You walk out to the tavern. The room is filled with shouting and laughter, and you see a large group of beasts crowded around a table. Edging nearer to get a closer look, you see that two beasts sitting across from one another are playing some kind of game. A fox next to you nudges you and says, "Shove over, mate. I got 15 pieces of gold says ol' Ripclaw wins this one! He's already sunk half o' Grimefur's fleet!"

This is the classic game of Battleship. Sink all of your opponent's ships before he sinks yours! 1 piece of gold will be awarded for a win. NOTICE: You must type in the link that pops up after you win. You will not be forwarded automatically. In order to receive your gold, fill out the form on that page.

If the game does not work for you, you may not have a recent enough version of Java. Download it and try again.

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