Role playing is often complicated by words, phrases, and abbreviations that can be confusing to new players. This page will tell you everything you need to know about the terms of role playing. If you know a word, phrase, or abbreviation that is not listed here, feel free to e-mail it to me and I will add it to the dictionary.

*    Asterisk. Usually used to distinguish actions.    I.E. *Sits down.* Apostrophes ('), colons (::), and some other symbols may also be used.

...    abbr    Waiting.

()    Parentheses. Usually used to distinguish out of character comments.    I.E.    (I went to the movies today.)

^_^ or :)    Emoticon. Used to express the emotion "happy."

>_< or >:(    Emoticon. Used to express the emotion "angry."

-_-    Emoticon. Used to express the emotion "annoyed."

AC/Alt    abbr    Alternate Character.

AFK    abbr    Away From Keyboard.

AKA    abbr    Also Known As.

ATT    abbr    All The Time.

au·to hit    Automatic hit. A move used in fighting in which the attacker gives no escape.

AYT    abbr    Are You There?

BBIAB    abbr    Be Back In A Bit.

BBIALW    abbr    Be Back In A Little While.

BBS    abbr    Be Back Soon.

BIC    abbr    Back In Character.

BIO    abbr    Bring It On.

BRB    abbr    Be Right Back.

BTW    abbr    By The Way.

Char    abbr    Character.

char·ac·tar steal·er    One who uses characters from movies, books, games, etc. and roleplays them.

CO    abbr    Come On.

con·trol    To use a move to control someone else.

CS    abbr    Character Stealer.

CUL    abbr    See You Later.

IC    abbr    In Character.

DDT    abbr    Don't Do That.

Exs    abbr    Excuse.

Etc    abbr    Etcetera.

FE    abbr    For Example.

flame    An unnecessary hateful and/or angry message.

G2G    abbr    Got To Go.

GAFA    abbr    Gone Away For Awhile.

GIB    abbr    Gosh I'm Blushing.

GIC    abbr    Get In Character.

god·mode    To unrealistically avoid hits or attacks.

GOL    abbr    Giggles Out Loud.

HD    abbr    Hey Dude/Dudette.

H/O    abbr    Hold On.

IBBT    abbr    I'll Be Back Tomorrow.

IC    abbr    In Character.

IE    abbr    Latin    Id Est (That Is).

im·pos·si·ble    A move that is impossible to make or counter.

IMHO    abbr    In My Humble Opinion.

IOW    abbr    In Other Words.

JAL    abbr    Jump About Laughing.

L8er    abbr    Later.

LH    abbr    Laughing Hysterically.

LITI    abbr    Laughing In The Inside.

LMBO    abbr    Laughing My Behind Off.

LOL    abbr    Laugh Out Loud.

LP    abbr    Language, Please.

MB    abbr    Message Board.

Multi-alting    To create and use several alts at the same time.

N2M    abbr    Not Too Much.

NA    abbr    Not Applicable.

NE    abbr    Non Existant.

NIR    abbr    Not In Redwall.

NITB    abbr    Not In The Books.

N/M    abbr    Not Much.

NM    abbr    Never Mind.

NP    abbr    No Problem.

NPC    abbr    No Problem Character or Non-Playing Character.

OE    abbr    Or Else.

OIC    abbr    Oh I See.

OMG    abbr    Oh My Gosh/Goodness.

OMIF    abbr    Open Mouth Insert Foot.

OOC    abbr    Out Of Character.

PAW    abbr    Parents Are Watching.

PDN    abbr    Pardon.

POS    abbr    Parents Over Shoulder.

PPL    abbr    People.

Rents    abbr    Parents.

ROC    abbr    Redwall On Computer -OR- Redwall Online Community.

ROFL    abbr    Rolling On Floor Laughing.

ROFLOL    abbr    Rolling On Floor Laughing Out Loud.

ROL    abbr    Redwall On Line.

role·play    A session of a game in which characters are used in fantasy situations.

RP    abbr    Role Play.

RPG    abbr    Role Playing Game.

RPing    abbr    Role Playing.

SMF    abbr    Smacking My Forehead.

SOS    abbr    Sibling Over Shoulder.

sp?    abbr    Spelling?

SRY    abbr    Sorry.

SUL    abbr    See You Later.

TIC    abbr    Tongue In Cheek.

TOS    abbr    Teacher Over Shoulder.

TTFN    abbr    Ta Ta For Now.

TTYL    abbr    Talk To You Later.

Twink    Someone who uses inappropriate rping skills, such as auto hitting, multi-alting, and/or godmoding.

TY    abbr    Thank You.

V    abbr    Very.

W/    abbr    With.

WB    abbr    Welcome Back.

WN    abbr    Why Not?

W/O    abbr    With Out.

Y/N    abbr    Yes or No.

YW    abbr    Yeah, Whatever.

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