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Note~ Missions 1-10 are not availible.

Mission Number Comepletion Completed By:
12 Being a bat with fur of mottled brown and green, i slipped quietly through the night. I found the butcher bird's nest and prepared to lop off its head with my meatal edged wings, but alas! Its mate saw me and sorely wounded me. I returned to Fort Nightshade to recupporate and plan. Having come upon a plan, i incorporated a group of pike-stoats to come with me to the shrike's nest. I had them stab upward to distract the bird, wwhile i went around to chop off its head with my wings. Remebering what happened last time i rushed in, i took great pains to keep to the shadows and not make a noise. I came upon the male butcher bird hunting, and while it pecked me somethin' fierce, i managed to sink my fangs and talons into its throat. I returned to the nest, and I had guessed correctly! the female shrike was gaurding a nest with eggs so all my ferrets had to do was stand under the nest and stab upwards with their pikes because the bird wouldnt leave the nest. I silently snuck up behind it and lopped off its head. I returned to Fort nightshade having only lost a single ferret. Storm Devilbat
13 The many corsairs under my command were growing restless as we stared at the huge corsair ship where the captain, a large fox named Rathles was issuing orders about taking over Fort Nightshade. Fool. I stood and into the clearing and screamed. "AHOY!!" The corsairs turned to look and I said "Know that we are warriors of Fort Nightshade. I am Silvren Master of the Darksail and highest ranking soldier in our horde. Surrender and I'll let you live. Rethas sneered at me and drew his sabre. I made a motion to my second in command a tough looking silver blue eyed vixen about my age. I then screamed You have choen a fools way. NO SUREENDER!! NO QUARTER!! KILL THEM ALL!!! CHAAAAAAAARGE!!!" And charge we did. I drew my favorite dagger from my snakeskin belt and delt death to all corsairs who crossed my path as I rushed at the large fox. He screamed out desperately, "Bloodfur, kill him!" A burly ferret weilding a scimitar charged me. I dodge to one side and thrust o! ut. I then slid his limp corpse away from me and sprang on Rathes. My troops were massacaring the corsairs but they were putting up a pretty dcent fight. Rathes swung at me with his sabre. I ducked and slashed his leg . Then he grabbed me by the neck and started to strangel me. Then he gasped and dropped me. I saw my number two, the vixen holding a blood stained rapier. I smirked and dispatched Rathed with a single thrust. I dumped his corpse and all the other corsair corpes into the see. I grinned at the vixen. "Thanks by the way." She grinned back and laughed. "No prob cap'n Silv." "By the way," I asked. "What's your name." "Saphhyre blueyes." "Thats a nice name." "Thanks." Silvren
14 Well, I took out me ship the Icewave along with some mates. We took with us 30 spears each. Then since sharks come out more during the night, we waited until the sun went down. Then one of me mates spotted the shark. I quickly grabbed a couple spears, took aim, and threw one. I had it the shark on its tail. the little villian went crazy. Then we all threw our spears down. Everything was quiet. Then the dead shark was seen floating. I had killed the shark! How do I know? Because the spear in the sharks belly had a red ribbon tied to it. I always tie red ribbons to my spears. Maylia the Vixen
15 I took 40 good searats ou of the castle and led them in the woods. the forest was nice and shady so heat was no problem with the heat. i took out a map and studied it and put it back in my pocket of my admirals jacket. the treasure was supposedly north. we went there until i found out to turn east right there. in 1 hour i found the xc and ordered me men to start diggin a stoat complained so I slipped me poisoned dagger between his ribs. no more complaints after that. one sturdy rat brought up the chest and opened it. there was gold beyond belief. then the hares came they were an easy match in 10 minuts all 30 of them were dead. then we headed back to the fort to give the leader the gold. Screwsnout
16 I took seven crew from the Darksail to investigate. First thing we did was, of course, check the surrounding land. Nothing. We looked all around the trees, the bank, everything. Then a fox raised his paw. "Maybe they're hiding on one of the ships?" he asked. We glanced at eachother and rushed down to the harbor. We leapedaboard the first ship we saw, the Icewave, and searched the upper deck. No weasels. But then, when we went into the galley, there they were. Six dead weasels lay on the floor, and all the stolen loot sitting on the table. We looked up and saw a large, lean ferret standing with a bloody cutlass in his paws. He grinned. "This solve your problem, cullies?" We smiled, took the weapons and loot back to the fort, and showed the dead weasels to the others. Mission completed! But we still never found out who that ferret was, or how he defeated six weasels by himself... Iceclaw
17 30 at my command sneak out of the fort camouflaged, Ready to see about that damage. First we take a trip to the ships and take some powder marks to see if we can get and finger prints. We find 1.

We sneak into the forest changing camouflage. We go past 3 camps of creatures. We go report the information to the boss. The boss says to go and get 'em.

We split up into 4 groups and come from East, South, North, and West. Captured the first group is. The criminal isn't in this group. We do the same to the other 2 groups. Then we are walking back into the forest.

We here a giggle in one of the trees 2 others and I are good climbers to we jump into the tree and take of in hot pursuit. The others are running along also hot on the heals of our enemy. Then we catch a glimpse of them they are 2 squirrels. One of my helpers up in the tree leaps but falls down. The other then leaps and catches one of the squirrels tail. I am suddenly closing the gap between me and the last squirrel. I leap bringing it into a headlock.I climb steadily down. We rush up to the boss the one that I caught had done the burning and the other one had done a bit of trickery against the lookouts on board the ships.

18 I went into the forest with 1 soldier. I then tracked the adders to a cave. I waited in the forest for a day, until they left. I then went inside and killed the 1 soldier. i laid his carcass an adders length form the the entrance to the cave. When the first adder smelled him, he came and I chopped his head off as soon as he entered. I continued in this manner until all five were dead. Drabane Darksun
19 We creep behind the place where the arrows are romoured to come from. Sure enough there is a mixture of Hares, mice, squirrels and otters eating lunch there. We decide do wait behind there until nighttime. 'Blast!' I moan. They have left 20 Burly otters as night guards then I say to the fighters we will use a 4 way pincer movement. Everybody agrees so I get 3 others to take a quater of the force each and I am left with the others. They station them selves in the directions North, South, East and West. Then I shout "Charge troups" We come running in fighting, hitting, chopping and thrusting for all we were worth. We slay all except 5. We take them back to the fort for the leader to talk to. Lightening
20 I entered the great hall, where Snowstar had a mission awaiting me. I stepped up to her, adjusting the daggar sling on my shoulder, and my sword at my belt. "Yes?" I asked her. She hesitantly responded. "Staggar, I have a rather difficult mission for you. Several large lizards have badly injured one of our valued scouts. Seek them out and kill them." I gamely shook her bow and bowed respectfully as I briskly left the hall. I padded into the kitchen and got enough food to last me through my quest, and then gathered a smaller container for water. I left the hall, lifting a paw breifly to the gate guard, and padded out Fort Nigtshade. I set out at a steady jog through the woods. I soon smelled water, and filled my watercarrier and set out again. Then a strong wind carried me two new scents. Burning woods and.. lizards. I set up camp about 500 yards from theirs, and went to stake them out. As I neared the campfire, I heard vile voices, cackling and planning. As I came into a visual distance, I saw four shapes, all lizard. They were fairly good sized liazards, but nothing a wolf such as I shouldn't be able to handle. I returned to camp, ate and took a short nap, ready to strike ! at the stroke of midnight. I awoke around eleven, and started to prepare myself for the quest. I meticulously sharpened my tried and true daggar, and honed my sword blade. Both would be a neccessity. I finshed at 11:45, and loped to their campsite at 11:55. I looked about and spotted their guard dozing against a tree. I took note that the fire was almost out, full of smoldering embers. The three others would be in the shelter. I quickly and silently approached the guard from behind, quickly putting a paw over his mouth and slicing his throat with my razor sharp daggar. I wiped the blood off of the daggar with my cloak as he slumped to the ground with a thud. I looked up to see if anybeast had heard. The shelter was still silent. I crept into the campsite area, and dumping out my water, filling the container with a few embers. I then hid at the side of the shelter, and picked a stick up, snapping it loudly. There was stirring in the shelter, and a lizard emerged, sleep in his eyes. I leapt upon his back, neatly breaking his neck with my jaws. It made quite a noise falling. I turned deftly as the other two lizards came charging out of the shelter. I stuffed the daggar in ! the sheath, grabbing the embers while i ran at one lizard, shoving themin his eyes. while I did this, the other leapt upon my back, raking his down my shoulder. I cried out in pain and unsheathed my sword, shoving it into his stomach. He gave a cry and staggared back, falling. The other lizard had cleared the embers from his eyes, and lept at me in anger. I crouched down and he leapt over me, and as he did I turned, unsheathing my daggar and thrusting into his back. He fell, dead on impact. I removed my daggar and sword, cleaning them both. I replaced the sword, and them approached the last lizard that had fallen, and sliced off one of his claws neatly, placing it in my pack for proof for Snowstar. I looked at the deep cuts on my shoulder breifly, and then headed back to Fort. I returned, going immediatly to Snowstar. I ignored my wound and presented her with the lizard claw, waiting for her approval. Staggar Padfoot
21 Feroxa silently crept thrugh the forest. A single memory kept running through her head, the look on the rat's face, the rat who had breifed her on this mission. He had been terrified. Well this little ferret was gonna do whatever she had to do to get on Lady Snowstar's good side! Honestly, she couldn't figure out the rat's problem. Feroxa had killed worse in her day. Was this fort filled with cowards? Feroxa had been traveling for nearly three days when she heard crackling brush ahead of her. She followed even quieter than before. Finally a voice boomed out ahead of her, "Grey Patrol thirteen ha-aalt. Break out the tents, make camp!" She smiled to herself. What a marvelous oppertunity to count their numbers. She waited until all the fires had died down then clambered up a tree. She crawled out on a limb then looked at the scene below her. Nine strong wolves were sleeping on the ground below me. A tenth was keeping watch. I took careful a! im and sent a knife whizzing into the watch's back. He wailed and fell dead to the ground. The ferret hidden in the tree winced, the other nine were awake now. Cursing herself she sent two more knives into the backs of two more beasts with about as much thought as she would put into breathing. Somebeast shreiked. "It's coming from the trees" A large silver wolf shouted. Now it was an organized search for her. they set about thwacking the trees, hoping to knock the killer down. Feroxa cursed again and turned to scramble for a better grip. But she was never a very good climber. When the wolves came to her tree they knocked her out of the tree like a ripe apple. She landed ,rolled, then lept to her feet and threw a knife into the throat of one wolf, and another whizzing into the chest of a second. She massacered all but one. She held her last knife to his throat. "Who sent you?" she whispered, her voice deadly quiet. The wolf clamped his jaws shut. Feroxa's eyes! narrowed to slits, then she smiled. "Come on then, Lady Snowstar will want to talk to you I'll wager." The wolf moaned. Feroxa Iceblade
22 I adjusted my cloak around my shoulders and pawed irritably at my chain mail. Someone had been killing sentries with arrows and I was assigned sentry duty in order to trap this beast but so far it had been several hours and noone had come. Just then a rustle of movement caught my eye and I saw a ferret outside holding a bow. I smirked and dashed off in his direction, my dark fur blending with the knight. I came behind the ferret and knocked him to the ground. He lept up snarling. "You'll pay for doin' that to cap'n Grimeye of Bloodsail!" I laughed evily and readied my dagger. Grimeye took out a cutlass saying "My crew'll assault your place tommorow. Your mates'l all be fishbait. I smirked and lunged at him. Grimeye smashed me on the head and brought his blade down. I grabbed the edge and pulled it away. I sprang back and hurled the cutlass sideways. Grimeye's legs remained standing but his torso slid off and fell. I reported to Fort Nightshade afterwards. ! Tommorrow we's meet the fleet with two thousand soldiers Silvren
23 After hearing of the rebel captain, I quickly took the 100 soldiers to destroy them. We held a confernece in the evening, in which a smart-looking weasel explained that when we find the ship, instead of leading a frontal charge, we should surround it and close in. We all agreed on this plan, and I decided to have this weasel be my second-in-command for this mission. We had already spotted the ship by the afternoon of the next day, but waited until nightfall. The weasel led the line of soldiers around the ship, while I checked out the deck. There was one rat sitting out there, but I slew him before he could sound the alarm. I signaled to our soldiers and they began climbing noiselessly onto the ship. The weasel kicked down the door and forty troops came pouring into the galley. Menawhile, twenty more were breaking in the windows and thrusting spears. The remaining forty managed to break down the back wall of the galley from outside, rushing into the fray. O! nly about a minute passed when almost all of the ship's crew was dead. There were thirty left alive, who surrendured, as well as the captain. We led the thrity crew off to the slave dungeons, and explained that they would be let out after a few months to join with other ships. After all, they were still very valuable pirates to Fort Nightshade. The captain, however, we took to Snowstar's room, and she executed him the next day. Iceclaw
25 At night I went out of Nightshade and snuck right up to the sentry guards that were on watch. I then shouted,"Okay, you got me, you can take me prisoner now!" The startled guards took a minute to know what was going on, but then tied me up and took me to an old make-shift prisoner shack that had a window with bars over it. I stayed in their for about a day or two, but on the second day, I called out to a wood-thrush flying nearby, "Hey, if you bring me a hammer and chisel, I'll give you somthing nice." The bird immedeatly obeyed. When I had the hammer and chisel, I knocked the bird out and threw it away. I then used the hammer and chisel to take the bars out. I couldn't escape thet way since their were lots of solders about. So I yelled to the guards outside,"Hey, I 've escaped, come and get me!" They rushed in and saw the bars lying on the ground. I was hiding behind the door they had left open. One said to the other,"He can't have gotten far, let's go!" They both rushed out, leaving the door open. I went out and donned a war helmet and borrowed a spear from a sleeping solder. Then I hung around till the middle of the night, when I gathered lots of food, a bow and some arrows, and shot the food over the fortresses walls (There was lots of it). Then I snuck back into Nightshade. Splitnose
25 Blaize ran to the South wallgate, and shoved two corpses outside. The foebeasts quickly shot arrows at them and attacked, while she ran out through the South wallgate with a score of tough and well trained fighting beasts and trackers. She moved skillfully through the under-growth, grabbing roots, nuts, and berries as she went along and stuffing them into a large bag. The rest of the soldiers did the same. They came to a small lake, and managed to catch some fish and shoot down 12 plump waterfowl. Blaize led the way back to the Fort, and dropped the bags at the forest-edge and hung them in the trees so the foebeast would not find them. She circled around the back of the enemybeasts, and quickly spotted the leader, a tall, big weasel. "hey! Snipenose!" She called, and stood at the woodlands edge. "how about we make a bargain?" She said slyly. The weasel looked at her. "Wot sort o' bargain vixen?" He snarled, and grabbed the large axe at his belt and hefted it menacingly. She smiled spoke silkily "Why, we have a duel, you, against me, whoever wins gets what they desire most, me, I want the freedom of Fort Nightshade, and it is obvious that you shall recieve the Fort and all it's lands if you win, no interception from either your soldiers or mine, agreed?" She smiled evilly. The weasel nodded "Agreed m'lady" Blaize walked about him, and drew a circle in the dirt. She then turned as if to give her bow and arrows to one of her officer's, then swirled about like lightning, letting loose an arrow straight into his gut. She walked up to the fallen weasel and whispered into his ear. "You were smart enough to protect your head, but do not ever forget your tummy" She smiled and patted his cheek as his eyes clouded over and he drifted off into an endless sleep. She turned to his army. "Now listen up! The lot o' ya! Since I slew youe stupid fat leader, I am now your leader by the laws of us vermin!" So into the Fort, where you will recieve proper weapons and armor!" The army filed into the Fort, where, what they recieved was execution to the top officer's, and the rest were made into slave's. Blaize Bowbeast
26 I met the lizard at noon a few miles down the shore, and accepted his offer. "Good, and you will die oh zo zlowly." He turned to his horde and snickered. "Ratz were alwayz ztupid onez!" The horde, which comprised of other lizards as well as a few strange-looking ferrets, laughed along with him. He turned back to me and drew his saber. He also had two daggers in his belt, a spear strapped to his back, and a huge claymore overlapping the spear. "See my weaponz? They are all mighty and deadly, but you have only a zimple zimitar. You ztand no chanz againzt me!" He held the claymore in one paw and the saber in the other, and charged me. I sidestepped and he ran off. I looked down and noticed that, indeed, my blade was pretty small for a scimitar. It was long and thin, rather than long and wide, like most scimitars. I looked back up and saw a furious monitor running at me again, swinging the claymore madly. He sidestepped and stuck my foot out, chuckling as he tripped and dropped the huge sword. He leaped upright and took out both daggers, holding one in each paw. He jabbed and thrusted at me, and each time I managed to block them with my scimitar. "It'z about time you die, zearat!" the monitor threw his daggers to the ground and pulled the spear off his back. He seemed to be much more skilled with that than he was with blades, because he was actually knocked back a few times. But then I ducked and came upward with my blade giving him a slash on his side. He suddenly dropped the spear. "I forgot thiz waz zuppozed to be unarmed combat!" He kicked the scimitar out of my paws. "Cummon, rat, zee what ye can do againzt a monitor!" He leaped forward and dug his voicious claws into my side. I kicked him in the stomach, and he fell backwards. As he recovered from the painful kick, I managed to get around behind him. He got up and din't see me as I launched myself onto his back. He shrieked and I dug my fangs into yhe back of his neck, trying! to rip off flesh. He fell to the ground, frantically trying o get me off. He finally managed to do so, and I was knocked to the ground. Before he could do anything else, I leaped upright and slashed my claws over his face. He staggered backward, holding his face. "My eyez! My eyez! AAAAARGH!" He pointed to a ferret in the horde. "You, kill that rat!" The ferret merely shook his head. "Nah, this is your fight, bucko." The monitor turned on him quickly. "Why you imbezile, I'll show you to dizobey the word of Lord Nybon Bloodzcale!" He picked up his saber, but stood still. His eyes turned upward, and he fell to the ground, a huge wound in the back of his head. I dusted off my paws and nodded to the ferret. "I guess he woln't be orderin you guys around no more. Cummon, everyone, yer comin with me to Fort Nightshade." Many of the lizards and ferrets cheered with joy, knowing they would get to become corsaisr on ships. We walked back to the fort, and they signed up to join the ships. Iceclaw
27 Upon hearing of this I selected 2 stupid beasts from the castle and set out the 2 beast were 1 stoat and 1 rat they both carried long spears I told them we were off to kill a small group of nomads nearbywhen we reached where the painted ones were located I sent the rat in to the forest with a torch the painted ones freaked a youg one hoping to make a name for himself slew the rat with a spear and when he fell the forest caught fire the painted ones who didnt die in the fire ran off as the stoat and I were walking back the fire having gone out I slowly pulled my dagger and put it throught his ribs he didnt even have time to scream. Reintail Quickpaw
28 I was running noisily through the forest, tracking the missing slave, when I suddenly ran smack dab into the creature.He paused for a moment and that moment was just enough to reach for my bow and arrow.He started to run, but I shot one of my arrows, and it snaged a corner of his tunic and then it hit a tree, trapping him there. While he was trying to escape, I caught up to him and wrapped a rope about him. I tied his paws together with the rest of the rope, then dragged him back to the Fort. Mauna
29 I tapped my claws against the stone battlements, my mind anywhere but on the task at paw. I felt clearing one's mind before battle helped one destroy your enemy faster. Finally, I turned to the small contingent of vermin behind me. They came smartly to attention and waited for their orders. I carefully explained to them we were the party sent to intercept a score of extremely irritated woodlanders hell-bent on retrieving a little mole one of our comrades had rightfully kidnapped as a slave. Our job, I said, was to kill these woodlanders before they reached the gates to Fort Nightshade. We entered into the forest and I sent a vixen ahead to scout out the direction of the incoming woodlanders. She came back to report of a clearing from which we could ambush them, granted their course did not alter. I nodded and we moved quickley to the clearing. I sent my archers and slingers scampering up the trees. My ground troops took up defensive positions beh! ind the foliage. I myself leaned casually against a tree, in full sight. My vixen gave the telltale hawk cry altering me that the woodlanders were approaching the clearing. As blatant and foolish good beasts could be, this one took the grog. The one I presumed to be their leader, a wily otter with sad eyes and a tattoo on his calf paused, confused, to look me up and down. I lazily twirled the blade of my lashknife and grinned. He glanced un certainly at the others behind him. A large nole, no doubt family to our slave, began a hushed conversation with the otter. I believed in a fair fight, so waited them out. Finally the otter nodded, cocked his head and advanced on me. I swung my lashknife in a wide cirle and the otter's throat suddenly stained red. My beasts in the trees systematically picked off the goodbeasts with range weapons seconds later, leaving six wide eyed mice and a vole. I brought up my paw, and my vermin in the foliage immerged, weapons raised. It wa! s over in the blink of an eye. My sargeant was upset- he'd hoped for resistence. Instead, he got a massacre. I reminded him our job had simply been to intercept the woodlanders anxious to save their young friend- even if if meant cold-blooded murder. We're vermin...what else should be expected? Wraith Shiftpaw
30 First, as I always do, I tried to figure out as much about my mission before I set off I can. I questioned the beast that saw the strange water rat and all he said was that he appeared to be from the south; he apparently seemed to be shivering intensely. I then went to the shores to see if there was any evidence of these strange ships left behind. I saw nothing but I decided to take the ship and go southward. Along the way I stopped at an island, provisions were getting low, and I heard a stoat talking about the same type of beasts as I was searching for. I then questioned the stoat and I found out that the island they are from was not far from where I was and that there were about 150 of them in all. He then added that I should be careful because they were very strong beasts and willing to fight, although their arrogance is their weakness. He advised me to leave the ship here and to take only a small boat to their island so I would not be seen because they were not trusting of anyone. I then set off the next morning and I took two small boats with ten other crew members and the stoat. Four of the crew members were to watch the boats as to make sure that they were not spotted while the remaining six crew members, the stoat, and I were searching for information about these strange beasts. We first found some beasts walking around the outside of their fort so we decided to terminate them and take their strange outfits for a disguise as to not have to worry as much about being caught; however, there was only three so I took two of the crew members with me and had the stoat and the others go back to the boats. I ended up walking into a room and there were plans all over... it seemed to be the map room of their leader. In some notes it said that Fort Nightshade would be a perfect place to "relocate." I judged that they could not be trusted so I decided to get out of there as soon as possible because this information could be very important to Fort Nightshade. As I was leaving I noticed the lack of lumber on the island so I decided to remove their access to other islands. Basically I took some kerosene and drenched the decks of their ships and lit fire. Funny, most of the crews seemed to be on board too... not very perceptive, are they? Rosebud
31 Well, I set out to find the squirrels. I found their tracks and followed the tracks to where they had him tied to a stake. They were the biggest squirrels I had ever seen! Even bigger than this seamouse my sister Chanssa once fought! Seamice are very big and excellent fighters. There I go, off on a tangent about seamice. Sorry. Anyway, it looked like they were either going to burn him or use him for target practice. But then I saw that they were going to do both. I had never seen such cruelty off goodbeasts! I climbed a tree nearby the clearing where him and the squirrels were. The sentry squirrels never knew what it them, but I will tell you what it was. Seven pounds of fisher muscle and fangs is what it was. After dispatching the sentries, I climbed out onto a branch hanging over the stoat. My scimitar flashed and cut the ropes tying him to the stake. Just before I did this, they had set the stake on fire. The fire caught on the branch. Then it started c! onsuming the rest of the tree. He had climbed onto the branch before it was on fire. We leaped onto the ground. Then the battle began. Which stoat was it? Halfear or Rippscarr the Black? Those are the only stoats on the Darksail. I gave him/her his/her weapons, which I found on the ground next to the squirrels. We charged at them. Being armed with mostly bows and arrows, they couldn't fight very well at close range. I cut their bowstrings and bit their throats. At the end of the battle, my fangs were bloodstained and I had a few wounds because some of the squirrels used their arrows as daggers, and some had real daggers. But I managed to capture a few. Seeth Falork
31 First of all, I questioned the remaining beasts from the search party that went out to find the stoat. I found out about how many fighting squirrels they had, twenty, and how to get to their camp, they told me based on landmarks and I made as many notes of the details they said as I could. I started traveling and it was about a day before I saw the first landmark, a stream forking off in two directions with a tree in the fork. There I saw one of our troops lying, almost dead from the wounds the squirrels inflicted upon him. I spent a couple days there treating him until he was good enough to travel back to the fort but he refused to go back and he traveled with me to seak vengence on these squirrels. I decided the only way he wasn't going to come with me is if I killed him there on the spot and he seemed to be a good soldier so I accepted. We traveled for a few more days when we started hearing squirrels from their camp. It turned out that the soldier, who happened to be a weasel, that I had helped was a master of disguise and he made himself look like a squirel and, amazingly, made me look like a young badger. I had to admit I was glad I had brought him. We had pretended to be traveling when we heard them and we were in desperate need of some safe sleep and some decent food. They bought it, I almost blew it though because I almost laughed when they started confiding in us! That disguise MUST have been good. They even confided that they had kiddnaped a stoat from a nearby "vermin" fort. They said they were going to do this more, just as long as they had some more fighters to make up for the casualties that a group of "vermin" (can u tell I do not like that term?) had caused when they were attacked. We promised we would help and when the festivities of the night died down they went to sleep. I took out my daggars to kill them in their sleep so they wouldn't even know what hit them. It also turned out that my friend here knew poisons like the back of his hand and came up with one that would make any creature fall asleep for days, but not cause to much damage."Perfect for a slave" I whispered to him. I used it on a couple of the young and strong squirrels and it worked like a charm. I killed the rest and when I was killing the leader I saw a footpaw in his tent coming from under a cloak. I almost killed whoever that footpaw belonged to but I had a gut feeling that it did not belong to a squirrel so I took off the cloak and I found the missing stoat bound and gaged. I was about to release him when I remembered my disguise because he seemed frightened and if I was to let him free he would probably try to kill me so I used the poison on him too, I would inform him of everything when we got back to the fort and aroused him from his deep sleep. When I had dragged the stoat out I saw a cart that the squirrels had used to carry their weapons in. I brushed some of the weapons aside, and taking a nice dagger for myself that the badger at Salamanstradon obviously made, and put the slaves and the stoat onto the cart. Then the weasel and I pulled the cart, which I admit was fairly heavy, back to fort nightshade where we put the slaves in the dungeon and put the stoat in the infirmary because he had many wounds afflicted to him by the the squirrels, mainly to the head. Rosebud
32 I took 200 soldiers with me on this mission. We marched for about two days until we saw the ships. We approached them, and a huge badger saw us, so he whistled and all the badgers and hares came up on deck. They were all armed with an array of deadly weapons. I signaled for the tenscore soldiers behind my back to stay on the shore. I then walked up to the ship carrying the biggest badger, who was obviously the leader. I approached him and stood face to face with him. "We both have the same number of beasts right here. If we fought in battle, there would be much bloodshed, and both sides would lose many lives. If you leave here, however, no one will get hurt." The badger glared at me with an icy stare as he replied, "We are here for revenge on the scum of Fort Nightshade. Nobeast will stand in our way!" I sighed and spoke again. "Then fine, you can have your revenge. I wish you to know that the beast who slew your families was one fox by the name of Deathb! lade the Assassin. He does come from Fort Nightshade, but he has left with forty of our corsairs. He was a traitor here, and we have been looking for a way to get back at him. We do know that he is camped somewhere to the north. If you find your revenge on Deathblade and his friends, it will help both you and us." The badger's statement lightened. "So it wasn't you?" "Well, it kind of was." I replied. "But it was Deathblade and his mateys responsible for the death of your family and friends." The badger turned around and faced his crew. "Get sailin, everybody. Rosefur, point this ship northwards!" The hare at the tiller did as commanded. "I guess I'll leave, then." I then hopped off the ship and walked towards the 200 soldiers. They all blew sighs of relief. There was no Deathblade the Assassin. It was a way to trick the enemy into leaving. Iceclaw
33 I would take force of four ships of well armed soilders. Then I would sail to the other hordes fort and three of the ships would land. They would land about one mile out of sight of the fort. The other ship would sail to the fort and would pretend to nagosheat the ransome. On the night of the second day the nagosheating shipes crew will kill the night watch and free the captered crew and then we would let the others in and we would kill all the other horde members until we out number the other hordes servivers 3 to 1 and then we would take them prisoner and take the weapons,food,and ships. Then we would retern. Bayn Swiftpaw
34 I entered the forest and looked for the eagle. As I was looking, i saw a tree, with the bodies of the scouts hung upon it. Upon closer inspection, I saw a piece of cloth on a bush, and footprints leading away. This was not the work of an eagle. I followed the footprints, and was jumped by an otter. I ducked and he flew over, I then drew my hatchet and charged. He jumped aside, then onto my back. I kept hitting him against a rock, until he fell off, with a broken neck. I was victorious. Drabane Darksun
35 I made the archers fire a few incindary arrows at the pirates, even though they were out of range. I remebered the direction we came from, so I turned the ship around and told the archers to keep firing flaming arrows, but only if they fired at us. I heard a "thunk" and thought, "Good, that means we hit them." I turned around and saw an arrow next to my footpaw. I heard more "thunks" until I heard a "clang" I looked at the gunwhale and saw a grapnel hook. I cut the rope with my cutlass, and made five pirates fall into the sea. A few of the crew threw dirks at the pirates, and one of them hit an officer, I guess, because he was dressed the best out of the crew, wearing silk and earrings. I called for the crew to get a few pots. I got a strip of canvas soaked in oil, struck a piece of flint and steel together and threw it at the mast. I saw Fort Nightshade on the horizon, and steered away from the other ship, crackling like a piece of firewood. We landed and turned to see if the ship was still following, and It wasn't there. A few of the crew grumbled about losing their dirks, but I told them It was Ok. Acontium Miles
36 I planed to take 300 evil moles out on the shore. the only reason i did tis is because moles fight a lot better when they have a mole as a leader. any how my plan was simple: make sure theres no other ships in the area heading towards here then we keep the enemies at bay in the deeper parts. the ships were empire of sampetra i could see the flag. then all of a sudden i see a white flag.PEACE. i let there leader a fox named death who carried a cutlass like my self. he offered me a one on one battle. I was only to happy to agree. we took the en-garde position and then fought.he was agile and i was strong. we dodged around each other to find eachothers weknesses then i struck i took my digging claw and dug it in his cheek then I took my poisoned dagger and thrusted it right into his neck. the corsairs gave up and we took all 300 slave. Screwsnout
37 I moved forward, my paws were aching, but at that moment, I couldn't care less. I snuck along through the shadows, the foolish rebellions were sitting around a large camp- fire, in the woods North of Fort Nightshade. After 5 days of tracking we had found the scruffy fools. I thrust my left paw downwards into the wrist blade at my belt, and strapped it on with the other paw. I climbed the nearest tree, and drew my paw across my neck as a signal to my party to circle the rats and ambush them. I clenched my favorite skinning knife between my teeth, and just as I was about to jump down onto the leader, one of the rats jumped up and screamed out "Amubush!" I cursed under my breath, and jumped down, I slew the rat and used his corpse as a shield, as I battered my way through the rats. My soldiers rushed in, and we slew as many as possible. But alas, they overwhelmed us, everyone of my soldiers lay dead, and, I myself wasn't fit to fight for a while. I stared at them with hard eyes, my brain was screaming for me to run, but I didn't, I would not run like a coward, and something else, could it have been the Bloodrath? "Anyone who wishes to fight me can! Any who run are cowards and I will hunt you down like the fools you are!" I screamed, most ran, I guess because a vixen splattered with rat blood and the bloodrath was kinda scary, anyways, I stayed in the camp, and, with nothing else to eat I roasted a rat, actually it was quite tasty! In the morning, I tracked down the remaining rats and slew all but 3, of which I through into the dungeons. Jerako
38 As the good beast army approached the cliff I told the three score (60) I had brought to stand by these big boulders. Then I wedged some blanks under 30 boulders and put a stone under each plank then I sorted 2 vermin to each plank I also manned nets near the vermin.
When the good beasts got near I shouted the signal for them to jump on the plank "NOW" all the vermin jumped on there assigned planks and the boulders toppled off the edge and hit the goodbeasts. I was rewarded by several screams of pain then I told each vermin to grab a net and throw them over the edge at the good-beasts then I told 30 archers I had took to fire off the edge at any good beast apart from the ones in the nets then I told the rest of the army to charge and kill every single good beast apart from the ones in the nets. I then ran out with the archers and dragged the nets back to fort nightshade as prisoners. Not one Vermin was killed and I met the Good Beast army Leader, His name was Inbarr Trueflight and whacked him over the head with a heavy stone wieght on the net then I slung him in as a prisoner and brought them back to Fort Nightshade.
39 I took 90 rats with me in all. 20 good archers. 70 rats with spears. we would strike at the enemy rapscallion camp at night when they least expect it. When it was night my army of 90 troops formed up. the enemy we later found out numbered 175 in all. my 70 rats would form bands with theire mates 3-6 and spread out among the camp and destroy enemies. some bands were chosen to go in the camp and murder the officers. the common strategy for a smart general is to murder your enemies leaders to disorganize the enemy army. I stayed back to direct my 20 archers and to talk with my leitenants on where to strike elsewhere in the rapscallion camp. the archers job was to hit large tents and hit possible officers. after 3 hours of fighting the rapscallions surrendered. they lost 100 we lost about 30. the rest of the rapscallions were tortured or became a slave for the great FORT NIGHTSHADE!!! Vallug
40 As soon As I heard of this mission I set out sailing in the directoin that the slaves took, knowing that not bieng experexed soilders they would not be able to get far I was right in thinking this and I soon caught up to them. I ordered my crew to open fire with arrows upon the tiller beast, this went well and he toppled over the rail pierced severl times. But this had come at a price because as soon as they sighted us they fired with the bows they had found in the ships hold. this came as a suprise to us but because they were weak they olny wounded some of our beastes. Then it happened there ship having turen side ways with no one manning the tiler was hit by the front of ours going very quickly and as a result 2 of them fell overboard and drowned we then climbed from ship to ship and captured the 6 survivoirs Reintail
41 I decided I was going on guard duty that night. I stationed myself at the place where the squirrel attacked most and waited. My keen eyes picked out movements through the trees, The Squirrel. I watched him climb up the wall he did not see me draw my Otter Javelin. When the squirrel got up I hid behind his back and tried to lunge at him, he dodged and disarmed me with a swipe at my paw. I grabbed him and bit at him. We rolled about on the parapet almost rolling off the ledge. When we did fall I unlocked myself from the squirrel and kept my paws on his body. I landed on the squirrel and it was knocked uncoincious. It woke as I lashed it with a flail. He arched his back in pain. "Whats your name scum" I demanded. "I am Ralando gargh sir" he shouted above the sound of the flail. Ruddertail
42 I had about 100 guards under my command. I took 20 as a queen guard and stationed them around her chambers. I led about 10 as a small force against a possible attack and stationed the 70 in groups of 5 and made them patrol the fort. My escort was the bulk of destroying this creature. I knew he was dangerous. as I took my patrol around the fort perriodically checking the chambers as were the other patrols. then when the moon hit the twiglight zone. the killer struck. this he did with skill he took out 2 patrols already. then in the corner of my eye i saw him. a hare with a dagger. My men were ordered to stay out of it. I approched the hare and drew my poisoned dagger and quicker than a flash I thrust it into his hairy throat. we dragged him to the sea where he could be sent back to his fort and show them not to mess with Fort Nightshade. Screwsnout
43 I started my mission by watching over the fort's walls to see if there was anything visable from there. I saw nothing but then there was one ferret who was not, well, bright enough to stay within the walls of the fort. When he stepped out I saw the flash of a red tail in some of the trees and an arrow come down and hit the ferret. He didn't have a chance. I decided to find someone who was an expert at disguises and a way to get over the wall without going anywhere near the gates. First I found a stoat who could help me to figure out how to get over the wall. He said that on one side there is absolutly no gate and there is a branch overhanging close to the wall that with just a little rope I would be able to have no problems getting into the tree. Then after I had my way out set up I found a fox who knew disguise like the back of his hand, which is actually a pun because he showed me his talents by disguising the back of his hand to look identical to mine... scars and all. He then disguised me as a badger and warned me not to get it wet because the ink would come out of my fur. I then went over to the spot on the wall where I was going to *gulp* jump. I made it into the tree and, eventually, to the ground no problem. I then started walking on the trail looking for the squirrel but luckily the squirrel found me. He took me aside and warned me of all of the "vermin" inside. He said that I should be careful and asked if I would be willing to help. I could tell that this squirrel might have some problems with, well, sanity so I decided to agree. The squirrel had decided to give up watch of the walls for a moment and had me watching so that he could rest, haha, not to smart. The squirrel first went over to the stream to get some water for us to drink on "our" watch and, very unfortunatly, that squirrel poured it all over me. The ink started streaming off and it was becoming obvious that I was not the badger that squirrel thought me to be. Before the squirrel could react I quickly finished it off. I was lucky it had dropped it's arrows right by me... I had to leave my daggers at the fort and the squirrel kept them VERY sharp. To bad I had to kill 'im though... could have made a good slave. Rosebud
44 The mole it seems, never damages the same ship twice. Just in case though, I placed two well armed guards at each ship the mole had damaged. I hid near one ship that was left and watched until the mole popped out of the ground and scratched. I realized that the mole always seemed to come up at the same place, so the next night I waited above where the mole should pop up, and knocked him unconscious with a slingstone. I dragged the unconcious mole back to the Fort and threw him in the slave dungeons. The I made him fix all the ships he had damaged. Kauejika Frettchen
45 I took a crew of 160 rattroops on a voyage south when i was told about the turncoats. my main goal was to finish off all 100 traitors and get lots of booty for it. I knew these traitors were all foxes and good axe weilders eccept for one. the infamous deathface he was a good swordsman and the leader of the rebels.we set a course south where there reported hideout was. I took with us provisions for about 3 months worth for every rat. I took the ship tideshark and filled the galleys with 70 slaves and 20 house slaves to attend me and my officers. we traveled south for 2 weeks until we found what we were looking for. the small green island. we saw a base in ther middle full of foxes. i didn't wait to attack i ordered my troops to form a rectangle and follow me as we charge to attack the enemy camp. when we got to open plain on the island we found 100 foxes ready to recieve our attack. we charged. during the melee i sought out deathface. and there he was striking down me rats with his cutlass. so i charged at him and slashed his head wide open with me cutlass. the foxes surrendered and we took them back to be exxecutted. Screwsnout
46 I would take 30 long bow men/beasts, 15 trakers, 5 men with sling or javilins, and 30 men with spears or swords. Then i would track the foxes down.When i found them i would see what they where doing.If the where allied with the foxes i would have one of the foxes in my party get in the group and see what they were doing. if the were traders i would kill or catcher then and bring the ones that i caught back 2 the fort 2 be slaves and if any escaped i would hunt then down and send a message back 2 the fort saying that they were traders and be on guard. If they weren't traders i would spy on them 4 a LITTLE longer just min case they were traders.Then if they were still not traders i would bring them back 2 the fort 4 questions. Archon the Slayer
47 I took 80 troops with spears on the tideshark. the mice were in front they appeared armed and ready.the leader carrying a great sword was in front of the rest of mice covering the rails. we completely fooled those dumb mice. I ordered 60 troops to get ready to board the ship with grappling hooks. I also ordered 20 troops to at my command fire arrows into the crowd of mice. As soon as I gave the word the troops commenced attacking and firing, fire arrows. the mice were soon weakened by our arrows and started to duck. they couldnt see the grappling hooks and some of my troops got on board. they tried to oar away but there was too many hooks attached and we soon caught the boat. We got 20 slaves,243 gold,1000 silver, and 5,043 bronze pieces as booty from the bunks of the mice. Vallug
48 I questioned the remaining gaurd on all of the details of this strange squirrel. He said that all he knew is what I already know and I have to admit that made me very disapointed and gave me a bad feeling about if I might be able to do this mission, but I decided to try anyways. I wanted to know if there were anymore archers out so I decided to find the squirrel's camp. I left the fort in the middle of the night because if there were anymore squirrels watching the fort there would most likely not be any at that time or they would not be able to see clearly, either way works fine for me. I heard some voices off in the distance so I decided to see if that was the squirrel's camp. It wasn't the squirrel's camp, but it was instead a ferret. He had been injured by the squirrels and he was seeking vengence. I decided to take him with me because he might be an asset and then he told me about the squirrels. There are five in all and the one that talked to the gaurds was the leader, a stubbern, headstrong, but very capable squirrel. The rest he said I don't need to worry about except for the archer. The archer is equally capable as the leader, maybe more, but doesn't want to have the responsabilities of the position of leader, and, luckily, they would all be at their camp at this time of night. We then devised a plan, he was a skilled archer so he could take the leader and the archer out from the trees. After he kills them I will go in and kill or take the rest for prisioners, depending on how the fight goes. When we got to the camp he did successfully kill the leader, but he didn't kill the archer first and in turn the archer killed him. There I was, on the outside of the woods, not knowing what to do. If I moved at all the archer might see me and kill me in an instant, but if I didn't do anything they would either find me by morning or kill others from our horde. I decided to try and kill him, I slowly and silently drew out one of my daggers and then, as quickly as I could while the archer's back was turned, killed the archer. I then ran into camp and fought the remaining three, they were not hard, you could tell they were not experianced fighters. I killed two of the three and took one for a slave. Rosebud
49 Blaize stalked carefully through the undergrowth, watching the mice. They seemed to be stupid beasts, lighting their huge cooking fires and signing so loudly. She spied their leader's tent, it was obvious, since it was the nicest tent about. She threw her disguise on, a long hooded tunic, and cloak that covered her entirely. She bent down, like an old beast, and grabbed the walking stick that lay beside her. She hobbled forth into the camp, and the mice stared at her. The leader got up and walked toward her. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" He demanded sharply. "Slaying you!" She cried and leapt upright, notching an arrow to her bow and firing. She was highly skilled, and the arrow hit him square in the eye, going staright into his brain. The troops ran forth, and slew all mice camping near the edges of the forest. Blaize motioned to a stoat officer, who was heavily laiden down with chains and manacles. "Chain them up, they'll do us good at the Fort" She ordered. She walked around, staring at the mice. An old one regained his courage and piped up "You vermin! You'll be in your grave soon!" Blaize whirled, and threw a long knife, the old one bowed his head and it missed. She walked up and lifted his head her bow. she spoke softly, like a mother to a new-born babe "No, old one, I would normally slay you, but I find you amusing, with your needless chatter, so I'll let you be a jester in the court of Fort Nightshade" The vermin soldiers laughed uproarioulsy and the old one hung his head in despair. Blaize continued pacing the lines of the new slave mice, and slew all the old ones and babes. She reached for one babe, but the mother held it tight "You will not take him!" She cried "He'll grow strong, I know it, if you let him live, then you'll get a fine slave!" The mother sobbed. Blaize wrenched the slave from the mother's grip, and inspected it. It was a strong babe, and looked like it would be a strong warrior when it grew up. She tossed it to a soldier "We'll raise him as one of us, a soldier, although his mother may screw him up some..." She turned on the weeping mother and unchained her, kicking her down "Get outta here! You're no good to us! One day your own babe'll slay you! That's a promise!" She snarled as the young mousemaid ran away. The troops then marched back to Fort Nightshade, with 30 new slaves. Blaize Bowbeast
50 The mission wasn't exactly that difficult. I figured that the only place somebeast could poison food was the kitchen. I recieved some help from an older beast, an elderly ferret. He was a master in disguise in his day, and aided me greatly in my camoflauge. I simply came down to the kitchens earlier, in the early afternoon. As I expected, a few guards were helping the twisted fiend, keeping all out of the kitchen. I had no need to slay them (they will make excellent slaves)and simply knocked the poor saps out. I stepped past their stiff forms and hid in the deepest, darkest cranny of the kitchen that I could. Much later, despite the comatose guards outside the kitchen serving as warnings, I heard a figure creeping around. As soon as the beast was in my Glaiver's striking range, I struck it squarly in the temple with the flat of the blade. The Head Cheif. The fool never left the kitchen, so he never saw his accomplices (who later confessed to me their plot) on the ground, and came to poison the food foolishly. I drug his body to you, and his fate is now your's to decide. Durran Bloodbather
51 Me and my when out on this mission we toke 100 archers and 100 sword and spear beast.At fist i had my archers snipe them out 1 by 1 for the first day then at night when we killed the guards and started kill in the sleepen one. one of my mates steped on a coal and howled it woke up the rest of the camp. Good and evil crew beast trippen over there mates 1 after another. When the good beast started runnin away. I had my archers fire arrows at them.When me and my mates started runnin after them but they got away. So i had 1 of the best trackers track'm down.It cook the rest of the night and that day. Me and my mates were tird so we rest that night. When out of no where the good beast attact us(i lost a lot of good mates.)So i called the men to arms.I had about 50 men left.Then they started shoting arrows at us. Then we charged them. They were not exspecting us to charge the. Then i took out the leader then the rest of them surrenderd and i took'm as slaves. Archon The Slayer
52 Well oi be new to this group so you can understand how oi was surprised when asked to take this mission but oi figured oi needed to prove myself to me this beautiful new leader Snowstar Fleetpaws. So oi says yes and oi take the 200 warriors out the back way, the opposite side of which the rats are attakin. So then oi divide the troops up into 3 groups, 1 group headed by one of the groups headed by another ferret that oi met when oi came here, Darktail I think his name is then I had 50 vermin in another group and I headed another 50 vermin. I told Dark tail and his group to hide in some near trees and wait for my signal. I had the group of 50 that were leaderless make an initial attack, fall back and lead them into my group of 50. They did so and before I knew it I was cutting down rats right and left of me, then i motioned to the survivors to fall back into the trees, the rats thinkin they had us on the run followed in full force. I yelled "Darktail have the force surround them" into the trees and sure after I said the word I heard a loud cry of war and the rats were surrounded fighting for their lives in the woods. While Darktail wiped out the main force I took 3 vermin with me and hunted down any survivors. We then all went to the Tavern to tell stories. Coldeyes BloodTalon
52 I only needed 60 men for the job. armed to the teeth. I was once a searat they are good and smart. but when it comes to strategy im the best. the swearats were camped out and forming up. the basic rule of war divide and rule. in other words split the enemy army in small parts and destroy them. I Ordered 10 men to throw 2 torches each in large tent areas. then we allran in and circlefd and killed all those who tried to put out the fire. we took 50 prisoners and i was rewarded the prize of promotion,a medal,and 5 slaves. exler
53 Me and my 100 troops entered the courtyard through the 5 large doors to let entrance to the courtyard. Kylers 100 troops were puytting up a good fight and were hard to surround. Kyler was in the center of his army directing it like the coward he is. I ordered 20 of my archers to shoot fire arrows into the crowd and burn them. the fox and his army was beginning to weaken. he had his force wheel (to turn into the opposite direction) but me and my army surrounded his flank. his army was broken in two. he led his 40 surviving followers to a large ship and boarded it. I organized my force and tried to board the ship but his troops repelled it. We were not succesful in capturing kyler. But we were succesful in breaking a rebellion. make no mistake about it. we will hunt him down and kill him slowly some day!! Vallug
54 Blaize sat down to rub her sore footpaws. She dipped them into a nearby stream, and leaned against a young alder tree. Her troops stood behind her, watching and listening carefully in case she made an order. Finally she got up, and walked back through the woods towards the Abbey. An otter walking along the wall looked down at her. "What do you want vermin?" He yelled down at her. She smiled slyly "May I ask if any former slaves came here a short while ago?" She called up. "Yes, and you must be their owner eh? Come to take em back to wherever ya came from? Well, you're not gettin them!" He snarled,and held a large javelin up in a throwing position. "Temper temper, I am not their owner, I have merely come to claim them, you see, they were criminals, murdurers, thieves, and scum" She lied. She smiled up at him, and motioned to a rat holding a torch nearby. The rat scurried up, and held the torch up to the arrow already notched upon her long-bow. She pulled back on the bowstring, "I never miss, otter, now hand over the slaves!" She snarled. "Never!" He yelled and dissapeared benath the battlements, and into the Abbey grounds shouting "Vermin at the Gates! Vermin at the..." His words were cut short as the fire arrow shot into the base of his skull. Blaize had jusged the when he would be in the grounds at the perfect time. She and ten of her troops ran up to the gate, and knocked neatly, while the rest of the troops yelled "Eulalia! Death to the vermin!" from the bushes, while some others screamed as though they were being slain. Redwallers opened the gates, expecting to see the Long Patrol, but instead were met with a huge silver-furred vixen and her ten soldiers. Blaize moved like lightning, bringing death to the Redwallers with her bow and a long skinning knife. her 10 soldiers swept inside, and the rest came following. They slew many, while others were chained up. Blaize and her small crew manged to find all the former slaves, of whom were given a sound lashing, then Blaize herself poured vinegar mixed with sea-water over the wounds, as a reminder not to escape. As they were marching back to Fort Nightshade, Blaize couln't resist sneering at the new and old slaves "No beast ever escapes me, hoho no, nor any trained tracker or assassin at the Fort, hehe the Queen will be pleased to see you lot, and will give you a nice welcoming home gift! A nice little bit o flogging and keelhauling!" Blaize Bowbeast
55 First off I started talking to people who had witnessed this eagle killing gaurds and I found a patern in the way the bird flies in and how often the bird comes... knowing this pattern I replaced all of the guards with our best archers on the day I thought the eagle would come... I also warned certain guards if they were more likely to see the bird and to keep a sharp look out... when the bird had been later than I thought it would come I told the guards I had been wrong about the time and that they needn't be searching as much as they were... a few min. after that the eagle DID come and the guard it was after was asleep!... I grabbed some arrows from the nearest archer quickly and shot at the eagle... with the wound the eagle quickly fell to the ground and I finished 'im off as quickly as possible. Rosebud
56 It was my pleasure to help eliminate this fool once and for all. I expected that he wasn't that bright, and must have been recieving help from his captains. So, if I eliminated the power behind the throne, the force would disolve and the assault would be over. I took an old sack once used in the kitchens and dunked it in the seawater, then rolled it over the sand, creating an excellent disguise. As the horde approched Fort Nightshade, I hid within the sack under the sand, the seawater scent smothering my own. They camped a stone's throw from the fort, and I decided it was now or never. Well out of sight, I tunneled out, and luckily was so covered with sand and grime that I appeared to be one of their own. Uncorking the bottles of fine (but increadibly strong) wine I also had brung, I easily got the guards of the captains' tents drunk to the point of passing out. I simply snuck in and silently killed all the captains with a small dagger belonging to one of the guards while they slept. Leaving the scene to look like mutiny, I left the camp and returned here. The beast Flamefur will awake to a suprise when he notices that his planners are now corpses! I suggest a show of our power to scare them into submission. That fool Flamefur will give up, and his army will be fresh for the taking. Durran Bloodbather
56 I sat down slowly and uncorked my flagon of wine. Tilting my head back I took a deep drink. I didn't worry about being seen in the night, even though the rat Flamefur's crew were a mere mile away from me. My jet black fur blended perfectly with the night. I stood up and sighed. Time to work. Once more I Silveren, was an errand boy for a wolf. I respected mistress Snowstar but wolves I generally didn't like. I took one my throwing daggers from my belt and began running. I smirked as I inspected the trail of the rat and his soldiers. Smirking I bounded effortlessly over the trails until I reached the camp. I walked to the captain's sleeping forms and drew my daggers. One good throw with each was sufficient. I recollected my blades and walked to the largest fire until I made out the rat's form I sprang down with a trust. The knife scraped against stone. Tricked! I felt an impact from behind. I fell heavily and looked up to see the gloating rat. "So Snowstar sends you, Commodore. It struck your fancy for seasons to beat me for not moving fast enough so now I get revenge. He brought his spear crashing down. I rolled away and grabbed a random dagger and slashed down. The rat sprang back and my edge caught him on the arm. He snickered and threw me down. I groaned and turned over. Then Flamefur gasped and clutched hi throat, dropping his spear. I looked at the dagger and saw the hilt with a snake carved on it. Yes! My poisen one! I laughed and said to the dying rat. "You're death comes in the form of Silveren. Former horde leader, turned Commodore." I laughed and sprang away into the darkness twoard the fort. Tommorow Snowstar would send a huge force for over a hundred new slaves Silveren
57 I stood on the prow of my beloved Darksail and nodded to my second in command, the rat Iceclaw. I could see the traitor fox's ship Whirlpool on the horizon. Kyler had a size advantage but we were faster than him. We would catch him but I would kill him. I nodded at the steersrat and drew my sabre with a grin. I walked to my quarters and yelled at Iceclaw. "Wake me when we're on him." I slept lightly as usual until Iceclaw woke me up. I stood and drew my dagger and sprang on the deck. We were on Whirlpool. Kyler was shrieking orders to the corsairs preparing to battle. I just screamed my commnds in one word. "ATTTTAAAAACKKK!" My soldiers rushed to meet the traitors. My stratergies worked. The bows and arrows and long pikes easily countered Kyler's crew. I sprang over the crew onto the other ship's deck. My fangs bared in a grin. I spotted the big red fox tryig to sneak away and I ran after him. I sprang on him and hurled him to the ground. I stood laughing. "Been a long time, Kyler." The other fozes eyes widened. "Silvren? But you're dead!" I remembered only to well why he would think that. When me and Rellis had falled into the sea still locked in our mortal batte. "Not dead, Kyler. But you will be soon." Not yet you arrogant fool!" Kyler drew his sword and charged. I sidestepped, knocked the sword away and grabbed the fox in a headlock. I pulled him to the prow with him facing the sea, my dagger against his throat and called. "AHOY!!" The fighting stopped and everyone turned to look. I called "Your leader dies now. If you don't want the same fate then swear alleigance to Snowstar Fleetpaws." The beaten cursed and hurled down their weapons. Then Kyler elbowed me, knocked me to the ground and grabbed his blade. With a cry of rage he thrust viciously but I was ready. The bloodspiller, my morning star hurtled through the air and hit Kyler in the skull with a crack. His corpes went flying from the ship into the sea. I laughed triumphanly and called. Now burn this old tub and lets get back. Iceclaw greeted me with a grin and asked how had Kyler known me. I didn't answer. Kyler was the last tie to my old life. I buried Rellis long ago on the shores of the fort. Now we headed home but a sense of dread ate at me. Was Kyler all that was left. Was Rellis dead? I could only wait to see wa the future held. And whatever it was I would meet it when it came. Silveren
58 I sat at the table with Iceclaw. Both of us drinking to a job well done. A large weasel walked in and called "Admiral Silvren? Snowstar has a message for you." I sighed and strode to the weasel. pausing to sneer at two wolves in the shadows. The weasel asked "You know Veroxon?" "A wolf." I spat. "I knew him but we weren't atall friendly." Immediately one of the wolves stood up and walked out of the tavern. " Doubt ya were mate. Doubt ya were. Well," The weasel continued. "He's missing with another five of our captains. Added to this. A group of our soldiers are dead." Before he could finish the other wolf stood up and walked out of the shadows. Snowstar Fleetpaws. I groaned. "Oh shi-" She raised a paw, silencing me. "I know your not fond of wolves, Silvren. Truthfully I should have killed you long ago. But you are a useful creature and you get the job done. So heres the deal. Flames have been seen around the castle. Investigate this and kill whoever's doing it. Starting now." I stood up, bowed and left. I continued walking for and our before I saw the remains of a campfire. I followed the trail to a large ship, on the shores and entered it. I walked slowly and quietly. Until I heard voices. Veroxon and another with a metallic rasp to it. "So you deliver these five traitors as slaves and we get the rewards? Snowstar will even thank us?" The wolf laughed and asaid. "Yes thats the deal, Rellis Redwave." I bit my tounge to keep from crying out. Rellis? Here? Alive? I restrained myself and wrapped my cloak around my head. I tensed for a spring now it was clear. Veroxan had kidnapped the captains and slew their soldiers with the help of Rellis. I cloaked my self entirely and, sabre in paw leapt into the room. Veroxon cried out and stumbled back. A-another traitor!" Rellis sneered and his five fozes laughed. "Oh? Is everyone with the exception of the wolf a traitor now?" "No no just him he's come to save the other traitors." Rellis got up. We're leaving. We don't want trouble. Come on foxes." He and his gang strolled out. Veroxan sank to his knees in desperation. I drew my blade and closed in.

Shortly after I returned to the fort with the wolf's head in a sack. The ship was of course taken back to Snowstar. I was rewarded and went off to my quarters to brag to the other soldiers.

59 As he did every night, the "weasel" crept into the Fort. I watched carefully from the shadows, then silently followed him around the Fort. I let him leave unharmed that night. I followed the hare's trail, and found his camp after 2 nights. He was away from the other hares, all alone, I don't know why however, but he seemed like a loner. I chained him up before he knew what was happening. We then headed back North, and found the hare that shot the arrow, he was sitting around a campfire with his fellow hares. I pulled the hood of my cloak over my head and crept up behind him, "Look out mate!" one of the other hares called, when he turned around, I simply slitted his throat with my knife. The others started sounding the alarm, and we moved quickly back to the Fort. I then went back out alone the next morning, and ran, after the 3rd hare's trail. I didn't bother sneaking, he was too far ahead to hear anything. I soon found him asleep in a not so well chosen hiding place. I decided to follow him, all morning I did. He made it to the place called Redwall Abbey at nightfall. He knocked on the gates, and I heard him ask for a place to sleep and food. the abbeybeast gladly let him in, but just before the gates closed, I jumped forth from the bushes and fired an arrow. It struck home, right in the back of the hare's neck, he made a small gurgling noise, then fell dead to the ground. "Vermin! Help! Assassin! Vermin!" The abbeybeast screamed, he closed the gate, and another of my arrow's hit the solid oak door. I smiled triumphantly and dissappeared back into the shadows, and went back home to Fort Nightshade, my work all done. Blaize Bowbeast
60 I went alon on this misson i sod my self on board then that night I killed the 4 wolves that were guarding the captians with 4 poisoined daggers my mate lent me.Then i got the captanis of the ship by yellin man over board the hole crew came run the captains snuck by them all.Then the next night i sluy his 2nd in command and toke his uniform and when to see there captian and got in 2 a deadly fight withe the wolf by i won by run away from him then stopen and he fell over me and i chopped his head off.Then i snuck off the boat and got 50 men with sword and 50 men with long bows.Then i order the long bow troops 2 fire they took out 4 or 5. Then then the wolves went 2 go get there captain they found him dead.So they serrenderd and i took em as slaves. Archon The Slayer
61 I sighed sadly and pawed uncomfortably at the foliage that hung around me. A group of woodlanders, two squirrels, an otter and a wildcat were seemingly trying to attack the fort. My orders were to try to take the three goodbeats as slaves and try to get the wildcat to join. If not... well you get the idea. I really hoped I didn't have to kill the cat. Mindless slaying is not something I enjoy. I continued my jounrey through the foliage until I came across a dark clearing with the remains of a cooking fire. I had found them. The four beasts were sitting up by the remants of the fire. I decided to make my move. I stood out of the clearing and said in a loud voice. "I am admiral Silvren Sundark of Fort Nightshade. You're ordered to surrender. tHe three of you will become slaves. The cat is permitted to join if he wants." The otter laughed and said. "Theres four of us and one of you I say we deliver the nice admirals body back to Snowstar as a present." The other three stood up and moved in. The first squirrel the male sprang at me first. His foot smashed into my head. A blow that would have killed a lesser creature. I remained standing and brought my mailed paw down heavily on his neck. He fell to the ground, twitched once and lay still. I sighed and said. "I really don't like killing so don't force me to do anything rash." The female squirrel stared at the corpse of her mate and screamed "Murderer! I'll kill you myself! Streampaw. Grivalya stay out of it!" I shook my head sadly and drew my sword. "I'll let you join your mate if you desire it so." She rushed at me with a long sword. I sidestepped and she swung again. I let it lock around mine. I gave her a sad look and laid her unconcious with a blow to the head. The otter was moving. He thrust a long javelin next to my head. I grabbed it with his paws still clutching it and slammed the handle into his chin. He was spark out.The wildcat rushed at me. I raised my flail and hurled it. It went around his leg, sending him to the ground. I looked at the squirrel and the otter. I pitied them. The life of a slave was worse then death. I didn't have the heart to kill them either. I saw the male's chest rise. He wasn't dead. I looked at the wildcat and said. "Will you join us? Your friends will stay alive and unslaved I'll leave them a note from you saying that you went to join the fort and they must leave immediately. I swear that you will see them again one day. The amle isn't dead only his neck is broken. With care he'll live." The cat thought this over then nodded. "My name is Grivalya. My firneds will go free and unharmed you'll tell your leaders they perished?" I nodded. Griva;ya wrote a note to his friends saying he would see them again and to get the other squirrel mediecal attention. with my mission done. The new recruit and I set off for the fort. Silvren
61 First, before I left to attempt to enslave the creatures that were approching the fort I decided to find out what I could about my adversary so I questioned the beast that saw them. He said that they each had a sling, a sword, and the otter and wildcat had longbows. I decided to "borrow" a bow and some arrows from one of my "friends" at the fort so I could attack them at more of a distance than I could otherwise. The next day, at dawn, I set off for the direction that was indicated by the beast that had saw them. I traveled only for about one-and-a-half days before I saw them. I, however, was not traveling on the trail like they were so I saw them and they did not see me. I could see that I was in a little over my head because the one of the squirrels looked extreamly burly and I doubt I would have been able to kiddnap him if there had been two of me, so I decided to kill him right away. I took the bow and one of the arrows that I had "borrowed" and I took him out before he had the chance to know what was coming. The others didn't even know what direction the arrow came from so, luckily for me, they didn't know which way to run so they didn't. Then I decided to make it easier for myself and I shot an arrow into one of the footpaws of each the otter and the remaining squirrel so that they could not run. I then came into the open and tried persuading the wildcat to join. He refused, so he too, died. I then knocked out the squirrel and the otter with the flat of the wildcat's sword (nice sword, maybe I'll keep it) and dragged them back to the fort, after wrapping their injured footpaws of course, they will make good slaves, don't want them to bleed to death. Rosebud
62 I massed the entire force of Nightshade behind me as I rapped out orders. "I've met this fox before. Rellis is strong smart and deadly. Leave him to me. As for his fighters, all are well trained and dangerous. I want Vallug and Blaize bowbeast standing on that ridge with a hundred troops armed to the fangs with arrows. If I know Rellis he'll send his useless soldiers in first so the archers will deal with them. Iceclaw, Exlor, Arrow and I will lead the main force to the side of the the army and attack. Casell, you and Leurc attack the left flank, everyone else mass for a forwrd attack on them. Only one more pice of advice. Watch out for his swordfoxes, that fox Machus in particular." I drew my sword and cried out. "Charge!" The main attack force ran into Rellis's horde and began the assault. The other two forcesslipped around the side as we prepared to attack the flanks of Rellis's army.

Rellis Redwave himself was standing at the back of his army. A tall red fox with a longsword at his side. Rellis watched the slaughter unfold, more Fort Nightshade than his own. The crimson- armored fox turned to his associate and replied. "Machus, I want your swordfoxes attacking now. Kill who you will but save me the black fox, Silvren." Machus bowed and charged into battle with his blade held high. It was the sign for the sword foxes to attack. Rellis drew his battlesword and charged into battle. Snowstar Fleetpaws's soldiers were about to msee how badly they had misjudged Rellis's sword foxes

Iceclaw and I were hard pressed. We fought back to back as the onslaught continued. To make matters worse the swordfoxes had appeared and were slaying with a veangance. I caught a weasel on ,my sword and hurled him into the horde. Iceclaw grunted with exhausstionas he battled with one of the swordfoxes and a ferret captain. I thrust my sword over his head and slew the fox allowing Iceclaw enough time to run the ferret through. Icelaw laughed and said. "Thanks Silvren. These foxes are for real. We already lost a score to them. Blaize, Vallug and the others are keeping them at bay though. None of the commanders of our army arejust a little wounded though." I swore and battled on.
Rellis hurtled through the ranks like a red thunderbolt of death. A ferret had only enough tie to look at te fox before his great battlesword sliced him in two pieces. He struck out with his mailed paw and one rat fell dead and another, Captain Redfang wounded. The rat catain sttod up and glared. Rellis's eyes were cold. The captain sapt angrily at the fox just before his sword passed through his heart. Rellis laughed and continued his onslaught.
Iceclaw and I were fighting through the ranks, both bleeding from dozens of wounds. Then I saw a figure n the distance. Recognizable not only by his crimson armor but by his height and bulk. I felt myself siezed with hatred as I hurtled forward at my enemy. I reached him awith my blade ready. Rellis laughed and said. "Hello, brother." I raised my sword and yelled. "Your no borther of mine, Rellis! Lets end what we startedtwelve seasons ago." With a scream of rage I charged my twin brother. Blaize and Vallug were both running out of arrows but kept up their offensive. Vallug could see tht=e two laders dueling and that it was uneven. Silvren was roaring like thunder while Rellis was stern and silent as the ground beneath him, calcukating his opponent's moves and apparantely showing mercy to his brother as Silvren was alive long after he should have been dead. Blaize snarled in anger. "Can't he see that hes losing. Rellis could kill him at any second." Vallug grinned sadly. "Aye, but the fate of Nightshade rests on those two. Lets watch." Both army's were still now but I hardly noticed. Rellis smiled and said. "Silvren, lets talk like civilized beats. Put down you're blade." "Why. So you can kill me. This will end when you are dead."
"Or you are brother."
I yelled in rage as I continued fighting. I feinted with my blade and swung, catching my brother on the leg. He cried out in pain and stumbled. I prepared to swing when the sword went through my shoulder. Machus the swordfox has saved his master. I spun around with such speed that the sword was out of Machus's grip and swung my own blade, neatly decapitating the swordfox chieftain. Rellis picked his sword and leaped at me. I knew that would happen and ducked under it. My brother's bade went over my head and I thrust with all my might. My sword went through Rellis's motuh, through his brain. I pulled the blade loose and let him fall lifless next to me. I fell with him fading out of conciousness. No cries of victory wet up. We lost to many to celebrate. I awoke in the infirmary with my soldiers around me. I smiled weakly and looked at my bandaged shoude. What happened. Blaize answered. "When Relis died the horde surrendered and became part of our force. The only condition was wegive Rellis and Machus a warrior's funeral. You better est up ou'kll be out of action for about a month. Most of us are pretty badly hurt too." I smiled and said. "I killed my own brother and my own father. If a corsair ever commited a crime I doubt it was greater then these two. Now let me sleep." I closed my eyes and drifted into a sleep wth one thought. I am Sorry my brother

64 Soon after asking if there were any missions left, I was sorry I had. "There is only one left open."said the vixen who assigned the missions, her cold eyes gazing into my own. "I'll take whatever you have,"I said. "as long as it gets me off of this dreaded island." "Fine then."said the vixen.she snapped her fingers and called to a searat behind her."Would you bring the crazy one to us, Jarkloat?"the searat rushed off and came back with a timberwolf in chains. "this was the only one that came back, you know."she said."fine. She should come along, then?"I answered. the vixen looked at me."how else would you know where to go?" she turned to the next beast in line and called back to me. "Oh yes, pick a team of 6 to go with you." **********
The next day, I had my crew ready. We were going on a small ship, specialized for missions. Nothing happened in that period of a week that we spent on the ocean. When we finially reached the place the wolf called the "southern's shores," the wolf began speaking nonsense. Soon afterwards I found a usefull little trick. I just simply nicked off a small portion of her worked quite well, she would stop immediately. **********
#present-time#I leaned backwards, balancing on my stool. "I'm gonna speed this up a bit, gotcha?"I said."fine, whatever. "you answer."ok then...mainly wot 'appened is we was attacked, we outsmarted 'em,..."Who exactly were 'they'?"you ask. "it was just a dumb tribe 'o hege 'ogs 'an a few otters."I reply."Now, lemme finish! Eventualy, they got 2 of us and the lunatic, but that was it.Now, the part that'll really pleese ye...#X# *************
After outsmarting the tribe with a simple tripwire tschnique, I found they were not really lizards. The fools were hegehogs and otters, all dressed up like. I slayed them all except for the four strongest 'uns. These are t' be yer slaves, and all the booty dat I found is Yours. 'appy?
65 I set off to retain the slaves and wondered what could have made them think they could get away from fort nightshade.They must have known theyd be tracked down. They would pay. As I turned the corner I could smell the slaves ,they were close.I saw a Small crude fort made out of sharpened stakes of timber.There were slaves working around it.When they saw me they went hushed.A brave Gawtribe charghed at me but I countered him by smashing his jaw in.He collapsed dead and I turned on the others.The chain that once bound them lay ner the fort.I snarled at them and met no resistance as I chained them up.I walked over to the fort to collapse it but a large dog fox appeared from within.The slaves seemed braver at his apppearance and so i guesed he was the rebel leader i walked over and hit him in the Shoulder.He retaliated with a slash of an axe.I smashed down the fort.It fell and killed the fox.I threw away sticks and eventually got his body,Which resembeled a pincushion and threw it at the demoralised slaves.i led them back to nightshade only killing two of the slavestshade only killing 2 of the slaves. Kruul
65 First I went to the Slave Dungeons. Looking around at a empty cell, I noticed that there were some loose stones. When I pushed on the loose area the stones fell out, creating a gap large enough for a slave to slip through, but small enough as so not to be noticed. Upon inspection of the other empty cells, I did not find any holes, but I did find bent bars on the side of the escape cell. So obviously they were sneaking to the escape cell through these gaps. I squeezed through the gap and found myself in a freshly dug tunnel, though it had been used very much. As I walked along the tunnel I found a badge belonging to someone from a goodbeast club. I picked it up and walked a little farther. Then I came to a fork and I took the right fork. This led to a hole in the store-room which is why the food is being stolen. I climbed through, alerted the guard, and went back to the passage. A little ways father along the left fork I emerged out of a hole and into the night air. I walked along until I reached a campsite, fresh only a day old. I traveled quicker and then I saw a campfire, I quickly subdued the slaves (there would be more detail but my time is running out), and brought them back. Huturo
66 I equipped myself with a sword, three daggers, my long knife, a sling, and my longbow. I then left the Fort and went to the area were the wolves were last seen. There I picked up tracks of several wolves,at least 7, two more than were reported. I carefully followed the tracks, looking for signed on the ground, such as snapped ferns, and I folloed the wolves' scent. After two hours of tracking, I came upon a small encampment. Around the fire were 6 large wolves, there weapons near where they lay sleeping. I spotted another 4 standing sentry around the camp. I drew my three daggers, setting two beside me, and preparing to throw the other. After 3 hours, the sentries changed, and one of the gaurds went to the fire. As he was passing the replacement, I threw the dagger, and it appeared to grow from his neck. This caused the others to think the replacement guard had killed him, he was shot dead with three arrows sticking out of him. I threw another knife, killing another guard, and quickly moved before two arrows landed in the bush near me. By now, all the wolves were up, weapons at the ready. They looked around nervously. I pulled out my sling, loaded a handful of stones, and launched them at the wolves, making them think multiple beasts were firing. I then moved to the others side, loaded 4 arrows onto my bow, and shot them, killing two more wolves. I them called out in a gruff voice "Surrender. We have you surrounded!" I moved around the camp in a circle, releasing arrows at random points. when only three were left, they dropped their weapons. I marched them back to base, staying hidden the whole time. I never did find the suppossed hawk. Drabane Darksun
67 First I thought of the most logical position a traitor would have to be in to get such informantion. I finaly settled on someone who had access to the records. A scribe most likely. So I went and got special permissoion to look through the records of every person in the fort. It was then I found something odd. I said we had 43 scribes. But when I looked we had 44. So that was our man. Later that night I hid myself next to the barracks where all the ascribs stayed. Around midnight a small mouse, rather looking like a rat, emerged from the barracks. He looked around, and then headed twoards the records room. I followed. He stole insmide and didn't come out. I waited fifteen minuets and still nothing. Finally, I went inside. Nothing! Now I was mad! The next day I cheacked the room. There were no missing scrolls which ment that he had brought them back. But I did find a passage that led to a secret part of the fort. It was like a hidden passage put there as an escape route or something when the fort was built. The next night, same deal. Only this time, after 5 minuets I went in there and sure enough, empty. I followed him down the passage and came out on the other side of the harbor. There I saw him conversing with another goodbeast, a badger. I advanced upon them and they ran in seperate directions. I went for the spy because they probaly could get another badger or whatever waiting. The spy was caught as i'm happy to report. Huturo
67 First I tried to conclude as much information about this traitor as I could before doing anything. I listened to various rumors that were going around Fort Nightshade about this traitor but many of the stories contradicted each other so I was forced to investigate ones that I had heard most often. One that I had heard frequently was that this beast was a male and met with the goodbeasts every day around midnight somewhere in the forest. I had replaced all of the former lookouts with beasts of whom I had known to be extremely loyal to Fort Nightshade giving the excuse that the former lookouts might become exhausted from watching so frequently and that perhaps new lookouts would be able to keep a better watch. After I had said this to the former lookouts one had been let’s just say not so eager to leave his position. He kept on saying that he had been watching for a long time and that he could handle a little less sleep. This had made me want to keep a closer eye on him, considering he had basically fit the profile, I checked up on records and he had joined the fort only weeks before we believe that secrets were being traded. This made me believe it was him even more so I decided to watch his dormitory. I had placed a sentry near his window to make sure that he did not try to escape through there. I then hid down the hallway from his room deciding that if he was to go through any exit he would probably try going through there considering that he still seemed pretty confident. At about twenty- to-midnight I started hearing a sound from his room. I then took up a better hiding place behind some long curtains. When he had left I had followed him a close distance behind. After he had gone over the wall (between two of the less lets just say awake lookouts) I had followed him until I had reached around where he was meeting the goodbeasts. I quickly scaled a tree and kept watch from one of the limbs. Two goodbeasts, a squirrel and an otter, had met up with him and he was exchanging information about Fort Nightshade. After they had left I quickly killed the traitor with one of my daggers and took a bow and some arrows from him. I had followed the goodbeasts until I could see their village in the distance and then I had killed them with two arrows. I then took up a disguise and went into the town. I had shared false information and they were going to attack after they had gained more fighters. They had a small village of about 10 families and they were going to send out some beasts out the following day to find more goodbeasts who wanted to rid the land of Fort Nightshade. Well... I don't think they would succeed in being able to do that. During the night they had decided to hold a big feast and everyone from the village was there. I had excused myself from the table at one point to get more ale from their storage and on the way I had collected a few poisonous but undetectable plants. At that point I had put some in the ale and had shredded some others. When I got back I refilled everyone's glasses with this ale and sprinkled a little over the food of ones who were less likely to drink it. Amusing that they never did notice, but they were all dead within an hour. Rosebud
68 "Shut up, you fools!" I snarled for the upteenth time. Two female ferrets under my command were constantly snickering and laughing about something. And me with a mission to accomplish. I sat down and examined the corpse of the mouse slave. His eyes were wide open and his neck had been sliced open. I turned from the revolting sight and nodded at a small black mouse to the side, Huturo. An expert killer and tracker. "Make anything of this, Huturo?" I asked. My second in command for the mission shrugged and pointed in one direction. "I picked up a trail going that way. Apparantley whoever was getting out of here was moving in a hurry. I found some scrolls that simply start with the letter 'K'" I nodded and said to my group "Move west." We picked up the trail until I saw blood on the trees. Another ferret in my group. Keterin, a master in assassination looked at the bloodstains and snarled in a gutural woice. "Tracks go 'atta way, admiral." I drew my sword from its sheath and slwoly walked forward. Then my foot hit something, a wire perhaps and a long dagger flew right through the air into my shoulder. I gasped in pain. This ws meant for me alone! it was pison I could feel it. Luckily for me the certain 'trials' I went through and the adder's venom in my veins makes me practically immune to poison. I groaned in agony and ripped the dagger out and sniffed it. I am an expert in poisons and healing and recognized it right away. Gin-gin. Very dangerous. I took the knife and stroled through the ranks looking into the eyes, trying to discern who were traitors. As I saw guilt I slashed the knife across the paws of each guilty soldier. When I came to a rat he fell sobbing. "Please, admiral. It was Ketrin! He ambushed the fighters! He threatened to kill me and them." I looked at the others I had cut. They would probably get very sick but they'd recover. The ferret Ketrin looked about to flee when my paw gripped him bby the neck. I grinned coldly in his face. "Lets go see Snowstar, shall we?" Ketrin moaned in terror. When we got back to the fort. Snowstar didn't exactly approve of the way I handled myself with the knife but figured that it was punishment enough. She told me as well. "Silvren, make an example of the ferret. Make the army to terrified to try another coup." I nodded and called the army together in the courtyard. I pulled Ketrin up to me and drew the same poison knife and called out to the army. "Warriors of Fort Nightshade, hear me! This is what happens when any fool like him even thinks of treachety let him be an example!" All the officers watched with pitiless faces while the normal soldiers were looking nervous. I forced open the ferret's jaws and stuffed the poison knife down his throat. He struggled but I didn't relinquish my grip. He began choking, blood streaming from his nose and mouth, the dagger caught in his throat. Finally he gave a gurgling rattle anf fell fromthe tower where I was standing into the middle of the army. I looked at two horderats and called out. "Toss that thing into the sea!" and strolled away. My teachings were harsh, true. But the lesson was always learned. Silvren
69 Well I was told that a Goodbeast raidin party was attackin our reconnaisance encampents and outposts but I didn't really take to much notice of it until I was out meself on a foraging mission when 5 beasts, 2 squirrels and 3 mice jumped on me, we tussled for a minute but I ended up drivin me dagger deep into one of the mice holdin me down and bitin the other un hard in the face, he fell to the ground screamin holdin his face in a puddle of blood. The two squirrels pulled their bows and fired but just before I anticipated the attack so I took the other mouse and savagely pulled him in front of me, needless to say the took the arrows for me. I threw him down and ran at the squirrels as the fumbled to reload, swinging my scimitar powerfully through the air I cut one's throat and brought the other to the ground. I questioned him and found the coordinates of the goodbeast encampment. I killed the pathetic beast and went back to the fort to enlist some help. Silvren Sundark was eager and so me mate and I along witha about 10 other beasts went to ambush the camp. We found the camp but waited for them to send out foraging parties. I split the group up, I sent silvren and 5 beasts to hunt down and wipe out the foraging parties sent out and then when that was done the numbers were reduced to 10, ours to 9 losing one vermin to the foraging parties. We ambushed and slaughtered the lot of them only losing two beasts. I brought the heads back to M'lady Snowstar in wicker baskets. Coldeyes BloodTalon
70 I watched for a bird that came often near to the castle for several days. I soon picked it out as a thrush. I then watched some more, noting exactly where the bird perched, and in which trees. After about a week, I had memorized the trees: a birch in front of Fort Nightshade, next to a window, an oak in back, facing the tavern area, and a small yew, next to the library and forge, right over the slave dungeons. I took out a book from the library on how to set basic traps. Following the book's instructions, I made some cages out of saplings branches. I then took the cages over to the birch tree. Climbing up the tree, I fastened some rope to the cage, hanging on a branch coming out of the thrushes most-used branch (right over it). I made a bottom floor for the cage, unattached. I put it on the thrushes perch, so that if any weight was put on the floor of the cage, the cage would fall. Satisfied with my work, I repeated it with the other trees. I waited a day, then checked the traps. In the birches cage was a squirrel, which I will give to you to turn in to the slave dungeons for me. There was nothing in the oak's cage. As I walked up to the yew, I could see the cage shaking wildly. I punched a tiny hole in the disgiusing leaves and looked through. I had captured the thrush! I went straught to where I had gotten this mission with the cage holding the bird. And here I am with the spy and the bonus slave. Vaikasa Deathpaw
71 I found the goodbeast and tortured it until it told me where the encampment was. It didn't come out of that too well and I had to dispatch him. As I snuck into the camp unnoticed, I found the leader's tent. I emptied the canteen of wine he was drinking onto the floor, and hid myself until he came in. when he realized his drink was gone, he called for his guard, just as I had thought he would, and I quickly dispatched both of them quickly with throwing knives so that the guard, whom I killed, wouldn't find him very fast. It wouldn't be until morning that Anyone found him. I hid the bodies and evidence and left. Blackfog the Assassin
71 I stood at the edge of a clearing looking at a swarm of woodlander obviously preparing to fight. I sighed angrily and turned twoards my score of fighters. We were only twenty one against about two hundred! I was a good negotiator to but two hundred? I was begginning to believe Snowstar had just sent me to die. I groaned in frustration and turned twoards my crew. "Alright, mates you wait here and I'll try to negotiate them. Darkblade, Krill, Sandfang, Quickclaw come with me." One rat suddenly cried out. "You leave us here to rot in a ditch while you go play nice- nice with woodlanders? I won't do it!" I smiled as I ha found someone to take my frustration on. "Fine don't" I drew my sword and rammed it up to the hilt in the rat's body. I sliced upward causing intestines to spill out. I kicked the body once and turned twoards the crew. "Any body else want to second guess my opinions." No takers. My four crestures and I slowly went to the encampment and I called out. "Ahoy, woodlanders!" They all turned. "I'm admiral Silvren Sundark of Darksail. I have been sent to know why you wish ill on us and what I can do to stop it." One big squirrell with a scar running down his face stood up and snarled. "Our families were massacred by your creatures under command of a weasel named Darkblade. We want revenge!" I looked to the weasel who was slowly drawing his sabre. "Why ddin't you just ask, mate?" My sword flashed once and the weasel howled in agaony, clutching the stump from where his arm once was. I pushed him savagely to the squirrel. "Hes yours. Take your revenge." I turned with the other three and walked back to the othes. Listning to the weasel's last cry. A war averted, an idiot dead, it was looking to be a good day. Silvren Sundark
72 I took a gang of about 35 ferrets. we swung around them to the woods where the dumb searats followed us beasts. but then as we lay in the foliage we heard screaming and yelping. it was the sharpened sticks they fell on. in theire frenzy we swung to theire right and charged. we hit them hard and the battle dragged on for anoter 7 minutes when i found theire leader. he was making to run away. so as fast i could took out my dagger and threw it right into his spine. he died instantly. the melee was over and the remaining wounded searats were beheaded. We took all theire belongings. 10 ferrets and me went to the dip and started shoveling it out. it was hard but after an hour or so we defeated a searat crew and a big dip full of saltwater. Exler
73 I took on the roll on guard patrol and I closely watched a group on about 1 score of cloaked vermin catiously walk out the gates. I grabbed my cloak and closely followed the band of vermin. I appered infront of another fort. All the cloaked beasts whispered a password to a big, tough looking stoat. I thought I knew what it was but I misunderstood. They accused me of being a spy. I merely escaped with my life. The next afternoon, I over heard a conversation and the password. To my suprise, they had left earlier because of the spy, me. I, once again, grabbed my cloak and followed them. When it was my turn to give the password I told them destroy. As I went in a saw goodbeasts and vermin working together, OUR VERMIN! I noticed some plans laying on a table, alone so I grabbed them and left. The next day I had gone over the plans and discovered that they were going to take over Fort Nightshade. I quickly reported those who have gone to the other fort and prepared to go there again so I could put a stop to this once and for all. When I got there the next night they had left for battle. Then, when I finally caught up to them, I had to fight a large wildcat like me but much bigger. "Let's bregin!" He shouted and with that he made a full charge knocing me to the ground nice and hard. As he drew his dagger, he must of underestimated me adn I was able to slide right out from under him. "So ya tinks yer soooooo smart unner dat big toonic o' yers aye? Well, letsa just sree 'bout tat lil' Mr." I drew my whip and lashed out at him, knocking the dagger out of his paw. He yipped and shreiked. "So now 'hos da big, SMRAT vermrin!?" And with that, I drew a throwing dagger and slain him right then and there. I took back all the goodbeasts and put them in slavery. Lamone Catclaws
73 I hid in a doorway and watched as five rats, six stoats, and eight ferrets stole out of the tavern and headed towards the entrance of the fort. From inside the tavern came screaming, then a very suspicuous silence. Then a fox wielding a dripping scimitar slipped out of the tavern and joined the other hordebeasts. He was dragging a large bag in his left paw. The fox handed the bag to one of the rats and muttered to his comrades. I heard every word he said. "Right mates. I finished that weasel off good an' slow. 'E'll sleep well t'night. Le's get outa 'ere afore that tyrant Snowstar finds us an' hangs us so 'igh we'll be lookin' down at the moon!" With that he and the otherbeasts slid out of the fort. I summoned my score of friends and followed silently, thinking all the while. So that was what they were doing. They were silently and efficiently murdering crewbeasts and making off with their valuables! The beasts stowed the loot in the hollow of a dead oak I'd never seen before. The fox directed the whole operation quickly and smoothly. He seemed the leader. While their backs were turned I heard one of the stoats murmur, "That's the last of the goodies. Haharr, an' slowminded Snowstar was too dumb ter notice! By termorrer we'll be out on the ocean, sailin' like kings iffen yer please! An' then we'll form an army wid the money, come back an' destroy Fort Nightshade! "Haharr, that'll be t'life, mates, livin' of t'fat o' the land like kin-" His words were cut short as the point of an arrow found him in the back of the neck. My archers were firing like crazy. Soon all the hordebeasts were down, except for the fox. I jumped forward and slew him with a flick of my blade. We recovered the loot-I'll send it back to you. Flameblood Quickblade
73 I followed these fellow vermin (mainly weasels) and after a trek of about a half-mile through the forest they led me to a small encampment hidden in an underground cave. This seemed an odd place to go, for once I got inside,with a bit of trouble with one ferret in the band; my hook took care of him before he could alert the rest, I saw a room decorated with many worthless trinkets like tailrings and oak sculptures. I watched them from a little alcove in the wall. There were about threescore vermin in all, not all from our fort. They seemed to be waiting for something. Then a small group of ragged-looking squirrels came in a door on the opposite side of the room and started conversing with the vermin. The traitorous weasels had been supporting these filthy goodbeasts! That was all the proof I needed. I crept out of the entrance hole and blocked the entrance with the help of some young otters from the river that I found and threatened (I killed them anyway). They are trapped and surrounded by some fellow vermin I sent down there. I have eagerly come back and informed you. Ardrad the Red
74 First thing I do is try to tally the number of goodbeasts there are. I quickly scale a tree and make sure I'm not seen, I see about two score. I realize that I can probably not kill them all, so I won't put up a fight, but I'll make the journey difficult. I start off by finding quickly going back to the fort. I got there before dusk and when I saw them it was right after dawn so I predicted that they wouldn't be there for a couple more days at the pace they were going. I quickly got together a group of one score fighters, but although this would outnumber us they were all skilled archers and they would be placed at strategic places in trees so that the goodbeasts would not no where the arrows came from hence not know where to run. I then had them kill all of the goodbeasts, save for one which I saved for a slave (has a nice ring to it doesn't it?) instead of going to the other fort because the other fort is well known for their ill treatment of slaves, well, I should say to the point where if the slaves were there more than a fort night they would be dead so I didn't want to risk waging a war for some dead slaves. Rosebud
74 I sat against the tree I was on glad for my black coloring against the shade listening to the assorted group of woodlanders as they were marching down to a fort at the apparent center of the beach here. Another rival mfort. I never learned the name. Leader was a big weasel, braggart. I had never liked him. I heard one creature, a red squirrel suggest a siege of the place which was voted down imediately. I was alone with only my weapons for company and didn'y count on my chances against them or even their chnildren the way I figured it if I ran I was dead. Only one thing to do. I sprang up onto a branch with hardly any noise and sprang to the ground a good distacne away and started running full speed. I could see the akings of a building in the distance. After two miles I reached it. The sign in front read. Fort Moonslay. Ruled by lord Baneclaw. How unoriginal. I knocked on the large door until I heard it opened by a staot who glared at me like I was dirt. "Whaddya want fox?" I smailed and slipped into corsair slang. "'M Silvren Sun'ark, matey and I wish ter join yer orde 'ere. Kay?" The stoat looked at me and nodded me in. "Off ya go, Sundark." I bowed courteously and when his back was turned my sword went through it. I quickly hid the body under the stone stairway above the door. I estimatd one hour before the goodbeasts got there. As a present I unlocked the door. I stole into the fort. I traveled fast until I reached the battlements where the large weasel Baneclaw was looking over the edge. What luck! said "Baneclaw?" He tunred with a snarl drawing a cutlass. I raises my paws in helplessness if such a word can be aquitted to me. "I just need to no something." The weasel glared at me. "What?" "Do you have a group of young woodlanders lcoked up as slaves taken as long as a week ago?" The weasel nodded. I said. "Good now I have to kill you." I drew my sword and swung my battleblade only to be blocked. We parried up and down the rooftop. Baneclaw then feinted a swing at my neck and slashed me inthe leg. I cried out fell heavily. I looked up ad saw the weasel raising his blade and grinning. I could see the woodlanders down below, entering the fort! With my last bit of energy I smacked my paw forward hitting the weasel in the leg knocking him off balance. With a scream he stumbled back to take the fatal plunge off the roof. With a sigh I blacked out. I awaoke about a morning later to find myself in the Fort's infirmary. Snowstar was looking at me shaking her head. "Arrogant idiot. You almost died from bloodloss of almost getting your leg chopped off. Fortunately the woodlanders won almost bloodlessly with surprise. One slave saw you kill Baneclaw and they judged you as a friend. Your insignia led them here and they delivered you here before leaving with their kids." I groaned and muttered under my breath. "Wolves. No pleasin' 'em." "What was that, fox?" "Nothing, marm. Nothing at all." Silvren Sundark
75 The Badger came to our gates for help one fateful day. He was a large Badger, one that I wouldn't fancy fighting. I began to question M'Ladies' motives by letting such a beast into our camp, but since I am new and have relatively no say in a lot of matters I let it be knowing that there must be a reason for helping the great beast. Well we helped the Badger to the dormitories, he said his name was Kriktor the Giant, well needless to say his name fit him. We sat him down on two cots pulled together and let him rest. I stationed two guards to watch him and sound the bell if he tried to pull anything against the Fort. I went down to the Tavern and got meself a grog, then headed back to the dormitory and sat in the lounge sipping my grog and staring at the fire place. Then all of the sudden I hear screams from upstairs and a roar that would chill anybeasts heart. I panicked at first but then I got a hold of myself. I sounded the bell and quickly grabbed some nearby rope, I could hear the beast running down the stairs, fast, too fast for my comfort. I tied the rope strong around to adjacent torch scones. I backed up and waited, then there was a crash as the beast hit the floor, I lifted a chair and smashed it over his head, just at that time many beasts rushed in to subdue the enraged beast. We tied him up and after immense torture he lost his mind, and mindless as he was we put him to work in the slave gallies with the rest. Coldeyes BloodTalon
76 i took tideshark and cyclone. total of 120 crewbeasts 60 each. i circled around the ships. i boarded the lead ship with 2 bodyguards i asked the leader of the ship a strong big otter with a big cape what was he doing he said he was preparing to invade fort nightshade. snowstar did not send her favorite and most able captain to let these goodbeasts on the island. I ordered my 2 bodyguards to cover my attack as my men boarded each of the enemy ships. we fought back in forth. the smaller of the vessels was sunk and my other men went to the ship that i was besieging. we formed 2 groups and pincered the enemy into submission. after we won i found the otter warrior and took his matchlock gun and put a hole through his head. we took 30 slaves andd 200 peices of gold. Exler
76 Well first I would take the faster ship and the ship that is good for battle. I would then go over to the 2 ships and ask them what is your buinsess. If they are friend I would then make them swear to me that they would floow my orders and then when we get to the fort. They must floow your orders. If they are foe then I would battle them with the 2 ships. If we are loseing then we will go to a sercet place where we can fix our ships and get more or make more items. We would also scarvage for food. Then we will go back to them and fight. If we lose our 2 ships. Then we will go back and say our apoliges and you can kill us or do something to me or the crew. If we win then we will get there wepons and take them as slaves. If they have slaves then we will have more slaves to give to you. Then when we go back. You can decied if they can jion the fort or be a slave or die. Then we will give you there wepons to you. You can also give your adermils or outher people in charge. That is what I would do if you leted me complete this scarfice and dangoures mission. Magicblade the Warrior
77 I really could not believe how thick headed those rats are. A rat calls himself a god. A god. And they actually believe him? Idiots. I really would not feel bad about the slaughter we would wreak this day. I could see a huge pirate hip on the coastline of a beach and ordered my steersrat to head for it. Ratigin was reknowned for his skills with a spear. I couldn't wait to test his skill out fr myself. I ordered a drop anchor and we quickly leaped into the water. We waded silently towards the rats staying very silent. I could Ratigin's screams of worship, sacrifice, gods and the like. The rats were fanatics, cheering him on. I really couln't believe this. I drew my sword and signaled my archers. They fired and ten rats fell with arrows in their backs. The others turned and snarled when they saw us. The fanatics began to lift their weapons. Ratigin screamed. "Destroy the heathens!" I sighed. "Lets go. Make it quick, people. We ran into battle on the shore. We would have been dead in the water. I impaled a rat on my sword and saw Ratigin finish off a weasel who got to close. I quickly beheading another two rats and set off after him. One of the Darksail's crew, a black female fox had fallen andthe rat leader stood over her with his spear raised. I walked up behind him and struck his across the head. He fell to his knees before he leapt up and sprang away holding his spear. He spun it around twice and I swung viciously. Ratigin quickly deflected it. The two of us began to battle spear to sword. H was good but expirience was on my side. He suddenly jabbed at me viciously but I was fast. I dodged to the side and swung. Ratigin pulled back but the blade cut his side and blood leaked out. Suddenly the rats stopped fighting and looked at their leader. Whispers arose. "He bleeds." "Hes not a god." "We followed a lie." "Forgive us , Admiral." "Finish him off!" I didn't know who uttered the last cry but it was obvious the rats had rejoined the fort. I swung while the rat was distraced and impaled him on my blade. His mouth worked furiously. "I'm...a god. A god..." I smiled into the dying rat's face. "Guess what: Tell Dark Forest that. I am sure that they'll understand. Oh wait. You're not a god. You die liken everyone else. See you in hell." The rats mouth was still working until my blade took off his head. "Alright mates put the body in the sterns and the head on the prow so the boss can see what we accomplished. We're off." The rats and crew went back to our ships. I sighed again. For the sake of Vulpuz were rats really so thick to buy this god story? Silvren Sundark
78 Snowstar Fleetpaws had given me a mission. The mission was to destroy a group of seperatists that had left Nightshade. Typicall mission for me. But I did not rise to admiral position for being lazy or weak. I was sitting on the prow of Darksail. I was her leader after all. The images were rushing through my head as usual as it is for a seer. I could see the Confederacy island just several miles away and ordered a full speed ahead. I could see a score of rats standing on the coast when we arrived and one called out. "Hark! You are on the land of lord Iskar of the confederacy! Do you wish to join our group?" My own mind was made up. "Yes we do. I'm the captain here. May I speak with Iskar?" The rat looked rather pleased and escorted me to the command room. A rather burly rat was sitting in a chair. Iskar obviously. He gave me an unsettling look. "Eh, a fox. A black one at that. Probably a poisoner or assassin." This rat was pretty sharp. Altough he neglected warrior, swordfox and seer to my skills. I nodded. "Sir, Fleetpaws works us to hard. We don't wish to serve under her dictatorship anymore. I wish to mpledge alleigance here to you." The rat stood up and the guards did so as well. "Ya really wanna join?" He asked in a disbelieving voice. I smirked. "" My daggers claimed the guards immediatly. And I shouted. "Crew! Kill them all!" I heard the screams of the rats as my crew dealt with them. Iskar was looking to run past me and escape. Before he got two paces I was moving as a dark blur. Before he even knew what was happening my gauntletted paw slammed into his face. I looked as he tottered for a moment then fell dead. I walked out. My soldiers were now done with the rats. I can't believe he really bought that story about me being a traitor to our lady. I may not like wolves but even when I, serve under them my loyalty is unmantched. Silvren Sundark
79 I felt my fangs pierce my lip as I stole silently out of the tall window in my room. I dropped to the ground noiselessly and imediately ran with the shadow lest the sentry see me. After two miles I could see the makings of a large horde. Each was armed to the teeth and sneering coldly. A tall ferret walked out of the army and drew a scimitar from his belt. "So you must be Sundark. You know the terms. Lets fight." I nodded and drew my own sword. The two of us circled eachother seeking an opening. The ferret lunged with his sword. I sidestepped and slashed at his throat only to have my sword blocked. We continued this for some time, sometimes one of us was seemingly winning but neither of us could claim an advantage. The ferret suddenly swung ferociously. I gasped as my sword was thrown away from me. The ferret laughed laughed and swung again. I dodged away and used my gauntlet to smack his own sword away. He glanced at where his scimitar lay for just a second but it was all I needed. I sprang upon him, gripping him in a headlock, I began to squeeze not relinquishing my viselike grip. The ferret struggled but soon he went limp. I dropped the cropse and turned to a rat in a captain uniform. "You know the deal, mate." The captain nodded and signaled the army as I led them back to the Fort. Naturally I would take some criticism for this but nevertheless I had gained some good fighters Silvren Sundark
79 I first sent a spy out to find out any weaknesses about this ferret if possible... this spy, who was a ferret from another ship, supposedly joined his horde and just pretended to be another curious beast... he watched the ferret intently and found that he tended to favor his left footpaw sometimes and that he had an odd superstition against spiders... arachnaphobic... my spy then quickly returned and told me this information... I then hasted to the surrounding woods of Fort Nightshade to find the most horrid looking spider that I could... it took me awhile, but eventually I found a vile looking spider... who tended to call herself Vinechia... I then offered her the possessions of the ferret and she agreed with much haste... I then worked out a plan that I would fight the ferret and if I had any problems that the spider would come out so that the ferret would be to distracted to notice me as I kill him........... I then waited till midnight and at the time I was compleatly ready for him with my daggers at my side, I had one thing in my favor considering that he didn't seem to like using weapons, but he didn't say anything which meant that I could use them as much as I wanted... we then began and I had a slash in his left leg but then he got fearce and took out a dagger hidden on his ankle and started twords me... he then slashed out at me and cut my upper arm... I then went back in pain and the ferret kept twords me and the spider decided to come out... afraid that if I did not win that she would get nothing... he then froze at the sight of her and I slowly went up to the ferret so as a sudden movement wouldn't get him out of his apparent trance... then I cut his throat and he looked at me in terror, then died...... in the end the spider took half of his personal armory and his horde went with me to the fort. Rosebud
79 If I would complete this mission I would first see all to my wepons be perfictly well sharp. I will check where we will be deuling at. If there is a long range then I would use my bow&arrows. If he is using a swor I will use my battleaxpike and my sword. Which ever will come in handy. If we start deuling and he is winning I will throw dirt, sand, twigs and thurst my wepon in his body. Then I would make all of his horde swear that they will fllow all of your orders. Then we will make back to Fort Nightshade. I will ask foryore forgiunvess by giving you my apoliges and the warlord his wepons. Then you will be in charge in them. That is what I would do if you leted me finsih this inporment and dangoues mission. Magicblade the warrior
80 i killed a stoat named ripfang and then pretended to be him!!. The fools really belived me that i was him. when we got to the woods i saw the creature! it was an adder!!! a giant adder!!!! it spoke and i could understand wanted to kill the leader of Fort Nightshade. then all of a sudden after i heard that i took out my sword and killed it then the stoats got angry so me and my 10 fighters killed them all even though we were outnumbered 12 to 1 but the good news is that we won and took 4 slaves!!! Moonstar the slayer
81 we asked what they were doing they said they came in peace they said. theire chief a some what old mouse fighter. i secretly signed three of my best to burn the tents anda n assasin kill the chief while 17 of my good fighters to fight the goodbeasts. the warrior chief fought off the assasin but i stabbed him with me cutlass. after we killed the goodbeasts. we captured 20 slaves and found about 200 gold peices and about 400 silver peices. we won the honor of snowstar fleetpaws salute. Exler
81 This misson was first given to the leader of the galerider, but he was gone so the misson landed on me. We were just heading out of the gates and into the forest, I was certainly not enjoying it. I made the crew bring no torches, so it was pitch black except for the dieing fire by the encampment. "It looks like the young ones forgot to put out thier fire." "Quickly, grab the brats and we'll wait intill morning to do anything else." Thier were nine mice out of the dibbuns, but thier was a mole two hedgehogs, six shrews, and four otters. By next morning they were crying and moaning for thier mothers. "SHUT UP YOU BRATS, OR I'LL BURN YOU ALIVE!!!" That shut them up. "Hellsteeth and Darkgates!" I said. " Where the #%*! are those archers!" Earlier I had sent them to send a message to the goodbeasts. Then a few minutes later my archers arrived, except for one."Goodbeasts captured one of us, they want to trade." "Lets go see them then." We then came to the edge of the encampment. " We have one of your vermin,said an otter, we want to trade him for the dibbuns." "Alright, at the meadow to the east we'll let the dibbuns go and you let our archer go, understood?" "Yes." The otter said. Later that evening. "Where are the dibbuns?" A young mousemaid asked. "Over there in the tall grass playing." " Come on dibbuns back to your mothers!" I smiled. The "dibbuns" in the grass was realy ten of my score crawling around, the real ones were being put in shackles. " My will they have a surprise." I said. the rest of us went towards the encampment ready for sabotage. we then found a small fire and lit some branches and arrows we had. The archers fired thier flame arrows into wooden huts and houses. While I prepared for battle. "There they are!" Cried an otter. We had done our job so we retreated. Only to find more behind us. Thinking ahead, I whistled and out came the ten from the meadows. Since they only had poorly made slings, we slaughtered them at a mere price of six warriers. We also captured eleven goodbeast. we then returned to the fort. Doompaw
81 I would first pick out 3 sqrrils, 2 flying animals, 3 marlfoxes, 4 foxs, 3 wolves,2 hares, 1 badger, and 2 wealseals. I would send 2 squrrills to see if there are any forces in the woods. Then I would send 1 squrrill and flying animal to see the selltemnt and be spyies. If there are forces we would see how many the have, but if they have more than 20 we ask you to give somemore fighters. Then we will fight them in surpise. If we do not see any forces then the spyies will tell us when is the right time. We then sneak up to them if they are alselp and kill them. If they are feasting we will throw or shoot arrows, or throwing daggers. Then we will come out of the trees and bhushes and kill them all. We will then report back to you and tell you what happened. That is what I would do if I completed the mission. Magicblade the warrior
82 i took my 12 troops and went out into the and them found the beast who was stealing them.he had some friends with him and they were making the slaves work for i thought of a and my troops went there at of my troops killed the gaurd on wach.then we climbed into the trees and shot down the beasts who got our slaves.we only wounded them so we got them all together and marched out at dawn back to the fort. so that's how i did it whith the help of my troops!we got the slaves that were captured by the beasts but we also got them too!!!!!!!! Iceyes Bloodpaw
83 I sighed angrily as I gazed at the blue tinted rat corpse. The large punctures in the rat's body tellung me everything I needed to know. Adders. I really hate adders. I gave the corpse another glanse before I turend to my parthner or the mission and said. "Well, Coldeyes, ready to kill some snakes?" Te ferret nodded. "Aye, Silvren." The two of us strode into the forest surrrounding the Fort and I noticed several markings in the dirt as if something large was sliding around in it. I called my friend over to inspect the marks. After a moment's observation Coldeyes nodded twoards the east. "That way." I nodded and the two of us took off running full speed to the east until we reached a cave, partially hidden by foliage. I signaled Coldeyes who slwoly drew his sword before we walked in. I nearly walekd into the face of a large adder sleeping against the cave entrance. I was shocked at first as its eyes were open but since snakes have no eyelids their eyes remain open when they sleep. I took no chances, my crossbow twanged once and the snake passed into the deepest sleeep of all. I signaled Coldeyes and we went to work, our blades lopping off the heads of the reptilian creatures. Then suddenly as I held my sword poised above a rather large adder I heard a sibilant hiss. "Put the sssword down, Ssssundark." I froze and tunred around. I saw a big snake rear up, not an adder, a cobra. "Ssssilvren Ssssundarl. Sssso good to ssssee you again little fox." I gulped and backed and motioned to Coldeyes a 'get out pf here signal. He nodded and made his way twoards the entrance. "H-hello, Nak. Its been a while." I replied. "Not long enough sssince you sssslew my brother." I groaned and backed awya from the cobra. "Nak that was nothing personal. For a creature that kils to eat you hold a grudge. The cobra was hissing now, softly. "Poor fool. That rat hat wandered in here hadto be sssilenced before I could kill you, fox." Before I could blink he struck, long fangs burying into my shoulder. i cryed out and sank to th ground. Nak hissed in pleasure a hiss that turned to horror when I stood up."You're alivE? How? The poissson." I cut him off. "VBefore I killed him your brother poisoned me, that venom still runs in my veins making me impervious to poisons and my blod poisonous...and flammable." While I was talking, one of my daggers pierced my arm letting blood flow before I soaked it into a small rag and mcracked it against two rocks that I was holding now. The the flames roared to life . "Tell your brother I said hi by the way. Goodbye Nak." I tuned and hurled the flaming cloth, there was wood in the cave lots f it, very dry wood. I heard the screams of the adders and Nak surged forward hissing in rage. Then he fell with a dagger in his eye. "Nice throw, Coldeyes." The ferret grinned at me as I hopped out of the cave which was turning into an inferno. I quickly scrambled up to the top of the cave and knocked a large boulder down, sealing it up. "That takes care of that. Lets report back, shall me." Coldeyes laughed as he and I made our way back to the fort. Silvren Sundark
84 This is how I will complete this inporment and dangnrous mission. First the 10 animals I will take. I will take 5 squirrels, because they can climb the clift. Also they are good with bow& arrows or outher wepons, and there speed. 2 hares, because of their speed and fighting skills.( That includes their wepons) I will take 3 badgers because of their bloodrath. ( Wicth means their strength, fighting, and wepons. I will then try to get one of the eagles to come fly down leaving the nest. I will use a squrril to be bait. The outher squrrils,hares and badgers will shoot the eagle down. ( The one that came down for the prey. Then I will try to get the outher eagle get anouther bait. If the eagle is not intred in the squrril I will then use a hare. If it is not instred in the hare I will then use the badger. The badger will pretend it is wouned. Then we will follow through what we did to the outher eagle. We will then use the squrrils to climb up the clift and kill the eagle chiks. If the eagles do not do that we will then do a sneak attack when they are hunting or sleeping. Then when we do get the eagles we will then present them to you as an sigin of really doinging it. Then you might want to use the feathers for clhotes or something. That is what I will do if you leted me complete this mission. Magicblade the warrior
84 i made the 10 troops that i had make smoke bombs.then one night i split up my troops into 2 groups. that night my 5 climbed the tree and killed the female but then the male woke up and atakked us. we ran. the next day we 4 left out of my command met up with the other 5. i told them to light the smoke bombs and throw them and distrack the egale. they did as i said but 1 thing went wrong the egale came a took us at surprise. i slew it but got cut up prittey bad.2 days passed and i told my most trusted beast to take the troops up to the nest and kill the chicks.that very same day i could hear the chicks crys as they were was wonderful!!!! so after that we went back the the castle and took a long rest. THE EAGLES ARE DEAD AND THE FORT IS SAFE!!!!! Moonstar the slayer
85 one night i swimm to the ships and tell the goodbeasts that i will help them get the fort sanice i was a member.they say we started making plans.that very same night i told some beasts (these beasts were against comming here and they had familys)that we should take the boats areselves and sail off but first we should get some food and water from the fort.again they said we snuck to the fort and got in.i took them down to the dongens cause i said there was some secrate door i 1 of the like morons they went into the cell but found out that there was no secrate door so i locked it quick and went to get some of my mates.about 3 hours till dawn me and my mates were on the ships.they asked where the others were so i told them they had been captured.they wanted to go get them so i took them into the fort and di the same thing but before i left the first time i gave them food that would make them sleep.and i did the same thing with these beasts and i went and got a guard.then i ran up to tell my lady that we had are ships back and we have more slaves!!!!! we have are ships we have are ships back hehehehehehehehehehe!!!!! Moonstar the slayer
86 First I would round up all of the beats that think we are gioning to die. I would tell them that first of all did we die yet. Answer: No. Second did she ever force us to do anything. answer: No. Third has she given us shelter, food, and we can do fun things. Answer: Yes. Then I would tell the croud should we belive a seer that is angiast our Adermial. Answer: No. Then why are ye afriad that yal will die. All look dumfound. Well are we gona just tell rumors about a seer that says were all gona die. No!!! Were gona stand by are leader and wish that seer would never come to this place. All raies in cheer. Then lets go tell our leader that we don't belive that seer and were gona stand by ya and serve ya till were dead. Everybody stands and chers.n Let go get that stupid seer and send her packin her bags. All run at the door. 5 seconds later a seer is runin for her life. That is what I would do if I completed this mission. Magicblade the warrior
86 My head was beginning to hurt now as I listened to that idiot of a seer screaming on and on. I clutched my skull in agony. If this creature was a seer then I was a shrew. I hadno viions about anyting relate to Nightshade's destructions and I'm a seer myself. I walked outside to where the seer was wailing and moaning and groaning. I saw several soldiers attempting to sneak off and walked in front of them with a smile on my face. "Going somewhere?" A ferret looke at me fearfuly. "Admiral! You heard what the there seer said. We're doomed if we stay." I unsheathed my sword. "You're just as doomed if you leave march in. Now!" The soldiers obeyed grumbling futively. I walked twoards the 'seer with a smile on my face. "A fake se. How pathetic." She stopped chanting immediately. "What?" I sneered. "I'm a seer myself you know. And I just had a ahndy vision about you. You're a deserter of an army we just defeated, eh?" The vixen looked scred. "N-no, I am a-" "Shut up." I snapped. "I'm a seer myself and I've seen this. Now I want you to say the truth to hese nice soldiers. Or I run you through." The vixen nodded and said in a broken voice. "Nightshade will not fall. I'm not really a seer. Just a jealous wretch..." I nodded in satisfaction. "Good. Now run before my crossbow claims your life." Th vixen took off running and I readied my bow. I looked at the battlements where Snowstar stood. She nodded. the crossbow twanged and the vixen dropped. I nodded in satisfaction and walked back inside thefort with our soldiers Silvren Sundark
87 I went outside the fort before the sun had risen and hid in a small cave to wait for the ship, bringing vittles with me, of course. The whole day I stayed there, until night came. Finally, I realized that there was a loop of a rope drifting on the water. It came out of a cove in the bank, the cove half-filled with water.Diving into the water, I swam into the cove, following the rope deeper and deeper into the cove. I finally reached a place where there was a rather large bunch of rocks. I climbed up onto the rocks, still following the rope. It finally ended at a big log floating in the water, which the rope was tied on to. It had been tied recently, and I found several goodbeast skeletons scattered around on the rocks. Then I found out how they died. They had drowned.The tide was coming in. It was touching my hind paws. I saw the ship going out too. Quickly, I grabbed the rope, pulling it in towards me. When the ship had gone as far as it could by my pulling, I quickly tied all the rope that I was holding to a stalactite hanging from the roof of the cove. I then dived into the water and swam for my life. I barely made it. As soon as I got out of the cove, the cove filled up completely with water. The reason why the ship went out was high tide and low tide. At low tide, the log which the rope was tied to jammed on the rocks and the ship didn't move out with the tide, but at high tide the log floated above the rocks, so the ship sailed out. Every time the log drifted above the rocks, it settled closer to the entrance, therefore closer to fort nightshade. The vermin that saw the ship in the daytime though that it was just another vermin ship from Lady Snowstar's fleet. At night, it's shadowy outline looked haunting. It got there two days ago from some goodbeast sailors who wanted a place to rest, found the cove, and went into it. they tied their boat onto a wooden stake, the sticking it into a crack between the rocks. They slept....and woke up dead. The wooden stake was not too secure, so it fell out of the crack.If you tell the patrollers and everyone else, and show them the cove and the rest of it, the "ghost ship" will soon be forgotten. Vaikasa Darkpaw
88 First of all, I scouted the whole forest for any sign of goodbeasts or creatures other than those loyal to Fort Nightshade. All I found were two baby squirrels, which I brought back to the fort. After I had finished scouting the forest, I tried to remember if I had seen any good hiding places near to where the forest fires had started. I remembered a hollow stump covered with damp moss. I went to it and examined it. It was a bit burnt from the forest fires, but, since the moss was so damp, it hadn't burned much. I climbed inside to see if it would be able to adequately hide a grown mink like myself. It would. Even better, there was a small hole in the bark, just big enough for me to see out of without others seeing me. I settled down to wait. Soon, I saw what I was looking for. Two squirrels crept cautiously into the small clearing made by the forest fires. They looked around, but didn't see me hiding. They looked up and made a motion to someone above them. I followed their motion. I could see two robins perched on a branch, each one holding something in their claws. I couldn't make out exactly what it was that they were holding. Then they each dropped what they were holding. As they fell, I saw what they were. They were burning torches! The squirrels nodded at the robins and threw them a bag of what I assumed to be candied chestnuts, the standard pay for hiring robins. Then the squirrels started running away from the clearing. I realized that I couldn't let them get away. Ignoring the fire spreading around the clearing, I leapt out of the stump and started chasing the squirrels, my longbow drawn. I notched an arrow and aimed at the back of one running squirrel. I let go of the arrow, and it sailed straight for the squirrel I had aimed it at. It hit him (or her, I'm not sure) in the back, and the squirrel fell forward, obviously dead. Without changing stride, I started after the other one. When I was almost next to it, it jumped up a nearby tree trunk into the tree-tops. As it jumped from tree branch to tree branch, I followed it. Finally, it reached a small river. It dived into it, trying to escape. However, it hadn't counted on me jumping in after it. I was, of course, a much better swimmer than the squirrel, and easily caught up to it in the water. I grabbed it and hauled it onto the bank. Grabbing a vine, I tied it up securely, gagging it with a leaf. Don't worry, the soldiers put out the forest fire quickly. So here I am, after a long trek with a squirrel on my back and sopping wet. At least there won't be any more forest fires. Vaikasa Darkpaw
88 Early next morn, I slipped out of Fort Nightshade with my friends Sharkjade and Furblood. We went to the scene of the second two fires and found what we sought - paw prints leading out of the ashes. We followed the prints until they finally grew too faint to be followed. What we discovered next was another set of pawprints leading in the opposite direction parallel to the first. We slipped back into the undergrowth of the forest and waited for the beasts to return. It was maybe three hours before voices signaled the return of the arsonists. "Heh, this's a nice tree, full o' bally pine resin an' wotnot!" "Mmm, chuck one o' 'em torch thingees over, I'm lightin' this'n, wot!" "Here, Longbuck, help y'self!" Hares! For a moment the blood froze in my veins. But they soon returned to normal when I saw that only two hares were there, only armed with short daggers. With our fearsome swords, we could easily overcome them. Jumping out of the underbrush, my blade claimed the one called Longbuck. The other turned and called something in a strange language. Immediately three other hares appeared, bearing torches and wielding gleaming javelins. Furblood whirled his spear and took the first hare through its middle. The rest of the fight was something of a blur as we clashed. When it was over, Furblood was slain, Sharkjade had taken a javelin in his footpaw and I had my paw impaled on another javelin. The three hares were slain, the torches extinguished on the hard, packed ground. Slowly, Sharkjaw and I turned back toward Fort Nightshade. Flameblood Quickblade
89 I set sail on the Northern Coast, off to explor the newly discovered island. I had leaped ashore only to find that the beach was deserted. I cringed at the thought of what Nightshade would do to me if I failed my task. Then I spotted a cave. Taking several crew members with me, I explored the cave. I am a newcommer, I only sighned up a day or two ago. I wanted to be at a high rank. I imagined what would happen if I brought back treasure.... I am reporting to Nightshade. I saw a colony of peacefull creatures, not skilled in the ways of war. Easy captureable. I did not take them, thinking it was best to tell Nightshade first. I think they might have some valuable possesions. Deathfang
90 I began on a rough start with no clues, no suspects, and no witnesses.But, I knew this the victim was second incharge aboard the Tideshark. So I decided to look for more clues. But, nothing came up, for days on end there was nothing. One night I was at the tavern. I thought it was hopless no clues, no suspect,notanything. Thats when the rat beside me said. " Your the one on the murder mission, It was apart of a plan for him to be captain. " Who?"I asked. "Can't tell ya he's already gonna cut my throat." He also said." Hes a fox hes gonna kill the captain next and frame the second incharge." "I have to go." "He'll be comin' aft-" He was cut short by a well thrown dagger. I had just enough time to see a dark fox slip out the tavern door. I chased him for awhile into the forest. At the edge of the forest. Next to the cliff. Arrows started to pelt down upon me. I took cover in the darkness. Then ran out in the moonlight at the edge of the cliff ready with a cutlass. The fox pulled out a sword and we gave battle. I found myself on the defensive but one slash from his blade missed me in the darkness. I then took the advantage and pushed him off the cliff killing the murderer and stopping another murder. Doompaw
90 I looked at the corpse of the ferret Rallen. Rage and a kind of sadness swept through me. Rallen had been a friend of mine and now to no apparent reason he was murdered, his throat slit and his corpse found in a small corridor. Snowstar called me over. "Silvren I know you were Rallen's friend. I expect you wil;l want revenge so I wil allow you to take it." I nodded mutely listening silenty. "Silvren I want you to find out who did this, why they did it and then kill them. Is this clear?" I nodded again. "Good I leave this mission in your capable paws. She then strode off. Leaving me in thought. I sat on a chair in the main hall. I was still thnking when an idea struck me. It was risky but it was efinetly worth a try. If it fsiled I wouldn't be left alive to report a failure. I waited until Nightfall until I went to the spot where Rallen was murdered. The small corridor. There was only one thing left to do. I noticed a chair in the corner and slwolt lowered myself into it. Ifelt the dagger beneath my cloak pressing against me. I swallowed and waited for several hours until I hear movement and a rough voice speaking. "Where did that ferret hide it? I coulda sworn it was ere before I cut 'is gizzard." I stood up slowly. I hadn't lit any candles and it was black as night. I saw the latern though. I moved quickly and saw a hunched figure looking at something in the wall. I made my move, my fist smashed into his skull, knocking him out. I took him to Snowstar, still cloaked she gave me permission to interrogate him. When he awoke I ripped his hood off only to see Hideskin the weasel captain. I smiled with false pleasantries. "Hideskin, hello what a plesent surprise. I was looking for Rallen's murderer and here you are." His face was ashen. "No Silvrem, 'e was with 'olding something from me. I mean it you can find it in the south wall, to the right of the chair in the corridor. Just tap with a sword it sounds hollow." I nodded and turned to a guard and said. "You heard him find that treasure. Wraithe, go with him to make sure he dose not cheat us and delivers it to Snowstar. Oh Coldeyes." The feret turned to me. "Execute the murderer please." "No problem Silvren." I walked back t my quarters where I slept for the rest of the day Silvren Sundark
91 when i was captured i was bound and walked ruffly to there camp.they tied me to a rock so i could not get away then they took alla my wepons exepet a small knife wich was in my tunic were they would not look*hint hint* any way i the night i got the knife out and cut through the ropes then just to occupie myself i slit 2 of the hares throats but then there were 6 left an one of them woke up!! so i ran into the shadows and hid up in a tree.they were looking for me but i was well hidden so i took out my bow and arrows and started to pick them off one by one!(i got my wepons back when i got loose) so after i shot the first arrow they were realy alert i killed all of them ecepet one wich i knocked out and went back to the fort and put him in the slave i slept for 2 whole days because i was so weak from traveling for 3 days and have almost lost the hare but i chucked a nother rock at him and then dragged him back. i was so glad that i was not killed by those stupied hares! Moonstar the slayer
92 I examined the bodies of the dead soldiers that were now apparantely murdered. I nodded to the guards. "Take e bodies away." I looked at the leader of the otter's group. Streamback. I glared at him and called him over. "Streamback I know you ar knew and that you are under my ship so I find it distrubing when several soldiers are killed without a trace. I hope you don't mind if I qustion you about these events?" The otter shakes his head. I smile. "God, come to my quarters." I lead the otter to my room where I sit down on the desk and gesture to the seat where he promply sits don. "Now Streamback, what do you suppose can kill a creature with no trace left?" He thinks for a moment. "Poison?" "Ah good but normally we could detect poison." "Unless it is a special kin, sir?" I smile. "Excellent. Since you are from a holt that appranatly uses this type of poison you understand my suspicions." He nods. I grin again. He then says. "I know of one other creature who knows of this kind of poison. A rat named Lasper." I call in a guard and tell him. "Find the ensign Lasper and bring him here." We wait for twenty minutes beofre th rat enters. He seats himself and looks at me in a quizicall manner. I say. "You have heard of the deaths?" He nods. I begin to question jhim about the murder and I am finding nothing unusual. I close my eyes...wait. A vision. While the rat is ttalking I watch the vision slwoly. I love being a seer. I jump up unsheathing my blade pointed at the otter. He looks terrifed. "Sir...I diddn't kill them I swear!" I sneer and say. "I have had a vision. The murderer is..." My blade flashes. "You!" Lapser's head rolls o the ground before I sheath my sword and pat Streamback on the shoulder. "Ptoblenm solved. I am giving you command of three hundred rained fighters. You may dea with your holt now." He grins maliciously and runs off. i dispose of the rat and quickly report a job well done. Silvren Sundark
93 I armed myself with my sword and dagger.There was no need for a bow in close combat.I marched up to the hare and shook paws with him.He squeezed my paw hard so I squeezed back much harder.I heard a loud crack and the hare started hopping around, holding his right paw. "Great seasons,mate!You didn't have to squeeze that hard!" he said in between wails.Next thing I knew he was whamming my tail with a huge club.I drew my dagger and tryed to hit his eye but missed.Beleive me,you would too if all the bones in your tail were about to be crushed.I cut his left ear off and some of his right ear.He lust wouldn't stop clubbing my tail. he was a madbeast,I swear.As you know the otter's tail is one of the most important parts for swimming and I love to swim.So off with his good hand.I drew my sword ,which is much sharper than my dagger, and brought it down upon his wrist.Or so I thought.Actually,the blade wentinto his round stomach.He roared with pain and fell to the ground.Wait, what was that?An arrow sticking out of his back!I looked around worridly,wishing I had brought my bow and arrows.I saw a small hamster a couple hundred feet away.It was Josephine,my friend from back at the fort!I saluted to her smartly,our way of saying thank you.She saluted back and we both started walking back to the fort quickly in case the hare's comrads came. Crystaleia
93 I walked slowly twoards the glen where the duekl I was participating in was to take place. My two seconds, Coldeyes and Wraithe Stjerna flannked me. I was holding my long sword at the ready, ready to use at a second's notice. The three of us walked into the glen. A tall lanky hair stood there polishing a sword that looked well used. It had most definately claimed many vermin lives, some from this fort. I smiled at the hair and repeated his name that I had read in his challenge. "Sandpaw. Pleasue to meet you here. Wraithe, Coldeyes." My compatriots stepped back and I drew my sword. The hair held one arm behind him and grinned. "Well you got my note, old lad. Well lessee what this bold fox is made of." I readied my sword and strode to meet the hare. I began to circle my opponent looking for any ppossible opening I could find. The hair made the first move. His sabre swung to my side, I raised my blade to parry and the sword clanged off my own. The hare glared at me and swung again. I locked the blade with my own and kicked him awy. He stumbled back angrily. "Cad! Bounder! Rotter! Fight fair!" I snarled angrily. "Don't be a sore loser. Its unfair because your losing. You came here to kill me." I swing this time and it is deflected. He swings again and it is deflected again. I wait for an opportunity noe, deflecting the hare's blows with the flat of my sword. He suddenly springs, punching me in the face. I stagger backwards. The hare leaps at me for the kill. He swings and I put all my energy into this last manuver. If it doesen't work I'm a deadbeast. I stumble back a pace and swing at neck height. The hair leaps back, not fast enough. He clutches a paw to his sliced throat, staggering back, his eyes misyting over,not comprehending he is slain. I wipe my swordon his corpse and with Wraithe and Coldeyes set off back to the fort Silvren Sundark
93 First I would brng all of my weapons to my corters. I would then sharpen my sword and battleaxpike. Then check my bow string to see if it tightin. Then see if I have alot arrows. If I don't have alot of arrows I would make some more. Then before we battle I will check the place where we are gioning to battle. If there is some twigs or dirt I willl throw them in his eyes. Then when I'am on top of him I will chop his head off. Then I will make the hares band promise me that they will do your morder and outher officers orders. Then you will have more slaves. Then while you send them to the slave dugenos. I will present you the head of the hare. I will also tell you the story. That is what I will do if you leted me finish this dangoues fatel mission. Magicblade the Warrior
94 I led the army forward towards the approaching enemy fleet.I had the archers in front. "FIRE!" I ordered. The archers deadly aim began the battle.Thirty-two of the otters had already been brought down. The archers reloaded and fired again. Bringing down another thirty. A couple hundred feet away the otters sent vollies of slingstones into our ranks. They cut down much of our soldiers. We then did a pincher movement going through thier ranks and spliting them into two groups. The rest of the battle was completly on foot. The battle was devastating and lasted hours. Finally with my cutlass I cut through about eighteen when I met thier leader. I could tell because he wore a headress of falcon feahers. The sign of a tribe leadership. We entered battle exchanging blows. He then lost his balance. I then tossed my dagger into his shoulder. He staggered back I then slashed his unprotected side. An arrow speeded towards me I ducked quickly. Giving jim time to charge forward with a short sword. I jumped to the side his weapon slicing into one of his otters. I took the spear from the fallen otter. And threw it into the leaders throat. He then gave a gurgle and fell to the ground. The loss of thier leader made the otters to decide to retreat. The battle was then won by chasing the otters down. Doompaw
95 I was standing on the deck of Darksail,, the only fleet in the ship that actually useful right now. The smallest yet the fastest out of all our fleet. I had chosen a special crew to come with me for this voage dowh south. Howver we had been sailing for almost a week now and we had seen nothing. I groaned and called to the steersbeast Gultur the ferret. "Keep it straight here Gultur. We'll find something in the south seas." I heard some grumbling among the crew and cried out. "Do you lot wanna die of thirst? Water is as short for me as it is for you. Unless you want to drink sea water or your own blood you are not going to rest until we find a new water source." I looked at the horizon until I made out a shape, maybe an island. I called to my crew. "I see an island! Full speed ahea. We can rqch it by sundown." I strode into my cabin and lay on the bed, I finally drifted into sleep. When I awoke it was dusk I walkd onto the deck. The island was larger now. I ordered a docking on the edge. We dropped anchor ad I wuickly leaped into the shallows, followed by ten crew members. Something about this place was strangely familiar. I couldn't place it. Then I heard the voice in my head as if in a dream. You are after all what I mad you to be. I shook it off. Those were my fsther's words to me. Noting important now. Yet they had a significance here. My crew and I began the search for water. We finally came ot a small cliff and when we walked around it I saw it. I could see the huge castle. I smiled and fell to my knees. A fox named Darkfire went up to me and asked. "Silvren, you alright?" I was smiling with joy as I whispered. "The citadel of the black tribe. I'm home. This is my home." I stoodup and waled shakingly into the palace. I was smiling with mirth I could barely walk. I amde my way up the steps with my crew until i came to a small room I heard a female voic saying. "Therefore we have to..." I opened the door and steppe inside the room. I cold see many foxes sitting at a large table, the multicolored council. The fox talking was a tall, beautiful silver female, She had paused in speech to look at me. She took a step closer and gazed into my eyes. " that you?" I lloked into here greeneyes and I knew her then. "Mina. Mina Starpaw." Tears were flowing out of her eyes. "Silvren, you came back just like you promised. You came back." I nodded. "Mina I need help. The new army I represent is dying. We need water. I want to start a trade with the island and our fort." She nodded. "Of course, Silvren. Anything." I smiled and looked at her. "May I see the cliffs?" She nodded again. "Of course." She looked at the foxes at the council. |"Everybeast. This meeting is on old as of now." She and I walekd out, leaving my crew standing the room. When I was walking on the cliffs I could remember from so long ago when my father and I met for the last time on these cliffs. When they became soaked with his blood. Mina looked at me again. "Where have you been?" I looked across the sea. "I wne to Fort Nightshade." She nodded again "Just like you said you would, Silvren" I nodded again. "Silvren." "Yes?" Did you only come back to ge the water?" I nodded again. "I did. I didn't have any ida this was my island." We talked for hours until the sun started to set. We went back to the citadel and we decided to leave on the morrow. When mornign came we packed our supplies and prepared our new shipping line. I said to my number two Darkfire. "There is someting I must do her first." I walked to a spot on the beach with a headstone ,on it. The name, Jarendias Redwave, were enscribed on it. "Hello father." I replied. "It has been a long time since we last spoke at least it feel like that. You know I really think he wanted to e a father to me. Veron I mean. Only he was never better at it then you were. Only wanted a puppet, a tool to control, never wanted a son at all. You played at being god, thought I was weak. Well you are not god father, and I am not weak." I felt the rage couring through me. 'You told me I'd break like a clock woudn backwards. But I never broke." I sighed, somehow resigned. "Hell where you are father. Hell where you would send me." I turned ad walked to my ship. I saw Mian there waiting for me. She nodded sadly. "So s this goodbye forever." I sook my head. "No. I promise I'll see you gain. Goodbye fore now." I turned to walk away. He suddenly grabbed me fiercly and kissed me deeply. I leaned into he kiss until we both pulled away. "Goodbye Silvren Sundark." I touched her cheeck gently then I slowly tuned and walked onto my ship. Silvren Sundark
96 First I would list any beast I think that will be the thief. You know the new ones, the ones who are in a group you know that sorted thing. Any ways I would then see what beast wants these sertian things. The ones I think are the theif. I will check their cordiers. Every single corrner, closet, anything. I f the ones I think that sotle these certian items. I will check everybodys cordiers. When I find the beast who did this I will report it of thems and let you handle them or it. If you want them to die let me and 1 outher person handle that. That is what I would do if you leted me complete this mission. Magicblade
97 So I was sitting in my bunk, filing my teeth, when I heard the cry again. I sighed and rolled my eyes, heaving to my feet with a groan. Those bumbling idiots...they never could guard the slaves properly...Where I had come from, we chained our slaves to the walls day and night and had -competent- guards watching them. But such was life, so I headed to the slave quarters to see what I could do. The guards were obviously happy to see someone who knew what she was doing there. They quickly explained their predicament: "Well, see, that one otter, Mexxi, he escaped, and he came back with friends and freed some more! and theyre gonna keep comin back! you gotta stop 'em!" I raised a gloved paw to silence the babbling guard and sighed. "Perhaps I can help..we'll see." The next day, or evening I should say, I readied my trap. A good friend of mine had a child running around, so I borrowed the dibbun and chained it to a post to look like a slave set out for bait. It was almost pathetic how the first wave of the goodies were so easily fooled. They just ran out into the field, and as they were untying the "slave" it was sickeningly easy to pick them off one by one with my crossbow. I even maimed one and brought it back to the fort as a prize... The next bunch of goodies was even easier to take out. The effect that the trick with the dibbun had on the goodies was hilarious: they didn't show signs of stirring for another two weeks. Over the course of that time I stitched quite a few of my larger fishing nets together, creating a large net. I set my trap a few days after they showed themselves again..and they walked right into it. Ten strong, fully grown goodies. Taken alive. They, too became slaves for the fort. K'maati Monteia
98 I took only one ship, the Seafire. It is the fastest ship in the fleet, and the most manueverable. I circled round the island until I was behind the enemy ships. They sighted me and started turning to attack us. We sailed away from them and led them on a wild goose chase. A few hours later we had led them to another island. We landed on it and ran to the nearby hills. They followed, but were too eager and rushed forward in an unorganized mob. As they were coming torwards us about a hundred archers from the woods to either side fired. It was an easy victory. Last night I had sailed the archers over to this island with orders to stay hidden and be ready to fire. As you see, the plan worked. Ardrad the Red
99 well me and my mates swam to the ships and got on bord.then next thing i know we waas knocked out and we were in the cap'n's room.Who are you and what are you doing here on my SHIP!!!! he says we are tratiors i said.we wish to join your fleet of ships and get the fort!!!! hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm i could use you yes you will be my new capn's for deathwake and silent slayer!! that is all i have to say now go to your ships and see your crew! we scrammbeled off to the ships.that night we got all the crew together and then we went over to the capn's ship and captured him,then we got all the food and loot we could and all the beasts came with us and they all wanted to join the fort and wanted to ask you so now that the tall of how we won and captured the capn for you my Oh Great Smart Powerful Leader/Master!!!! i will be there when you call master and do anything of what you ask!!!! i will serve you well my lady!!!!!!!! MOONSTAR THE SLAYER!! Moonstar the slayer
100 I was sitting comfortably in a chair in the banqeu hall watching the crews eat. I held a small glass of wine in my paw and sipping from it. "Silvren." I looked up at the mention of my name. Snowstar Fleetpaws. "What now?" She snarled slightly. "Shut up. When I address you its 'Yes Ma'am." I yawned. "I'm trying to enoy the feast of the birth of the senate if you don't mind, boss." She backhanded me across the face. i was used to this. She curled her lip at me before snarling in a low. voice. "Silvren I'm going to say this once. Some beasts have been opposed to the senate. They're starting an open rebllion. The leader of these creatures is an ermine named Whitefang. I trust you know what to do when you find him? He's hiding somewhere in the fort. Now, Admiral. Get moving." I stoodup, draining my wine in a gulp. "Alright. Alright. Geez." I walked out of the room and began to look for passages. I really didn't suspect a conspirator would place his base of operations in plain sight. With a sigh I finished inspecting the armory. Notihng here. Or in the barracks or the harbor or the ships or even in the slave quarters. Not to many places left. I had been searching for four hours and I was getting really annoyed now. I walked into the kitchens and began inspecting it. Suddenly i noticed a line in the wall like a passgae. Curiously I went over to it and pushed it. A doorway. Pretty smart thinking. Nightshade had passgaes that even Snowstar knew nothing about. I made my way down, it was a mcave now. I heard footsteps and ducked behind a stalagmite. I saw a weasel walk in front of me and I jumped up, drew a dagger, covered his mouth and slit his throat. i continued going down. I had seen ermine fight before So I resolved making this a quick assassination mission. I picked up my crossbow and fitted it on my hand. I loaded it to its maximum capacity and walked down further until I saw lanterns. I saw the ermine and his group sleeping. I decided to finish this and get back to the feast I fired all seven bolts. One at Whiteclaw. Scratch seven enemies. I made my way back to the feast reported in after i blocked the passage. Snowstar sent in a team to quickly exterminate the traitors Silvren Sundark
100 i took 10 crossbow beasts with me. the enemy was camping about in the middle of the thick woods. stupid idiots no wonder theyre all not popular.theyre too stupid. there was about 30 of them. we hid in the foliage all scatterd like than struck. whip one down,whip another down. than we took out our daggers and ran right into them. we caught the leader aftert about 30 minutes of fighting.i personally took a liking to skinning him with a dull deer antler upside down he swung from a tree. to warn all enemies. that the senate and the constitution isall powerful. Exler
101 I walked slowly into the slave dungeons with two stoats at my back. I took out a key and unlocked a cell. A mouse was glaring up at me with defiant eyes. I kicked him. "Get up," I snarled. "The guard tells me that you are leading a rebellion against us. I am here to talk." I sat down on a straw mattress. When the mouse denied it, I began to draw my scimitar, but remembered that Lady Fleetpaws ordered that he was not to be killed. However, I had a plan forming in my mind. "Tell me, mouse, are you saying you know not of any such rebellion?" The mouse lied again. "No." I could not resist a slight smirk. "Then you can come with me." The stoats grabbed him, and we took him away. I signaled to a nearby rat. "Sell him." The rat took the mouse away to be sold. I sat down, smiling at the two stoats. "Took care of that easily, didn't I?" The two stoats nodded. I smiled and passed them a bowl of damsons. Deathfang
102 i took beasts armed with bows. we circled around them and opened fire. there was about 50 mice in the camp. after about 10 minutes of shooting i ordered my party to reload and close in. we circled around the main tent when 2 mice ran out i killed one with me dagger and slit the throat of another mouse. we went into the tent and found a treasure chest. we broke the handle and found 500 gold peices. we went back to fort nightshade rich. Exler
102 I took my crew mates and snuck down to the camp at twilight. I sent one spy to clear the coast. when he came back he reported that the mice were all drunk and had set up no sentrey. We ran into camp, and tied the druck mice to a wooden log. I sent half my crew back with the 12 chests of gold. The others took the mice to the slave dungeons. Nightflame
102 First I will take 2 squrrils, 1 badger,5 hares, 2 wolves, and 1 fox. I will use the squrril to be a spy and find out where there gold is. Then at night the badger, hares and 1 wolf will capture the mice, and put them in chians for slaves.Me and the rest will get the gold and come back to Nightshade. I will present to you the slaves and the wounderful gold. That is what I would do if you leted me complete the mission. Magicblade the Warrior
103 I pushed my way through a crowd of weasels, who were gathered around the slain guard. Taking the stoats Trake and Maim with me, I exited Fort Nightshade. I pointed to my twelve rats who stood in a field and told them to follow me. We followed the tracks. I heared a voice behind me. "You are trying to find the one who murdured the guard, aren't you, Deathfang?" I spun around and found myself face to face with Deteret, a female weasel, also my greatest rival. Why did I hate her? Everyone thinks she's great, she never failed a mission and captured many slaves. I have to admit, I'm jealous. She struts up and down the halls of Fort Nightshade, boasting about herself. I leaned on my scimitar, watching her. Deteret drew her dagger. I laughed scornfully. "Ha! You are going to kill the culprit with that toy? Hahahahahahahaha!" I watched her face turn red. I had done what I had always had wanted to do. I had finally made a fool of her. I set off. When the tracks ended, I saw a strawberry bush. I plucked a bruised leaf from the bush. "The culprit has been this way." We followed the trail of smashed grass. Finally, we saw a fox. I drew my scimitar. The fox saw me and grinned. "Lady Fleetpaws sent ye af'er me, didn't she? Hahahaharr, I never liked that guard." I spoke. "Lady Fleetpaws won't be pleased with you, fox, no sir." My rats pulled him up. The fox laughed like a madbeast. I told him, "Lady Fleetpaws told us not to kill another hordebeast, but you aren't her hordebeast anymore." I whipped off his head with my scimitar, and took the head back to Fort Nightshade as proof that I had completed the mission. Deathfang
104 One of the officers of Nightshade came to me and asked me to find out why so many beasts have been dying so mysteriously using what ever means nessesary. So I start out by examining the bodies I see no evidence of foul play. "This is getting very interesting," I say to my self. So I go to talk to the guards that where on duty that night to see if they saw any thing funny. They all gave me the same answer a boring night as usual. After that I took a wild guess and went to see the guard that the dead relieved: she gave me the most important break into the case. She said that Blacktooth(the dead) told her not to try the cooks seaweed grog that there was something wrong with it. So taking that lead I went to the other dead and saw her roommate she to also had the grog. With this I knew it was the cook but I couldn't prove anything. Luckily noone knew I was investagating the deaths. So I went to the cook and asked to taste the new batch of seaweed grog. He was more than happy to give it to me I took it to the forts herb doctor. After looking at it for a few hours he told me that it contains a new kind of poison untracable unless looking at the source. I went and told my commander and the cook was arrested and senteced to death. Bloodpaw the Slayer
105 i took some of my mates and we took a small boat and went out on the midnight we saw the was huge as big as the fort!!!so we went abord but were surronded by some otters and a mouse or two.they tied us up and thretened ta kill us .alla my mate where scared but i just spit in there faces and yelled cuses at em!! that night i got free and snuck off the ship but i learned how they mayed it dissapre.thet had hundereds of smoke bombs! so i took a few and made some smoke so they could not see then me and my mates swamm back to the fort got some more troops and captured the otters and mice and keep them as slaves so thats how i solved the mission!! Moonstar the slayer
105 When I heard of this I rounded up my friends, Vakisa Darkpaw and Andred the Red. Each of us took 30 warriors and went to the direction the "haunted" ship was. When we got to the shore we saw wood scrapings on the rocks. We split up. My vermin took longboats and sailed to the other side of the entrance of the harbor. Vakasa Darkpaw took her archers and hid them in the forest on the other side of the entrance of the harbor. Anred the Red was to pretend that he was wandering around and wanted to join the ship's crew. We waited till night fall. We saw the ship in the distance and when it came up close it picked up Andred's group. When it finally started to enter the harbor Darkpaw's group started fireing and My group paddled toward the boat. We boarded the ship and slew all except a dozen and the captain With the help of Andrad. You wouldn't belive this. Two weasels, a squirrel, three otters, four stoats, a ferret and a fox. The Captain was a mouse. They were all youngsters trying to make us go willy-nilly. How they would disapear was they had a mist making machine. We found the scout party's skelitons with arrows in them. I sent the captives to you. My word,Slide Shifter Slide Shifter
105 In a raft me and ten others started slowly and quietly aproaching the ship.The ten I brought were the only ones besides myself that did not believe it was haunted. I brought a raft instead of a boat because a raft is quieter than a large a ship. The ship must have dropped anchor for the moment since it stayed in the same place. The deck was alive with creatures scurrying around on the deck. I could not identify what species the creatures were, for the thick fog was now setting in. We were not a few yards away until the fog lightened and we could almost clearly see the deck. What was odd was the deck was completly empty and the ship was much quieter. The only sound was the slight creacking of the mysterious ship as it rode over the waves of the sea. Silence hung in the air as we prepared to board. Thats when a young rather stupid rat says. "Maybe the ship is haunted the crew just vanished." I took a spear from the stoat next to me and hit the rat in between his eyes with the spearbutt. "Shut up idiot, do you want them to hear us, and it is not haunted." I whispered. We then boarded the ship. We tied our raft to the ship with a rope.We then creeped across the deck towards the captains cabin should be. I then instructed the rest of my crew to find and capture or kill the ships crew. I then entered slowly down the captains cabin. I peared through the cabin door. The captain was a wildcat. The captain was talking to a rat, apparantly 2nd in command. " Soon the soldiers of Fort Nightshade will fear this ship so much they will leave, then I can rule the fortress." "Good plan m'lord." The rat agreed. " You may leave now Wormtail." The captain said. The rat came through the door. Running straight into my cutlass. Fortunantly the captain was already puting himself to bed. I crept into the cabin and deepened the captains sleep with one of my daggers. I then left the cabin and went to the deck. I found the members of my crew shoving what was left of the ships crew on the deck. I then got a full report from a member of my crew. "Surprised them in thier sleep they didn't put up much of a fight." "Good." I simply responded. We then brought the ship to the fort and showed the members of Fort Nightshade that the ship was not haunted. Doompaw
106 First thing i did was made sure all soldiers were armed with a longbow a quiver full of arrows and two swords. haveing accomplished this i set out to find our solders. after one full day on marching we found them. they were surounded by the otters. they had build a crude little fort of mud sand rocks and anything they could find. well i knew i needed to hury so i split my group into three groups one score each then i surounded the otters. i had each of my men to fire 3 shoots with there longbows and rush in with there swords. it worked . we killed all but 3 of 40 otters (i kept the three as slaves for fort nightshade) and went to see the solders that the otters had ambushed. out of a score two had died of starvation and four by the otters. i had lost 5 solders to the otters myself. i brought them back to fort and insted of useing the otters as slaves they were tourchered. then i sent out three of our best spies to see the numbers ( you know what made them good spies for this mission? they where evil otters). well when they came back the said there where five score otters. that was no mach for our numbers and we were BloodBath The Bad
107 eh? yer challenge'n me!!! i say.well you couldn't float a leaf in a pool let alone a ship you moron!!!. well i bet i could beat you you snot nose bonehead!!! ill right lets go!!! so we took out are wepons and he ran towrds me so i stepped a side a hit him on his head he went down but got back up i was laghing and having soo much funn!!hehehehe i said.c mon bonehead is that all uve got???!!! so like an idiot he ran at me again this time he tryed to stab me with his knife in my stomahce so i jumped up did 2 front flpis landed then turned around and he was in front so just to get this over ouick and easy i acted quick and i PRETEND to see some thing so i turn around so my back is facing him then he trys ta stab me so i tun and stab him to the mast but it was only in his shoulder cuz i had plans fer him HEHEHEHE!!!!! after my men got him down i ordered that his paws be cut off and he flayed alive and then we tie him with his own fleash around him put him in a bag and make lill holes so the blood can leak out in the water!!!!hoooooohehehehehe!!! then we chuck em over bord and give to the sharks!!!! i take command of the ship and make sure no other beast wants ta fight me.there all scared of me so i oreder that we set forth for the fort and we head home!!! Moonstar the slayer
107 "I'm the rightful captain." The fox snarled as he drew his Cutlass. I drew mine just in time to deflect a blow from his rusty blade. Taken by surprise he stumbled behind over a weasel. The fox ran the weasel threw and ran towards me, cutlass waving in the air. I raised my Cutlass and deflected his blow. We fought each other for sometime I could see he was tiring, but I felt myself tiring also. We fought on and on until finally. I was finding myself on the defensive. Thats when I fell down, tripping over a pile of ropes and nets.I deflected all his blows while struggling to untangle myself from the pile of rope and net. The fox smiled in satisfactin. He then began to laugh. Nobody laughs at Commander Doompaw of the Galerider! I leaped from the pile of ropes and nets. I slashed down upon the surprised fox. I chased him across the deck. The terrified fox seemed to run up the mast in fright. Dropping his cutlass in the process . I climbed the mast after him, going about at the same speed he had. I sneered at him as I brought my cutlass above my head, about to strike down. "Have the ship,"The fox sobbed.", Just don't kill- I silenced the foxes sobbing for good. I then ordered the ship to head to the east, towards many days full of rewarding Plunder. Doompaw
107 I eyed the fox who was leveling a spear at me, the upstart was obviously trying to chalenge my right to captain this ship. He was snarling at me, "Ive had it with you, Sundark. We're stuck on the seas travelin' back to Fot Nightshade and those armies. If your half the fighter you say you are we wouldn't be in this position!" I grinned and replied to the upstart. "You wanna see half a fighter? Fine I'll show you half a fighter. I need this anyway. Been over a season since a fool challenged me. To make this even more interseting I'll only use...this dagger and...that whip over there." I gestured to a whip that a ferret was holding. He threw it to me. I smiled, anybeast who saw that grin turned away. "Begin whever ready, child. It was a taunt. I myself wasn't that old, it was a taunt at his fighting style and he knew it. He thrust with the long spear. I dodged to one side and ducked the point as it blazed over my head. I hurled my long black, red-lined cloak to a rat. "Are you trying yet? I can't tell. Ha ha ha!!" He was frustrated now and stabbed again I sprang back and hurled my dagger at him. He jumped to one side. The dagger thunked into the masthead. It left him open. I swung the whip, it coiled around his spearshaft. I tugged and it was flung over my head into the ocean. I smiled and ran over, knocked him down and the whip rose and fell with cracks. The fx cried out and screamed. "Mercy. Mercy!" I nodded and stopped the flogging, hurling the whip to the ferret. I nodded. "Mercy? Very well 'll make your death a quick one." I drew my sword, long but not broad I thrust viciously and impaled him threw the stomah, not mortal. I raised the blade above me, supporting his weight He was gasping fr breath as he slid down the blade to the hilt where his life extinguished. I grinned, and tipped theblood covered blade over the edge, point down and watched the fox slide down until he fell into te sea. I wiped my sword on some rags. My leadership established again, I walked slwoly back to my quarters pausing to call out. "He wanted half a fighter I showed him half a fighter. Anybeast wanna see me at full skill?" No takers. I didn't pluck my dagger from the masthead. "Let anybeast who would chalenge me...draw that." I smiled and hurled my cloak back on as the rat gave it back and strolled into the shadows, monitering everymove on this ship. My ship. Silvren Sundark
107 I drew my sword and turned to face the fox. His spear was pointed towards me. "I be the rightful Cap'n o' dis here ship, an' I be willin' ta fight for it" At that, he charged. I sidestepped, cutting down at the same time. My blade grazed his skin, and he howled in pain. He turned, fainted left, and came straight, thrusting his spear forward. I crouched, so his spear cut the tip of my ear. I reached up, grabbed the spear haft, and yanked. I stood up as he was propelled towards me, my sword held straight. He twisted to avoid the point, so I slashed toward him and cut into him, about 8 inched, effectively severing his stomach from intestines. His eyes misted over, and the fell dead. Drabane Darksun
108 Once i heard about the pikes i decided to help.i was once a slave in the old Marlfox castle but i escaped from any way i went as far as i could get.then i met up with a seer who helped me gain power.she taght me about posion and magical amulets.she told me of a stone that could drive away even a pike!! i said i had to get this stone!! she said to sleep outside looking like i was dead for three days and nights.then it would be reveled to me.(where the stone was i mean!) on the last night i had a was about the was hidden in a rock in some kind of rubble then i saw a map...then the vision faded.the next morning when i a woke i found the same map the i saw in my vision so with out question i headed of following the map.but then i saw a note it said:when the sun is at its peak you will see the stone! wondering what this ment i traveled on. in the second week of my travling i came to the rubble. it was just noon and the sun was hitting a rock.. then i remembered the note so i ran over the the rock and picked it up then i cracked it open with a nother stone.. THIS WAS IT !!:THE AMULET OF THE SEA!!! HAHAHA I CRYED I HAVE THE STONE!!! now remebering this tale and the stone i knew how to get the pikes away!! i got the stone and ran into the water as soon as i touched the water the stone begain to glow then i cryed out:go from here you gray pikes and never come back! as if by magic they speed off into the sea never to return again!!! Moonstar the slayer
109 First I would take any beast that can swim. Also the strongest and biggest beasts. (Badgers, Hares, Wolves, Foxes, Marlfoxes etc.) I would put them one on a ship that has the strongest slaves. ( The one with the new slaves, because they are not weak yet) Then if we have otters or any outher swimming beast we will send out spears or pikes. If that does not work I will make sure that we have a strong net a net that is stronger than the rest. I will then cut a small cut to one of the old slaves dip them in the water with a rope when we se the shark we will put up the slave and throw to the shark dead cutted up fish. Then we will throw the net down and bring up the shark. Then we will stick at the shark all of our blades and throw at it spears, and shoot arrows at it. Then we will bring back to you the shark and then in your honnor and rights we can have it for a feast. That is what I would do on the dangerous life taking eating mission. Magicblade
109 Being a corsair seasons before I came to Fort Nightshade, I had handled sharks before. I got a few members of my ship together and went to a sterdy logboat outside the cove. I carried with me a spear and a bucket of fish gut and other fish innards. As we entered the cove waters a rat asked me why we were bringing a bucket of fish innards. "That thing smells horrible, why the #%*! are we bringin' it?" "You'll see rat." When we were near the center of the cove I started to dump some of the fish guts in the water. " Sharks can smell blood a mile away." I told my crew. "there she is." I said as the dorsal fin broke the placid waters. " Row those oars mates!" I shouted. They rowed fast as they could. I slowly laid out each piece of gut, from the bucket, onto the water. As the shark slowly increased its speed, I shouted orders to my crew. " Get your spears ready." "Start tieing your ropes to thier ends." Tie the rest of your rope onto the ship." Throw!!" I yelled. The spears hit thier target. The sharked thrashed in the water, as we tryed to keep heading towards shallow water. We fought the mighty leviathen. Slowly as the shark weakened, we were able to bring it into the shallow water. But, with a sudden burst of energy the shark turned around and surged foreward taking us out from shore. It then stopped and jerked from left to right. Some of the spears fell from it's body as it thrashed in the water. A rat and weasel fell from the boat. They we're quickly drug under the water to thier ghastly fate. The shark then went under the ship, turning the boat back towards shore. It then turn ed towards the boat desparetly trying to get a grip on it. Fortunatly, it only bit open air. Weakened greatly from the struggle the shark simply started back towards the cove. I then through the bucket , still containing some blood, towards shore. It go very close. The shark turned towards the cove and headed straight towards shore ,dragging us behind it. It was not long before it hit land. it then thrashed around, desparete for water. It did not get any water. It soon died. We then walked back to the fort. Doompaw
110 When I heard what was happening I decided I should take up the mission since I was one of the high ranking officers. I knew it would be difficult for not only would I be protecting myself but I would be protecting the other high officers. At first we just sat down and watched the show. The gypsies were O.K. they had some jokes and there was dancing. For now I decided to just watch the show. Thats when the lead gypsie, a young vixen, said. " We would like to present our very special Elderberry wine to the captains of each ship." Two young ferret and stoat maidens presented the open barrel of Elderberry wine. As I was about to fill my first bottle I realized this could be a trick, Poisen! Casually I said. "Thank you for your kindness, but no thank you." She looked surprised at first, but got over the shock quickly and calmly responded."Oh, but this wine is so good you could Die for it." I said. "The last thing we want is our captains becoming drunk, no, there will be no drinking." The fox gave me a quick glare and then ordered the barrel to be put up."Of course sir. No drinking." She gritted through her teeth. The gypsies then left for thier cart. An idea then sprung into my head. I gathered the other captains and we followed the band of gypsies to thier cart. They then entered the cart.I set my one good ear up against the cart door(If you read in the library one of my ears was ripped off during a fight.). I heard the vixen talking to the others. "Quickly gather your weapons, we'll have to go and kill those captains. I'll make sure the ferret dies first so we get him out of the way." They ran out of the cart and ran into us. A battle was fought and it was not long before we won. We then took the remaining gypsies, and they quickly agreed to join the fort. Doompaw
110 I was sitting in my seat waiting for the show to begin, my sword hung at my side as I observed the stage where the lead gypsy, a stoat was talking to several of his cronies. I observed this without a bit of intrest as it seemed but I was taking note of the conversation. The leaders of each ship were sitting close to me, each of us was ready at the drop of a coin to slaughter them if need be. The show was coming on, a kind of play it seemed. I watched without a bit of intrest, half asleep. If these assassins were going to make a move ten they had better do it soon because I was getting extremely bored. The stoat called out. "For the next trick we need a volunteer." I didn't even notice the paw he was pointing at me until Darkfire struck me lightly on the arm. I cursed myself for being unaware and stalked up o the stage. I strode up to the stoat who was smiling at me. "Good, good. Commander, right?" "Admiral." I replied. "Oh! An admiral of Nightshade! Very good, very good." The Nightshader crewbeasts were snickering slightly at me. I gave them a look and pointed one claw to my sword. They promptly shut up. "Now, admiral, i need you to lie down in this casket her." The stoat replied. I lay down in a long brown box and was covered up. I lay still for quite some time until; I rwalized I was running out of oxygen. I swore and reached for my sword. It was gone. The stoat had obviously apprehended me of it, sometime during the act. I snarled and grabbed my dagger and jammed it into the lid. he dagger didn't cut well so I used another, slicing away until a hole was formed. I gasped in the air. I reaches one claw up to open it, I then realized it was bolted shut. Sudden;y oit lifted and I came face to face with a fox who looked just like me. He gulped and backed up. I jumped up grabbed him by the neck and snarled. "What was that about?" He babbled. "Please, Werzpaw planned to replace the top creatures here with his own." I nodded and punched him out. "You'll make a good slave...Remember, only Silvren Sundark can actually be Silvren Sundark." I walked back to the performance near the ocean and made sevral notons to my soldiers. The stoat was saying he would do another show tommoro night. I and my other commanders got several longbows and doused a rag in oil, tied it to the arrow and lit it. We launched the arrows into the dry caravan, I watched as the flames consumed it and the plotters within. We set off back to the fort to report. Silvren Sundark
111 i found my mate dead and new i must revenge!!!! him!!!!! by the look on his face it must have been something ulgy to kill him or he just died!???? i looked at him and on the side of his neck there was a little stab mark so i concluded that he was stabed with a posion knife!!! ok i said somebeasts gonna die when i get my paws on him!i took some beasts i knew they were assasins/posioners so they thought and thought and they finnley came to a conclusion the killer would hide out on the ships and then sail off at night! so we rushed off to the ships! we split up and me an one of my other mate went on a ship.while we were looking around i caught a movement out of the coner of my eye so i took out one of my daggers and flung it at where i saw the movement! arrgggghhhhhh!!!! somebeasts cryed so we both ran over to it and it was a white fox she was very angry when i pulled my blade out of her shoulder! so we found some rope and tied her up took her out and i wanted to kill her but my mate would not allow it!!!!! so i told him i would not kill her but go get are crew and lets head back to the fort! so with the fox in are paws wich mine were around her neck we took her to my lady and i said that she broke the rules of the fort.she killed one of our beasts and she should die! i asked permission to kill her and i was surprized about when my lady said yes so i took her out of the fort swing once and her head was rollin into the watter and then i drag her carcass into the water to never be seen again!!!! then i returned to the fort and thanked my lady for letting me do that! Fire_Of_Death
111 I went to see the guard myself. It looked like that he had almost a heart attack. From the way his face was, it was like a ghost shocked him. I remember a leagend with ghosts in it. So I went into the forest and searched the area where the guard might of been looking. Then I found some tracks and followed them. They lead to a clearing and in the clearing was some mossy boulders. I snooped around and searched for openings. I came to a muddy side and there was a boulder covered with ferns. Underneath was a great big hidden opening so I hid above it with my axe. Finally I heard some snufflings with thuds and then this heavy smell came. A white badger with bloodshot eyes stuck his head out of the opening. It's ears was black. The face looked so horrifyingly deformed. My breath was caught in my throught as I slamed my axe down upon it's head. Once, twice, three times bI brought my blade clashing down upon the badgers head. I jumped down when it was dead, not daring to look at it's head. My eyes was on the neckless that it was wearing. It had a golden eeagle modle with blue stones for eyes which sparkled. I put the neckless around my own neck and went back to the fort. I did bring back the badger's fabolous dirk for a gift to you. Slide shifter
112 i took about twoscore of the forts soldiers to put out the fire.But how to do it i asked all of one new so i said that we each should get buckets and fill them with water and each of us take to one by one we each brought two bukets to the fires and started to put it out.then alla a sudden we were atakked by some hares.they mached are score so we stopped with the water and fought for are lives.i was throwing hares over my shoulder and then stabbing them with my ended quickly so then we started puting out the fire took all day but when night came we had it all out and then went gladly back to the fort.but before we did that i told them to cheak the hares and see if and were alive.we brought 5 new slaves back to the fort and took a nice long rest! Moonstar the slayer
113 A stoat guard was running through the halls of Fort Nightshade. I spotted him and told him to stop. "Shouldn't you be guarding the slaves in the dungeons?" I snarled. The stoat sneered. "Haven't you heared? There are moles tunnlein' into Fort Nightshade. I'll bet you a cask of wine their tryin' ta free the slaves." I headed down to the slave dungeons, taking ten armed rats with me. There was a noise in the slave dungeons. "It's the moles," I said. as soon as a mole poked his head above ground, I wipped it off with my scimitar. At the sight of their dead companion, the moles emerged from the ground and attacked us. But the didn't have weapons, and we did. We won, easily. Deathfang
114 i went out with some of the guards and we went to find the being an exelent tracker found it very easly.we wached for a while and then made camp far away.i posted guards at night just in case they wanted to kill us!.any way the next night we went to wach again.i went to where the clanking noses were. some squirrel a really big squirrel was making wepons.i have to say he was very good at it too! i started to count the wepons like swords and stuff.there were 150 swords,100 clubs,400 arrows and 100 bows with the exception of 50 otter javilens and 100 throwing spears! then i went back to were the other guards were and i asked the one who had gone and counted the beast.he said that there were 800 goodbeast!! there were some healers and stuff but then we went back to the fort and made our report.we also found out that they were going to plan short but fast attaks every beast was armed to the teeth for battle. AND THE WAR IS ON!!! WE FOUGHTT AND FOUGHT AND WE WON!!!! WOOOOOO YAAAYYY!!!!! NOW WE CAN GO BACK TO THE WAY THINGS WERE:EVIL!!!!! THATS THE MISSION!! Moonstar the slayer
115 First I would take the ship that is the faster one than all of the outher ships. Then I would take foxes, badgers, squrrils, wolves, otters, hares, and outher rodents. Then when we find the beast who sotel our ship I will then sneak behind it. Then when it is night we will ttack the beast and will put them all in changs to their oars. Then the second one in charge will be captin of the outher ship and the crew will be split. I would then let you decied if the leader of the beast sould die or live and be kept as slaves.That is what I would do on this mission. Magicblade
116 I sat up in the corner of the wire cage that I was put in alone, eyeing the ten guards. Five otters, five shrews. We had been captured the day before, taken by surprise, and now I had to think of something. The officers of our ship, the Darksail , were put in seperate cages by ourselves . The rest of the crew was tied up on the beach of the remote island. All through the night I had been working on wearing away the rope that tied my paws on the narrow metal bars of the cage. It was almost done. I gritted my teeth, and smiled briefly as I felt the last strand of rope break. I still kept my paws behind my back, however, not wanting the guards to know what I had done. I turned my head, watching the three other cages set up on the beach. I strained my eyes, trying to find the Admiral, Silvren. He was in the cage farthest away from mine, so it would be difficult to communicate with him. The other two were Darkfire and Deathfang. Lieutenant Deathfang the ferret was clsest to me, so I whistled quietly and managed to catch his eye. Making sure the guards weren't looking, I showed him my freed hands. He caught onto the idea, and told Darkfire, who told Silvren. In the next hour, all four of us had freed our paws. Silvren was the farthest down the beach, where there was only one guard, a lazy-looking shrew who wasn't paying much attention. Silvren quickly used his claws to pick the lock on his cage, and we did likewise once the guards turned. I told Deathfang my plan, and he passed it down the line. I counted down from five and then the four of us burst out of our cages and leapt on the first four of the guards, quickly killing them by tripping them and then stamping on their necks. We wasted no time and picked up the guards' spears, and faced the other six guards who were charging towards us. We had an advanatage with the long spears, because luckily the other guards only had short swords and couldn't reach as far. We slw the guards and were beginning to free our crew, when the rest of the goodbeast army came rushing down the beach with their weapons. By the time we had freed all the crew and gotten their weapons back, the goodbeasts had reachedu us. We had an advantage because they were ten beasts short now, and because we were spread out on the beach when we were imprisoned, we could attack not monly from the front, but also on one side. The remaining five goodbeasts, a hare, a mouse, and three squirrels, surrendured. We took them as slaves and boarded the Darksail, which luckily the goodbeasts had not damaged. It turns out they intended to keep it as their own. We sailed back to Fort Nightshade with five new slaves and all of our crew. Iceclaw
116 I was locked in a large cell under the ship with my mates."we have to get out o here"a rat mumbled.Whell im opened to suggestions."I snarled.The rat backed off.An otter walked up to the cell."Shuddup slime!"he growled.I went up and pressed my face against the bars."You will pay when i get out o here otter."He just tipped his head back and laughed."You'll never get outta here."You will be executed by morn."he said as he walked out."Heel be the first to die!"i snarled."Slat! are you almost finished?""Aye almost."The small fox had managed to grab a phile beforewe were thrown in."There!"he said with triumph."Were outta here"He starter to bend the bar.I gave him a sharp kick."Stop! We escape tonight."When darkness had enveloped the ship we bent the bar and went out one by one.I slit the sleeping guard's throat."lets go."We began our conquer of the ship."Every beast on deak! The prisnors have escaped."an otter shouted.I grabbed the dead guards spear."Take weapons from the fallen!"i shouted as i speared the otter.We layed havoc on the sleepy otters.After the battle I asked the out come of the fight."Twelve o ours in all"my mate shouted.They can put up a good fight. Its a good thing we took them by superise.We would have lost."we started our journey back to fort nightshade. Salocin
116 Me and me mates were all trown into a small cell, the goodbeasts set sail to anoher island and took one of our numbers every day to extract information from us aout were our island was,none of us told, so they used drastic mesures, they took the Captain ( a rat) and in front of us, tied a rock to his paw and hung him from over board their ship, they left him there into the night then at dawn asked us to tell them the islands location, all of us stayed loyal to Fort nightshade, except the rat. After hanging over board all night he said he would tell, we killed him, then the "goodbeasts" took me and tied my front paws together and trew me roughly over the side. At night with my head almost under water, i started biting and clawing at the side of the ship, soon there was a small hole. I tirerdly pulled myself up I slid siletly over the rail and to the brig. I got the keys from the table and soon all me mates were armed to the teeth with the goodbeasts weopens. Me and a stoat led the charge. We soon were sailing back to Fort Nightshade. No one was opponted Captain, so we drew straws. A weasel won, but three days later he got sick, I took over. Within seven days we got back to our fort with a new ship and weopens. Nightflame
117 Glur, I stay near d'Snowfurwolf, no leave. All day, nothin' happen, I follow wolflady all over. Arra, night come, Snowfur go sleep. I stay 'wake alla night, still nothin' happen. Glur, Muchmuch sleepy inna morning, still guard wolflady. She eat breakfast, I get some also. Yar, she walk down a hall, I zee shadow. Glur, Snowfurwolf no see, big stoatbeast with big pike ax. I shout muchloud, point at shadow. Wolflady tell me, 'go get shadow!' I run after d'shadow, but glur, was gone quickfast. No more see shadow, no more have to guard wolflady. Marakul! Thell
117 Well this is an important mission of all mission. Back then if your leader was dead than that shows you are weak, but if your leader is alive than you are strong. First I would be at every place Snowstar. I would be hinding and if I see some one pull out a weapon I would kill them. I would set up a troop and be like spys watching Snowstar and anything else they see who is beinging suppous. Also there will be outher spies all out of the land. If any of us find out who is behind this we will kill that leader and kill the rest of them. Also I will present to Snowstar and everybody else that if any one trys to murder Snowstar, higher attortys, or anyone else the will have their heads on pikes outside the fort or at another place. Also I would not be dead, because I was not killng for a bad reason, I was killing because I was protacting Snowstar. That is what I would do on this mission. Magicblade
118 As soon as I found out that the otters had beached their ship, I began to panic, yet I was sure that I could solve the problem. I took twelve rats with me, and, as always, the stoats Trake and Maim. We found the otter ship and holed it. Then, when the next shipload of supplies came to the fort, the otters couldn't attack it at sea, and they couldn't make a move on the shore without being seen and killed instantly, even if they did have arrows. But they didn't have a chance to use their arrows. I stood on the walltop with a score of archers and slingers. I gave them the signal. They fired. None of them missed. Deathfang
119 As soon as I heard their had been a traitor in Fort Nightshade, I decided to pay a little justice. In the middle of the night, I slipped off to find, and then murder him, so he could not betray our location to anybeast. From what I could gather from the other beasts, the traitor was a ferret, tall and sinewy. His name was Darkeye. Just that. Darkeye. Well, I traveled after this "Darkeye" for many days. It wasn't fairly hard, considering you just had to follow the sound of the screams, and the burnt-to-the- ground goodbeast villiages. I knew that he would tire sometime, so I followed, knowing he knew that I was there. Along the way, I picked up a thorn in my footpaw, and deftly tossed it out. We wolves are known for our steadiness. On the fourth day, after non-stop running, I sat down to rest, and saw a figure running up the next hill. I knew this was my last chance, so I stood up, grabbed my longbow, sighted, and fired. The next thing I knew, I heard an agonized shriek, and saw the figure drop. Our so called "Darkeye" was dead. It took me longer to come back here than it did to run away, mostly because I was exausted. I took Darkeye's head with me, for proof that I had caught that traitor. Boar Warfang the Impaler
120 I took fifty horde beasts and I followed the goodbeasts footprints. We came to a large meadow and saw seventy mice,moles,otters,squirrels,he dgehogs,shrews and even voles. I surronded them by putting archers in the front, slingers in the back and close combat beasts on the side. I gave the command for the archers to fire. The otters lined up in rows and shot back. I signaled the vermin on the sides to charge, clashing onto the otters backs and fought the voles, shrews, moles and mice. When the tide started to turn my slingers took their marks and killed hedgehogs and squirrels. The escapers met me and died. I had lost about a dozen beasts but all was well. I took the loot and delivered them to the fort. Slide Shifter
120 I was at first hesatant to take this mission but after being woken several times in the night by cowardly sentries I figured that I owed it to myself to solve this I picked 50 stout beastes as well as those cowardly gaurds and silently exited the fort at night upon being outside I had the group split up half waiting to charge upon the goodbeastes the other half (and me) sneaking around to my ship and asrming ourselves with long pikes used to repel borders,by this time the goodbeastes still blissfully unaware of what was going on behind them were working themselfs up to attack the fort. On my signal the 25 who were not with me attacked and began to fight madly suprised by this sudden assult the goodbeastes retreted at were met by the other 25 and I with the pikes. It was like shooting fish in a barrel, before long none of the good beastes were left. Our casulites were as follows: 13 stout strong beastes. 7 cowardly senteries. Reintail Quickpaw
121 Glur, Thell wait in larders. Wait through night, hide all day, muchlong. Muchsleepy, Thell see things that are not there. Glur, wait! Squirrel sneaking around, I not know how her get in. Nakara, I wait more, she come this way slow. See her footpaw near I, grab quickfast! Glur, squirrel shreik muchloud, make muchnoise. We fight, she have dagger, Thell have scimiter, murakal. I send dagger muchfar, squirrel not armed. Glur, I slay quickfast. Take food an' put it back, krummm. Squirrel be slave, escape from dungeons. Glur, nakara murakul! Thell
121 When I heard the mision I decided to hide by the kitchen's entrance. I stayed up to midnight waiting for the beast. I thought I saw a shadow slipping through the corridor but then I realized it was a stoat. I've never really liked stoats. He didn't see me since I was midnight black. He was in there for a few minutes and then he was out again. He momved swiftly , winding his way through many corridors. I followed at a distance. We went outside into the night air cautiously. He looked around and rolled a great big boulder, his sinews tightening to unhearth a hidden entrance. He looked around once more and ducked inside. He forgot to roll the boulder back so I slipped inside. I folloed a long tunnel that seemed like ages. I must of gone under the fort itself. I came to a large cavern and quickly took a peek around. At one end ther were six otters and a mother stoat with her child who was playing with an otter dibbun. My mind swam. A stoat united with an otter family. The stoat I was following came in with a tray laden with themeadowcream trifle he stole. The sight was odd but warming. I decided to wait untill they fineshed the trifle and went to bed. I slew them one by one but left the otter and stoat babes alone. I quickly chucked the food that the stoat had stolen into a sack. I decided to take the dibbuns to you for you to decide what to do with the dibbuns. Faithly yours, Slide Shifter. Slide Shifter
122 While, I'm knew here, try'n to figure things out. Naturally, when I heard about missions, I jumped at the chance. Me an' 3 of me matey's set of wi' enough rations fer a full week. The firs' 2 days afer the 'nitial enthusiasum wore off, we wandered aimlessly all over the in/outside of the fort. Just when me an' me mateys was goin' ta give up, Haharr, we stumbled on some sevrel day ol' hare tracks. after afew sips o' grog (JUST to keep are spirits up, eh, mateys? Haharr! new yee'd underrstand!!) While after that we's start trackin'. I tell you, them stoopid bunny rabits ain't easy ta track. kept doubling back an' walkin in water an' the like. but finally, we's cone ta' a sort of hollow. Big 'un too. Anyway, The spot were crawlin wi' rabbits!!! I's just knew they was the one's, cause they' was tellin' story's 'bout it! The nerve of 'em!! while, so me and crew, we sorround that there hollow and loosed slings an arrers. The battle lasted the rest of the day an' part of the night, but finally, I struck down the leader fellow, a big black hare name o' Leaper. After the leader went, it were a cinch ta round em up an excicute 'em. THAT were the fun part. An so's, the mission were ended. Deathfang Bloodteeth
122 First I will get all of the rats, foxes, wolves, weasels, feerrits, pine martins, and outher evil goodbeast and spy on everybeast. Then when one of us finds the hare we will sliently follow where it is gioning and then I will make a sign to tell them that we must hide and circle them. Then I will singal the comand tio the beasts that have spears, arrows, daggers, peebles and outher throwing weapons to them. Then when we kill all of them we will cut of their heads and put them on pikes and present them to you. That is what I will do if I complted this danogues and therting attempptemt to the fort. Magicblade
123 I take the fort's best ship, and take the best slaves, and crew. I shall then wait for the mysterious ship at the exact spot. Isaw it heading for us with no crew. For a wolf that I'am I smelled the air to see if I found a sent. I did not so that got me worried. My outher crew was of wolves, squrrills, foxes, marlfoxes, badgers, hares, and otters. I sunddly roread at the crew that to smell the air to see if you got a sent. All of the wlves, foxes, and marlfoxes, said they did not smell anything, but they sensed danger. I then oder them to get there weapons to get ready to fire. Well then the sun was setting, but I then I could see a gholsty figure. That had a gholsty crew and captian. I looked closey and found out that their captian was Cluny the Scorge. I franctly souted out to Cluny to see why he was here with the living. He replied back by sayng I have come back to see my old home. Ye fort is setting on it, and I return there for the how many days I lived their to conquer Redwall. Ithen answerd back by saying well are ye gona kill us or be friends. He replied back that he would not kill us, if we did not act stupid over the grounds of his old place. He said That to make sure any goodbeast or vermin that tryed to conquer it should pay from us and to make sure there blood is deep in the siol. He said today shall be the last time he is here. I ask him if he would like to eat with us to celbrate you in honor. He said that shall be wounderful. I then take them to the docks and we have a feast. He exlpains to all of FNS about wy he is here. That is what I shall do if you leted me complete this mission. Magicblade
124 After being given this mission by Lady Snowstar, I set out north to where the ship lay anchored. After watching from the cliffs for a short time to find out thier numbers, I was surprised to find that they were a realtivly small group, barely large enough to crew the ship they were using. I decided the best way to gain access to the ship was the straight approach, fairly easy being an otter. I walked up to the ship and found myself facing a half dozen hares and mice with spears. Putting on my friendliest face I could I introduced myself. "Good morrow to you mates. Why all the fuss over me. I'm just an otter who saw your ship and was wonderin' if I could join ya. By the by my name is.." I started to speak my real name, but caught myself. "Waterford Pebblebrook." That's when I heard a somebeast's voice coming from behind me. "Well Waterford why do you want to join up with us?" This voice was like listening to the wind on a spring morn. "Well I thought that ye wouldn't mind a beast who knows what he's doin' with rope and sail." I said. "Alright. Lower your weapons, I doubt he'll be any trouble." As the beast who was speaking came into view I found my self looking at female otter. She was wearing a white flowing shirt tucked into a pair of brown sail cloth pants, with a pair of sea boots. She was unarmed, but obviously incharge, since the other's lowered their weapons and made their way back aboard the ship. "My name is Ashley Whiteflower. And this is my ship, the Hope." She extended her paw to in greeting. Not wanting to appear rude I grasped it firmly and shook. "Where will ya be headin' this time, if I may ask?" I ask her, appearing genuinly curious. "We won't be haeding anywhere soon. We have some...unfinished business here with some vermin." She said starting to smile mischieviously. "Oooohh. Do ya need any help, I know this area preety well, I grow up just over there." Indicating farther north. "Thanks, we could always use the help. Follow me I need to talk to you in my cabin." I nodded and followed her onto the ship and to her cabin, recieveing more then a few ood glances from the crew as we passed. When we were in her cabin she sat behind a smal desk and motioned for me to pull up a chair. Her look was very serious, and her eyes very cold. "Now let's get down to business." She pointed to something marked on a map sitting on her desk. When I leaned forward to look at what it was, I found my self starring at not just one map but several. One of the surrounding area of Fort Nightshade, another of the fort its self, and a third of the outlying country further inland. Her finger was right atop the first map with Fort Nightshades surrounding area. "This is where we are going to be going soon. This is a vermin fort, called Fort Nightshade. Our plan is to capture their young and bring them back with us to Salamandastron to be brought up proper and more peaceful." Giving her a slightly confused and surprised look I asked. "Why? Why would you want to do that? They are vermin, as you said. Why not kill them all? You know they deserve it." Doing my best to still sound sconfused and angry. "You've got the location of their fort, why not just storm the place?" At this point I was standing with both arms on her desk leaning forward, starring at her beautiful face. "The reason why we don't 'storm the place' is because we don't have the beasts to do it. If there was a badgerlord at Salamandastron, then maybe. But it would just mean that we would have to fight forever, never ridding the world of the scum. If we take their young and raise them properly then we stand a better chance of acheiveing our goal of peace." Looking at me with dark blue eyes, she seemd almost sad, but the way she was clenching her fists told otherwise. "Alright. Have ya done anyhting so far that brings your goal closer to reality?" I asked trying to calm her down and win her confidence. Heaving a huge sigh and plopong down into her chair she waved her paw about saying. "We made a raid last month, we managed to get a hold of the dibbuns, but not for long, they grabbed them while we were on our way here. Fortunatly we got some of them when they grabbed their young back. Unfortunatly one of the young ones was killed, in the raid." At this point she leaned foreward resting her elbows on her knees and hung her head showing that she was truely sorry for the loss. Waiting a moment I then asked. "Where are the ones you captured?" Looking up at this, with a single trail on her cheek where a tear had been shed. "We're keeping them in the deck below." *Wiping the tear away.* "This used to be an old slave ship. Funny isn't it? That they are being held on a slave ship that they may have sailed or heard of." Smiling as she said this last part to herself more than me. "Would you care to see them?" She asked. Thinking for a moment as to wether or nor they would recognize me as an admiral of Fort Nightshade. I decide to see who had been caught. "I 'spose so." Shrugging my shoulders in a nonchalaunt manner. "Alright let's go." And with that Ashley lead the way to slave galley. Once we got the entrance I was glad to see that only a few were beasts that might know. As they were looking at me I gave them a very cold and serious stare. Some turning their heads to avoid eye contact. They did not say anything. Apparently Ashley saw the stare as well, but thought it was anger when she said. "I thought you'd be a little upset, with the comment you made in my cabin. Well these are all 13 of them. There were more, but as I said some died." Just then somebeast was ringing a triangle and shouting above decks. Ashley turned to me smiling as a wonderful sent came wafting in. "It's chow time. If we want to eat, we best get there before the hares do." She was already running towards the door, that's when I noticed the keys hagning from her belt. She was above decks before I could reply, leaving me alone with the 'slaves'. Speaking quitely, but just loud eoungh to be heard. "To all those who don't know who I am. I am Admiral Wraithe Stjerna of the Sea Hawk. I know what it looks like, but trust me you will be back at the fort bofore the morrow. Remain quite and I will get you out quickly." Then I was walking to join my new 'friends' for supper. It was quite joyous occassion. Hare's were dancing, trying to sing, mice were dancing and playing assorted instruments. All the while beasts were eating, drinking, and laughing. It didn't take long before they started to fall out and go to sleep, some where they fell. At last leaving myself and Ashley awake. Sitting around the cooking fire we sat in silence for sometime, then I decided to break the silence. "When is your next raid on the fort?" I asked with a very flat and matter of factly tone. She returned it after a moment. "We will be moving out at first light to be at the ambush piont by mid day." "I have some experience in these things." I said as I moved closer. "I come from a clan that that was all we did was raid and ambush vermin." Quitely I drew my dirk and showed it to her. "See it has a black star on the hilt just above black wavey lines. They represent black sand." I let that sink in. Knowing that few otters from this far north would not have heard of my clan and holt and me. Her eyes grew wide as serving platters in realisation as to who I was. "Y,Y,Y,Your Wrai,Wrai,Wrai,Wraithe St,St,St." And that's all the farther she got. I had slid my dirk between her ribs just below her left shoulder. I cradled her in my arms so she wouldn't make alot of noise when I layed her on the deck. I then grabbed the keys from her belt and made for the slave galley. When I got there I was not surprised to find that it was ungaurded. I walked in and unlocked the starboard lock and then the port lock. "Alright I told you I would get ou guys out. Quiety undo the chains, then go retreive your weapons, and silence all those beast up there snoring." As I spoke the chain was undone and the fisrt few went to get their weapons, then once we were all above deck and armed, we moved silently about and began our grisly work. There were a few beasts who had been wakened by the sniggering of couple of old corsairs, but other than that none knew that they had died. It was nearly dawn by the time the crew of the Hope were all slumbering at the gates of the Dark Forest. "Set the ship alight and push it out to sea." I ordered. The ship was quicky burning. Sailing out to meet the rising sun crewed by the dead. "Alright when we get back to the fort, a round of drinks and food for everyone." With that they let out a resounding cheer and started running for the fort. I couldn't get the face of Ashley Whiteflower out of mind for some time, but it did fade eventually. We returned to the fort and went straight for the tavern, I told the barkeep to put first round on me, then I went to Lady snowstar made my report. Wraithe Stjerna
125 Well I shall then post squrrills to watch the beds of rats, and outher beasts to make sure they do not leave. They are not to kill, but floowl them to the enimmes.m Then report to me and give me the excat locaion of the enmme. Then we shall go on ahead and dissapir to to the enmmes. Then we shall all throw, release bows, javelins,pebbles, daggers, and outher throwing weapons. Then the first group come out of their hidding place and kill the rats. Then if any rats sneak out the second an dthrid troops will kill them. When all of them are dead, and we check for 5 days we will report back and say we killed all of the rats. Then I will represent you all of the hades of the traders to be a waring not to betray or leave Fort Nightshade. That is what I shall do on the mission. Magicblade
126 Fridt I will rouned up all beasts on Snowsatr side. I use some of beasts to spie on the outher clans. Then I will kill the outher beasts in favor that are the leaders, I'll then post them up on pike. To show that one beast trys to become powerful than Snowstar shall die. Then we shall put the beasts on the outher beasts sides, and make them pay for about 4 to 6 weks. Working like slaves. Also I'll make sure everybeast that was on your side be treated with alot of respect. Also that way the outher beasts that were not on your side will not pick a fight with the ones on your side. That is what I shall do. For this mission. Magicblade
127 I was walking through the fort when I heard the sounds that a group of foxes had described, it rose the hairs on my neck. I knew my job so I followed the sound it led up to the tallest point in the fort, I hated that spot, not the heights but the creaky boards, so unbalenced. Beasts all talk about fixing it, but it was never done. I unshethed the new saber I had gotten and creeped up to the tower. No one was around to see me, thoughts came threw my mind that I wouldn't come out of this rotten tower, but I remembered my duty, To prove that there was no ghost. I got to the trap door and flung it opean, There on the balcony was a figure clad in a white blanket, something was but on it so that it glowed, it jumped, stumbeling over the rail and down to the ground. I turned and ran down the stairs, i got to the botem and ran to the other side, Tat's when I knew. Ghosts don't lay on the ground moaning, I walked calmly up to the creature and flipped back the hood. There lay the most hated, despeised rat in the whole fort, He had no freinds, and he smelled of dead animals. I presed my sword to his trought, "Game's up, Stern. It's the dungeons for you. Bringing disorder to the fort I declare you captured." He lay and moaned. I called two sentries over to take him down to the prison. I felt good, and most of all I was alive. Nightflame
128 "Hurry! Up th' stairs! Quick!" I yelled. A large band of sea rouges ands pirates had taken the fort under siege and were quickly scaling the walls. Lady Snowstar was taken ill, and I was in charge. I glanced over the wall, and was nearly struck by a throwing dagger. As I looked down at the rapidly advancing corsairs, I got an idea. "The old pine resin trick, that should do it!" I muttered. As a weasel scrambled by, I stopped him. "Leadtail, go fetch six large cauldrons of hot pine resin with a score o' other beasts! Quick, there's not much time." Then I shouted another order. "All archers! Rally t' me! Quick now!" In about two minutes I had two score archers. "Right, twen'y other beasts are gittin' hot pine resin. When they dump, I want you to quickly shoot them with burning arrows. And remember, sharp 'n' quick!" Soon the cauldrons were up. Our forces were already trying to keep the rapidly advancing corsairs at bay with stons and long pikes. "Leadtail, tell them to tip those cauldrons on the signal." Then, with the pine resin cauldrons set at all the right parts, I yelled the command. "Dump that pine resin NOW! NOW! Quick!" The steaming hot resin tipped down scalding all the vermin, sending a few to their deaths. "ARCHERS! Fire NOW!" A stream of burning arrows streaked through the air. The fire and resin were a deadly mix. This did some serious damage to the corsairs. "Archers! Keep hittin' them with arrows!" Then to keep them away from the gates, I thought of another plan. I had ten barrels of four pronged iron spikes sent up. These, when dumped, were made to always land face up. When they stumbled upon them in the night, it would maim them and rid many of them of their power to walk. This we did silently, hoping they wouldn't hear, and blunder into them. Then, I heard axes against trees. This only meant one thing. A battering ram. "Perfect...!" I snarled with a pitiless smile. We waited for about an hour, until we heard them coming. Loud war cries and spear banging met our ears. As the battering ram crew came closer, we all stayed silent. Then we heard loud cries and screams, it had worked! Not only were they stepping on the spikes, many were getting crushed under the dropped logs. As they retreated, we gave them another surprise. "Javelin line one! Fire!" A deadly hiss rent the air and many corsairs fell transfixed. "Javelin line one drop! Javelin line two! Fire!" We hit them with five salvos. This wiped out the ram crew. The next morning, they came back for more. "The gall of some creatures... pitiful." I muttered to a nearby stoat. "Arr, yer right matey. They don't know when t' give up." We hit them with arrows and sling stones all morning till they called a retreat. We hit them with a large catapult as they ran away. Several hours later, We saw a ship leaving. They had had to leave two ships behind because they didn't have enough crew members. "We really teached them a lesson, eh boys?!" I was greeted by heary cheers. "Arr, yer right matey! Never mess with Fort Nightshade!" said the stoat I conversed with earlier. "Aye, tha's right matey!" I said breaking into old, unused corsair slang. One victory for Fort Nightshade! Ripslash Quickstrike
128 Was there no peace in a weasel's life? I wondered as I climbed the stairs to the battlements. Already a group of archers were retaliating, firing arrows into the midst of the invaders. However, I could tell they weren't going to hold out much longer. A rat scampered up to me. "Ma'am, they're starting to ram the door. What should we do?" I shrugged. "Shore up the gates with earth and stones. I'll plan a little surprise for them." I trotted to the kitchens and found three casks of vegetable oil. I then selected a score of the best archers to prepare fire arrows. Grinning evilly, we hoisted the open barrels and upturned the contents of the barrels onto the ram carriers. Grimclaw the stoat fired a burning shaft from the longbow he always carried and the whole thing went up in flames. While the invaders were preoccupied with dousing the fire, more Nightshaders dumped water onto the door, along with a mixture of wet soil and sand. Let them try and burn the gates now, I thought. The whirr and clank of grappling hooks on stone gave way to a new problem. Some rats were already halfway up the walls when swift slashes of my saber severed their ropes. I stationed five beasts with razor-sharp kitchen knives to keep watch for more climbers. There were beasts outside trying to throw what were called 'fire-swingers' at us. Well-placed arrows with their heads swathed in oil-soaked rags took care of the arsonists. The remaining corsairs fled; I sent a score of beasts after them and they all returned with injuries no more than arrow wounds. Ahhh, such is the life of a warrior. Flameblood Quickblade
129 they came in short attaks and they kept us down by firing arrows! i had to do something we were running short of food and water so i took my best mates and told them to sneak out and count how many there are and get some food and water! when they returned they said they had counted about 200 rats! that was small compared to us! so once they stopped firing at night i sent a small group of 50 to go and pick them off one by one but do it quitley! and once they retuned they had taken about 60 lives and captured 10 for slaves. one of them had been killed when he fell on his spear the idiot! so i tells them to gap them and throw them in the dongen. 130 more rats to go! in the night i got every beast up and gave them each 60 arrows i told them just to fire down on the camp! when light came there were carcass all over the ground down below! we have won! we only lost about 20 men though so then begain the hard work of burning them on the far side of the shore this task is done! we rested for a few days and then went back to doing other things. Moonstar the Slayer
130 Me, 2 stoats, 3 ferrets, 1 crow, and 4 rats were to go and get a strange flower for Lady Snowstar whom had fallen ill to Dryditch fever. We traveled northeast to the mountain region where the flower was supposed to thrive. Along the way we captured a small group of 5 mice. I killed one to show the others what would happen if they didnt help us and to make their numbers more managable for our men. Most of us were trackers not warriors. In fact I am sure some of those rats trembled when I killed that mouse. Softies. Anyways we made them walk in front taking us to a strange hut in the nearby Mossflower woods. Living inside was two crazed vixens. They were self- proclaimed witches and were supposed to know everything about everything within 20 days clear march. I became the spokebeast and learned that their names were Yahoo and Google. I asked them, "Oh Yahoo where can I find the legendary Flowers of Icetor?" Yahoo gave me several answers and appeared muddled in a few of them. Slightly confused I asked Google the same thing with slightly better results. Slightly. There was even more answers from Google but the first one sounded right. So we left, crossed our claws, and set out for the fourth peak. Before we started climbing I killed the other mice and made a coat to combat the cold. The others did the same with leaves and grass. Near the peak we found a Flower of Icetor. It was a beautiful moment. Lady Snowstar would live and I would get some gold! ;) We then made for home and on the way I captured Yahoo and Google thinking they might be more useful at Fort Nightshade. The trip home was uneventful except for that muntinty but I stopped that fast. However we came home minus one rat. Swiftclaw
131 Well me, and foxes, and wolves, and some squrrils track down the enime. We saw them at thre campsite, with our Lady Sonwstar in a cage. We bring out the squrrils, and let them climb in the trees, and wait for my single. Me, and the outher wolves, and foxes pop out, and tell their beast in charge that we wanted to jion their army. They let us in, and when they all go to bed I unlock Lady Snowstar, and let the squrrills bring the camp on fire with there bows. At each tent there are 2 fires, and all of the beasts are dead, and we start to head home. Magicblade
132 A spy heard about a posion plot for the feast so Lady Snowstar decided to send me to find out the validity of this and stop it. I think she sent me because I am new in the Fort and not too many here know me. It was because of this that I got to be friends with this undersized rat named Taraton. He was being bullied about by some stoats and I saved him, butting the two stoats heads together and giving them a telling off. Grateful we became fast friends. I told him how I was sent here to kill Lady Snowstar from a forest band of mice, but I couldnt so far because of all her guards and the fact that she is a mighty warrior. I wanted the perfect opportunity to kill her and that takes time. I confided to Taraton that I needed help and that in exchange for keeping bullies off of him he would get me close to Lady Snowstar at the feast. He agreed and confided a bit to me. He was planing to posion her himself. He had been trying for some while now but bullies were always after him and ruining every opportunity for him. He wanted me to get him close enough to the food and then if that failed I could continue on with my plan. I agreed and we went to the feast together. Of course when he got out the posion I took it from him and stuffed it down his thoat killing him. I took his body to Lady Snowstar and showed he was the posioner. He had also told me he worked alone so we didnt have to worry about anymore suprises. Lady Snowstar asked me afterwards how I knew that Taraton was the posioner. It seemed like just plain luck that I met him. Well something the bullies, guards, and even Lady Snowstar herself missed, was the undersized rats name. Taraton or if spelled backwards Not-a-rat was really a mouse! Seeing this I assumed he was here for other reasons then killing and tourturing. Lady Snowstar rewarded me with the rank of Most High Admiral and Second in Command for my bravery, brains, and saving her life. Ahem just kidding. Just a bit of wishful thinking. She did say she might give me 5 to 15 coins though. Swiftclaw
132 well, I went to the kichen for starters and did a round check on all the food. That's a lot to go through! so I sniffed here, and there making sure all was well, right, when ,as i left I saw a small bag on the ground, barley visable in a small crack in the wall behind a sack of flour. if it wasn't for the stupid slave the came into the kicthen and tripped over the sack i would never have seen the little bag. After sending the slave away I pulled it out and looked it over, It was a normal bag except for a tiny design on one of the sides, a poison design. I pulled the bag open and sure enough, inside was dried, crushed up deadly, nightshade. I decided to try something, so I took the bag with me and went to see the Head of my ship, later he talked to the leader of Fort Nightshade, I carefully laid the bag back in place , the next night when the everyone ate I looked for a beast with a suprised look that no one fell over and died I found him and brought him in I had filled the bag with suger. Nightflame
133 I was sent out to find out what has been attacking are crew members that go out to get food. i talked to one of the captives in the dungeon. He said he new what the symbol on the shaft of the spear meant. He said it was the symbol of anger. He also said that it was from his old tribe of shrews. I thought to my self no wonder it whats the sign of anger because though gosh darn shrews are always mad about something. So i went and got my hare companion Vicepaw and we set out for the forest. We were walking down a path when we saw a bush move. We quickly darted behind a tree. He grabbed his raiper and stood ready for any ambush. Since i was a squirrel i darted up the tree and fitted an arrow in my bow. I pulled back the arrow and THWAP! i nailed a figure as it rolled over on its side. vicepaw and i ran over to the figure. It was a dead shrew with a spear with the weird symbol on it.We walked a little farther but found nothing so we atrted back home. When we were almost back we saw a spear wizzing straight for us! We ducked right as it hit a tree above are heads. Up in front of us was one score of shrews waiting for us. So we made a plan. Walk up to them and a waht the problem was. We yelled out to them," we come in peace why for you kill are crew members and also us!" They said," BEcause you takey all ey foods to eet leavin us wit only little tooie survive." We said to them that we wouyld gladly take not so much food. They said ok but 'member we killy you if you take to much we said k. So as they turned their back we found an old rotten tree the size of a castle. we said to each other why share when Fort nightshade can have all we wont. so we walked over to the giant tree and wacked at it with are weapons. Now that we broke through the bak we pushed with all are might and watched the tree fall over and squish all those dirty shrews. Elmtail
133 After hearing of my mission I decided to gather some other horde beasts from my ship. I got a fox and two other wolves. We had gone into the area where the attackings were reported and did some quick scouting. The fox had informed me of some trip wires being spotted a little ways off of the trail. I had found the other wolves and we followed the fox to where he said the wires were. I looked and attached to these wires was a device that when moved, the wire releases spears which then kill whatever beasts are there. I had taken a rope from my pack and with the help of some sticks I had devised a way so as to make it so when I pull the rope it moves the wire without me actually having to attach it to the wire and therefore moving it and having spears hurled at me. After this was done we hid in some nearby bushes and waited. No more then half a minute later three stoats came out. They appeared to be barbaric, and the wolves each attacked one of the weaker stoats. The fox and I had then attacked the one that appeared to be leader, he was definitely the strongest of the three, but we did not have intentions of killing him. Instead we just wounded him badly; he wouldn't tell us his motives or if there were others so we brought him back to the fort. After a few days of starvation and beatings we found out that they were the only ones from their little group, and that they were purely hoping to kill off the fort's members to the point where they could gain followers of their own who would in turn over-power those in the fort, and then they could take over. This, however, is never going to happen, and the stoat was beheaded shortly after telling. Rosebud
134 Well I shouted a retreat we ran to the cover of trees. Being merciful the mice decided that we would not come back this season and set about making camp. We vermin made a wide circle and came up behind them. I set the five weasels in the trees above with everyone’s spears, I then took the wolves to the right side where the cooking fires were being made and the rest of my vermin on the left side where the tents were being put up. I decided to come in head on where most of the mice were. We hit them on four sides, above, left, right, and head on. The spears rained down and killed 5 mice, then the weasels dropped down and drew their swords ready to deal out death. On both sides the warrior mice had dropped their weapons for their more delicate tasks and were taken off guard, 10 from each side were killed. I smashed into the main body killing the first 5 I saw then taking the two most official looking mice in my claws one in each. I then bounded out of the way and let my vermin fight a bit. When I saw danger of them losing I let out an awful roar. Instantly there was a lull in the battle. I set out my terms, they would "escort us" to our fort where we would set them free. They would then go home and tell all about the mighty Fort Nightshade. The head mouse looked at his now ruined party of 2 score and a half mice. We made it to the fort alright, seeing that they would get their freedom when they reached it no mice tried to escape. When we got to the fort I hailed out to the guards and soon had 10 score vermin out. With these odds the mice surrendered and became our slaves. In this way I captured 50 mice with no losses of Fort Nightshade, no waste of ropes or manpower as they led themselves to the fort and saved as many of their lives as possible. Dead beasts cant be slaves you know. Swiftclaw
135 I set out towards the mysterious fire that night. I was desperately hoping that it wasn't part of a bigger force because that would be quite uncomfortable. I was about a score of paces away from the fire when i heard raucous laughter. It was unmistakeable, that was a rats' laugh. I crept towards the firelight and saw a very disturbing sight. Around the fire sat a score of our scouts. They were talking and drinking with about eight woodlanders. As I walked into the clearing, all laughter and talking ceased. There was an uncomfortable silence. "Well, well, well," I said, "what do we have here. It seems that you lot would rather sit around a fire instead of scouting for poor Lady Snowstar. Who is back at Fort Nightshade now, worrying about her lost scouts and a mysterious fire." I looked around and a ferret stood up boldly and said, "well, yes we would actuall-" He stopped talking because at that moment i whipped around and ran him through with my dirk. My eyes hardened as i said, "now, would anybeast else like to argue? Or would they like to take these woodlanders captive and tell me if they are in a bigger band?" There came a mass scramble as the scouts jumped on the woodlanders and started dragging them to the Fort. I learned from a weasel that they were not part of a bigger band so i returned to Nightshade and reported to Lady Snowstar. Skant Bloodfur
136 I took a small ship and some archers and sailed over to the north side of the island. As soon as we saw the ship we started to shot arrows and pretty soon most of the good- beasts were all slane.So we borded it and slew the survivers and stole there booty and wepins Bloodblade
137 First off I would send the best 5 scouts in the fort to see what creatures they are. Then I would tell one-third of the soldiers to take a ship out to sea and when they attack sail in behind them and pincer them. Of the remaining soldiers I would send half of the archers to the cliffs to ambush them. Then have the remaining archers on the battlements and the infantry waiting behind the gates, so when the soldiers in the ship attack the goodbeasts attention would be on them we would ambush them from behind them and while all this is going on the archers would be firing wave after wave until all the soldiers were jumbled together then have them charge down the cliffs and the archers on the battlements hold the gate. Bloodpaw the Slayer
137 I too with me 120 ferrets, I dont really trust any others, except maybe wolves. Anyway, I led my group through the trees until ten days later we spoted the goodbeast, we hid in the bushes, until they passed. Then I split my group into six groups of 20, At night when the goodbeasts had gone to sleep, i attacked silently with all my groups.We hit hard and fast, then dissapeared. The good ones didn't know what hit them, when my group got together agian I got the report of the damage, we had killed 209 of them, all sleeping, Soon we heared shouting, And the good ones were packing camp and getting their weapons, we hid perfectly into the scenary, they passed us, when the warriors came back to camp, They buried there dead and left. We followed at a distance, that night, same thing, but they had sentaries, no problem, I had my groups throw knives and stars, we got into the camp and we killed 325, this time. I got a count from my squads, There was 902, goodbeasts left, and they were three days from Fort Nightshade. I did the same thing for two more nights, then i sent a squad to the fort, they sent help (archers) to finish off the 591, goodbeasts left in a head on battle, they surrendered when they had 194 left, they now work as slaves Nightflame
138 Ah Wolfslayer horibble rat naming himself wolfslayer bad name disgrace full to us wolves. Anyways I would send down our bow beasts, and put posion on them. Since rats are stupid creatures I will send a vixen to be his seer for now. The vixen shall lead the rat to the woods, with no flowers, and our bow beasts will fire the posion arrows at the rat. She will then go back to camp, and ounce me to come foward. I shall pop out of the bhues, and with my troops shall circle them. I shall tell them about the greatness of our leader Lady Snowstar, and tell them about the wars we have one. Slaves we had, and lived a wournderful cosior life. I shall tell them what they have with Wolfslayer talking to them about what he did to them. If they follow me we shall quickly lead them to here. If not then we shall kill some of them to get their minds working to come with us. That way they shall be loyal FNS beasts. Magicblade
138 As I, Darkfire Stargazer, was idly perusing the forest for a snack when this odd group of troops caught my eye. A small army of some new upstart in OUR land? I thought indignantly. Well then, the only way to solve this little problem is to take care of it before it becomes a BIG problem. And if I could assimilate this new army into the ranks of Fort Nightshade, all the better. Stealthily I tailed the group, though they were rowdy and careless enough that their mere walking made far more ruckus than I could have ever made. They quickly reached their campsite, which was alarmingly close to Fort Nightshade. I scaled a tree for a closer look. I soon caught sight of a rather large, haughty-looking rat in worn armor. This must be their leader, I thought. The rat, whom the soldiers addressed as Lord Wolfslayer, was clutching an ornate goblet in one paw, stroking the battered wolf skin that he wore over his shoulder with the other. Looks like that wolf was long dead before Wolfslayer got to it, I thought while suppressing a snicker. I had seen enough. After getting a rough estimate of the group size, I silently made my way back to the Fortress. It wouldn’t be easy, but it could be done. My plan was formulated quickly. First, I’d need to speak to an herbalist. I spoke with my scholarly friend, Kholdragus BenDragon, and was granted just what I was looking for. With a vial of powder in my paw, I crept back to the enemy campsite. I slung several rocks from out of the darkness, hearing the satisfying clunk of stone upon enemy skulls. As swiftly as I had launched the barrage, I ceased and quickly changed my position. Wolfslayer’s soldiers hurtled into the blackness of the forest, and I made my way through the night until I had moved around the outside of the camp to Wolfslayer’s tent. Hearing the commotion, the warlord had exited, clearly with the intent to give his soldiers a good thrashing if they did not capture the attacker. As I had hoped, he had left his half-full goblet behind. Sprinkling the powder lightly into the goblet, as well as into a nearby jug, my work was done for now. Noiselessly as a ghost, I vanished into the dense woodland. Dawn came, and my task was not yet done. On my first visit to the campsite I had made mental note of the location of the army’s food supply. This was my next target. Gathering a band of 20 or so skilled stealth beasts, I traversed back to the camp. This would also allow me to discover the effects of my work the night before. My stealth crew fell quickly into place, each carrying a short bow, special arrows, and flint. At a signal, they set fire to their arrows, and launched them at the tent holding Wolfslayer’s food supply. A wail went up from the enemy army as their supplies went up in flames. As I had hoped, Wolfslayer emerged from his tent. His eyes were bloodshot; a fleck of foam was upon his lips. With a furious roar, the disheveled looking warlord whirled around, glaring at each soldier in mad suspicion. The powder he had imbibed with his wine was a strong one; the rat was becoming rapidly insane from the effects. It amused me to think of how his greediness had only sped up his deterioration. He must have drunk the entire jug of wine to be acting so irrational so quickly. “Which one of ye slime-furred sons of curs did this?!” The rat screamed hoarsely. His soldiers looked on in astonishment, unable to fathom why they would be suspected of destroying their own food. Wolfslayer ranted on madly, finally drawing his sword and launching himself upon the nearest hapless weasel in his frenzy. With that, the frustrated and nearly panicked soldiers fell upon their leader, efficiently exterminating the madbeast. With this done, I emerged from the forest. “Beasts who slay their own commander are either desperate or deranged. And I can see by the state of this place that you are indeed desperate. However, do not fear! There is a great fortress near here, and if you should wish it, then you may join its army, and be well fed!” The hungry soldiers glanced to the now softly crackling remains of their food supplies, then back to this strange vixen before them. One by one, they began to murmur in agreement. I left shortly afterwards with the full remains of Wolfslayer’s army, all very willing to fight for Fort Nightshade if it meant a regular meal. Darkfire Stargazer
139 Upon hearing about the sea- creature, Taji runs to his new friend Darkfire Stargazer, knowing that she posesses knowledge on some tools she used earlier. He persuades her to find enough oil to fill two or three barrels full of "greek fire." Taji’s next task is to go to the kitchens, to persuade the cooks to “lend” him a large fish. Going to an herbalist… he packs enough poison into the fish to kill fifty beasts over. Next, Taji goes to the fishermen to acquire a small boat, and to get enough chum to lure this beast to the surface. Taji takes his boat out far enough not to be swept out to sea permanently, and then chums the water… knowing that a concentration of food would bring the beast to his location. He waits until the beast surfaces, lights a barrel of Greek fire, and throws it into the sea creature’s mouth, burning away taste senses. The beast, angry and ferocious enough to kill now starts thrashing the boat. Taji throws the poisoned fish towards the beast, and in it’s churning fury, it swallows it. The only problem left… is getting back to shore. Taji rows for his life… barely making it back to shallow waters where the beast cannot swim. Three days later, the beast was last sighted, dying, and returning to the open sea from whence it came. Taji Stormchaser
139 I snorted. This wasn't the first time fisherbeasts had come back bearing tales of horrible creatures that roamed the ocean. It was almost always inevitable. Sooner or later the whole crew would get drunk, then prance about seeing things. But I was here for Fort Nightshade, so I might as well investigate what had happened. It was my second day at sea, and as I paced the deck I enjoyed the feel of the salty breeze on my fur. Toying with the hilt of my saber, I chuckled, then went downstairs to set about my task. Two of the fisherbeasts that had reported the creature were in their cabins. I went inside and shut the door, then I sat down and faced them, staring into their eyes. "Now," I said, "I want you to tell me everything you did and saw." The first, a rat, blanched and quivered with fright. "It was 'orrible, on me granma's whiskers I swear it was. Now, Grussar-" he motioned at the stoat -"an' me, we was repairin' the nets when we hears the cap'n shout. Well, we goes up to the deck an' he yells at us about the condition o' the mast an' stuff. Then..." he couldn't finish. I rolled my eyes. "And then the evil seabeast came and took him, then ran off, right?" The stoat fell to the floor, shaking. "Arrah, don't ye be doin' that. 'Tis 'ard to believe, I knows, but 'tis true. On me gran-" I interrupted. "Yes, yes, on your grandma's whiskers you swear. Now, I have one thing to ask each of you." Gesturing to my guards, they took each one aside. I stepped to the rat, speaking in a whisper. "Now...describe the beast." He blanched again, then recovered and said slowly, "It was 'orrible. It 'ad three eyes, an' it was blue-green like the sea; it had thirteen tentacles. It muttered an' it moaned. Oh, ma'am, don't ye ever send me there agin!" Nodding understandingly, I went to the stoat. "Tell me what this beast looked like." The stoat turned green. "Ah, um, it had one eye, an' it was brown an' purple, aye, that's it; uh, it screamed an' 'owled! Agh! It was terrifyin', terrifyi-" I leered over them, struggling in the water. "Oops, dearie me. Now, you just stay there for a season or two, an' when the big sea creature comes and eats you up, you can come and tell me what it really looked like." It was a myth, like I'd suspected. With the help of an old trick, I had figured it out. That night the ship set for Fort Nightshade-minus the two lying fisherbeasts. Flameblood Quickblade
140 With time being of the essence, a large enough group of people can’t be organized to quell this uproar. Taji gathers five other people, as well as a strong fishing net from the fishing docks. Capitalizing on the disorganization of such an insane riot, the group’s ordeal of quelling the riot is based entirely on the notion that they won’t be able to help each other. Moving from insane soldier to the next, Taji’s group subdues each rioter individually… encumbering him or her in a net from a distance, holding them down, and tying them up before moving on to the next beast. When all was said and done, and the last beast was hog- tied and further damage to the area was prevented, only the task of getting to the bottom of the drunken riot remained. Noting that every- beast involved smelt of the same alcohol, Taji’s first order of business was to question the front sentries on guard. According to them, rumor had passed that the group of soldiers had pooled their gold in order to buy wine from a merchant who had just passed out the front gate not an hour before the riot had begun. Asking them which direction he had traveled, Taji’s group then took their leave of the fort, chasing the merchant with an almost achingly quick stride. After what seemed like almost two hours of chasing, Taji’s group came upon a freshly set-up camp. Scouting it out, Taji found that the merchant was not present, and further searching showed that he had removed himself from camp to a nearby river where he was fishing, presumably for dinner. The group headed back to the merchant’s camp, and stole all the weapons he left around as well as a bottle of the wine from his cart. Using the same net which subdued the rioters, Taji and his men caught the merchant, and forced the contents of the wine bottle down his throat… cork included. With a surprising stroke of luck for the merchant, he had not choked on the cork. He could feel his consciousness drain from him… being replaced by the color red: Anger. The last thing the merchant could ever remember was his dagger being taken from his belt, and his cart being stolen as he was left in the wilderness… defenseless… and slowly losing his mind. Taji Stormchaser
141 I took one score of soldiers to look ahead. Sure enough, a large army, about twenty score of soldiers and two score of miners were camped a days journey from the location of the ore. I sent all but one of my force back to the Fort and continued scouting around. I soon found what i was looking for, a rather deep gully, on the route that the enemy would take. I knew that they would go that way because i found some tracks from their scouts. I sent the last soldier that i had back to get the three score soldiers that i had in command. When they arrived i ordered them to gather rocks and boulders and pile them up either side of the gully. My plan was to lever the rocks down onto the soldiers. But the genius of my plan was that i left a big gap in the middle of each pile. Because they would probably have the miners in the middle of the pack to protect them. I would then make a four way pincer with one score at the front, one score at the back, and half a score either side. We would then kill all the remaining soldiers. The next day, the enemy marched between the gully, straight into my trap. In the end we only lost 5 beasts and after a little 'convincing' the miners got all the ore for us, and they even brought it back to the fort! I then gave the miners 3 choices: 1.die 2.become slaves 3.enlist at Fort Nightshade Once that had been figured out, the ordeal was over. Skant Bloodfur
142 First, I needed to find this stranger. I started to ask around, and I finally recieved an answer from a ferret bartender. He called this man a "savior", because he bought so many drinks. He said the stranger came every day at dusk and bought people drinks. No one had ever figured out who he was, though, because he always wore a cloak. So I went back to wait for dusk. Finally, dusk arrived. I went to the bar and I started to drink. After awhile, I spotted the stranger. In about an hour, he managed to buy drinks for 9 people! Finally, he came over to me. He said,"Hey. You wanna drink?" "Sure," I answered. He went over to the bar, bought 2 drinks, and came back. I immeadiately noticed that my drink was a light brown and his was black. I pretended to drink, while talking to him. Then, he left. I followed him, and I saw him walk into a hole in the ground. Then I moved to get a better look. There was an assortment of potions in there, but one stood out. He was holding a bright green potion and chanting,"Powerful antidote, anti poisoness, mix together!" Then he walked into a back room. I immeadiately dashed up, grabbed the antidote, and hid behind a door. He walked out, and I grabbed his throat. I caught him and brought him to the fort. We used the antidote, and everything was back to normal. Boar the Fighter
143 It had been a rough day, to say the least. from my patrolling duties, to guarding ships and such....boring, soldier work. Stifling a yawn, I watched over the last of the crew of the my ship leave. Finaly. You see, I was a bit nervous, which I do admit is unusual. A General fox had just came down to report that I was to see Snowstar after my duties where complete. Said it was something about a mission, and was urgent. Feeling important, I strided down the hall, trying to make my cloak swirl elegantly behind me and almost bumbed into another wildcat, who just sighed and shook his head, but understood fully why I was hurrying; Snowstar doesn't like to be kept waiting. I rushed into the throne room (as quick as possible) and threw a salute. Snowstar smiled (or at least showed her teeth), and began to brief me on my mission."There has been some woodlanders, mostly mice, squirrels, and otters, who had built up an encampent close by our fort. They could be a danger if we just let them stay." So, of course, it would be my job to gather up a couple score (most likely less) others and "negotiate" with them to leave. "And if they didn't want to.." Snowstar grinned again, "Well, you do what you want." I once again saluted as best I could and prepared to leave, when I heard her voice again, "Oh, and one last thing. Don't fail. I don' failures." I knew excactly what she meant, and it added a bit to my worry but that was overruled by sheer excitement! My first mission! Beaming, I walked over to where most of my ship- mates where, and told them to get together some more beasts to help, especially foxes couse they're very sneaky. Ever try outwitting a fox and had any success? They could steel the whiskers right off your face and you wouldn't even notice. They where all told to bring any recruits and themselves to a spot just outside the fort. As I strode out, I was pleased as to the many awaiting beasts stood, ready ti give advice on how to attack. "How shall we get those woodlanders," A rat spat out the word "to leave withought ruining our armor?" "Maybe we should just rush in and attack. Those creatures are soft most likely, and stupid too, to come this close to us," A fox sneered. I shook my head. "No, of course not. Woodland creatures can be vicious when fighting. I'm sure they came to at least try to overthrow us in one way or another. So, we shall just try to conivince them, that this area of land is dangerous and advise them to leave immediatlly. And if they don't...let's see how they like trying to fight all of once!" I grinned showing fierce wildcat teeth, and then glanced over the beasts around me, also grinning wickedly. Good, they where all listening. "They must have a leader, so we could just all target him or her. The others won't want them hurt and will retreat," Spoke up a mate of mine. I grinned, so this was a group that had some brains. "That is a good idea," I agreed. "Only one or two shall come with me. Who would like to vollunteer?" Many beasts threw their paws up, and I chose two foxes: Slipgars and Rustfang, very trustworthy, and like a said before, sly and tricky. With little tracking, we found our way to the encapent where the woodlanders lay in wait, planning their next attack. Many mice, and an alarming amount of squirrels where showing maps and waving weapons, and in the middle of it otter! I hissed softly and my ears went back against my head in agitation. I hate otters, you understand. I nodded at both of the foxes, and slowly, we crept closer and closer. I stood, and walked off to the entrance of the camp, flanked by Slipgars and Rustfang. Slowly, the creatures stopped what they where doing and truned to glare at us with much hatered. A mouse, a warrior I guessed, swaggered forward and jabbed a spear at us. "Halt, vermin! State your business here! Quickly now." He growled, waiting. I shook my head in fake pity. "Oh, if only you knew the dangers you are getting yourself into. Don't you know? There is a ferocious beast prowling around. We set up a fort to keep safe from it. But, you shall surely be killed." Rustfang nodded, and winked golden eyes. "We've seen those who have been attacked, and the carcasses of those who survived....Didn't look good." The mouse looked un- impressed. "None of that mumbo-jumbo, cat. Get to the point. I shrugged my shoulders, arms flying up harmlessly. "All we are asking is for you to leave, so as not to get hurt." Another warrior mouse whispered something to the first one's ear. "Hmm....that makes perfect sense." He then turned to us. "You know? It is obvious that you're fort is more than just protection. My spies have found some of you carrying back slaves, and treasures. And we will be sure to destroy all of you vermin." So this mouse was the leader! I thought, and I must have looked a bit surprised, becouse he smiled. "And when I give the order, we shall begin with you!" I nodded, thoughtfully. "That may be, but look around you. My troops have every one of their arrows set on you, give the order and you'll get nothing but death on the tips of arrows. Your choice. You can leave drop all your weapons and supplies and leave now, or I can make sure that you all die here." The creatures in the camp looked around them, seeing evil looking eyes and the glimmer of arrows. Some time later, all trace of the camp had been emptied, and the woodlanders where seen to that they left and stayed way clear of the area. Congartulating my troops, I returned back to the castle with my first victory (and some arnor, weapons, and supplies) in hand to present to Snowstar. Hissblood
144 I sent some hidden patrol members out one night. they were either in bushes or on the shore covered in driftwood and sea weed. Then one member on shore saw soming at the corner of his eye a small hollowed out stick moving through the water towards the ships.Then he saw 2 more moving slowley. Then they appeared by one of them marlfoxes! They were cutting holes in them with short swords. One said in a hush tone barley hearable to the the normal ear. Lets come here again tommorow! Ok another one added then they disseapered off into the night. My patrol reported to me then I asked to the guy who saw them run off which way did they go. North west sir. Ok the next mourning I set archers on the path the way that they get away. But those archers were only a back up in case the marlfoxes can get away from the patrol. I his about 12 patrol members all over fort night shade grounds. Some on shore some in bushes some lieing down in the shallows all over. Weapons it didnt matter the marlfoxes would die eithere way no matter what weapon. That night they came back again but this time they saw a member and they disseapred they thought that was the only one they appeared behind him and killed him with a single jab then a volley of arrows came at them wounding one the others just disseapred. We dragged him into our fort. I went to the archers that I had set up no sir they havent come by here or they would be dead! Dang them! Later that night the marlfox was in questioning. Why do you keep putting holes in our boat? We sneak in and grab your supplies......He fell to the groung with a dagger in his back dead. Ok you lot split intp 3 groups and hunt them down yes sir! 2 days later all three groups reported back no sign of them sir except there carcasses must have run off a cliff we climbed down ot to find them. Must have been in a big hurry. So thats how holes in our boats kept on happening. Klitch
145 When i heard that there was fishing boats out in the water i wanted to know who it was. so a few hours after dark i took a boat out to the water and paddled out to the boat. what i saw was a crew of about 80 rats,foxs,stoats,ferrets ect. ect. i creeped onto the boat and woke a fox up,he was about to scream but i covered his mouth in time. i said "hey mate wats your name and what are ye doin out by here?!" "my name's Bloodtail. me 'n my crew were fishin out by here cuz we were chased all night by some goodbeasts..." he pawses for a moment. "don't worry there gone. we manege to slay a few but they killed most of me crew!.... we had some of there babes. thats why they were comin after us!" "well Bloodtail are you sure there gone!?" "Yes." "good. are you interested in joining a greatly feared fearce fort?" "well seein as me and my crew have no were else to go and nothin to do yes i s'pose we will. is your master harsh on you?" "not at all... well she is if you do something wrong! but thats only for idots! there not like you an me! we'er far more smart! haha!" "thats sounds good! well we will be there in the mornin!" "ok see ya tomorrow matey!" "good bye!... matey!" i stepped off the fishing boat and got back in my boat and sailed off... knowing that we would have even a larger more loyal force once they had joined! Moonstar the Slayer
146 The wildcat sweped into the room.The two politacal parties Doom and Ratflank were arguing vicously. A rat pointed at a stoat and roared," You a dungonheaded lardgut". "Die you bellybloated rat". The rat hurled his beaker. It caught a wesel in the throat. He grabbed his plate hurled it food and all. Food was everywhere in the crowd. Then a fox fell. He clutched his throat and gurgeled his lifeforce out into the air. That was the end. The two parties charged. The wildcat grabbed a table cloth and netted a mixed group of ferrets and weasels. The wildcat was among the crowd ," Shutup Shutup". They paid no heed and fought on. The wildcat locked the doors. He was among the senators stabing with his pike ad slashing with his sword. Five minutes later Bigfang left the room. Inside were the bodys of the senators. No one had left alive. Bigfang
147 After what id heard about the river drying up. I took a few other ferrets to investigate. as we exited the fort a few of our soilders dissapeared into the ground. A cunningly dug hole was hidden right outside the walls.I cursed under my breath as I looked down to see the bodies of my soilders impaled upon wooden spikes .Theese beasts were smarter than I thought."Whell," I thought The best way to getn theese beasts is to fight fire with fire. I told most of the remaining soilders to go back into the fort.Beckoning to five stoats I told them to come with me. We camped outside in the woods.After darkness fell we went out to the river.We gasped as we saw a huge dam.I quickly formulated a plan in my mind." Lets get to work. Start digging at the foundations."I muttered.hopefully they were still asleep.I walked down the river bed.Yes they were sleeping like logs in the river bed.The sentries slumped against their spears as I cut the throats on their sleeping bodies.I turned as i heard the sound of rushing water.Quickly I ran to the side as a wall of water enveloped the sleeping bodies.aany that remained I took back to fort Nightshade.I smiled as I marched.we had gotten the water back.Slain another enemy and takenm more prisioners to the dungeons. Salocin
148 "Ugh. I hate insects." Vane shuddered, thinking to herself as she sat in the branch of a maple tree, plotting. She knew there had to be a way to get rid of the red and green coloured pests. The spiders weren't a problem, they would leave or die of starvation as soon as their prey were gone. "They want our food, so...stands to reason they'll go where more food is." Vane wasn't very sure, but her plan might rid the Fort of at least some of the little horrors. Vane leapt down from the big maple, landing more or less on her paws. She snatched her dagger from her fishskin belt and hacked at the tree's rough hide. She was rewarded by a sticky amber coloured fluid. The tree's blood, the sap, trickled down the trunk of the mighty forest monarch. Vane caught quite a bit on a chunk of bark, the weather having been unusually warm, therefore encouraging the sap to flow. She walked backwards, toward the fort, leaving a small trail of slightly sweet sap behind her. The store-rooms were her goal, and having reached them, she dropped the sugary piece of bark and opened the door. She ran to the stream, knowing the bugs would follow the trail to the maple by the stream. She arrived out of breath, but with not much time left. She could hear the tyelling of creatures witnessing tons of bugs and spiders following her trail, attracted by the sugary sweet smell of the sap. The female ferret grabbed a much larger sheet of bark from the mess on the ground where her knife had gouged the tree. Setting it adrift in the stream, but partway stuck in the bankmud, so as not to float away, the schemer waited. A small red and green wave of tiny carcasses sunk into the depths of the water, followed by brown and grey spiders, their bodies on the way to the ocean, their souls, journeying to Dark Forest. The plan had worked. The arachnids and insects had crawled on to the makeshift raft, and sunk it. Fort Nightshade was free of pests, at last. For now. Vane
149 I was just sitting on board my ship, when a fellow officer came on board. I recognized him right a way as another Admiral. I know he was soon to be getting married, as so he had come to me before asking questions and wanting advice. I did not expect anything different this time. I stood up and shook his paw as he entered my cabin. "Well mate what can I do for this time?" I asked with a smile. He stood there fidgeting nervously for a moment before he spoke. "You know the priest we had in mind to perform the ceremony?" I was nodding my head, for I was the one who had recommended the abbey he was at. "Well he is now refusing to do the ceremony, and he is refusing to speak to any vermin. I was hoping you could go and have a talk with him to get him to perform the ceremony." I sat in my chair for a moment considering what he said. It was a short moment. "I'd be more than happy to help a friend. Did he say why he wouldn't?" Shaking his he shrugged his shoulders. "I've no idea why he wouldn't want to." Patting my friend on the shoulder to reassure him that I would do. "Go to your fiancé and relax. You'll have the priest for your wedding." With that I showed him off my ship and bid him farewell, then went to my cabin to retrieve a few items I would need to "persuade" the priest to do the wedding. I was on my way to the abbey that afternoon. Thinking of the best way to "persuade" him to do something he had readily agreed to before. By the time I had reached the abbey it was early evening. The gate watch saw and challenged me. "'alt! Who goes thare?" The mouse stepped forward and lowered his spear. I stepped into the light. "It's me Wraithe Stjerna. Do you so quickly forget the face of a friend, Mort?" Shaking his head and smiling Mortimer raised his spear and extended his paw in greeting. "Nay. But weave 'ad soom vormin 'bout as late. Khan't boi too carfull khan we?" "Your right we can't. Do you mind if I go inside, I've come to see Father Thomas." Already banging the butt of his spear against the mighty oak door, Mort nodded his head. "'e'll boi in de cha'el oofice. Gud eve ta ye Wrafe." I patted Mort on the shoulder as I passed. I quickly made my way to the chapel office at the other side of the old abbey. Once there I knocked on the door. "One moment please." came the muffled, but high pitched and proper voice of Father Thomas. I stood waiting in the hall for a moment, before the old mouse opened the door looked out. He was covered head to toe in dust and his crystal glasses were at the edge of his nose. "Oh no, not you again. What do you want this time you great water dog?" He waved me in. when I entered the office it was as dusty, or worse, as he was. "What have you been looking for in here Father? It looks like you've been at this all season." When my eyes came to rest they were on Thomas, who was behind his over cluttered, dusty desk. "Well I have been at this all season. But it's just a little spring cleaning." He said with a slight smile. "You do realize that it is nearly autumn, don't you?" I said with a raised eye brow. With a look of mock horror he put his paws to his face. "Oh dear. Oh my. What ever shall I do?" Chuckling slightly he placed folded paws onto his desk. "Enough foolery. Why are you here Wraithe?" Taking a deep breathe I sat down and look him straight in the eye. "I am here to find out why you won't perform the wedding of my friends, and to convince you otherwise." All hilarity out of my voice, and a stern look now on my face. A scowl passing his thin face. "When I agreed to do the wedding you did not tell me that is was for vermin." In his voice I heard some anger and disgust. With an innocent look on my face I asked. "Is that a problem? Your are a priest, your not supposed to care what species a beast is." I could tell that he was getting angry, his face was starting to twist into a look of outrage. "It does matter! Vermin do nothing, but kill, rape, plunder, murder, steal, plot, and wage war. That is everything that is contrary to what I believe. I will not oversee a wedding of such beasts." He finished with huff. I could see his face turning red even beneath his fur. "Well good. Than you shouldn't have a problem overseeing this one." "WHAT!?" He screamed. Thomas banged both clenched paws into his desk as he rose. "How can you say that? These are vermin we're talking about! I can not believe that you tricked me into agreeing to it in the first place. But I will not perform a wedding for vermin." Thomas thumped his foot and crossed his arms to emphasize his point. I had a hard time of controlling my laughter, for such a reserved mouse when Thomas got upset he really got upset. I shook my head at his answer, but it was something I had anticipated. I rose slowly and kept calm about me. At that moment I drew the dirk that identified me as a member of the Star clan of the Black Sand holt. I played with it in my paw slowly, keeping my attention on it rather than Thomas. But I could tell that he was getting rather nervous with a weapon about. "Ww...what are going to do ww...with that?" A single line of sweat trailing down his forehead to his chin. "Oh, this? Nothing. Nothing that you should worry about. This is just to remind me of what happens when things don't go according to plan. When friends I counted on go back on their word." I lifted my eye to catch the eyes of Thomas. " Do you know the story behind me? I mean the whole story. Do you know what I did to be exiled?" Thomas was shaking his head with nervous vigor, and there was a slight glint of fear in his eyes as he groped to find his seat. " Well let me sum it up for you. I was exiled because I believe that vermin aren't all bad and that I agree with some, if not all, of their views on the world. I was exiled because I killed a member of my clan alliance against the vermin." I started walking around the desk to face Thomas on a almost face to face, eye to eye level. I perched myself on the edge of his desk and started tracing the patterns of my clan and my holt on his desk, then I moved the tip to trace those same patterns on his chest. "Now Thomas we are friends aren't we?" He nodded his head rather quickly, almost causing me to cut his habit. "Well since we are such good friends. You don't have a problem with doing me a favor in performing my friends wedding, right?" At this point his glasses had fallen from the end of his nose to his lap, sweat was very apparent on his face. But he once again nodded his head. I sheathed my dirk and smiled. "Good. I expect to see you at the wedding rehearsals in a week." I patted him heavily on the shoulder, at which he flinched. I smiled at the old mouse and made to leave to office. When I was at the door I called beck to Thomas. "Oh do come with an open mind. My friends aren't as bad as you think. But if I hear that you won't come, than I will come to retrieve you myself." This all was said with a smile and good humor. When I was in the hallway I heard the sound of a body collapsing to the floor. I smiled and shook my head at this. It was then that I saw Mortimer standing next to me. "Good evening Mort. Have a good watch?" Mort nodded his head. "'ey wot was 'hat knoise?" "Oh I'm sure it was just Father Thomas doing more 'spring cleaning'." I extended paw to shake Mort's before I bid my farewells to my friend and then I was on my way to Fort Nightshade to give the good news to my friends. Their wedding would happen and with the priest I recommended. Wraithe Stjerna
150 Knowing that the arsonist was one of our own I decided there was an easy way to find out who was behind it. I got the whole fort into the main hall, making sure the four most reliable members were on the doors. I stood up on a chair to address the baffled and angry congregation. "You may wonder why you're here" I paused to let the choruses of "YOU BET" and "NAH!" and then continued "You all know about the arson attacks, and you all know that they're one of us. I know for a fact it's not me, I know my four comrades down there are also not the perpitraitors" there were a lot of discontented mumblings which stopped when I raised a paw. "So you can settle it out between yourselves, until then you'll be spending your time in here". I knew it was a bad risk to take as I strolled through the confused ranks I made one last check of the main doors and then they were closed shut. Nothing happened for a few days. But on fourth they started pounding on the doors and whining. After they started to realise what had to be done. I didn't witness the event myself but one of the soldiers on watch saw it through the grill we had made. Apparently a fight broke out between two of the members, one of them knew that the other was the guilty one and soon the whole fort turned on him. He was a stoat, pretty bog standard soldier which made him pass unoticed. They teared him apart **grim smile** literally. Roth Rouga
151 One day I took a score of men to attack the shrews that have been attacking Fort nightshade. When we got there we saw a couple of vermin laying there Motionless. They where dead. That moment all these shrew poped out and surounded us. Men attack! i pulled out my bow and started shooting arrows. all i could hear was bung. because of all the bows. Ahh. a pain a firy pain went threw my back. I was hit by an arrow. still that wouldn't stop me. 3 men of my group where killed 2 where wonded. I pulled out my scimitar and started slashing at shrews. the shrews started to retreat. Fire arrows. bung,bung,bung. Arrows where flying over my head it was like a flock of geese flying south in winter. A shrew was running away from the pack hoping no one would see him. Pow hit him right in the back of the head. i didn't take them as slaves i dicided to kill them all witch i did. We wont see many shrews near rivers anytime soon. If there is im glad to take care of them! Shadow
151 I had been watching the shrews for a while now. I hate shrews which is one of the reasons I was picked to lead the small band sent to kill them. When we were assembled I made sure that they had got rid of the clanking heavy armour that is so common among most of the soldiers here. Then we set out for the river. When we got there I could see that the shrews had settled down a bit, since we had not sent anymore soldiers to try and attack them. Nearby I could see some logboats and a raft which I knew needed to be destroyed if we were going to capture them all. I got one of the best bow beasts to shoot the boats with flaming arrows. Automatically the shrews ran to their boats and left their watch posts. I got the beasts to move in a close circle around the group and then we charged and enclosed around them. Blood was flying everywhere and when we had finished there weren't many shrews left. Their chief however, was still alive as was a mysterious otter that seemed to have a good part in the plotting. We took them back as slaves, or target practise for the new recruits. I don't much care really. I've never liked shrews ^_^ Roth Rouga
152 I snuck into their camp at night. Me and 40 other soldiers crept quietly through the otter camp. they were sleeping. we took their guards out from behind. still silent, we woke the captives. we told them to run quietly away. when they began to run, the otters began to turn in their sleep. all 41 of us spread out amongst them. on my count, we killed them all at one time. we took them on with swiftness and pure bravery. we killed them all and lost no men. we took up all of their weapons, kicked the dead bodies in the river, and returned to Fort Nightshade. Gieren
153 After we were suronded we lied and said we had secrets about our fort and we had to speak with the commander of the fort. After we got inside, I went strait to the high tower in the center of the fort, and my troops went to capture slaves. I got inside and killed guards that were on century. I got to the top of the tower I entered a large wooden door. There was a large fat rat siting at a table stuffing food in his mouth. " What do whant!!",he said. Told him I had valubal information for him. " This better be good!",he yelled. I slowly walked over to him, quickly drew my small knife I took from a gaurd and placed it just a few centimeters away from his throat and said " Say your prayers cause I'm paking." " What do you want?", he croaked nervously. "Your life,your slaves, and your soldiers.",I replied. At that instant I cut his throat and called to my troops saying " Take all the slaves and brings some guards and troops as more slaves and kill the rest." We left with about two hundred slaves. Deathbringer
155 I searched for the person who was most likely to be involved in any mischieg, Gurnu. Once I caught up with him I grabbed him and pulled him into a chamber with my sword point at his throat. " Who is involved in the plan to kill Snowstar?" I asked him. "I d..don't know what y..your t..talking ab..b..out." he murmered. " And I don't know how strong my grip on this sword is and it could slip at any moment, right thru your throat. Know, let's try again." " It's a big bulky guy, a st..stoat. he says when she's gone he'll be able to be laeder of the Fort." "We'll just see about that, I said. Oh and so you don't tell him.." And I ran my sword thru his throat and wiped it off. I had seen the stoat a few times, and all I knew he was on the same boat as i was, Wavestorm. When I found him I drew one of my swords. "Well well well. You're the one who wants to kill Fleetpaws, eh? Well if you can't beat me than you can't beat her." And i charged him. I did not expect him to react as quckly as he did and our swords clashed. "Your pretty good weasel, but I'm the best." he said. "Oh really stoat. You've forgotten something about me. "Oh, and what's that?" In the blink of an eye I drew my other sword and ran him thru. "I've got two swords." And with that I walked away. Arono
155 HA!! A plot to kill Snowstar? Once the word gets out, how can they still do it? All Snowstar has to do is lock her doors and windows at night! Then she'll hear if anyone tries to break in. Besides posting sentries and being perfectle safe, nobody would still do it. But, I suppose I'll look into it. Entering the main hallway, I saw several beasts drinking some strong wine. Where was Snowstar? Several hours passed before I saw her, at dinnertime. Nothing new was happening. Before everyone started to eat, I noticed Snowstar slipping away. I followed her. "M'lady, wait!" She turned around and gave me a blank expression that said, "Leave me alone." I followed her through the dark hallways. Suddenly, A shadowed figure seemed to emerge from the darkness. The figure hurled himself at Snowstar, who swiftly and easily stepped to the side. The figure fell on the ground. Shaking with rage, I drew my knife and met my eyes with Snowstar. She nodded, giving me permission to kill it, not bothering to fight or kill a mad beast who was no match for her. But that was not the end. After we came back to the main hall, She sat down in her regular seat at the head of the table. "M'Lady, Don't eat!!" I screamed. It was suddenly coming clear to me. Poiseners! After smelling the food, and feeding it to one of the slaves, who promptly died, I vowed to find the poisener. I hurried back to the slain figure in the hallway. Sure enough, he had on his belt a poisen pouch. I spat on his body. Clever beast weren't you? Duskdream Twilight
156 I headed off into the woods to find this 'monster' which i was sure was just a hoax from the woodlanders. I stuck to the shadows for a while but then gave up trying to be secretive and walked along normally. Every now and then i heard a deep growl coming from up ahead. That was it! I knew that there was a clearing somewhere near here and the growling was coming from where it was. I stole along silently until i reached the edge of the clearing. I ducked down into some bushes and peered out from between them. The sight that i saw was frightening. A fully grown male badger was sleeping in the middle of the clearing. Each time he blew out a fearsome growl would sound. As i looked closer at him i realised why the beasts who had seen him thought he was a monster. He was covered in head to paws by mud and creepers. I thought a while about how to slay him. After all, a badger was a badger and my dirk would be like a pinprick to him. And then i thought...poison! I took out my dirk and a viall of poison. After coating the dirk tip with poison, i placed the viall back into my belt. I Aimed my dirk, and threw. The badger didnt even get to wake up, he died in his sleep. I retrieved my dirk, washed it and headed back to the fort so i could tell the foragers that it was safe back in the woods again. Skant Bloodfur
157 first, i gather 50 crew beast and line them up on the wall,they growl at the ministrels, soon they get the idea and leave. the next day they are back, making up rude songs about patience is growing thin, but the leader said no killing, so i do the same trick from the day before. but this time they dont leave, i throw a spear, meaning to miss and to scare them off, but it hits the paw of their leader, he howels in rage and spits at the fort, that was the last straw, i lead the army of 50 against them , soon circleing them and cutting off their excape. they cringe and wimper. I take the words my lord said, "dont kill any of them.," i think to me self. hm... he said dont kill them, he didn't say dont capture them and turn them into slaves. that would not be killing them and they would also have to leave the fort alone. they could make the other slaves rebel though. I dont worry, i did my job, i keep them in a circle, tied up . and i send a scout to my ,leader to see if they can work as slaves. The answer comes back, yes. I bring them to the dungeons, talling them of the horrible tales of these dungeons, the awful things that happen, they take it to heart. Another mission completed for my lord. Nightflame
157 I had heard the minstrel’s song. And I knew the danger that his simple, silly verses could produce. The rowdy hare, draped in a gaudy minstrels gown, I had first noticed one evening a few days ago. He was skipping ‘round the woodland path near the Fortress, warbling some silly ballad or other. The wall-guards on duty did nothing but chuckle as he passed by, his humorous and harmless song drifting upwards to their ears. Then he passed on. Seemed innocent enough. However, one day I was wandering in the forest near Nightshade, patrolling and looking for the odd woodpigeon for a snack, when I heard his voice again. This time he had an audience, and his song was not so innocent. I could hear the laughter of goodbeasts, and I ducked into the shadows cautiously, feeling uneasy. He was singing on and on about some vermin… Calling them bumbling cowards and fools, clumsy dolts, ignoramuses of the highest degree. As I listened in silence, it dawned upon me; he was speaking of Nightshade! Suppressing a growl, I stole away back to the Fortress, my mind mulling over my angry thoughts. As I stormed my way to my chambers, a plan began to formulate, in spite of my red- rage mood. Before I knew what I was doing, my footpaws were guiding me to the room of a bard I knew within Nightshade. He called in two of his more musically gifted companions, and we all sat down and began to compose. Two hours later, the four of us were on our way back to the woodlander camp, all heavily armed- with instruments. Sure enough, the hare was still there, though he had taken a break from entertaining to stuff his fat face with woodland fare. Smirking at my three companions, we readied our odd little instruments and our voices. We all had fairly pleasant singing- voices, the bard especially, and the hare’s loud trilling paled in comparison. “Ooooohhhh… With his voice so flat, so flat! And his tum so fat, so fat! What a horrid great hat, great hat! The horrid hare’ll curl your tail! Oh with insults so black, so black! He’ll stab ye in your back, your back! So friends I say attack, attack! The horrid hare steals all your fare! So heed the words we say, we say! Keep your supplies for today, for today! And chase the glutton away, away! The horrid hare will get what’s fair!” Snickering and laughing, we four bards crept away into the undergrowth, but not before catching sight of the flabbergasted hare, ears drooped. The woodlanders glared as they noticed that the glutton was quickly devouring their limited supplies, and angrily advanced upon the staggered hare. Gathering his instrument, the hare made a hasty exit, jabbering some hardly-polite excuse for his quick departure. As my comrades and I made our way back within the Fortress, we chortled to ourselves, knowing the hare would no longer be a threat… Darkfire Stargazer
158 The rat was very ill with dryditch fever so i decided to let him die opposed to trying to save him.I grab some relatively clean rags and wrap them around my mouth to stop me from getting infected. I run down to the harbour and find some dissused canvas. I sneak back to the rats room and try to wrap him in the canvas. But his delerious mind is trying to fight me so i knock him unconsious and wrap him in the canvas, being careful not to touch him. I unravell the long coil of rope from my waist and tie the canvas and the rat very securely. The rat is coming around now and is making a terrible noise. I decide to poison him to put him out of his pain. So i take a vial out of my belt and tear a small amount of rag off my 'mask'. I then put a drop of poison on the rag and stuff it into the rats mouth. This was my most powerful poison and within minutes the rat was dead. I attach a tow rope to the canvas bundle, grab a shovel, and pull the rat quickly out of the fort. I pull the rat along for at least three hours until i reach a spot on the beach, high above the tideline. I get the shovel and dig a deep hole. I roll the rat into the hole and fill it in. After i did all this. I stayed away from the fort for 5 days. Everyday i scrubbed myself with sand in the sea incase i had concocted the diesease. After the ordeal i returned to the fort and with much relief realised that the fever hadnt spread and i didnt have it. The following day i nailed up the rats room and painted upon it the words, "No entry. Contanimated room!". No one entered that room or tried to break into it so the dryditch fever will stay locked op. Skant Bloodfur
159 "Longbows, probably," I muttered when I heard of the woodlander archers. "How many did you say there were?" I asked the Stoat nearby who had been telling everyone about the killings. He shrugged. "We don't really know. Could be anywhere from fifteen to thirty of them. Didn't look like a lot, though." I bit my lip. "What species?" The answer that came was expected. "Squirells and Hares. Yelling something about how we shouldn't have slaves." Walking out into the darkness by myself, I pulled my dark cloak around me and checked that my hidden armor was secure. I had heard that the archers were shooting from the small rocky beach below the cliff. I was not surprised when I heard shouts, and the whistles of arrows whizzing. The woodlanders were shooting the harbor guards! Squinting in the dying sunlight, I decided to do a little shooting myself. Standing on the edge of the cliff, I fitted an arrow to the string. I shot the arrow and was rewarded with a cry from the woodlanders. I knew that the harbor guards wouldn't be hurt too badly, since they had started wearing armor on patrols. The woodlanders standing to the side made an easy target. I fitted another arrow to my string and slunk into the shadows. Vermin play dirty, and I was. All of the sudden I heard a voice. "Nice night for shooting woodlanders, eh?" It was a group from the fort! They had been waiting to kill the woodlanders. Together that night we enslaved ten beasts and killed ten of them. Duskdream Twilight
160 I would keep a portion of my soldiers on guard at night. An alarm would be set for any dangerous action. The rest of the soldiers would at hand. They would wait for any mysterious action. But while they were waiting, they would be compromising and thinking of ways to kill the goodbeasts'. If a raid occured, 10 soldiers would be outside. They would track the goodbeasts' back to where they came from and then report immeadiatly. When the location is discovered, we would raid them.... just like they did us. Gieren
160 "AAAARRGGG!" I groaned. How come I'M the one who ALWAYS has to stop these stupid woodlanders?! "Oh, well, I'll make the best of it," I thought to myself. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to command a score of beasts to stop the raids and killings. But then an idea hit me. I didn't need a score of clumsy vermin helping me! I would do it on my own. "After all," I thought. You should only trust yourself. Besides, I had a plan. "Go 'way," I told the twenty vermin. "I can handle this myself." The hot noontide sun above was burning. The raids were being made below the cliff, so I silently slipped down. Woodlanders usually came from the west, along the beach. A dozen of them would be no problem at all. When I saw them approaching, I quickly ran back up the cliff and waited until their backs were turned on me. Taking out my prized bow and some light poisened arrows I waited until they were starting to act sneaky, you know, with all these guerrilla tactics. Meanwhile I rubbed the cord of my bow with beeswax and gave it a few sharp twangs. Drawing the string tight with an arrow, I shot it. Bulls Eye! In no time at all, The twelve stupid woodlanders were dead. I carefully made twelve more notches on my already covered bow. Duskdream Twilight
161 I searched the woods for the shew tribe with the solders that my captain gave me and the most we fond was a trail leading into the deepest,darkest part of the wood.No-beast ever went in there because no-beast ever came out alive!After much coaxing I convinced them that we would come out alive and well.then when we found there camp we started taking notes.Afer a day of taking notes on them we started to head back to the fort but half way there we were atacked by seven shrews and a rat!We battled them for about half an hour the last one standing was the rat who had his back turned.He was very sorry for that mistake.When we arrived at our ship the we told our crew captain every thing.After a while of thinking we made a plan to attack the Shrews.The next day we started traveling to the locaition where the tribe was.We picked the perfect moment and attacked.Then when allthe beasts were dead one of our members asked the crew who slain the rat leader.Noone answeared then we started searching for the rat Chiefchen when i finaly found him i fought with him for about 45 minutes I slew the rat and took his sword and his head and brang it to the captain everyone cheard for I HAD SLAIN THE RAT! Magnaflash
162 When I heard that beasts were walking, as if in a trance, I decided to investigate. Hearing that most cases were seen near the swamp, I carefully snuck out by myself. On the way I picked wild garlic. Wearing a heavier darker cloak than usual, and with garlic smeared on my face, I figured I wouldn't smell anything overpowering, and I hoped to be so camoughflaged they wouldn't see me. I hoped to see them first. Whith a long mapel walking stick to use as a club, and my skinnning knife handy, I was prepared. All at once I felt thirsty. I kept walking on an old path and kept my eye out for water. At last I saw a little pool. How delicious the water looked! Clear and bubbling. But wait! I ducked behind a tree and watched. A squirrrel was slipping powder into the pool!! SO that's it! the facts began to get clear. But any potion can't make you walk like a zombie, I thought. When the squirrel had left, I went to the pool and pretended to drink some water. Some sweet music began playing and I wanted to walk toward it, but I had enough sense to think. Walking like a zomibe I pretended to be drunk from the water and attracted to the music, which must have been what happened to the other beasts. CRASH! a hole in the ground covered up with leaves and sticks had been what had happened to everyone else. But, I had been walking with my staff out in front of me the long way, and was holding it with both paws in the middle. I wasn't in the hole. The stick had fallen across the hole. Pulling myself out and dusting myself off, I pulled everyone else out. Together we hunted down the squirrel and brougt him back as a prisoner. Duskdream Twilight
163 The only way to find out what was happening, I felt, was to join the cult itself. I pinched a long poisoned knife off the fat bartender in the tavern and hid it under my vest. I discarded my other weapons and tools, save for a file and a small, thin wire, and went to the corner of the tavern where I knew the crewbeast, a rat, preached this cult. He asked if anyone wanted to join, and mustering all my courage, I stood up. He smiled and told me to wait for him outside. I nodded obediently and left. About ten minutes later he came outside too and motioned for me to follow him. He led me through the fort until we came to a section of the wall. The rat bade me turn about as, he claimed, he was "going to perform an intricate ceremony." I nodded again and turned away, but watched out of the corner of my eye. He went to the largest block and pushed on the upper left hand corner. To my amazement, it slid away and revealed a large hole. The rat then told me that "the gods smiled" on me and said I could enter. I followed, slightly amused. The hole led into a large tunnel underneath Fort Nightshade, leading about fifty yards or so, not very long. He stepped behind me and gestured subtlely. I heard a movement behind me and turned. A large rat clubbed me over the head and I was knocked unconscious. When I came to, I was chained in a cell with about five other crewbeasts. They told me that the cult really existed, but the first rat, named Marokus, claimed he was the only one that deserved to be a member of it. I smiled. What a shock this would be to him! Pulling out my file, I soon had everybeast free. Leading them, armed with lengths of chain, I picked the lock with the wire and slipped out into the tunnel. "Halt!" came a voice from behind. There was Marokus, with two burly rats. I gave a shout and the five crewbeasts charged the two rats. I myself stepped forward and pulled out the knife. "All its life this blade has been seeking blood," I said to Marokus, "and now it shall have its fill!" Marokus snarled viciously and murmured an incantation, whereupon a ball of fire burst from the ground right in front of me. A stoat saw his chance and shoved one of Marokus's sidekicks into the flames. Leaping clear across the fire, I plunged the knife into the rat leader's chest up to the hilt. Marokus gave a startled cry and was gone. Breathless but joyful, I led the remaining captives back up to fresh air and freedom. Flameblood Quickblade
163 I searched silently and found out that a group of 10 assasins were planning to take out nightshade. i took 100 soldiers and took them by surprise in their sleep. we brutally murdered all of them and left no survivors. Gieren
164 I found a disguser and he helped me to look old and mysterios.then i clothed my self in old rags to add effect. after that I got some magcal stones and walkked into one of the warlords camp. His tent was easy to find, The biggest tent in the feild. I passed the gaurds, they didnt notice me, they simpley nodded in my direction. Probely they believed i was a wandering seer, I walked into the warlords tent and sat on the ground in front of the fire. The warlord glared at me. "Who are u and what are u doing here?" I made my eyes a sort of mystic blue color, even my greeneye. It was a trick i learned young. he sat back down. AAAhhh u are the seer then. "Tell me, will I take Fort Nightshade?"he asked, i leaned close an shouted nooooooooo. like in a trance. he backed up. "what can i do then?" i sat for a while then said, "there is another, a warlord claiming to be the greatest, if u defeat him, his army shall fallow u, there are mercenaries, they will join your army without qestion. " I got up and left. The next day, he did attack the other warlord. there was a huige battle, only 30 remained, Fort Nightshade finished them off, the ones left surrendered to become slaves. Nightflame
165 At first I didn't want to accept this mission. My familly has respected adders since the days of my great great great great grandsire. Why? No creature living is more swift and deadly than an adder. I even wear a adderfang necklace, and that is why I am called Deathfang. Adders are almost sacred in my familly, and that is why I didn't want to do this mission. But Trake the stoat and his brother, Maim, talked me into accepting it. We are close friends, and of course, they would come with me. I arrived at the adder nest with my score of troops. We entered the adder nest. We were spotted by an adder. It gave a warning hiss. "Who issss your leader?" A fox shoved me forth. If I had not been sick with fear, I would have brained the fox with my scimitar handle. The adder reared to strike. Then followed a terrible silence. I licked my dry lips. I was rooted to the spot with terror. Then I regained my senses. I shrieked, "Fire, you dithering idiots! Fire!" Four arrows struck the adder's skull. Then, adders came boiling out of a nearby tunnel. I found myself screaming orders at the top of my lungs. "Trake, get that adder to your left. Datgur, get that one to your left!" Datgur the rat was too late, an adder had got him. Then, out of the tunnel, came a giant adder. There was no doubt in my mind that it was the leader. I took one glance at it and yelled "REATREAT!" We ran away from the nest, and didn't stop until we were a safe distance from the cave. I found the fox who had pushed me. "Stand up buckoe," I snarled. The fox stood up. I wacked him with the flat of my blade. "Listen, fox. You could 'ave gotten me killed back there!" I wacked him mercilessly with my scimitar. He arched his back in agony, screeching in pain. "Please stop! Argggghhh!" The next day we returned to the adders den. We fought desperatly. The giant adder was causing much destuction. It had killed eight of us. Soon we only had seven of us left. But we fought on, and emerged as victors. Deathfang
165 i took my group and after a day and led them up to the place where the nest was supposed to be and after a long time we reached our destination. After much looking around we found a dark cave. the beasts with me stareted shaking and wimpering, talking about a spirit. i quickly brought down the disapline. They still shook , but they at least went into the cave. we searched all around, when we met back at the entrance i discovered 2 of my group is missing. we go back in a find them surrounded by twin adders. i kill them over three days and go home Nightflame Greeneye
166 I set sail on the ship Seafire, and soon the island came into site. I sailed onwards when a storm came, shrieking and howling, and pounded back our ship to Nightshade. I then had the ship fixed, for one of the porthole had cracked, and a chunk at the front of the ship had been torn out. Once the ship was fixed I set sail again. This time the weather was better. We reached the island, and looked for a place to dock. "I wonder where that ship was docked," I mused. "It had to dock somewhere." We sailed around for a while, then the lookout called out "Sir, theres a boat docked over there!" "Where?" I replied, and she replied, pointing, "Over there sir!" I looked and saw a small vessel in a sectred cove. "There's no enough room for both of us! We'll have to desrtoy 'er!!" "Or board her." We sailed further towards the ship, then partly into the cove. "Right, half of the crew is going to have to board her, and the rest of us will sail the Seafire away so that you can get out. Then you'll reboard the Seafire, leave the other ship adrift, and we'll sail into the cove." So I gave the order and men started swarming into the deserted ship, which was called The Seadark King. Then the Seafire sailed away, The Seadark King sailed out, the crew which had been on her reboarded the Seafire, and the Seafire sailed into the cove. Then we went onto land, and began to explore. I sent out partys in different directions, myself at the head of one party, and appionted others to lead the other two partys, and agreed to meet at nightfall. My party found nothing, and went back to the meeting place, and found the party headed by Startak already back. They to had found nothing. When by nightfall the other party had not returned, I said "We had better go after them, for either they were killed, or they found something......." I lead the beasts in the direction that the party headed by SeaStar had went. By midnight we came apon a fortress, strong, built of stone, and with a wooden gate. A wooden gate.... I smiled, this would be easy. I rounded up a group of trained archers, then said "When I give the command, you kill the walltop gaurds, then give a second volley for good measure." I then told them to spread out around the fort, then shouted the command. Two volleys of arrows killed the walltop gaurd, then I had some beasts make bundles of dry wood, and set fire to the ends with a flint. Piling them infront of the gate, the troops then began to shout and scream. The beasts inhabiting the fort rushed out, and the ones in the front were burnt by the fire, which had also partly burnt the gate. Then we exchanged arrowfire, and I leapt over the fire and rushed towards there leader, commanding form the back. I was sorley wounded, and crumpled to the ground. But as the mouse king came up, I picked up a fallen sword and stabbed him through the stomach. "You fool!!" He screamed, and I said "Never, ever, try to kill Rakkan the Axe!" Then my troops charged, and I pulled myself up and fought with my trusty axe. After a while, the fort courtyard was filled with dead bodies, and I asked "No quarter, no surrender, no captives?" "No." Then a healer came forward and bound my legwound with linen and herbs. Leaning on my axe, I asked "Where are the other beasts?" "Dead, every one o' them." Replied a beast. "Hmmm....." "Well, back to Nightshade!!" Rakkan
167 Squirrel archers! "Let me deal with them," my injured friend pleaded, straitening up. "No." I answered. "Go into the middle of that bush and let me deal with them." My friend was hurt so bad that she did what I said without much fuss, though on normal conditions we would have fought to decide if she would obey me. I climbed up a nearby tree, as only an agile ferret can. "Archers. No problem," I muttered, taking out my own bow and arrows which I treasured above all things. The bow was made out of twisted, carved, wooden wild grapevine, which bended easily and did not break. The string was made of very thin, strong twisted spruce root, which I rubbed with beeswax daily. I fitted a metal arrow to the string, my favorite kind, though I didn't use them very often because they were harder to make and a little bit heavier. with my back against the trunk, I waited. There they were! Rotten archers, aiming at my friend! I gritted my teeth and shot at all of them. Their backs were turned to me, so it was easy. It was also fair! They had killed my own friend when we were just minding our own business. There were seven of them in all, and I killed all of them. I had practiced archery since I was a babe, and I rarely missed. When I went back down to the bushes, my friend had an arrow in her footpaw! This was too much. I helped her stand up, and together we found our way back to the fort, but not before I had killed another squirrel I saw. Vermin will be vermin! Duskdream Twilight
168 When I got word that the trackers could not find the spy, I went out into the woodlands myself. I quickly noticed he had done a lousey job in covering his tracks, probabl in a rush. Silently I followed them to a river, where the tracks went in. On the other side, I could barely make out the goodbeasts' camps. Cursing my bad luck, I dove into the water, only to find one fish in it. A pike! Quickly, I unsheathed my sword and stabbed it through the head. Then, I jumped out of the river and hurried to the goodbeasts' camp. I noticed they were all celebrating over there spies good work. But I heard one say, " I wonder what info our little spy got for us, eh Hono?" Perfect. The spy still hadn't told them anything yet. Realizing that I would be comiting suicide trying to sneak in, I went to a nearby spring and washed all of the dirt off. Then, I put on a robe that I found near the camp. When the hood was over my eyes, I straightened up. I looked just like an otter. I casuely walked into the camp. Looking around for the spy was easy. He was the only one who looked like a vermin. I walked over too him. " Hey matey! Mind walking into your tent and you telling me all about your marvelous escape?" All the atention was making him very proud, as I hoped it would. " Sure I'll tell you all about it. Well lets see... it started whe-....." I already had my sword across his throat. " Wrong answer." I quickly grabbed all maps and everything he had collected and walked out of the camp, back to Fort Nightshade. Arono
169 I went silently along the perimiter of the woodland camp, looking through the trees, using the shadows as cover. Already I had been here for three days and I had found out very little. I knew the leader was a big, red squirrel but that was all, no name, no skills, no guards. No clue. I had been sent here with a blind eye, cursing my look at being selected for a mission after so long. All I had was my sword and a quive rof arrows. The inner section of the camp, where the squirrel was, was very well guarded. I strung an arrow to my bow and aimed at the encampment. I sighed and lowered the bow. I had no chance. An idea suddenly hit me, I saw a mous ein range, I raised my bow and I fired. The mouse never knew what killed him, he fell with an arrow through his eye. Chaos reigned instanly. I heard shouts and cries as beast swarmd around the dead. I saw plenty of squirrels but I could not distinguish them from another. I raised my bow and fired again, taking down an otter this time. Ifired once more and another mouse fell. This time I was lucky. I saw an otte rleap up and grab the squirrel and yell "Lord, we must get you back to the-" He was dropped with an arrow through his throat. The squirrel was still reeling when I fired one last time, pinning him to a tree behind him. I dropped the bow and arrow and ran, through the shadows, back to the fort. Ready to give my report. I as pleased to discover, after so long I hadn't lost my edge Silvren Sundark
170 I was new, so I decided to handle it meself. I, being a fox, was keen enough to see that there was enough water to feed an entire fleet. There were also plenty of empty barrels when the cooks had tried to get rid of the food so it didn't spoil. I swiftly placed each barrel around the place surrounding the kitchen letting the water run into them for the remainder of the flood. All the water went to the ships out at sea. It's as simple as that. ^_^ Shadow
171 I picked 5 other archers and set out. We heard the sounds of battle in our ears, and we moved faster. As the noise got louder, we slowed down and became careful, treading silently. We each hid behind a tree. I peeked out slowly and saw the battle. I tryed to pick out their leaders. It appered a chocolate brown otter was the leader. I notched an arrow on my bow, and aimed carefully. I shot the arrow, and the arrow produced from his throat. "Attack!" a young mouse yelled. I nodded to the archers, and they shot their arrows if they spotted a creature they thought was a leader. Three shot, and three died out there. I smiled slyly. I spotted a squirrel, a big one, who apperead to be a leader. I hid back behind my tree and notched an arrow. I shot, and he was shot through the back, and killed. 5 more yimes we shot, killing every leader, than stole away. None of us were seen, thank goodness. "Their leaders are gone. We'll go back tommorow and see if they lost heart, or they could've gotten new leaders. But remember: We must not be seen." They nodded. But the next day when we went back, and hid behind trees around their camp, they were packing up . One even said " Our leaders are dead. What point in fighting?" We'll just have to go back home" We smiled triumphantly, and left. Berryice Moonseeker
171 The panting of Mervic's breath was the only notice that the stoat had returned from his scouting mission. "Sir"He panted."The goodbeasts is just over that next ridge." "Good."I replied. I turned to the rest of my squad. The current mission was a doozy. Aparently, I was suposed to take twelve of Nightshades finest(thirteen if you include me) and assasinate the leaders of a vermin army and a goodbeast army. As we aproached the ridge from the south, I heard a scouting party of good beasts aproaching. Pulling out my bow as quietly as I could, I slowly crawled to the top. They swerved away west, thank goodness. Rolling to my back, I signaled to the rest to follow me. We silently crept to the ege of the good beast camp. This was the hard part. I noticed the hare leaders tent on the far side of the camp, overlooking the sea. "Sir, what do we do?" Mervic asked" "Fire arrows, or poison. It's the only way." "Aye sir." "Lets crawl over to the beach, we can shot from down there, or we can always poison the supply, i think it's that tent nearest to us..." "Sir?" "What is it?" I asked to the weasel who had spoken, Alcara, an expert at arcery and poisons. "I could sneak into the tent and poison the supply easily, but it might not reach the leader, since he probably has his own food supply"She had a point, the hare might be expecting a poisoning.... "Go and poison it anyway, if we fail we can at least take some of them with us, and take Mervic with you, and.....Scrake, you go too" The weasel and the two stoats snuck off into the misty night. "Alright, that leaves me with...nine. Alright you lot, listen up. Were going to sneak down to the beach and climb those cliffs, while five of you heads to the navy. Scout for a weakness in their camp, then report back to me. Got it?" They nodded silent agrement. We then headed down to the beach, walking because nobeast was around. The cliffs were steep, but we managed them. The hare leaders tent was right in front of us, so we cut a slit in the back. the hare was wide awake, but with his back turned to us. An arrow to the back of his head was all it took. Washru's group had left just before the cliff to scout the ships, and he met us at the bottom, while Alcara's group came back from the poisoning mission. "Sir" Washru rapped."We noticed that one of the crews jollyboats is on the shore, with only six creature max in it, probably some sort of faraging party." I smiled at this neew info. "Very good, I'm sure Lady Fleetpaws will enjoy this news! Let's go!" I didn't even have to explain my plan, which was obviously to kill the faragers and steal the jollyboat. Two of the foragers were down the beach, and we sniped these ones. One of them noticed us, and called to the others. They were just retreating when four of our arrows flew straight and true. Four gasps were heard, and four bodis hit the water. Only Six of us fit in the boat, so we left behind Wahru's group and Mervic. The sentries were sleeping aboard the ship, making this mission even easier. Avoiding the sleeping guards, Alcara and I snuck up the anchor rope and into the captains cabin. A small injection of nightshade into his neck ended the captains life quickly and we had shote the only awake guard and threw his body into the sea. We snuck back aboard the jolly boat, and sailed for home, which was now safe, as both armies were now leaderless. Shadow
171 As soon as the rather stuck-up ferret who had led the archers to me had gone out of sight I gave the archers little vials of chemicals that would ignite when exposed to air. I always like evening the odds a little like that. I had done some scouting earlier and had seen the goodbeasts (mostly mice and a few squirrels) preparing to set up a temporary camp/defense in a large, strategically placed cave facing inland with the rock wall in between them and the sea. There was no way we could have stormed them there, even with the entire army of the fort and the northerners combined. So I started investigating the seaward side. The rock wall became pretty thin just under the water, though it was very hard to find that out; it involved bribing a mouse, burrowing a little, almost having my head smashed in by a falling compost heap, and breaking my newly-bought dirk. Need I say more? Anyway, the point is, with a few slaves standing waist-deep in water for an hour banging away with pickaxes and then digging a tunnel underneath the cave into the dirt (that bit was hard; I had to measure the chain they were chained to to see if it was possible for them to dig up to the mice and "spill the beans") I soon had only a quickly constructed (by the slaves) timber "roof" holding up the tunnel roof. Then, one archer, standing on the deck of the Seafire fired an arrow into the timber, with the vial attached. The wood caught fire, the tunnel collapsed as it burned away, the floor to the cave above it collapsed, and their was a nice general feel of chaos. The mice were surprised, and most of them were killed or badly maimed as the rock tumbled into rubble. The survivors were taken care of first by a few more arrows (with the vials carefully tied on) and secondly by the northern vermin who had just arrived at what was going to be the battlefield. Unfortunately, when it came to getting loot it was four hundred soldiers against onescore archers and me, but at least the Fort is still standing. The northern vermin marched off eastward and I think one goodbeast fortress is going to disappear very fast! Ardrad the Red
172 as the ship crashed (assuming that it has more crewbeasts), i jumped overboard and pulled, along with the help of several others, the ship ashore. there was a gaping hole where the port side was not to long would take days to repair. i decided that we should scout around the island. i sent several out to find some wood. they didn't come back for one day. when they did, there were only two of the five that i sent put. one was a now armless weasel, and the other was a deaf stoat named scraptongue. worse yet, there was no sturdy wood to be found! they described to us how it happened. it turns out that there was a native tribe of toads on the island. we decided to post sentries on all sides of the ship. the next night, the toads attacked. it came swiftly and without notice. tridents came whizzing out of nowhere. several hit the sentries on the east side of camp. i commanded my troops up and to get themselves ready for a fierce fight. i drew my falchion and unslung my shield from my back. i rushed into battle with the toads. their numbers were overwhelming. it was 4 to 1. i chopped a toads head in half, and swiftly dodged a thrust from the toad directly next to me. i sliced with my falchion. the toad fell dead. it was then that the hissing came. over the dunes came the biggest adder i have ever seen. i collected five of my best warriors, namely: slitthroat, ironclaw, darkpaw, redfang, and lashtail. we snuck around to the side of a large dune. i ran around to the back of the adder, along with the five. slitthroat, in spite of my commands, ran straight to the adder and pulled his axe back over his head, preparing for a huge swing at the adders tail. he did not, however, know that adders have a very keen sense of smell, and are the fastest animal ever known. slitthroat swung down, and chopped off the adders tail, or so he thought. the last thing he saw was a part of an adder. his head. the ax fell useless to the ground. the fool! he had given away our positions! we all charged. the cutlass of redfang slashed wildly at the adders middle, but he was lifted off the ground by the adder, and died promptly after being bitten. the adder turned. it could taste our fear. fear for the lives of the crew and fear for ourselves. i swung down at the middle of the snake, but my blade was caught by a well thrown trident. it flew away from me and landed 4 yards away. i pulled out my dagger. the dagger that had once been my lords, the silver stileto of ublaz. i grasped it's tip. the adder looked at me with those huge hypnotic eyes. for a moment i was reminded of those days at sampetra. that beautiful island. ruled by ublaz. a sudden rage at his death filled me. as the adder opened it's jaws, i threw the dagger. it dissapeared into its throat. with a gagging, sputtering noise, the dagger flew dack out. it had done it's work, however. the adder died with its eyes wide with terror. the toads, having suffered a shattering defeat already, fled. we sat around a roaring fire that night. i reflected on my days with ublaz. i was filled with a sadness. an incurable despair. the next morning, i took the ship-to-shore boat to one of the neighboring islands. i found wood! good sturdy elm wood. i was lucky enough to have blackburn the shipwright with my crew. except for a few more little battles with angry toads, our repairs went untroubled. in three days, we were off the island. our voyage back was far better then the voyage there. we were found, by several other ships in service of the lady, out about 5 leagues away from the shore. and here i am back at the fortress. Disra Gnashtail
173 I sat in the tavern, drinking some sort of strong wine- I wasn't sure what it was actually made of, but I was enjoying it. It was a boring day, nothing much happening to me, and I didn't feel like sparring anyone. Instead, I twirled my skinning knife and leaned back on the stool, tossing an apple into the air and slicing it three ways with the sharp edge of my blade before it hit the ground. Oh sure, I had heard about the enemy ships blocking our ships, but why should I care? Was it my business? Then again, I was curious, and maybe I could just go outside and take a look at the ships. Just as soon as I finished my drink, of course. Ambling outside, I saw the fleet, ten ships, blocking every way for our ships to get out of the harbor. I shook my head. I had to admit, it was clever of them. But I had an idea. I strolled back into the fort, pulled some old copper and brass hoop earings out of an old chest, and snapped them on my ears. Then I dressed myself in a tattered black tunic and cape, attempting to disguise myself as a corsair. Digging in some other chests, I found what I was looking for. An axe. I hung it on my belt, and once again ambled outside the fort to the harbor. I saw the harbor gaurd. "May I have that logboat?" I asked him, nodding to an old, very short logboat that was resting on the beach. He raised his eyebrows at me, then shrugged. "If you can make it seaworthy," He replied. It was easy enough. With some tar and pitch I soon had it fixed up. Dragging it to the ocean, I paddled to one of the enemy ships and waited until sunset, just in the back of the ship where they couldn't see me. Then I called to one of the beasts. "Ahoy there, matey. Give me a lift up!" A searat peered over the edge and frowned. "Didn't yew jes' come from the fort in that little boat of yore's?" I smiled. "Bless yore 'eart, matey, I was jes' doin a little spyin' for the dear ole' capn," He smiled back at me, revealing a pair of yellow, chipped teeth. "Jes wait'll I get a rope," He called back, disapearing from my site. He was back a minute later carrying a rope, but before he lowered it down to me he suddenly became doubtful. "Yew ARE from the fort, aren't ya'? I better get the capn' before lettin' yew up, and I'll ask him if he sent ya' to the fort to do some spyin'." "Oh, yew don't need ta' bother," I said, smiling weakly in a last attempt to get him to let me up. But it was too late. He had already left. I gritted my teeth. I was bad at this. I was just about to paddle back to the fort and let somebody else complete the mission, when the rat's face appeared over the edge. He was smiling. "Capn' says to let you up," He said cheerfully. "Uhhh, no thanks, I'll just go over to capn' Sharpclaw's ship," I said, because I had heard the name of one of the captains. "I think I came to the wrong ship," I quickly added. "Ohh, that's all right," He said. "Capn' Chiptooth is always ready for a visitor." He threw down the rope, and I climbed up. I ducked around the searat and raced into a cabin, then down the stairs, murmering something about wanting to see the oar slaves. Surprisingly, there were no slaves, and the benches were all empty. "Hmmmm. . . " I muttered to myself. "Maybe that's why they are at Nightshade, to get more slaves. All the better for me," I shrugged it off, took out my axe, and began hacking forcefully at the bottom of the ship. It was very thick, strong, wood, but no matter how thick the tree is, if you chop at it long enough it will fall down. Soon enough, water started seeping in, and I chopped a little longer before deciding it was time to get off the ship. I raced up to the deck, and leaped into the logboat, which was still drifting fairly close to the ship. It was easy to flee because everyone was inside the cabin playing acorns and shells. Well, that's pretty much how it went with all the ships, and on the last one I leaped into the logboat and paddled for the shore. The sun was starting to rise, the golden rays fell upon my face, and I lay on the beach, exhausted. I watched the last ship sink slowly, until it was swallowed by the green sea. I shook my head, feeling sorry about what I had done and knowing I could have done it a better way. But thats the way it goes sometimes. Duskdream Twilight
173 I would take 12 ships and 213 beasts. All of us would be suited in armor. I would tell the bows to get in the back. the hand combatters in front. we would take them by force & kill them all, while yelling,"never disgrace Fort Nigthshade!" Gieren
174 These adders had to be stopped. I cannot blame the guards for not going near them. I was not accustomed to fighting adders. I enlisted the fastest creatures at nightshade to help me. I had gethered some fire bales and some mirrors. As we neared, the adders picked up our scent. We threw the fire bales, and the adders shied away in fear of the heat and light. We leapt in, swords and axes slashing away. We cut the tail off of one, and the head off another. as the adders turned to leer at us with those eyes, the others leapt in with the mirrors (yes i know this souns silly, but it's the way perseus killed the gorgon medusa)the adders looked into the mirrors, and the first three fell under their own spell. Our axe and spear beasts crept up behind them and hacked away at their tails and middles. the opthers, however were not so easy. they lashed out, wounding three, and killing two. as we fled, we saw the ax and spear beasts standing over three snake carcasses. as we ran down the hallway, we heard the agonized screams as they were torn apart. the next day, we tried again, but with torches and no mirrors. we leapt into the pit, only to find that the adders were gone. we sent out search pertie and eventually they were found. dozens of blazing javelins and arrows sped through the air. something was wrong though. there were only four adders here. as the four of them were killed off by axes, i heard a rustling in the bushes. 25 young adders spread around five other vermin, along with myself. the five drew their swords, and i drew my own sword, ziddar. with a cry of "JADEFIRE!" i leapt into the mass of adders. luckily, the poison glands of the adder young were not developed. the six of us fought tooth and claw. the scales of the adders caved under our blades. we had slain 10, coming in on 11. there was another rustling, and out came the mother adder. she lashed out, striking a rat named rageye. he fell screaming, and armless, to the ground. the poison sank in after about a minute. as the adder devoured her prey, i leapt at her. i chopped at her middle, and a deep gash appeared just to the left of her spleen. i hacked away, and i heard a swinging noise. something scaley struck me on the back. i was flung through the air, and i landed painfully on my side. standing up, i drew my short swords. my other sword had landed right near the snakes head. as i jumped towards her, she swung her tail again. i swung both swords like scythes. a fleshy length of snake scales landed a few feet away. the adder roared out in pain. i stabbed at her stomach. i felt something clamp around me. the reamainder of the snakes tail drew me up towards it's gaping maw. i stabbed both swords at her eyes, i had averted my gaze, and avoided hypnosis. the blinded adder screeched, and fell to the ground. i felt the tail slacken. i climbed away from the adder. the others had taken care of the offspring. all except one. we tied a noose to him and forced him into slavery. Karda Jadefire
175 After a week, I had become experienced from watching the birds habits. It's a pretty simple pattern. Every morning, they leave to gather food. So, I force the crew up the wall to their nests everyday until there are eggs. Since the birds are so useful to their owners, it seemed a waste to kill them. We each find our own egg and took it home for some T(ender)L(oving) C(are). When the birds come back, they saw that their eggs are gone and went elsewhere, as a natural bird would, to somewhere safe while it was still laying season. That helped in the hatchling training since the hatchlings never found out that they belonged to a flock of birds rather the crew of Fort Nightshade. Instead they became part of Fort Nightshade's Victorious Vermin. They earn their keep and work for dead fish scraps that the cook is more than ready to give away. How useful! Shadow Slyfox
175 I took 99 others, and set off for the lofts. We crept slowly up. If anyone made a noise, I warned them. If they made another noise, they would die. Only one actuallt died, but anyway, when we got there, I ordered them to spread out. We did so. I spotted the leader and told everyone to put arrows to bows, and others to get throwing daggers ready. I signaled a one by tighting my bowsrting....two, even tighter.....three! I fired, and 4 other arrows found the mark in the leader, who was an enormous crow, and he squawked once and died. Otheres killed 86 birds. Then I signaled again, and 56 more died, but some were slow. They fired a few seconds after that volley, and 38 more birds were killed. The rest, which consisted of only about 100, went wild. Some managed to fly out a window, others had been hit by earlier arrows and died later from the excitment. The rest were killed while trying to escape. I smiled triumphantly and signaled us all down. Only one was lost, the one who wouldnt shut up. But anyway...Mission Accomplaished! Dalara
175 I thought the best plan would be to sort of seige the birds. I took about 50 of our army, and gave them each bows, and distributed arrows every now and then. I had 25 of our army rush out and stand under the lofts and shoot at birds. The other 25, shot from the doorway. After a while I'd switch the 25 with the other 25 beasts. Giving them a turn to shoot from the doorway. I did this continually, having them pick up any extra arrows on the ground to be re-used. I had this go on for a couple days.

Mean while, the other 50 of the original 100 beasts were outside. 25 around the fort, and 25 in the woods. When the birds flew over and around the woods for food, the archers would take them out. When Birds fly back to the fort, the ones around the fort shot at them. I had some beasts find out where their main water source is, and position archers near it, hidden, the birds who came to drink, were be shot. I thought that if they stopped coming to the water, their lack of water would weaken them and make them easier to defeat.

Then, after these methods started to work, I had 75 of our beasts outside of the fort, and had some of us inside, and we lit fires under the lofts to try to smoke the birds out. When the birds flew outside to escape the smoke, our archers got them.

After all the birds were smoked out of the fort, I sent some of our beasts up into the lofts to get the eggs. I presented the eggs to our leader, as an offering and a thanks for giving me a chance to use my plan.

So most of the birds were shot, as they flew away from the smoke, but some, a very small few, escaped, but in such a small number, they dared not to come back to Fort Nightshade.

Tawney L. BallyHare
176 To trap an assassin, one must think like an assassin. That was rule number one in this buisness all I had along with me was a solitarty dagger, the edge sharpened. I placed the blade in its sheaths and looked to the forest, moving stealthily through the shadows. Based on our reports, this guild of assassins was located somewhere in the forest, the leader was a silver colored fox. I continued to move, watching for ny sign of m target. I knew I was close, by the smell of smoke, some snaooed twigs and bent grass. Nodding to myself I followed the trail, hearing a voice.
"Another soldier dead, lord...when enough of them are gone we can begin picking off officers and finally Fleetpaws."
A cold voice answered. "I know go and give them another bodyto bury." I ducked behind a tree, waiting for a moment until I saw a fox, cloaked in black walks past me, I suddenly grabbed him, one paw over his mouth, and slit his throat. As his corpse went limp I placed him beind the tree, studying the body, the way he wore his cloak, carried himself. Everything. I sat there for an hour, then, drawing my cloak about my head I walked to the clearing where I heard the voices, noting the tall, silver fox
"Lord. I slew an officer this time...the Nightshaders are especially worried...some troops are gone already."
The fox nodded. "good jpob then...I'll go tell th eothers theur jobs."
He walked past me, failing to notice my blade unsheathed, with a flick of my paw I threw it, the fox dropped with the dagger in his neck. I removed the blade and exited much the same way I came in. The assassins left the next day but they didjn't get far...they ran into a patrol of monitor lizards the next week
Silvren Sundark
177 I saw the goodbeasts before they saw us. I hid in the forest, arousing anxiety among the crew. They wanted to do something, anything! So when I felt they were eager enough to the point of bursting, I let them get closer. I warned them that if any were killed that they would take their place in the slave dungeon. As we snuck up, I got a headcount of how many beasts were there. There was a total of 13. Most were squirrels and mice, all men of good stature. When I was convinced that they were unarmed or had laid aside their arms, I let the crew out. Regardless to their lack of weapons, they put up a good fight. They squirrels headed for the trees, but were blocked by half of my crew that I had left there, expecting a maneuver like that. When they were bound, I took another headcount. Only 12 beasts had been caught. I looked at the sentries with the squirrels. I had left seven, but now there stood six.
"Where's Gutlass?"
The six looked among themselves with despair. I ordered for two others to come with me out into the woods to find him. As we traveled, I heard something rustle in the bushes. I jumped behind there ready to kill, but was somewhat relieved to see Gutlass. He seemed eager again.
"What's wrong with ya, Gutlass?" says I.
I turned and saw a group of mice, squirrels, and voles. There was the squirrel that had escaped telling of our deed. The leader appeared mad, so I decided before raiding them. There was 10 more, not counting the squirrel that had escaped. The mouse stood up and yelled a warcry. It was something along the lines of "Redwall."
I knew there were too many to raid with the three of us, so I grabbed a rush, bent it back, and let it fly with a smell- concoction that knocked them out cold. We tied them up, woke them up, and had them carry the iron chest back to Fort Nightshade.
Shadow Slyfox
177 As I sat on the shore, i thought about what the bunch of goodbeasts was made up of. there were about 7 otters, good strong ones, 3 or 4 mice, don't need to worry much about them, 5 squirrels, only thing we have to fear is their slings, and 1 hare. the hare was a glutton, and appeared to be unarmed, and quite obese. he shouldn't bother us much. i decided the best course of action was to have the squirrels picked off with bows and javelins. so, that night, i snuck around the border of the goodbeast camp and my troops fired. two fell instantly, and the others dove into the foliage. i snatched a javelin from one of my subordinates, and i threw it hard into a tree that i could see a pair of eyes watching in. there was a dull thud, a small squawk/ hoot, and out from the tree fell an owl. i went over and inspected the carcass, it had several talismans hanging about it's neck, and i took them to be examined by the seers at fns. the goodbeasts had gottne away! i felt a! shamed that a couple of measely squirrels had been able to slip out of my grasp, but they could wait. we went back to the camp and i had the pikemen stand in the bushes. i made a noise with a thrown rock, and then the otters looked away. we charged, and spitted two of the otters and a mouse on the pikes, and the other otters took out slings and javelins and ran at us. as i drew my sword, a mouse leapt upon my back. i was amazed at the fellows agility, not to mention his skill with a cumbersome battleaxe. i threw him off, but recieved a deep gash across my cheek. i plunged my sword into the nouses heart, and he died with one sputtering cough. by this time, only a squirrel, two otters, and the hare were left. the hare siezed a javelin from one of the otters, and he threw it at the weasel to my left. the weasel was dead before he hit the ground. i charged at him a slashed downward with my sword. the rest of my crew were upon the otter and the squirrel as fast as the hare died.! the rest of the goodbeasts fell, and we retrieved the chest. three weasels took it, and the rest of us took whatever loot there was to be found at the camp, and then i ordered it to be burned to the ground. the otters and other goodbeasts were washed away after we dragged them to the shoreline. all except that fat hare, i imagine he was too heavy to be moved by the water! Karda Jadefire
178 these creatures could and probably did pose a serious threat to fort nightshade. I called a meeting between myself, and several of the top ranking officials of the fort. a rat in a flowing purple cloak came up with an idea.
"what if we were to use fire?"
"it's not a bad idea, but what happens if the fire spreads to the rest of the grounds of fort nightshade?"
we continued arguing, until we finally agreed on using groups of archers hidden in the underbrush. one group would fire, causing the enemy to turn, only to be shot at from behind as well as the left and right. as we stalked down the path, i hefted my huge spear. we heard some odd clicking noise. as nightshade is in a tropical climate, there is a multitude of species that the attackers could be. the clicking noise continued, and out on the path stood three huge crabs! they scuttled towards us, and the archers fired while they were halfway there. almost all of the arrows bounced harmlessly off of the hard carapace of the crabs. the only solution was to break the shell and fire at them. i got several beasts with bolas, hammers, or morning stars. from these beasts i took the weapons and issued them with some other weapons. we needed good strong beasts, so i gathered a few badgers, wildcats, large foxes, and wolves. we snuck around the crabs while they were distracted by the arrows. myself, a bdger, and a wolf all leapt upon the back of one of the crabs. we pounded and beat upon the crabs until a sigificant portion of the crapace was cracked. we half leapt, half fell off of the crabs back. it was a pincushion in mere seconds. we continued until all of the crabs were gone. after that, we followed the tracks back to their lair. there we found several deadbests and their weapons.
Karda Jadefire
179 Under cover of a moonless night, I stalked out from the safety of the Fort to comfront this new menace. Making sure my pack was secure, my bowstring waxed, and my arrows poisoned, I silently padded through the dense carpet of loam on the ground.
Soon enough, the sound of rustling feathers reached my ears and I quickly strung my bow, quickly nocking a barbed arrow to my string, I watched and waited, thinking that if only I could wait long enough, a target would present itself.
I stealthily advanced, making sure to use every rock, tree, and shadow to my advantage, toward the sound. Sudden movement in the bushes nearby allerted me. I quickly put away my arrow, unstrung my bow, and attacked from behind.
Drawing my dirk, I approached the bushes, judging the approximate distance and size, I knew this was one of the rogue falcons. I reached out and swiftly locked my paw around a hard, pointed, beak. One quick thrust to the lungs and it was all over. I made sure to lower the bird gently to the ground,so as not to ruin my advantage of surprise.
Suddenly, from above, a shrill cry broke the silence, followed by two sets of talons which raked along my back, leaving deep gashes.
Fortunately, the falcon managed to somehow misjudge the angle of his dive, so, with a loud crunch, the bird slammed into the ground. Without thinking I drew my bow and fired an arrow straight into the bird's gaping beak!
No sooner had I done this, however, than I was attacked by the third of the deadly birds of prey. Suddenly, as if acting on its own, my paw drew back and whipped forward like a striking adder's head. Also, just like an adder, there was a brief hissing sound accompanied by a flash of liquid silver as my dirk spun through the air and buried itself up to it's hilt in the falcon's feathery chest.
From each bird, I took several feathers as proof that I had actually done the deed (and for arrow fletching later).
Then, after securing a poultice over my back wounds, I began walking home.
179 Hearing that there was a threat to Fort Nightsahde and its inhabitants, I set off to hunt the falcons which had taken the life of a scout, and may be gathering information for a rival fort.Taking only my bow and a quiver full of arrows, I set off into the dark forest,stopping only to refill my canteen from a nearby stream.Around dinnertime(or so my stomach told me) I saw a very strange sight.In the middle of a small clearing there was a settlement of what appeared to be a band of maurauding ferrets.What amazed me was that there had never been any word of this must have been recent then.I ducked behind a large oak tree and surveyed the camp carefully.As I had suspected, off to the side of one of the shabby huts thaere was a perch,and upon that three hunting birds;falcons, most likely the ones who had been sighted earlier.Nocking shaft to string I approached cautiously through the dense underbrush.Stopping at sufficent range to shoot with reasonable accuracy,I drew my arrow back to its point and let it fly.It hissed through the air, a messenger of death,and hit one of the birds in the chest.He fell slowly, as if reluctant to part from life, and he let loose a shrill cry before he died.I wakened the others,and,seeing their kinsbird lying dead,letout a cry of hatred and defiance and began searching for the killer.One found me quickly,probably by lkuck, but luck wasn't with him.i swung out wityh my bow, the long yew stick connecting with feathered body, and knocking it unconscous.Stooping to stab the bird to death with an arrow, i NOTICED A SERIES OF NUMBERS ON ITS LEG, PAINTED IN RED.i MEMORIZED THEM IN CASE THEY MEANT ANYTHING, AND THEN PUT AND ARROW TO MY BOW AND CREPT CLOSER TO WHERE THE OTHER BIRD WAS LOOKING.hE SUDDENLY TURNED AND SAW ME, FOR i HAD STEPPED ON A DRY TWIG,. BUT i LET LOSSE MY ARROW BEFORE HE REACTED.mY ARROW FLEW TRUE, AND PIERCED THE EYE.sEEING THIS DONE, i BEGAN SPRINTING TO GET Out of the forest, I started off, and reached the fort as the moon was rising in the datk sky. Deathblade
179 I nodded slightly as I accepted the mission. This would be difficult, but not impossible. No, definitely not impossible. Three falcons. Hm, that didn't sound right. There were probably more. I exited the building and entered the barracks, where I immediately selected two of the best fighters in the fort and five expert archers. I also stopped at my room to collect my longbow and a quiver of arrows.

The forest was far too quiet for my liking. Even as I entered it I could sense somebeast watching us. I commanded the fighters to keep their weapons drawn and the archers to keep arrows nocked to their bowstrings. I myself shot three pigeons as we strode along. Deeper we went into the woods, keeping our eyes peeled for danger, forming a plan as we walked.

My guess that there were more falcons was correct when five shrieking bundles of feathers tore out of the brush and headed straight for us, talons outstretched. This was when my plan came into action. Quickly I threw two of the pigeon carcasses onto the path about twelve feet ahead of us. The birds immediately forgot about us and headed straight for the carcasses, squawking hoarsely as they fought. There was no time to lose. Quickly I nocked a shaft onto my longbow, yelling to the archers as I did. We let loose a volley of arrows, reloading as quickly as we fired. After a tense few minutes of firing, all the falcons were gone. "Is that it?" I asked nervously. A rat shrugged expressively. "I guess so. Gosh, I hope so." We waited a few more moments, but no more falcons came. We passed around a canteen of wine then. After that experience, we felt we all needed a pick-me-up.

The remaining pigeon's to be delivered to the kitchens. If you've got any more problems with birds, Lady Snowstar, you know whom to call.

Flameblood Quickblade
179 As I stepped out onto the parade ground, something above me screached. I looked up to see the same falcon. I did not have a bow, and did not desire to kill the bird now. I let him fly away, back into the forest from whence he came.

The next morn, I awoke to a messanger beating on my door. I got up and opened it, to find a ferret standing on the threshold. I told him to come in, and he sat down. He was drenched, as it had been stormy last night. He told me of how three guards had been killed by a flock of predator birds, which I knew were the falcons. The birds had to be stopped, I told him. I ordered a party of soldiers to be assemled, all of them with a torch, some flint and steel, and a sling or bow. We went out at night, when the birds should have been out doing their errands. As we all lit the torches, I commaded the soldiers to throw them at a different tree from the rest of the soldiers. One by one, the trees ignited, until the whole forest was a towering inferno. Several female falcons, who had no babies as it was not mating season, fell out of the trees. We waited until the males came back to find the ruined forest that had been their home, and then the action began. I leapt out of my hiding place, and knocked a bird out of the sky with a slingstone. Several others did the same, and more falcons fell. These were not stupid birds though. They picked up large rocks themselves and began dropping them on us. This continued until the falcons retreated, flying off in the direction of the northlands. I Walked over to some of the carcasses, happy that I now had feathers to decorate my tail with. As we marched back, the silvery white things in my tail shimmered, a jewel amongst the small rabble of survivors.

Karda Jadefire
179 Hearing of the missing scout, I was immidatly struck with the exciting feeling of adventure.

I went home, one sunny day, shortly after the arrival of the falcons, to get a bite of lunch. There, I pondered apon the information I had recived. I decided I would volunteer to venture out into the wilderness. My request was permitted, though with hesitance. Not expecting to be gone for long, I packed my daypack with food and water for two days, a twenty foot long coil of rope, an axe for chopping wood, some flint and steel for lighting a fire, my personal journal, and a warm wool blanket for the night. Opening the door to my closet I reached up to the top shelf to retrieve my weapons and armour. As I took down my Giant Sword, and unwraped it from the old blanket covering it, I couldn't help but sneeze from the dust that I had sturred up.

The next day, I woke up bright and early, in hopes of getting off while the little ones we're still asleep. Covered with my freshly polished silver scale mail, Giant Sword to my side, and Katar hidden under the Belt, I strutted with pride towards the gates of the fort. Soon I found myself outside the fort, and heading into the wilderness. Sun still not fully risin, the tree's made the forest seem dark and dreary, but soon it seemed like a mossy wonderland. The flitting butterflies and the birds chirping a happy tune, surrounded with other sounds of the forest filled me with rare joy.

Following the "assigned" path of the missing scout, I made my way into the heart of the forest. By this time, the morning had passed, and the bright summer sun was at it's climax. A good three hours from the destination point of the missing scout, my journy was nearly at an end. Now, I had to find out why he never made it to that point, or if he had, why he never returned. I removed my pack to sit down on a fallen tree to rest and have a bit to eat. While indulging in my delicious home-made Tuna and Cheese sandwich, I spotted something that caught my attention. About 10 feet away, I noted the subject to be made of cloth. I set down my sandwich on the log next to me and walked over to examine the unknown object from a closer vantage point. I reached down and picked up a pack. Giving it a once-over, I took it back to the log where I had left my sandwich and pack. I set it down beside me and took another bite of my sandwich. Curiously, I opened the pack. I found general survival equiptment and a bit of moldy food. Down at the very bottem, I found what I had been looking for. A journal. I opened to the first page. This is what I saw:

"Keith Dustpaw."

The name of the missing scout. I had found my first peice of evidence. I read on to the second page:

"Entry 1: I've reached the plase and found nothin. Every-thing has gon wel so far. Im startin my jurny back to the fort now.

Entry 2: The forrest is quickly darkining and I don think I wil make it back to the fort a'fore night. I found a nice plase to set up camp, a few hours away from the plase where I turned 'round."

I pondered the records for a while, and came up with a possibility. He might have been attacked at his camp. If he had been, then his pack wouldn't have been far from it. Which ment - Woosh! My thoughts we're cut as I was caught off gaurd by a flying preditor - A falcon! I jumped to my feet and unsheathed my Giant Sword. Standing balanced and on gaurd, I watched the beast fly back up into the sky. It made a sharp squawk, and began to circle overhead. As I turned around to keep my eye on it, my eye caught a glimps of something. Right behind where I had sat to eat, was the remains of a destroyed encampment. My eyes we're suddenly torn from the sight as the Falcon began it's quick decent from the sky. It's eyes red with fury, it sounded it's warcry with a loud squawk that would give anybeast a shiver. I stood my ground and prepared my aim for a blow to the incoming falcon. As it homed in for an attack, I made a swing at the bird of pray with my Giant Sword. Hitting it square in the chest, with a loud shreak of pain, the creature fell to the ground like a stone, lifeless. I fell to one leg with the sword infront of me, blade to the ground, and bowed my head to the corpse. I stood up and sheathed my Great Sword, before going to investigate the runed campsite. There wasn't much left, and I assumed the cunning beasts had taken most things of worth. Under a peice of torn cloth, seemingly from the garments of the scout, I found the man's shortsword. Apparently too heavy for a falcon to carry, I picked it up and took it from it's sheath and gave it a good look-over. It was a simple, steel shortsword. I put it back into it's sheath and took it with me back to the log I had rested on, and put it in my pack. I searched in the neighboring bushes to make sure I had seen everything. Though the bushes we're empty, seen everything, I hadn't. Where was the scout? The lost trooper - The missing beast. After a good hour or so, I turned up no further evidence. The sky was growing dimmer, so I began my return to the fort, in hopes I would return by night. Not 50 feet away from the camp I halted. A noise - from the bushes. Somewhere near by there was a rustling sound. I quickly observed the area, only to see what I had expected. Movment in the bushes. I tried to stay as silent as I could, while I stealthily approached the movement. A cold chill ran down my back and sweat began to form as I saw the gastly sight. There in the bushes was the corpse of the scout, and standing above it, devouring small bits, we're three falcons. Fear struck deep into my heart and my lungs tightened. I inhaled deeply and produced my Katar from it's hiding place. Gripping it tightly in my right hand, I roared in terror as I charged at the three carnivores. Startled by my attack they jumped backwards, and flew up quickly, dodging my first swipe. As the first counter-attack was attempted, I hit the winged creature with my arm, knocking it off course. It regained balance and flew up into the sky, as the other falcons swooped down for an attack. I ducked as one flew over my head, and threw a forward jab with my Katar, slicing deeply into the plumage. The sound of angry birds filled my ears as the sweat rolled down my face. I spun around to deflect a second attempt from one of the falcons. But just as soon as I knocked it with my arm, I felt a sharp pain run down my left side. I screamed in pain, as the beak of the creature dug into me, in one of the few places my armour didn't cover. I reached back and grabbed at the foul animal, but it had already made it's retreat. Blood poured from my side as I gave the final blow to one of the falcons, in mid air, with my Katar. I looked up to see sharp the sharp talons of the bloody-beaked fiend that had previously wounded me. In pain, I ducked to avoid the claws. I backed up aginst a near tree, as to make myself only approachable from the front. The two remaning falcons screached across the sky as one dived at me. My Katar meeting with the head of the falcon gave me another tally on my kills count. To my discust, the last remaning falcon had became 2. Eyes bloodshot, the additional flying nemesis charged at me for the kill. It's razor sharp tallons extended, it grabbed at my face, putting two large gashes in the side of my face. It quickly turned around to make another dive. A sharp pain ran down my arm as I hit the bird in mid air with my left forearm. Throwing the bird off balance, it fell to the ground, and scurried to stand, though it's attempts we're futile. My Katar came crashing down on it, decapitating the head of the murderious falcon. Swooping down towards me with a scream, the last falcon made a final attempt, which was ended with a simple swing of my Katar. Now missing a leg, the bird fell to the earth where it struggled to stand. I stood on it's wings and looked down at it. I said, "Curse you and your kin.". Terror struckin, the evil creature looked back up to me with it's two beaty eyes and worked up the strength to mutter, "They will avenge me...." gasping for breath, it added, "They will over come you all.....". I put my Katar to the falcon's neck and said, "Who. Who's gunna kill us? Who's gunna avenge you?". With it's last breath, the falcon said in a squelching voice, "South.... the nesting grounds.... leagons of them... they will kill you... all. ..". With that, he went limp, as his small heart stopped. I quickly rose, forgetting about my flesh wound. As the pain raced through my body I clenched my side and let out a small shreak. I wiped off the blade of my Katar, and limped back over to my pack. I took the wool blanket and cut off a peice of it with my Katar. I put the blade away and wrapped the peice of wool around my wound. The falcon had good aim, to hit right in the unprotected area. I cleaned the blood off my face with the last of my water, and put an entry in my journal, explaning the recent series of events. I buried the bodies of the falcons and the scout. After a few moments of silence, I took up my pack, and began to walk. But not long after I had started walking, was I required to stop. The gouge in my side was restricting my ability to walk. I sighed in pain and tried to find a nice stick that would be suitable for using to assist my walking. I soon found one, and attempted to continue walking. By this time the sun had gone down and the moon had began to rise. After a long, slow, hard trek through the wilderness I could see the fort up ahead. I sat for a rest, like I had many times before, before setting out to finish off the last bit of the trip. Within a half of an hour, I found myself near enough to the fort for the gaurds to see me. I could hear their voices as the guards yelled to one another. The moon light as my guide, I slowly hobbled to the main gate, which I stumbled apon, physicaly exausted. The gate creaked open and I fell to the ground inside the fort. A group of guards quickly helped me to my feet and carried me into the guards quarters and layed me on a bed. So fatigued, I couldn't make out what any of them said. My vision was blurry, and soon everything had faded to black.

I awoke to find that I had been transported to the home of the doctor, where his lovly badger daughter, had cleaned and dressed my wounds. I tried to sit up, but all I got was a friendly slap on the hand. "Now now, dont you go tryin to get up!" said the girl. She was a young lady, no more then twenty years of age. Her bright blue eyes seemed as if they could look deep into your soul. I tried to smile, but her bright, beautiful smile made mine feel weak and pointless. I closed my eyes and fell back into slumber.

Slowly, I opened my eyes. All around me we're people. Some of them we're obviously officers, but others we're just ordinary people. Standing next to my bed was the commander of the fort. He waited for me to regain full consienceness, before saying, "Welcome back.". I looked up at his round and happy face, and lightly smiled in return. He was a pudgy little shrew, dressed in fine clothes and wearing a black top-hat. Next to him, stood a servent, holding my pack. I slowly sat up, the pain practicaly gone, and after a few seconds, yawned, and asked, "How long have I been out?". The shrew replied, "Almost two days!". I looked at him in astonishment, but my thoughts we're quickly distracted by the doctor's daughter, who came up behind me and tried to get me to lay back down. I slowly did so, and waited for the commander to speak. "Well?" he said. "Well?" I replied. "What happened?" he asked, inquizzingly. I told him the story, and all that I had seen. Apon hearing the last words of the dying falcon, he ordered the troops to prepare for assault. I told him I would lead the army into battle, but he insisted that I stay and rest.

The troops marched south to find the old nesting grounds. I was luxeriously carried on a platform, by two of the commander's servents. I felt a bit dafny going into a combat zone wearing nothing but a green short sleeved shirt and some loose black pants, but the doctor said I wasn't to put that much weight on my side for a season.

Apon finding the dry, deserty nesting grounds of the evil falcons, the troops distroyed all that they saw. I stood up, off the platform, and took my Giant Sword in my hands. A young, wounded falcon was all that remained of the falcons. Raising my Giant Sword high above my head, I spun my sword around, and jabbed it through the falcon, deep into the dry earth. With a scream, it was finished. I sheathed my Giant Sword, and returned to my platform.

Apon returning to the fort we we're congratulated and welcomed by a large feast, hosted by the madens that we're living in the fort. The wounded we're cared for, and thankfully, there we're not casualties on our behalf.

I still have three scars on my face from when the falcon's talons dug into me. They have faded, but are still visable, no more then an inch and a half long.

179 I took a score of foxes, 10 weasels, and 2 score ferrets, stoats, rats, ect. Then I set out. We all moved silently through the trees, undetected and dangerous. My keen eyes spotted a falcon, high up, flying around and looking for prey. My lip curled in satisfaction, and I motioned for my party to be silent. Then I silently notched an arrow on my bow, and aimed carefully at the soaring bird. I fired.
I hit the bird, fair in the chest. he dropped like a bullet, and then I saw 5 more zoom down. One, I shot down instantly. A fox, my matey, Vanilla, was quick. She grabbed hr bow, and a yellow shafted feather. She aimed, and fired. Another was shot down. One weasel was killed, and so were 2 ferrets as the wrath of the falcons came upon us. One screeched.
about 4 score more came. Luckily, I had placed reinforcments outside the castle. I yelled the call, and soon, 5 score vermin were coming in. A falcon was instantly killed. Then a hail of arrows came. Not one of ours was killed, bu about a score of theirs were.(the falcons) We finished them of after that onslaught, and Fort Nightshade was free of danger once again.
Only 3 had died: Damper, the ferret, Nicker, also a ferret, and Bungo, a weasel.
Berryice Moonseeker
179 First I armor up in a chain mail hauberk. Then I grab a helmet and walk out, my spear over my shoulder and my crossbow and sword. After walking east for an hour or two, I find their nest. They immeadiatly swoop down on me, and I have time to slay one with a shot from my crossbow before discarding it and stabbing with my spear. I manage to keep them away enough to reload and fire again. I miss, and they come down with increased fury. The shot from my crossbow knocks me to the ground, and they carry me up to drop from the ground, to crack me open like an egg. I unsheath my sword and stab at them, and they drop me to the ground. I land on my feet, and after a short rest, they come down again.

This time I'm ready for them, having my spear and my sword ready. I stab at both of them until I kill one of them in their nest. Then another carries me up before succumbing to my spear. I stay up in the nest to rest until a vole comes out. He looks around and sees signs of a battle, then he calls out, "Snowtail! Wingfury! Ainmure! Where are you?" After he listens for a little bit, he humphs and walks away, muttering, "Stupid birds, knew we should've taken them away anyway..." I drop down and whack him over the head with my spear butt, then I carry him back to the fort for questioning...

Acontium Miles
179 With the entire horde spooked, I ventured out by meself with a camoflauge cloak and a bag containing vittles, my staff, both medicinal and poisonous herbs, and a rope. My main priority was to find the birds and make them explain themselves and their actions. As I wandered further inward, I heard crills and the screams of somebeasts. I hid in terror behind a bush and pulled my camoflauge cloak closer. I sat there watching our fellow hordebeasts being held prisoner and being forced to do the most horrible thing, be nice. The evil raptors were making the horde scouts say their manners and say an oath to never do evil again. It was sickening and they looked ready to die first. I wanted to help, but there was a least a score of the birds. All I had was my close range weapon and some items made for concoctions. And I sure didn't want to get caught. So, I sat there watching the all-but-dying hordebeasts. It hurt. So when I couldn't stand it anymore, I tore off some of my cloak, placed it on my eyes and walked out of my bush like a blind traveler. I walked out and started moving my hands around like if I was looking for some help.
"Any wonderful soul have the heart to help me?" I was sickened by my own words. They had better fall for it, I thought, or I'll throw up. Two instantly rushed over and helped me sit down.
The horde immediately recognized me. "Dear hares, I am in need of a great number of newly trained hordebeasts to lead me to my home. It's just south of here. And for your kindness I'll show you of this newly arrived toxin for birds such as falcons." I held out my paw and held up the medicinal herbs that held their own stench. "But you good hares should be fine. It only harms the birds. It causes wing damage and after a day, it clogs the throat."
After I had finished, I felt the beat of wings as they took off for good. I then escorted the scouts to Snowstar herself.
Shadow Slyfox

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