patch them up. We think it could be an unknown enemy. Figure out what is causing these leaks and stop it. Completed
145 Lately, fishing boats have been seen around an island near here. Find out if these beasts are friend or foe. See if you can get them to join the fort. Completed
146 Two political parties are battling it out vehemently in the Senate. However, it seems like these verbal battles might soon be physical! Will you side with a party to wipe out the opposition, or will you choose to attempt to make peace between these political hotheads? Completed
147 The water supply at Fort Nightshade has been getting low. Nearby rivers and other fresh water sources have been mysteriously drying up. Scouts have seen a large army setting camp many miles upstream from the fort. Could they be trying to weaken our troops from dehydration before invading? Completed
148 Bugs. You hate bugs. But now they are in the Fort - a lot of them. They have somehow swarmed to our food storage, and have attracted with them a lot of spiders too. The spiders might eat all the insects if you give them some time, but then you have three times as many spiders! Somehow you have to exterminate the pestilence without damaging too much of our food! Completed
149 Two high-ranking officers of the Fort are engaged to be wed. However, the pompous mouse priest refuses to perform the ceremony! Being good friends with the bride and groom-to-be, they have asked you to 'persuade' the priest to perform the ceremony, or your friends won't be happy... Completed
150 There has been a treacherous arsonist attacking Fort Nightshade after dusk! The mysterious beast has set fire to the INSIDE of the front gate, the high tower, and the mess hall, each on separate nights. This means he is a beast from our very own ranks! Find out who the culprit is, and catch him before the Fort is burned to the ground! Completed
151 Lately, shrews have been swarming rivers near Fort Nightshade. They have been trying to kill our soliders. Your mission is to take a score of fighters and take them as slaves or kill them all! Completed
152 Twenty of Fort Nightshade's soliders have been captured by otters. They say we have to leave this area or the captives die. We do not want to lose twenty of our soldiers or leave our land. Your mission is to sneak into the otter camp with a few other beasts, kill the otters, and free the captives. If the otters find you, it is likely that you will not make it out alive and neither will our soldiers. Completed
153 Fort Nightshade is at war with another fort. You took twenty soldiers on your raid party. When you arrived at the enemy fort, you were surrounded by shrews. You must kill them or take them as slaves with out being killed or captured yourself. Completed
154 Food has been vanishing from the supply after midnight. We think it might be a goodbeast from a camp in the forest. Your mission is to hide in the storage room and find out who is stealing from us. If the culprits are goodbeasts, find out where they are camped and raid them. Completed
155 You discover a plot to kill Snowstar but you do not know who is involved. You do, however, know that it will happen in twenty-four hours unless you put a stop to it. Find out who is involved and anything else you can. Stop the plan before it is executed. Completed
156 There have been rumors of a monster in the woods for some time now and the members are scared to go inside to get food. The only way to stop this is to kill the "monster" if it exists or think of another way of getting them into the forest. Our food supply is running low. Hurry before the little food we have is gone. Completed
157 A wandering minstrel has been traveling around singing about "those cowards at Fort Nightshade," and making fun of all its members. If woodlanders start getting ideas they may attack! The minstrel means us no real harm and it would be unnecessary to kill them. How do you deal with this problem? Completed
158 After letting a traveling rat in, you suddenly find him dying the next day with dryditch fever. How do you contain the virus before it kills everyone? Completed
159 A group of archer woodlanders have been slaying all the harbor guards and trying to destroy the ships. Your job is to slay or capture the woodlanders and put a stop to all this. Completed
160 There has been a series of raids in the past few months. Goodbeasts are running into the camp in the middle of the night, at the most unexpected times, setting fire to buildings, and killing unwary beasts. They are not a large band, perhaps a dozen, but the raids are devastating. They loot and plunder amongst the houses, burn buildings, and spoil crops. One of your best freinds has been killed! You have access to a score of beasts, and it is your job to prevent the raids and kill or enslave the goodbeasts. Completed
161 There have been reports of a shrew tribe with a strong rat leader attacking soldiers outside of Nightshade's walls. Your mission is to find out why they are attacking us and put a stop to it by whatever means necessary. Completed
162 Beasts are starting to go missing at the fort, and you have heard from a few beasts that they saw their former crewbeasts moving like zombies through the woods! They seem to be brainwashed or in a strange trance... Find out who is behind it and bring the lost soldiers back safely! Completed
163 Rumor has it that a crewbeast of the fort has started a mysterious cult. He has been seen 'recruiting' other members of Nightshade. However, two of these recruits have turned up dead, slain in a sacrificial manner! Can you prove the cult is responsible for the murders and shut it down? Completed
164 Some friends of yours who live outside of the fortress have told you that not one but TWO warlords are looking to attack Nightshade! Try to get the warlords to wipe eachother out before they strike our fort, using sabotage, politics, or anything else you can think of. Completed
165 There is a rumour circulating that there is a large nest of adders in some rocky ground a day's march from the Fort. It is not likely that there actually are adders, but it is too high of a risk to take. Get a score of soldiers, find out if there are adders, and, if there are, find a way to exterminate them without losing any many soldiers. Completed
166 We need you to investigate an island to the east. The island was once home to the Kingdom of Dark Blood. When Dark Mouse was still alive he conquered and killed King Dark Blood and all of his horde members. After that, every living thing was killed; bugs, trees, grass...everything. We have just received reports that there was a small ship docked at this island. Go over there and find out what is going on. If it is not in favour of the fort, please save Fleetpaws some time and end the trouble during the investagation. Finish this quickly before the storm season begins and the seas become too rough. Completed
167 You are out in the woodlands with two of your very good friends, when suddenly you are attacked by squirrel archers. One of your friends has been slain and the other badly injured. Find your way back to the fort with your injured friend, making sure to deal with the squirrels before they kill you too. Completed
168 There is a spy among us at Fort Nightshade. The problem is that he is an expert spy sent by a goodbeast fort. We found foot prints leading out of our fort, but the trackers we sent were unable to find the spy. Your mission is to go out into the forest and search. Kill the spy while avoiding the goodbeast camps. Completed
169 An extremely large army of mixed vermin/woodlanders has been terrorizing the surrounding country for six seasons. We now have information that they will soon invade Fort Nightshade. Fighting back is out of the question as they outnumber us five score to one. You are sent alone to assassinate their leader. Maybe without him they will fall. You have a long bow, two quivers of arrows, and a sword. Get into the protected area where the leader is and kill him without getting killed yourself. If you are seen, the army will be alerted and you will not survive the mission. Completed
170 Over the past few days, it has rained heavily. Now the nearby stream is overflowing its banks! The water and slime has seeped into the kitchens, spoiling much of the food. Soon it will destroy the entire food supply. The cooks are already threatening to quit; they are tired of sloshing around in the saturated kitchens and constantly finding new spoiled foods. Contain the creek and save the food supply. Completed
171 A war has sprung out between two different armies, and both are currently fighting their way toward Nightshade. They are a goodbeast fortress from the east, and a huge navy of vermin from the north! The goodbeasts alone could beat us in battle, so we must not attack with full force.You have a group of elite archers to help you take out their leaders before they reach the fort. If you are seen, the plan is foiled and Fort Nightshade will be conquered. Completed
172 You are out on a mission on your ship when you are caught in a storm. The ship is damaged and then thrown up onto the shore of a seemingly deserted island. You are in command. You must find materials to repair the ship, but remember that Fleetpaws will be understandably mad at you if the ship is not repaired properly. The damage is extensive, and it may take several days to repair. Tell of your adventures on the island. Completed
173 There is an enemy fleet of ten ships blocking our ships from coming to or leaving the fort. Take as many beasts and ships as necessary and destroy the blockade. Completed
174 Eight adders want to make a nest in the fort. They know of the dark, damp, musty slave dungeons, which are the perfect place for any adder. They know we don't want them here, so they have burrowed into the dungeons themselves and have laid their eggs, killing anyone who comes near. The slaves are dying because, even though the adders can't harm them, the guards are too frightened to come feed them. This problem has caused soldiers to be afraid that the adders will take over the rest of the fort. The adders are greatly outnumbered, but they have hypnotic eyes and can strike with lightning speed. Find a way to get them out of the fort. Completed
175 A large army of birds, made from ravens and crows, has made its nest in the lofts of Fort Nightshade. These birds could take over the whole fort if they are allowed to lay their eggs. The army of birds numbers 250. Take 100 beasts and use trickery, as we do not have sufficient numbers to fight the birds right now. Describe how you will defeat them. Completed
176 A group of creatures formed an Assassin's Guild around Nightshade. There has been a series of deaths since the formation of the group. Members of the fort have begun to fear for their lives and some have even threatened to resign. The assassins must be stopped, for Nightshade has become a place of fear among its own inhabitants. The Assassin's Guild is led by a single leader. If this leader is killed, surely the assassins will flee. Stop them before anymore members of Nightshade are killed. Completed
177 You were patrolling the beach when you found an iron chest full of gold coins. The chest was to heavy for you to move on your own, so you took a handful of coins and returned to Nightshade to report your findings. You are sent back to the beach with 15 soliders to bring the chest back. Once you get there, you find a small band of goodbeasts camped out a short distance from where you found the chest. Upon investigation, you see the chest in the middle of the goodbeast camp. Kill them or take them as slaves and come back with the gold. Completed
178 Scouting parties were sent out several days ago. This morning, only one of ten returened. He was severely injured. He explained that the group was ambushed by some strange, unidentifiable creatures. The remaining scout stressed the fact that they were too vicious to be goodbeasts. Find out what these creatures are and stop them before more scouts are killed. Completed

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