You enter a room so packed with beasts that you can barely move. Angry shouting fills the air and you walk towards a furious weasel and stoat. The stoat is snarling and jabbing his sword at the weasel, who carries a dagger. Suddenly the stoat looks up and growls at you. "Wadda yew want? Yew wanta go on a mission? Go o'er there, read the mission log. Go 'way now, we're busy." You do as the stoat said and leave the two fighting. You read the log and try to decide what mission is right for you.

Describe how you carry out the mission. 5-15 pieces of gold for each mission, depending on the complexity involved in your description. 200 word minimum.

You may also submit ideas for mission assignments. 2 pieces of gold will be awarded for a mission idea.

More than 1 member may carry out the same mission, but as soon as at least one person has submitted a solution, that mission will be closed.

Mission Number Mission Status
1 Strange noises have been coming from the cliffs. A party of three stoats were sent to find the source. They discovered a large cave, but when they returned to the cave the next day, they did not report back. We have waited for news, but they have been missing ever since. Discover and defeat this unknown threat in the cliffs. Open
2 A group of twenty warrior mice are trying to settle in our land. Four soldiers and a captain were sent out to find information about them. The next morning an arrow thudded in the ground. A note was attached. It read, "Surrender! Your castle will soon be ours, and as for your soldiers, they are dead. Sincerely, Redfang." The mocking letter has infuriated the members of Fort Nightshade, and they are prepared to battle. Find a way to stop the mice without losing a large number of ours. Remember that the mice are clever warriors, and defeating them will not be easy. Open
3 A small army of goodbeasts has surrounded the fort. Any defensive or offensive actions the fort tries to take is known and countered by the army. It must be an inside job. Find out who the spy is. Open
4 Last night a mysterious singing sound came from near the shoreline. This wasn't much of a problem, but some Nightshaders have begun to think that it is the spirit of some deceased mousemaid or something equally absurd. Take three scouts and find out what this is before any more wild theories are proposed. Open
5 Three weeks ago, a stoat captain attacked and nearly killed an admiral. The stoat was locked up and sentenced to death, but the guards outside his cell noticed strange behavior. The stoat would constantly mutter to himself in a strange language. The matter was investigated and the stoat was proven to have a fever. After a few days, the stoat died in his sleep. The strange sickness was forgotten until yesterday, when similar behavior and fever was seen in a rat. Now the sickness has spread to several other creatures. Find a cure for the disease before it kills the entire fort! Completed

Mission number (skip this box if you are submitting a mission idea):
Explain how you completed the mission or type your idea for a mission here:

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