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Title Poem/Song Submitted by:
Mountain Vixen Way down in the mountains,
There lived a fiesty vixen,
She had a patch over one eye,
Her way of winning,
Was to tell lies.
She didn't like the ferrets,
They say they had betray her,
She didn't like the weasels,
They say she called them sneasels,
Who does she like then you ask,
I answer she was in love with Tabask.
He was a black fox,
He had been in many battles,
What the Mountain Vixen didn't know,
Was that he did not like her one bit,
In fact he married her foe.
When she found this out,
She did not cry,
Oh no,
She then set her eye on one of his kin,
The fox called Jenko.
Maylia the Vixen
Sadness Standing on a rock was a black vixen looking around when she saw a white vixen came running by,
and she wonders who it is,
then she see a group of hares with weapons out,
to get to that vixen is quite difficult,
you see that the vixen is running for life and
she runs to help,
she comes but it was quite late because the dirty hares had already caught her and killed her right there,
She yells in dispair for her friend was killed and she drops to the ground the weep in dispair,
she then stands back up to get those hares one day,
so you hares better beware.

Casell Windnight
Tear Drops Tear drops shell fall when ever someone weeps,
what sadness lurks around it,
it falls like rain in the sky yet it doesn't have a far way to fall,
it glistens and shines in the sunlight,it shell fall ever so rapidly too.

Casell Windnight
Tides Change The tides ould rise
One crimson morn
And all behold
A land just born
The tid goes out
The fighters fall
Al move with the sea's
Sirine call
If ever the tide
Should come to stay
The balance would end
That bloody day

Dark Water The sun had set an hour ago
Sank into the crimson sea
A storm rolls in and rain would fall
Lightning strikes to the free
A sailo from the burdens here
In thi war torn country
His ships alight with burning fire
Let it keep from me.
The flames will spread
Mice will dread
Ne'er to again to see
The light of dawn a golden morn
For they have set out to sea

Corsair's Final Run The ship pulled out to the Sea of Blood. The jolly roger flying high. to the open seas the corsairs drift. looking for rich beasts to slay. Who would care if the rich had dyed? The captain watches from overhead While the crew treads on the deck below. Amidst the crowd Captain Poisoneye stands. His blade has claimed a hundred or so. "A ship in sight" Cried the lookout. Captain orders an immediate raid. He grins evily a chance to kill The Corsair vessel nears the others it was welcome that it bade. The corsairs jumped across they drew their swords those who tried to resist would be killed. They started off doing well but when it seemed they had won the crew's worst nightmares were fulfilled. Ship defenders came up from below they overwhelmed fought wih their best Poiseneye thought he could handel them and got a sword through his chest. Poiseneye lay on the foreign deck laughing that it oddly lacked of pain. He thought of his life which would soon end Only one thing i! n his mind was clear. He had loved; and would do it again. Silvren
Riddle What is greater the God,
More evil then the devil,
The rich need it,
The poor have it,
And if you eat it you will die?

Battle Time The wind whistles,
The stars shine.
Fort Nightshade,
It battle time!

Fort Nightshade,
O so great.
None can with stand,
Our evil fate!

Vermin Will Rule Vermin crawl across the land,
Across the sea,
Across the sand.
Never knowing,
Ever nearing,
Vermin will rule this land!
The Ferret's Lover There once was a blue-furred ferret
And from her father she would inherit:
A yellow shirt
and black mini skirt
And she said she would always wear it.

But one day she met a handsome stoat
And when she saw him, she would just gloat and gloat
on how her fur was neat
and she washed her feet
and the all this the male stoat wrote

He wrote of how she dressed and walked
He wrote of how she sang and talked
But what he really didnt know
was that it was all a show
for when she did these marvelous things,
it was her sister that she mocked.

Her sister was a lovely one
All the guys would run and run
to reach this ferret and her beauty,
until her jealous sibling would get moody
and her sister she would shun

When the stoat found out
what this was all about
he left the ferret
with only a carrot;
some food to make her stomach shout

And to this day that ferret girl
would cry and weep and sob and whirl
for that handsome stoat
had left her a note
that said one day he'd find a pearl
(this pearl had a picture on it mind you, and writing that said "one day, I'll find you")

Fort Nightshade In a land where all beast fear,
No good beasts ever near.
Do not enter, oh my dear,
For Fort Nightshade rules here!
Death Through either age disease or battle
It comes to all as a large shadow
It grabs your heart and pulls you to your fate
Right up to Dark Forest gate
You should never fear at all
Unless the Dark One pays a call
Oh yes, if the Dark One pays a call
What now? a dragons tooth in a mortal hand i kill i slay i divide the land all foes have fallen and rest behind dark gates your enemys are gone o mighty one now what do you wish of me? Bloodrush the Mighty
Midnight Midnight is when evil lerks.
Into the bright new day.
Down goes the evil night.
Now all the evil must go.
In the night all evil provals.
Go evil minuns and do bad.
How I long for night.
To say that night is evil is the sign of good.
Bayn Swiftpaw
Lullaby where glides the butterfly,over some still pond, there is my little love, dear one so fond. hush now you humming bee, soft shadows creep,silent in summers eve, sleep aby sleep. Vallug
The Fall Of Ungatt Trunn Along he came through the
oceans wide plain,
Ungatt Ungatt Trunn,
To face a badger for a mountian to claim,
Ungatt Ungatt Trunn,
The badger let his hares escape,
Ungatt Ungatt Trunn,
But he went and followed deaths wide cape,
Ungatt Ungatt Trunn,
All was not lost as a new lord came,
Ungatt Ungatt Trunn,
The new lord would spread wide fame,
Ungatt Ungatt Trunn,
The wildcat challanged the badger lord,
Ungatt Ungatt Trunn,
But the wildcat's death was made by the badgers sword,
Ungatt Ungatt Trunn.
Nightshade This is a japenese haiku. It doesn't ryme and has only 17 sylabblys:
Nightshade;all that is evil. It means death. Peace, too.
Kauejika the Poisoner! Across the sea where cold gales sweep;
A ferret lived who made bairns weep.
She killed her mum for a crust of bread;
Wasnt happy until the land was dead.
She comes from a land as icy as her heart;
Swift as a throwing dart. Kauejika the Poisoner!
Kauejika Frettchen
The Fat Goat There once was a goat who lived off the land, high up in the mountains.
He liked to eat babes and anything fat, so he went to Redwall.
He ate all their babes, and Salamandostron's too, then went up to Nightshade. They killed him up good, then barbecued his body, and flushed his head down the potty!
Blaize Bowbeast
I dare not I dare not turn back, the memories are still there,
I look away from my home,
and now realize how much they cared.
Yet still I do not see,
fore the hatred has blinded me,
I dare not look back,
the pain will always be there,
the lives lost today will never return,
through this battle I continue to yearn,
for my homeland and family alike,
but I dare not turn back, because the memories will always be there.
Death The night is peaceful.
Suddenly, arrows flying!
Fire! Death! No more.
Brunnen Razortooth It is said that far away,
In a land I once called home,
There lives an evil stoat,
and his humongous horde.
His heart is made of stone they say,
He shows no feeling at all.
He only has one eye and ear,
and missing a toe on each paw.
They call him Brunnen Razortooth
and he's the toughest of em all.
He'd kill himself,
to protect his wealth.
Thats how greedy he is see?
So if you wanna see some gold,
Stay away from he!
Kauejika Frettchen
- shrews
wearing brightly colored
- Salamandastron
Is the mountain where badger
Lords are the rulers
- Dibbuns are stealing
Pasties and crumbles to eat
Then they are happy
- We are feasting on
Cheese studded with almonds and
Strawberry cordial
- Elderberry wine
Is the greatest kind of wine
And is all gone now
- Happy creatures work
Reaping fruits and vegetables
To prepare a feast
- The abbey is built
We are living happily
In our red abbey
- Cregga Rose Eyes is
Living at Redwall Abbey
And is very happy
- Feasting on many
Wonderful dishes such as
Pear and plum crumble
- Martin is questing
To bring back Boar the Fighter
To save Mossflower
- Otters are fighting
Letting loose a volley of
Very hard pebbles
- Redwall Abbey is
A place of peace for everybeast
Inside its red walls
- Happiness reigns at
Redwall Abbey where creatures
Live in harmony
Shadows, Alone, The Angel of Death Shadows
In the shadows-Hark!
I hear the clattering of death
a spark
that no one seems to notice
that death has come near.
No one seems to see or fear
The fear
In the shadows-Where?
I see my friend lying
dead there.
I lie alone
My wounds bleed freely as I lie
and wait for
Someone as I die
For I am dead now
and no one to see
Whatever happened, happ'ned< to me.
The Angel of Death
At he first dark I see,
Far up to the sky,
that only I
with a sharp eye
Can see the black
comes hurtlingfrom
The angel-Death!
Who's dark wings hum
Across the clouds
where no one can see
The angel coming after me
- martin
seeking and destroying evil
- badger lords
true sons of salamandastron leaders
- summertime is here
lying on the abbey lawn
on a sunny day
- hares
loyal to badger lords
- russa nodrey
a good traveliing companion
- the dashing hares of the long patrol
in battle they always have things in control
so pick up your weapons and join in the fray
the long patrol can fight any day
- There once was an adder
Who just couldn't be badder
He was brown and red
And he fell on his head
On the tip of an old broken ladder
- Redwall Abbey is a place of peace
Everyone inside it is happy
Dangerous vermin attack
Warriors help defend the abbey
All creatures help each other
Little harm is done to anybeast
Lending help wherever they go
- Hungrily eating
Many delicous things like
Bilberry trifle
- See the dibbuns playing
Sipping elderberry wine
Playing in the orchards
All our creatures call it fine
- Rosehip tea
Can make you grow up strong
Just like you and me
- at a redwall abbey feast
there is food for everybeast
cordial,salad and lots of pies
there's always food when hunger cries
- redwallers
always helping weary travelers
- Happy dibbuns play
Elders sit and think about
All their younger days
- We are playing in
The orchard and eating lots
Of juicy berries
- The table is piled
With tasty delicacies
On this summer day
- Luke the Warrior
Is the father of Martin
One of the founders
- The Midsummer feast
Is a great feast piled high
With tasty crumbles
- Vermin attacking
Always lose in a battle
Against redwallers
- Moles, mice, otters, squirrels
These are creatures who will help
Us in time of need
- Apple crumbles are
Being made in the kitchens
Of Redwall Abbey
- Peace has been restored
Now we all go about our
Normal, peaceful lives
- Redwall Abbey's stones
Are so old nobeast can tell
How the stones got here
- Strawberry cordial
And plum tarts are things that
Go well together
- Simeon is the
Blind herbalist who can feel
Things others cannot
- Fall is harvesting
Time and a time to prepare
Many different foods
- The summer of the
Late Rose was when Cluny the
Scourge attacked Redwall
- Beasts going off on
Quests of many different kinds
This is Redwall's life
- Peace has finally
Come to Redwall Abbey and
We hope it will last
- Warriors defending
The abbey are all kinds: moles
Otters, mice, squirrels too
- Creatures are cooking
In the kitchens preparing
A Midsummer feast
Rosehip Tea Rosehip tea is the
Best kind of tea for sipping
On a cool spring night
- Badgers are the best!
Always protecting salamandastron
Dangerous when they have bloodwrath
Gigantic animals
Everyone admires and fears them for their strength
Russano is one of them
Salamandastron is where they live
- Everybeast is happy
We are all drinking lots of
Elderberry wine
- Happiness will reign
Until a new enemy
Will come to be killed
- Wonderful food is
On the table and ready
To be devoured
- Friar Butty is
Cooking many things for this
Special occasion
- Woodlanders feast
On all kinds of tasty treats
Like pies and cordials
- We are all feasting
On many pies and cordials
And strawberry fizz
- Everyone is here
We are having a great time
Feasting on good food
- We're feasting because
We have been fighting Cluny
And now we have won
- We're feasting because
Happiness came to Redwall
And peace is ahead
- Redwallers feasting
On many kinds of great food
Like strawberry fizz
- We are all drinking
Plum and apple cordial and
Elderberry wine
- Rockjaw Grang is
In the depths of Dark Forest
And we wish him well
- We are all feasting
On elderberry fritters
And apple crumble
- This is a good time
Feasting on wonderful food
Like Mossflower Wedge
- Hares are gallant creatures
Always eat a lot
Reaching for more food
Experienced fighters
Salamandastron is their home
- We are playing by
The abbey pond and waiting
For dinner to start
- After a battle
Many creatures are injured
But good beat evil
- Hungry hares eating Everything that comes to paw And that is a lot Killblade
- Dibbuns are naughty
Dibbuns will cry
But beware where you put
Your blueberry pie
- Dibbuns stealing pies
And pasties and crumbles and
All kinds of treats
- The mountain of the
Fire lizard is the place
- It is snowing on
This cold January night
But we are inside
- Dinner is being
Laid out in the orchard in
The autumn twilight
- There was a great abbey
It was built by stone
Now we all live in it
And we're not alone
- There once was a hare
His feet were quite bare
He lived in a place
Where there was a mace
He said that he would take us there
- Salamandastron
Is the mountain where hares live
To serve badger lords
- Peaceful creatures are
Redwall creatures that would not
Harm any creature
- On the island of
Sampetra there is a pine
Martin who is king
- Playing by the pond
Drinking rosehip tea
Working in the orchards
Playing, working, that is we
- On this summer day
We are all very happy
Eating all we can
- Badger Lords fighting
Many evil hordebeast leaders
The badgers will win
- There once was a stoat
He always would gloat
But then came a day
When he was blown away
And now what he does is just float
- Woe to the beast who
Decides to attack the place
- Oat farls fresh from the
Ovens and crystallized in honey
Is today's breakfast
- Cheese and mushroom flans
And fresh dandelion greens
Are dinner's menu
- Sailing along in
A little boat very far
Out in the ocean
- Hares eating a lot
Of many wonderful foods
Like cranberry tarts
Angel This Morning I saw a angel this morning,
standing at my door.
She was staring at me,
staring ever more.
Even when I stirred,
she didn't move an inch.
I walked right past her Mbr> she didn't even flinch.
She spread her wings and flew away
to watch me from above,
to watch me everyday.
I saw an angel this morning
standing by my door.
My guarding angel,
guarding me ever more.
Aftermath of the Spirits As I stand on the battlefeild,
Where the hands of death have claimed so many,
And bodies piled up,
Like the peak of Mount Aveni.

As I stand on the battlefeild,
And listen to the cries of the dying,
The wind starts picking up,
And the spitits, they start flying.

My comrads and my family,
Float up towards the sky,
Their heavenly tunics flap,
As if saying goodbye.

And now it all seems like a dream,
And neither may I hear it,
The beauty and the sadness,
Of the Aftermath of the Spirits.

Dibbuns Dibbuns
Mischiefmakers, small creatures
Stealing, eating, sleeping
Dibbuns can be bad
Walking trouble
Basil Stag Hare Basil Stag Hare
Easy-going, loyal
Eating, finding, exaggerating
A really true redwaller
Jess Squirrel Jess Squirrel
Friendly, adventurous
Climbing, searching, helping
A friend to everybeast
Shrews Sailing in their logboats
Having arguments all the time
Rarely cooking a bad meal
Every shrew can sail
Wearing headbands
Shrews are great!
- silvermord
cooking up evil schemes
- mattimeo
slowly becoming a warrior
- marlfoxes
disappearing,plotting,revengin g
can blend into anything
- mattihas
I am that is
- dannflor
a true abbey warrior
Jade Beast Deep in the leafy green woods,
Where the most horrible
vermins feel watched,
Lives the beast that looks like stone,
And strikes as smoothly as butter.

The Jade Beast they call it,
With glowing green eyes,
It's no bigger than I,
But my blade could not kill it.

With the moon ever so high,
And stars that shine,
Is where you should stay every night,
For the beast fears light.

The Corsair's Way We attack your base
And bury your face.
We take your food
And plunder your loot.

'Afore the day
We plunder and slay.
That's the corsair's way.

If you stay
We'll be sure to slay
a goodbeast or two 'afore night.
You'll all be gone by days first light.

'Afore the day
We plunder and slay.
That's the corsair's way.

Oh, That's the corsair's way!

- Redwall Abbey is
A very peaceful place and
A sanctuary
For many different creatures
Many who are woodlanders
- The feasts at Redwall
Are immense and delicious
And mouth-watering
- At Redwall there are
Lots of different animals
Such as moles and mice
- Redwall
Peaceful, happy
Farming, feasting, fighting
A very joyful place
- Sunflash the Mace
Big, strong
Fighting, farming, forging
Kind to all creatures
Badger Lord
- Redwall is a great place
Everybeast is happy
Dangerous vermin attack
Will assist anybeast
Aiding all creatures
Lavender growing in the garden
Laughter filling the great hall
- Having lots of fun all day
Making elderberry wine
Mice and moles, squirrels and hares
All our creatures call it fine
- Time of peace for everyone
Walking into the Great Hall
Eating lots of tasty treats
Redwall, Redwall, Redwall!
- Happy animals feast
Eating lots of pies and tarts
Having a great time
- We're all happy to say the least
As we sit down to eat this feast
Then we will all scurry to bed
All having been very well fed
- Living a joyful life
Everyone lives in peace
Aiding those who are in need
Happiness shall never cease
- Cluny attacks and
Redwall Abbey defeats him
Peace has come at last!
- Cluny
Evil, cruel
Fighting, attacking, planning
Always hungry for plunder
- We are all feasting
Every creature is happy
Eating till we burst
- Friars are cooking
Dibbuns are playing outside
We are all happy
- Always defending
Fighting many enemies
Redwall always wins
- Time of war has passed
Wonderful days are ahead
So we are feasting
- Happiness and peace
Are achieved by some good work
And a little luck
- Gathering the crops
Feasting on the food gathered
And planting again
- Feasting time is here!
Drinking elderberry wine
And eating some tarts
- Happiness has come
Bringing with it hot summer
Peace has come again
- Happy days have come
There is to be no more war
At Redwall Abbey
- The Long Patrol hares
Are very perilous beasts
And fight to the death
- Happiness is all
Around us so just living
Is our only job
- constance
a pillar of strength
- vitch
a snitch in redwall
- death is visiting
in the form of a battle
stealing lives away
- We are all very
Happy and going about
Our respective chores
Fox Haiku Foxes- how cunning
They are masters of poison
None can be trusted
black dressed in black,
some beast creeps.
why does it attack,
for thine own life to take.

so beware the beast,
dressed in black.
even at home or at feast.
for one never knows
who is this beast.

wraithe stjerna
STLAIA Silent thief Take me away
Let my soul rest in the realm of fairytales
And as the fire enlightens the dark
I see the face bewildered with guilt
And nobeast's speaking a word.
wraithe stjerna
- Creatures are doing
Their work in the orchards and
Work in the kitchens
- In the place that is
Known as Bat Mountpit bats are
Flying everywhere
- At the place that is
Called Salamandastron a
Fight is taking place
Waves W ater and foam

A lways changing

V alkari! we saliors say

E avning tide

S wimming in the ocean blue

Vermin Reputation Unwanted vermin we are
Known as killers and thieves
We are never trusted
For we are known to deceive

They see a stoat and cry
Pity! Spare us please!
Goodbeasts don't know power
We can take them in a seige

The fox is cunning and cruel
Ferrets are quick to act
Most are all the same
Humanity is what vermin lack

beast the beast that comes,
that waits,
that loves,
that hates,

it comes with hate
and it waits with love,
all this for its mate,
who fits it like a glove.

wraithe stjerna
why? why most we suffer so?
for such a small thing,
this tiny trinket,
this ring.

whom does it belong?
what is it for?
why must the wait be long?
who must settle the score?

wraithe stjerna
battle the sun glints off the sword,
thrust into the ground after it's final use.
what lay beyond is the scence of battle.
long, bruttle, sorrowful, and full of grief.
a lone warrior stands.
looking over his fallen commrades.
thinking "why must i live when they didn't?"
he is the last to stand and last to walk away.
but not he last to fight.
wraithe stjerna
Winter Winter whispers in my ear,
Laying itself across the land,
Clinging tight with frosty fingers,
Howling away the autumn leaves,

A feather of snowflakes on a tree branch,
Thread woven in a blanket of white,
Bruised and beaten hangs the sky,
Clouds lie down to rest on land.

Ciar Tynan
The Shorebeast and the Shark Oh did I ever tell yer,
'Bout the shorebeast 'n' the shark?
'Tis a tale of woe 'n' sorrow,
Of one night in the dark,
On me ship there wus a shorebeast,
Afeared great o' the sea,
The winds wus rising proper,
But the queen, oh still wus she,
Now this shorebeast were a coward,
'N' hid in 'is cabin long,
'E barred us all frem entrin',
I wundered wot wus wrong,
Then lo! Frem the millpond water,
A-came a mighty shark,
Fer dinner 'e wanted shipdeck,
Fer pudden 'e wanted mast,
Now the cap'n yells a warnin',
'N' cries 'All paws on deck!'
But the shorebeast, 'e wus cryin',
'E came out a nervus wreck,
Then 'e started weepin',
'Bout 'ow life wusn't fair,
'N' the shark reached out the water,
Patted 'im 'n' said 'There,
The shorebeast 'e ran screamin',
'N' the shark 'e laughed aloud,
'N' the crew wus laughin' with 'im,
At the shorebeast run aground
Ciar Tynan
The Wolf Moonlight sings to me,
The howling of my brothers,
We are Winter's kin.
Ciar Tynan
Here We are here again,
Yes, once more,
Before the end,
To do battle with the foe,
The most hated enemy,
To those vanquished woe,
I will defend,
Those in the moore who wait,
For the Dark Forest gate,
They will be avenged!
wraithe stjerna
alive Several times unconsciously,
I've stumbled down the path,
Towards the mountains in the mist,
Rain falls on my shoulders,
The sun rises in the east,
I'm worn and buised,
But i'm here at least.
wraithe stjerna
Never laugh at a searat Don't you ever laugh at a searat
No matter how drunk he may be
Don't ever laugh at a pirate
Who plunders the great blue sea
Even if there is a hole
In his little treasure sack
If you laugh, he'll get quite mad
Even if you take it back.
If you laugh at a searat
Who's belly is so fat and round
When the drunk rat's through with you
Your head will never be found!
The Seashore I stand on the shore,
looking out to sea,
and it seems that there is only
the water and me.
not a cloud in sight
to disturb the perfect sky
the sand beneath my paws
sifting and dry.
the only sounds to be heard
are the gentle lapping waves
when I listen to them,
the minuites seem like days
I watch the blank horizon
as a breeze ruffles my fur
to loose this feeling to reality
I could not endure
- A seagull called out
Echo over the land
A ship washes up
On the sand.
A patch on the eye
A scar on the chin
A peg for a leg
An insidious grin.
The corsair pays
An arm and a leg
For the right to the seas
And grog in a keg
The blood on its blade
Shows the fear it inspires
Those who feel the blade
Burn in the hell-fires.
Show respect and awe
Instead of fear,
For the life of a corsair
Is missing its cheer.
The corsair's family The corsairs' mother
is the giant white sails
above his head.

The corsairs' father
is the howling wind
moving his ship along.

The corsairs' brother
is the great blue sea below
taking him near and far.

The corsairs' sister
is the solid wood beneath his paws
taking him through it all.

Yes, the corsairs' family
is the greatest thing
for it shall never die!

The Galerider Upon the wavy seas one night,
a fearsome ship of death and fright,
sailed the seas o'er rolling waves,
plundering and killing,
making graves,
death traveled with them,
like leech to skin,
crushing foebeasts like rusted tin,
the dreaded ship,
what was it called?
vanished like fog.
Blackfog the Assassin
alone As we go forth,
That we might see,
The changing tide of the world to be,
When vast rises the sea of chaos,
In a world with out a god,
One must find within himself
that which was lost, That which has always been there,
A solitude cloaked by dispare.
wraithe stjerna
Soul's Cry Swirling pools of depression
Openings in the ground,
chasms waiting to swallow me
I never thought I’d smile again
That my chest could move again
My eyes are pools of deepened sadness

Life with no heart would benefit
No pain, no tears, no forsakenness
No anger, no anguish, no staleness of thought
So take this beating orb of hate
And mold it into your own holiness

Curled like a fetus in the womb
Petrified of life itself, to look, to live, to breathe
Never ending drops of comfort miss me every time
So hold me in your wings of love
Caress me with your faithful hand

No will to move, no step to take
A tortuous path I stumble down
Falling, face into the dirt, blood dripping off my face
Battered, beaten, failing to succeed
Come capture me once again, Dear Friend

No mortal grasp shall heal this wound
No apathy this gash shall take
A living, breathing man has no effect on this soul
So tempestuous; the storm it rages
In your eyes a peace comes flowing

You took me out of that dismal cell
And I once called it life
Never leave me, never drop me; My Savior, Jesus Christ

Ferro The Daft
- There once was a stoat from Nightshade,
who did make a dangerous blade.
It was sharp as the night,
but it wasn't quite right,
for to test it, his life he did trade.
Vaikasa Deathpaw
The Battle with the Rats I once recall a battle old,
upon a winters night,
quite cold.

A wandering along was I,
When rats galore began to cry,
"An enemy is in our midst,
rip 'er up in little bits!"

I couldn't stand for that, of course;
My sword came up against the force.

Many rats did not survive,
for I gave them the old one-two.
The ones that did remain alive,
met my sword, soon, too.

And as I went my wandering way,
I smiled with delight,
For I never got a single wound,
Through the whole entire fight.

Vaikasa Deathpaw
Becoming a Vermin I once was sailing on my ship,
upon the seven seas,
I met up with a horde of mice,
their sails catching the breeze

I tried to start a conversation,
and though I was quite kind,
They screamed and ran away,
I was evil in their mind

So since a wolf can't be a mouse,
I stole all that they had,
and joined a vermin fleet,
To ravage all the land

Ardrad the Red
Death With anger and hate,
Did i seal him,
To his final fate,

In dark swiftness,
Did he feel,
Death's sweet embrace.

wraithe stjerna
life attack, defend,
fighting, fighting,
always fighting,
why must life,
a constant struggle be?

for survival? at all times,
for power? only when lacking,
for love? when necassary,
for money? if the price is right,
for whatever reason,

as long as it be thine own.

wraithe stjerna
Wave Brethren Anthem Far across the restless ocean,
Beyond the sun Sampetra lies!
Where Wave Brethren gather and
Where every stupid goodbeast dies!

Far beyond the waves of murder
Red runs in the rivers far to the west!
A place where if you've made an enemy
You cannot ever go and rest!

Far beyond the scorched sun's rim,
A goodbeast's bane does lie in wait!
Come if you dare, mouse otter squirrel!
Come quickly, come to meet your fate!

Sampetra of the Wave Brethren,
Wave your banner proud and high!
Goodbeast fear us with good reason,
for if they come here they will die!

Raynor Yerik
- apple fritters are
delightful for eating with
lots of meadowcream.
- redwall abbey stands
where the castle kotir once
stood in its evil reign
- spring salad is the
best kind of salad the cooks
can make for grand feasts
- goodbeasts are coming
quick,arm yourselves and prepare
for a large battle
- beasts are fighting
rocks and arrows flying by
death steals away lives
- tarts with meadowcream
a most very lucious dessert
at every feast
- armies are marching
in colums and rows they are
ready for attacks
- minttea is brewing
with its cool and refreshing
taste on all hot days
- the mossflower woods
with so many kind creatures
living within it
- the abbey pond
nice and cool for dipping paws
into its waters
- salamandastron
a great stone fortress guarding
the coasts from searats
- the full moon is out
flooding the ground in its light
revealing the night
- heroes a'questing
seeking things and beasts alike
to aid their homeland
- hot,steaming oat farls
waiting on a large platter
to be carried in
- pies are cooling by
the window sill where they will
wait to be eaten
- dibbuns are playing
laughing and running around
fun and games all day
eyes Tearing down windows an doors,
I couldn't find eyes like yours,
They pierce the night,
And grab the soul,
I run but couldn't hide,
I turn and strike,
But they would not die.
wraithe stjerna
Dance Strike high, swing low,
Stab left, parrie right,
Come pick up your weapons,

And dance with the DEVIL!

wraithe stjerna
battle Oh the battle cry,
I can hearits cry,
Sharp and shrill,
Like an eagle taking wing.
wraithe stjerna
MoonStalker I am the shadow, swallows the night,
I am the moonbeam, reveals your fright,
I am the silence, follows the fight,
I am MoonStalker!

I am the flame, consuming your life,
I am the wisdom, sharper than any knife,
I am the sorrow, hand in hand with strife,
I am MoonStalker

Darkfire Stargazer
Sanctuary Down in my hole, My little sanctuary,
I escape,
While the world,
Changes around me,
I'm safe,
Not knowing,
Not careing,
I'm safe.
wraithe stjerna
I Am The Taggerung I am the Taggerung
Nobeast hides from me
Go outside,try and hide
Watch and you will see
I am the Taggerung
Swift as a stream
When foebeasts come near me
I'm nought but a bad dream
I am the Taggerung
I fear no living beast
If you challenge me
I will try at least
For I am the Taggerung
- Never shall innocent blood be shed, Yet the blood of the wicked shall flow like a river. The three shall spred their blackened wings and beat a vengful striking hammer of God. wraithe stjerna
- So Shepard’s we shall be for thee my Lord for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand, and our feet my swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to thee and teeming with souls shall it ever be. wraithe stjerna
- When I wear my flashing sword, and my hand, grips hold in judgment. I shall take vengeance on my enemies, and repay those who hate me, Oh lord raise me to thy right hand and count me among thy sheep. wraithe stjerna
The Greatest Adventure The greatest adventure,
is what lies ahead,
today and tomorrow,
are yet to be said,
the chances,
the changes,
are all yours to make,
the mold of your life,
is in your hands to break.
The greatest adventure,
is there when your bold,
let go of the moment,
that life makes you hold,
to measure the meaning,
makes you delay,
its time you stop thinking,
and wasting the day,
a beast whos a dreamer,
who never takes lead,
who thinks of a world,
entirely make believe,
will never know passion,
will never know pain,
who sits by the window,
will one day see rain.
Robbed by Ferrets Ferrets rob,
and ferrets beat,
make you whimper in terror,
whimper in terror.
The ferrets laugh,
ferrets come and rob gold,
ferrets come and rob souls.
Journey Over snow by wind or song,
and through the merry meadows of June,
over grass and over stone,
lie mountains and the moon,
let go of the moment,
and you will miss your home.
The Galerider Shiver my timbers,
shiver my soul,
the beasts aboard have hearts,
as black as coal,
and it sails across,
the water blue,
with a bloodthirsty captain,
and a cutthroat crew,
the darkest ship ever sailed,
with the lust for treasure,
and the love for gold!

Shiver my timbers,
shiver my side,
with fighters as strong,
as the wind and tide,
and its buccaneers,
drown thier sins in rum,
the devil himself,
would have to call them scum,
every beast aboard,
would have killed thier mate,
for a bag of coins,
or a piece of cake,
when theres gold aboard,
thers murder in the air,
when its sails are set,
and its anchor raised,
theres no turning back,
for any quest thats late,
and when greed,
and villany sail the sea,
you can bet your boots,
goodbeast are history!

Shiver my timbers,
shiver my sail,
deadbeast tell no tale

- Redwall Abbey has
Just been finished so we are
Having a feast
- It is a sunny
Summer day and we are in
The fruitful orchards
- The Abbey bell is
Warning all woodlanders of
An enemy attack
Mewlips The shadows where the Mewlips dwell,
Are dark and wet as ink,
And slow and softly rings their bell,
As inthe slime you sink.
wraithe stjerna
- For her he fought to the battles end,
For love he killed, passion of crime,
It was for love that he did serve his time.
wraithe stjerna
- Hell hath no fury like a women's scorn,
Lest be that of a lovers thorn,
Blood for blood the hunter seek,
Teach the ways of love defeat.
wraithe stjerna
- Revenge rode out the starlit sky,
Seeking death, for his love did cry,
Come the rage, He knows not his strength,
But time carried out at length.
wraithe stjerna
- The cry of tears cometh from the prey,
Go unyeilding to the break of day,
Death come knocking at the door of woe,
Fear only danger from this foe.
wraithe stjerna
- Thirst of that,
The hunters pledge,
To drink of all till life is death,
Anger known not the peace of calm,
Hunts only for justice,
Where love belongs.
wraithe stjerna
- Darkest night hath not appeared,
Until life tasteth staging fear,
Blood duth boil,
Held at naught,
The pain it seeketh,
Had not forgot.
wraithe stjerna
- Revenge seeketh blood from the first dying light,
Fury hath no where to go lest should lose the fight,
Battle fought of hatred known,
The hunters rage come full blown.
wraithe stjerna
- If a badger and a rabbit and a otter all were one,
killing it would seem to me like just having some fun.

If Redwall forces came at me, with all their rightoues might,
I'd kill just about half of them, the rest will run from sight.

And so it is at Nightshade,
the fort at which I stay,
Amongst the fiercest warriors,
where death is child's play.

Gyro Thundershot
- With a swoosh and a flick,
I'll leave you dead.
You see it's quite hard to breathe,
If you don't have a head.
Gyro Thundershot
Legacy of Rellis When evening in the mountains were gray
his footsteps on thr hill were heard
before the dawn he went away
on journey long without a word
From wilderland to western shore
from northern waste to green southern hill
Through adder lair and hidden door
And dark woods he walked at will
With ferret and otter, weasel and mouse
With both good and evil folk
With a bird on bough and beast in home
In their own secret tounge he spoke
A deadly sword a healing hand
A back that bent beneath its load
A trumpet voice A burning brand
A weary fox on the road
A lord of wisdom throned he sat
Quick to anger yet quick to laugh
A young fox in a crimson armor
Who leaned upon a thorny staff
He stood with Silvren in the cave alone And the Fearslay he defied
He took the blade meant for Sundark
And for his brother Rellis Redwave died
Silvren Sundark
Lost Amidst a storm of water and wind,
A sailor lost, detached from kin.
Then washed ashore on a land so new,
And vetured forth, with niether hope nor crew.
This fort, upon which, he did come,
Was kind and caring, fierce and fun.
The various vermin took him in,
And Gyro ThuderShot did so begin.
Gyro Thundershot
Moonstar the slayer In the time of the blue flower,
there was a worrior who dident cower.
She killed all the goodbeasts she knew
and in so doing made it a good life for her and her crew.
She slew one beast that held the Sword Of Martin
so she took it and she heard her crew cry
moooooooonstarrrrr TTHHHEE SSSLLAYEERRRRRRR!!!!!!! after that they set of on the seas
and came to fort nightshade.
Moonstar the slayer
Warlord Sonnet What is the heart that beats foul in your chest?
Rotten as the corpse where the blow-flies dwell,
The dark of your deeds should give you no rest,
May demons carry your black soul to hell,
No conscience have you, no guilt do you feel,
Murder is nothing to your evil mind,
Trapping our freedom with sharp bars of steel,
I pray there are never more of your kind,
Tricking and cheating your way to the top,
False smiling eyes and a heart full of hate,
Despair is the thought that you cannot be stopped,
And that your destruction will ne’er abate,
Earth is in danger while still you draw breath,
But can you be conquered even by Death?
Ciar Tynan
Where theres a whip. Where theres a whip,
theres a way,
we don't wanna do war today,
but the lord of the lash,
says "Nay,nay,nay!",
we're gonna march all day,
all day, all day,
where theres a whip,
theres a way,
left,right,left,right,left, right,left,
a crack on the back says,
we're gonna fight,
we're gonna march day,
and night,
and more,
for we're the warriers,
of lady Snowstar!!!
Its so easy not to try. Its so easy not to try,
let the world go drifting by,
if you never say hello,
you won't have to say goodbye.
Its so easy not to try,
never stay around to cry,
move along when troubles come,
like a mindless butterfly,
for what good is it to love,
when the loving's always gone,
takin' a road that's straight,
instead ones with rocky hills.
Seeking Wondering,pondering,seeking true facts,
Trying to find the secret at last,
Forever seeking the truebeast called the Taggerung
Lament of a brother In Nightshade over fen and fields where the long grass grows.
The west comes waling.
About the walls it goes
What news from the west oh wandering wind do you bring to me tonight
Have you see Rellis the tall
By moon or by starlight
'I saw him walk under gray skies
Over waers wide and gray
I saw him in te empty lands until he passed away.
Into the shaodw of the north
I saw him then no more
The North wind may have heard the call
Of the son of Jaredor'
Oh Rellis Redwave From the high wall westawrd I looked afar.
But you can not from the barren lands where no beast are.
From the mouth of he sea the south wnd flies
Pver sandhills and the stones
The wailing of the gulls it bears
And at tyhe gate it mons
Wjat news from the south oh seeking winddo you bring to me this eave?
Where now is Rellis the fair he tarries and I grieve
Ask not of me were he do dwell so many ones there lie
Under the lgiht and the dark shores under the stormy sky
Many passed down the river wild to find a flwoing sea
Ask the norh wind news of them the news the north wind sends to me.
Oh Rellis Redwave Beyong these gates the seaward road runs south.
But you came not with the wailing gulls from the gray seas mouth
From the gates of the kings the north wind ries past the howling falls
Clear and cold about the tower its loud horn calls.
What news from the north oh mighty winddo you bring to methis day?
Where now is Rellsi the bold for he is long away?
'Beneath The Black peks I heard his call there many foes he fought.
His cloven sheild and broken sword they do the water brought.
A silent cause a brother's vow.
Hurled to eternal rest.
And The mighty water falls bore him upon their breast.
Oh Rellis Redwave The red citadel does ever northward gaze. To a brother's legacy until the end of days.
Silvren Sundark
Avis Canticulum I often wonder if the birds above, Do spread their wings for just the joy of flight,
Do sing their songs to welcome in the night,
Can feathered heart know tears, or even love?
Can harsh-eyed hawk show pity to a dove?
Do sky denizens know their wrong from right?
Are bird-calls laughs, or screams of hopeless fright?
Our ‘feathered friends’- driven by more than blood?
And yet the gunshot rings across the field,
The lifeless bundles found by seeking dog,
Bright eyes dimmed by a white shroud’s creeping fog,
To bullets must the last free spirits yield,
Are hunters jealous of their innocence?
Or is the slaughter some mad recompense?
Ciar Tynan
The Forest I stand alone ’mongst the whispering trees,
Murmur their secrets to an azure sky,
Dappled shadows cast by a mother’s eye,
’Midst swirling leaves the breezes sing to me,
Silver breath concealed for my eyes to see,
The zephyr bears my soul upwards to fly,
I float among cloud-ships that sail so high,
Ocean of truth, an ethereal sea,
But hark! The thunder upbraids me aloud,
Legions of lightnings march on, ever on,
Shoot crystal arrows with wild abandon,
The trees below, who in a flurry, leave,
Are conquered by a darkly spectral shroud,
And beaten by the wind that let them breathe.
Ciar Tynan
- Seeking, seeking out The corrupt, the evil,and the immoral,
Who steal, steal the lives of innocents,
And take pleasure in it.
wraithe stjerna
- Awake, awake,
Always awake,
Never tireing, never sleeping,
never wanting, only giving,
Only giving death, pain, and suffering.
wraithe stjerna
- Your silent in the morning,
Found your voice that brings me to,
I cannot dismiss you,
shelter you, speak to you,
smile at you, trust in you,
He'd like to brush you off and I agree.
wraithe stjerna
- I tighten all my arteries and make one last request,
Devine creation hears me and she squahes me with fear,
I think that this exact thing happened to me just last year.
wraithe stjerna
- Supended from the trees lunch time comes,
You found your voice that brings me to my knees,
The target that I shoot for moves with every breath.
wraithe stjerna
- My glance is always darting when I strole down the avenue,
Avoiding all the obsticals that terrorize my veiw,
And if you are there with me,
I trust you to lead the way,
But when your not,
I follow you and always go astray,
Your silent in the morning.
wraithe stjerna
- It's time I sling the baskets off this silver burden horse,
Sink my toes into the ground and set a new course,
Cause if I were here and you were there,
I'd meet you inbetween,
And not until my dying day confess what I have seen.
wraithe stjerna
I am Starmin I am starmin
the rat with a cause.
I fight for peace
even if i loose my paws.

Without a trace
I will be a rebal of the fort
So listen carfully im going
to make it short

I will fight to the death
no matter what
so look out
If i need to your mouth will be shut.

I come and go without a trace
So look out
I will stab you in your face

Who am I to say but a rat with much fight
Will track you down through day and night

Talk about Tomorrow There's always a time when the sun don't shine on you,
There's always a day when the sky is grey and you're blue,
There's the pain and strife when the love of your life is walking away,
And the sun won't shine again today,
And the rain is raining anyway...

Oh, but it's something,
To talk about tomorrow,
When the clouds are seeming so far away,

And there'll be a year when you're nowhere near to where you want to go,
There's a season to come with room for none of everything you know,
And impending change with all the pain it's sure to bring,
And the dark is slowly closing in,
And the rain will rain on anything...


Just hope it's something,
To talk about tomorrow,
And not another worry for today,
We'll shelter from the hurricane,
And talk about tomorrow,
When the skies will be clear again...

Ciar Tynan
- Oh, there once was a bally old hare,
who stuffed himself full up to there.
One more bite, he did take,
of some marvelous cake,
Vaikasa Darkpaw
Ode to the Moon Silver in starlight,
Ever dancing through the sky,
Queen of the heavens.
Ciar Tynan
What ho, a foe! What ho,
a foe!
I stared up at the wildcat,
he looked like he,
could stomp a stoat,
ravage a rat,
and sink a boat,
but I did'nt care,
to me he looked like a tiny hare,
I battled him here and there,
this good a battle was quite rare,
I defeated the mighty fighter,
and still had time for dinner!!
Born I was born on a moonless mid- winter solstice,
To a dark and stomy night on a ship bound for destiny,
I stand alone laughing, the darkone laughing with me,
I overlook the carnage wrought and think 'Who am I?'
Then I see the price for this battle fought,
My memories, my life, MY SOUL, all are for nought,
I am alone,
I am someone,
I stand alone laughing as I nowhere.
Wraithe Stjerna
Leave tomorrow till it comes Leave tomorrow till it comes,
sleep will ease your mind,
with the dawn you will find,
problems realized,
a different way,
than yesterday.

Leave tomorrow till it comes,
time is moving fast,
don't go pushing past,
the endings of the day,
were meant to last,
till yesterday,
tangled dreams unfold,
and webs may disapear,
as stories are retold,
and clouds of memorie reapear

Less can be more Less can be more,
and toads can be beautiful,
for life isn't all,
just big and wonderful,
what do I mean,
when you get right down to it,
all my cares,
come from greed,
and its time that I knew it,
things that I cant do without,
are the small things,
that life is about.

Less can be more,
and small can be great,
I don't want it all,
just part of wonderful,
for what do I need,
when you get right down to it,
just a garden and seed and
love to persue it,
thats what life is all about.

Moonlight desert Wandering around in a desert
In the dead of night you come to an oaisis

you come to the water to get a drink
when you see a white wolf

You make yourway towards her
But when you draw close she dissapears

You fall asleep right there and then
And wake up ni your bed

Slide Shifter
Light/Dark None shall stand against us you and I,
For together we are forever and never more.
I am the shadow and you are the light.
We are the same day and night.
Always together and always a part.
Wraithe Stjerna
- With power desended
From God's own hand
I shall spread my wings
Across this land
The blood being the begining
And end of all things.
Wraithe Stjerna
? I am thinking a thought
I thought no one else
Would dare think.
But this thought I thought comes with a terrible price.
A price so high not even the richest king would think to pay the fee.
And so there I sit with my thought, Thinking of other thoughts
no other would dare to think, for all eternity.
Or so I thought.
Wraithe Stjerna
Oath From life 'till death yours shall I ever be,
And with this sword I swaer to you,
That my word be ever true.
Wraithe Stjerna
Fort Nightshade Poem Up high above the trees
Night Shades Empire rises,
none shall be free!
We will enslave the living
without any giving,
and destroy all who oppose us
defend all who know's us.
We are the Empire of Fort Nightshade and we will not be Defeted!!
Archon Spikefist
The Eye 9 When the two become one all shall be right and none be
undone. Light will be dark
and dark be light.

And look through two closed
eyes at once to see beauty.
One eye dark shinning, the other bright.
Both oppose their natural state.

Wraithe Stjerna
The Eye 8 A peace reached underthe one,
but not the other.
Heat makes blood boil, and
sweat shall cool. And the
wise shall be the fool.
Wraithe Stjerna
The Eye 7 In the blink of an eye
the holdis off you,
but may return in kind.
Wraithe Stjerna
The Eye 6 For one to close the other
will follow, and an end will
come to this place.
And nothing will open those
eyes to once again view the grace.
Wraithe Stjerna
The Eye 5 Once understanding is reached
with one, drawn to it youever
be and an everlasting
interset for the other.
Wraithe Stjerna
The Eye 4 To look at one thing through
one eye and look at the same
thing through the other is to
see the same thing twice, but
in different hues.
Wraithe Stjerna
The Eye 3 Through the window look and one self see.
But through the doorway walk and one's self find.
Wraithe Stjerna
The Eye 2 Both are doorways, both are windows, through which knowledge passes.
To listen to thesemessegers is divine.
But to understand them is power.
Wraithe Stjerna
The Eye 1 There is a pair.
Both light, but one dark and one bright.
Both constantly searching,
never stopping, always moving.
Wraithe Stjerna
The Eye A great eye piercing the heavens,starring at your soul.
All seeing, all knowing.
Never blinking, always watching from days darkest hours.
Wraithe Stjerna
Snowflake. Snowflake.
It is the time of winter,
here its bloodchilling cry,
it came without notice and as many before,
it shall cover the land as quick as evil arises after evil was thought to be destroyed.
As the wind picks up,
and the clouds are forming a young northern wolf is in the forest,
hiding inside a nook.
for this lad was out for a nice walk this morning when all of a sudden he heard...
a noise, it was the scream of winter winds and the frost of the earth awaiting to escape those long months.
He fought the force of the winds power,
only to end up in a nook in the shower of chill.
In what seemed like days for the winter will do that the had stopped,
and all seemed as if time had froze and when the pup came out he gave a loud shout for winter was here and the storm had ended but all of a sudden a snowflake appeared,
it landed right on the tip of his ear,
he gave a hoot and a holer this snowflake though one in a many,
gave his strength of a seasons new he ran home to his cozy bed to dream of adventures ahead.
An ode to Fort Nightshade The sea flows restlessly o'er its domain,
And those that try to stop its trend - they do so only in vain.
So how should the wand'rer vermin treat our fort so great?
They dare not make a move 'gainst us or they're tampering wih fate.
O Nightshade, may you rule on high with not so much a paw
Raised against your oaken gate, from near or from afar
The sea, it wanders restlessly, it sings itself to sleep
But those that try to conquer it will rest the slumber deep.
The cold grey stone on the walls of our fort, it's hard as rock be will,
But the points of the swords that guard our fort, my claw! they are harder still.
So be you good or evil, weary traveler beware,
Fort Nightshade is always compelling you to well will you fare...?
Flameblood Quickblade
- Salamandastron
Is a home to fighting hares
And a badger lord
Midnight Blackwaters
- otters
strong, jovial
swimming, playing, wrestling
are really good swimmers
Midnight Blackwaters
- ferahgo
evil, cruel
slaying, smiling, killing
wicked blue eyed weasel
Midnight Blackwaters
Trifle You see an old mouse
baking a lovely trifle
meadowcream icing at the top
filled with fruit at the middle

A horde of dibbuns come
trying to steal the trifle
But old mother mouse
raps their paws and shooes them away

but when she turns back
she gasps "the trifle's gone!"
and see's a leveret in it's place

So never turn your back
on a magnificent trifle
for a creature will come
and do the magic trick called scoffin'

Slide Shifter
Moonlight Lunar beauty shine
Silver light like silk streaming
Power of Moonlight
Boar Warfang the Impaler
Bear, Fox Wolf There once was a bear cub who ran away from the outhr cubs. There once was a wolf who was a lone wolf. There was also an evil slyfil fox running from a trap. Will all were cubs and they were not smart.

The bear and the wolf found each outher and soon became friends. Then the little red fox comes in and says can I be your friend. Well the bear and the wolf agreed to le the fox be there friend. So the little fox watied and watied till the time was right.

Well when the fox knew it was wolf and bear season he quickly tryed to find them. Well he never knew that the bear was in a tree right above him and the wolf was right behind a bush. The little fox mutter to himself saying he would lead the bear and wolf to the wide open vally.

Well then there was a hunter who saw the animals and started to aim for both of them. Then he didn't realse that the bear was right behind him. The bear growled and the hunter ran away.Well the fox said," Thank you will you follow me and I will show you where I found meat." The bear said," All right then show me where the meat is." The fox was in a little fox band and it job was to kill the bear and wolf to eat. The fox didn't want to kill his friends. He did a barking yap and the little fox band came out with a gun and amied it at the bear. The wolf was on the outher side and had a gun too.

Well the wolf slienty killed the little fox band and went back to it's spot. Then wolf shot at the fox and killed it. The bear and the wolf shared the meat and were even closer friends. That they were proud that they out smart the foxes.

Boarders We were schooner rigged and rakish, with a long and lissome hull,
And we flew the pretty colours of the cross bones and the skull;
We'd a big black Jolly Roger flapping grimly at the fore,
And we sailed in the clear waters in the happy days of yore.

We'd a long brass gun amidships, like a well- conducted ship,
We had each a brace of pistols and a cutlass at the hip;
It's a point which tells against us, and a fact to be deplored,
But we chased the goodly merchantmen and laid their ships aboard.

Then the deadbeasts fouled the scuppers and the wounded filled the chains,
And the paint-work was all spatter-dashed with other people's brains.
She was boarded, she was looted, she was scuttled till she sank,
And the pale survivors left us by the medium of the plank.

Then, having washed the blood away, we'd little else to do
Than to dance a quiet hornpipe as the old salts taught us to.

Terranix Valthurak
Shiver Me Timbers Shiver me timbers, shiver my soul.

There are beasts whose hearts as as black as coal.

And they sailed their ship cross the ocean blue,

A bloodthirsty captain and a cut-throat crew.

It's as dark a tale as was ever told,

Of the lust for treasure and the love of gold.

There are hungers as strong as the wind and tides.

And those buccaneers drowned their sins in rum,

The Devil himself would have called them scum.

Every creature aboard would have killed his mate,

For a bag of guineas or a piece of eight.

Terranix Valthurak
The Ballad of Patch-Eye & Meg Remembering back when I was a kid
I'd sneak down to the docks
Watch the old beasts carving wood and the sailors tying knots
But the thing that I remember best was grey furred old Patch Eye
And the stories that he'd tell me about his younger days
As we watched the ships go by

He'd talk about his missing eye
He'd talk about his wooden leg
But he'd never talk about the old tattoo
On his right arm that said 'Meg'.

He said he was captain of a pirate ship
Sailing seas both blue and green
He said all pirates got to have a patch so's they can look real mean
He'd make the goodbeasts walk the plank
The pretty ladies he would save
He'd take the treasure from those ships
Then send 'em to a watery grave.

He'd talk about his missing eye
He'd talk about his wooden leg
But he'd never talk about the old tattoo
On his right arm that said 'Meg'.

He told me how he lost his leg
As he sat there carving ships
Once he lost it down in the plains
To a lion's hungry grip
Another time it was way out west
In a duel or so he said
Aw, but that's alright, a beast's got two legs
Hell, he could have lost his head.

He told me how he lost his
And how he lost his leg
But he never told me how he lost the love of
Brown-haired blue-eyed Meg.

Terranix Valthurak
Yo ho-ho! Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
The mate was fixed by the bosun's pike
The bosun brained with a marlinspike
And cookey's throat was marked belike
It had been gripped by fingers ten;
And there they lay, all good dead men
Like break o'day in a boozing ken
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Fifteen men of the whole ship's list
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Dead and be damned and the rest gone whist!
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
The skipper lay with his nob in gore
Where the scullion's axe his cheek had shore
And the scullion he was stabbed times four
And there they lay, and the soggy skies
Dripped down in up-staring eyes
In murk sunset and foul sunrise
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Fifteen men of 'em stiff and stark
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Ten of the crew had the murder mark!
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Twas a cutlass swipe or an ounce of lead
Or a yawing hole in a battered head
And the scuppers' glut with a rotting red
And there they lay, aye, damn my eyes
Looking up at paradise
All souls bound just contrawise
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Fifteen men of 'em good and true
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Ev'ry man jack could ha' sailed with Old Pew,
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
There was chest on chest of Spanish gold
With a ton of plate in the middle hold
And the cabins riot of stuff untold,
And they lay there that took the plum
With sightless glare and their lips struck dumb
While we shared all by the rule of thumb,
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

More was seen through a sternlight screen...
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Chartings undoubt where a woman had been
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
'Twas a flimsy shift on a bunker cot
With a dirk slit sheer through the bosom spot
And the lace stiff dry in a purplish blot
Oh was she wench or some shudderin' maid
That dared the knife and took the blade
By God! she had stuff for a plucky jade
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
We wrapped 'em all in a mains'l tight
With twice ten turns of a hawser's bight
And we heaved 'em over and out of sight,
With a Yo-Heave-Ho! and a fare-you-well
And a sudden plunge in the sullen swell
Ten fathoms deep on the road to hell,
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Terranix Valthurak
The Slavedriver's Shanty Row more, row more,

Don't look 'em in the eye.

Row more, row more,

You're here until you die.

The sun is strong, it's hot as Hell below!

Row more, row more,

'Tis how you're entire life will go.

I've been taken from my family, Dark Forest, hear my prayer!

Row more, row more,

The Dark Forest dosen't care.

I know she'll wait, That she'll always to me be true!

Row more, row more,

They've all forgotten you.

How long, great Lords, Before you let me die?

Row more, row more,

You'll always be a slave.

Look down, look down,

You're standing in your grave!

Terranix Valthurak
'Ole Badgut ''Ole' Badgut was a swabee,
He'd wash the decks so clean,
& after he had finished up,
You'd swear the floors did gleam.
The captain, Cap'n Breaknose,
Did wade in from ashore,
Dripping mud, & other crud,
All o'er the nice clean floor.
Then Badgut he did come out,
At first he fair did swoon,
But then with a wail he grabbed a kitchen pail
& belted Breaknose 'alf way to the moon!''
Terranix Valthurak
Ode to the Northlands My wildcat freind has got the sled,
& I have packed a snack.
We're all set for the trip ahead,
We're never coming back!

We're abandoning this life we've led,
So long, Milords & Miladies!
We're tired of doing what you've said,
In fact, it's driving us crazy!

We're going where it snows all year,
Where life can have real meaning.
Where ugly drill sergeants don't yell & make us hear,
''Your quarters sould stand some cleaning!''

The Northlands is the place for us,
That's where we want to live.
Up there we'll get to yell & cuss,
& act real primitive.

We'll never have to go to training school,
Forced into submission,
By monstrous, crabby instructors,
Who's skill long since reached fruition.

We'll never have to clean a plate,
Of veggie glops & goos.
Messily we'll masticate,
Using any fork we choose!

The timber wolves will be our mates,
We'll stay up late & howl,
At the moon, till night-time ends,
Before going on the prowl.

Oh, what a life! We cannot wait,
To be in that icy land,
Where we'll be masters of our fate,
& lead a life that's grand!
Terranix Valthurak
Stay Away From My House on Saturday Night You know you're too much of a Redwall fan when...

The big yellow slave ship is taking us to Cluny's isle,
But by golly, before it's gone even a mile,
We've got the captain in chains by pure might,
So ho ho ho stay away from my house on Saturday Night!

The schoolmaster's face is a picture of doom
"You've overused your privileges NOW GO TO HOMEROOM!"
I'm drowning in homework, given out of pure spite
So ho ho ho stay away from my house on Saturday Night!

The class bully, he's dead, and so is his buddy
And why my whole class, well they think I'm nutty,
'Cause I'm eating mushroom pasties by candlelight,
So ho ho ho stay away from my house on Saturday Night!

I've found a catalogue where I can order October Ale
And it comes in big big barrels through the mail.
Four tipsy rats ain't a pleasant sight
So ho ho ho stay awaaaayyyy from my houuuuuuse on SAAAAAAATURDAAAAAYYY NIIIIIIGHTTTT!!!

Flameblood Quickblade
Cysglyth Cymru Cwsglyth Cymru,
Cwsglyth gwlad y gan,
Memories of mountains that echo on the hillsides,
Cwsglyth Cymru,
Cwsglyth gwlad o draigau,
Music from the heart that whispers in the wind,
Cwsglyth Cymru,
Cwsglyth gwlad o breuddwydion,
Mist rising to the sun in a rainbow of light.
Ciar Tynan
Forever Now that I'm dead and gone,
Will you listen to my song?
Of course, with you, that's where I'll be;
But also in the churning sea.
In the pines, with scent so true;
In the sky, so so blue.
In the air, so fresh, so clean;
In your mind when you dream.
In the rain that falls to earth;
In the spring that gives new birth.
In the snow; so clean, so pure
In yours eyes-blue, azure.
When the first new bird starts to sing,
You will hear a new bell ring.
And when you're hurting, when- ev-er,
I'll be in you're heart forever.
Boar Warfang the Impaler
The Moonlight Tossed up high above,
An ornament of the sky,
The moon rests serene and calm,
Like a perfect white sea pearl.

Weaving forest tapestries,
By night and light alone
The moon casts tapestries
Upon the forest sky.
Boar Warfang the Impaler
The Sounds of the Seasons Rushing river, flowing stream
Swaying willow, silver bream
Crystal waters of the sea
Sunlight dances upon me

Singing voices of the breeze
Wind that whistles through the trees
Distant calls and battle cries
Crying as the warrior dies

Waves of grain in the fields
Clean fresh air the meadow yields
Flowers of a blossom bright
Sun which gives us its warm light

Birds that fly up in the sky
Mountains whose height is high
Endless hills with valleys green
Beauty 'round me can be seen

Coming up the river's shore
Lies the dreary, gloomy moor
All of Nature sings this song:
"Warriors brave and Warriors strong."
Boar Warfang the Impaler
The Rider of Night The Warfang is coming,
And nothing is right,
He comes out of the darkness,
Like the Rider of Night.

Come swiftly upon,
A howling wind song,
To kill all the creatures,
That dwell in the light.
Boar Warfang the Impaler
Phoenix Ashes of war turn beauty to dust,
As rain falls the battle field dies,
As winds blow, the remnants of death disappear,
And sun dries away all the lies.

The unearthly stench of a battlefield left,
The seasons reclaim it anew,
When anything dies that the world recreates,
In the sunshine, the fresh morning dew.
Boar Warfang the Impaler
"Lightning" Lightning
Fast, Quick
Flashes, Sparks, Shocks
A dart across the sky
Boar Warfang the Impaler
Forest Quiet and still or busy and loud,
Surronded by trees or cloaked with cloud.
O'er the cape birds do wing,
And through their beaks do merrily sing.
Bees hum and buzz to nearby flower,
While dragonflies and damsel flies stick close to water.
Trickling through bush or surging through bed,
River does go on 'til it reaches where wind led.
Around grow the bushes and shrubs of all kind,
Lovely to gaze on and peaceful to mind.
Light filters through trees making dust motes turn gold,
The forest in summer is wonderful to behold.
Boar Warfang the Impaler
Bird 'o Prey Flying, swirling, O'er the mists,
Soaring, wheeling with dips and twists,
With sunlit wings and soaring claws,
The eagle knows no flaws.
Predator, hunter-sharp talons and beak,
To attack and to maim those who he seeks.
Beautiful, terrible like so many other things.
Silent night hunter
The owl will ne'er sing,
Swift, strong
Not always an enemy
Yet his golden eyes may prove you wrong.
Small, like lightning,
The hawk isn't alway frightening,
Friend, companion, with wings and eyes so fair,
The falcon is a friend to those who will dare.
Boar Warfang the Impaler
Traveler O, fare thee well,
My forest home,
The woods and fields of mine,
The life I own,
Condemned to roam,
From hot desert to sea's foam,
Back to that place I call home,
These woods and fields of mine!
Boar Warfang the Impaler
Morning Morning appears,
Smooth and fine,
Casting the sky with golden light,
Faster and faster,
Chasing the night,
Till dawn's beauty
Becomes morning's light
Boar Warfang the Impaler
The Legend of the Dragon Through caverns deep & mountains old,
there lives a long forgotten gold.

Down in the deep where dark things sleep,or so the legend goes,
there lives a creature high of might;the strongest of all foes.

If higher you think, then you must slink into the dragon's lair,
If the treasure is what you seek,ENTER IF YOU DARE!!!

Night-Day Night
Dark, coal-black
Evil, cunning, death
Pitch, storm, flash, bright
Good, kindness, life
Golden, sunny
Flameblood Quickblade
The Sun A golden ball of fire;
Shimmers with light;
Amazing to behold;
A wondourous sight!

It guides us along
And shows us the way;
Morning to night
It gives us the day.

The sky is yellow,
Then pink, then blue
On a wounderful dawn
A day anew,

Then it goes sinking
Now orange, then red,
On a beautiful dusk
After the day is led.

We dream and we sleep,
Yet it continues around
It has another day to dawn,
And bring beauties abound!

We seldom thank it,
As it is always there,
But we love and cherish it,
And we truly care.

As every day
It brings joy and light
On the ground and the trees
O, what a sight!
Boar Warfang the Impaler
Oh... Oh what men we are,
To follow the fate of chance and fortune.
Through time, trial, and trouble, we are as we were.
We are but men.
Wraithe Stjerna
Journey by Starlight Far away a road begins
Under a moonless night.
Over hills swept by dark wind
And led by stars light.

Walk with me along the road
O'er valley and mountain height,
And still the night is dark
With only a star's light.

Dangers come and pass
Shadows lie to left and right,
Dark is the journey
And we see with stars light.

Yet the road ends with reward
With peace and sunlight bright
At the end of our journey
This journey by starlight.
Boar Warfang the Impaler
A Song of the Brotherhood I lead good to destruction,
And evil to protection.
I lead with a longbow and a sword,
To those who will follow.
I will lead you true
Good to destruction
And evil to you.
Boar Warfang the Impaler
The Stormy Sea Crash, Splash!
The blustery wind blew!
Oh, the dark waters
How they did spew!

Your tiny boat
But a troublesome gnat,
As you shoot from the wave
As if it had spat.

It will spit you out,
To be swallowed again,
Acting its role
As the King Pin.

The dearest price
You will pay
When the Storm comes
On Midsummers day.
Boar Warfang the Impaler
- The caw of a rook brings me to my senses in the morn.
I get up, watch the sun rise.
Pearl-tinted hues mix with crystal and rose.
A heron flaps its wings and rises.
Light breezes whistle through my fur,
Cool zephyrs weave through my room,
Filling my room with spring.
Flameblood Quickblade
Good/Evil As good and evil clash,
Blood quickly turns to ash.
Upon the sky is,
Future and fitune writ.
Wraithe Stjerna
Lighting Today I saw... The flash of lighting
It lit the sky like a second sun.
I heard the crack of thunder.
It echoed across the mountains like a great beast roaring.
The rain was like a torrent.
This all awakened something primeval down in me.
I was at peace, I was content.
Anxious to see it come,
And mourneful to see it pass.
Wraithe Stjerna
Moon As the moon sets
Leaving only the stars
To watch me through the night,
I follow their guiding light
As I drift into oblivion.
I sit quietly alone.
The darkone is no more,
And I listen to those
Who have left me
To my fate alone.
Though they are gone
They are still here
They are watching me.
So I listen.
Though I do not hear their
Wailing cry.
Wraithe Stjerna
Vermin People I am injustice,
I am unfair
I kill or slay
Without a care
I am dark
I am sly
You can't escape
My eye
I am a vermin
I take your goods
I take your dibbuns
To my crooks
Boar Warfang the Impaler
Fish Fish. I am just a plain ole' fish.
Though I make a tasty dish
Swimming around and around,
There under the ground
Swimming without a sound.
As I'm just a plain ole fish
And I make a tasty dish
And that I shall stay
Up upon this very day!
Boar Warfang the Impaler
Creating and Searching Anger, evil, jealosy, and hate,
These are all things we create.
Joy, love, kindness, and laughter,
These are all things that we are after.
Whay can't we do more searching than making?
Xeyla Kanai
What Happens? What happens when you laugh?
Does it add another cell of joy to your life or just pass by?
What happens when you slay?
Does it follow you forever or blow away like a leave in Autumn?
What happens when your born?
Does everyone in the world feel some hint of happiness in their lives?
What happens when you die?
Does anybody feel a sort of sadness that you're gone, or just let it go unnoticed?
What happens?
I don't think we'll ever know.
Xeyla Kanai
- Night is black and war is red,
But black is doom and also dead,
And red is wrath and that which bled,
So which may be which is anybeast's choosin'.
Morn is come and war is nigh
And seabirds wheel an' call from high,
And whether they're on ground or up in sky
I guess it must be their own choosin'.
My twinblades sing and my twinblades slay
An' my twinblades kill an' my twinblades flay
And if your paths cross mine then you won't see next day
Which way to die can be your choosin'!
Shorepaw Longspear
Feast Hey all, hey all let's go to the feast
Come along, come along everybeast

We'll all dig in to all that food
By my whiskers, it's jolly well good!

O Try some salad, O try some fish
It all tastes so very delish

Tuck in now, try some taters
Don't be a goin' an' savin' 'em fer laters
Strawberry cordial and October Ale
O, I bring it to me by the pale

O, look at this morsel all alone
A wonderfully delicious honeyed scone

Well I've been workin' all day with a shovel an' rake,
I think I deserve to eat this whole cake!

But really, really, everybody share,
Or next time your starvin' I won't care

Well scoff me an apple or scoff me a pie!
This wonderful food is for you an' I!

Ripslash Quickstrike
Mattimeo Mattimeo

At the great and festive Redwall Feast,
Was gathered every woodland beast.

They were enjoying Deeper 'n Ever Beetroot Pie,
When along came a fox! It was Slagar the Sly.

He and his band were dressed up and slick,
Little did the critters know, it was all a shifty trick.

They were dressed up as if to put on a show,
But little did the Redwallers know...

As they watched the 'entertainers' run and leap,
The bandits poisoned their drinks so they'd all fall asleep.

Slagar came for revenge and stirred up some fright,
He'd taken the Abbey young'uns and ran off in the night.

But the Abbey beasts weren't scared for long,
They pulled themselves together and broke up the throng.

So they held a great council, and asked a question,
"What should we do? Anyone got a suggestion?"

Then one little mouse said "Let's send Matthias! He'll know what to do!"
So they sent the Abbey warrior and also a brave crew.

So Matthias and his friends tracked Slagar for awhile,
Until they came to a place that was vile!

They'd come to Malkariss, where all slavers go,
And had a great war, why they really put on a show!

They swung and slashed mightily through the air,
Killing one rat here, and another one there.

Then Matthias fell down a great big pit,
He then rubbed his sore head and spat out some grit.

And then he found a small ugly beast,
Why it was Malkariss! Not happy in the least.

But again, he was a very small fellow,
Why if you wanted to, you could kill him with a cello.

With gusto and gore,
He happily killed the terrible little eyesore.

He then freed his son Mattimeo and all the other slaves,
From their doomed and terrible graves.

So Matthias and his son returned to their Abbey,
And forever they lived, healthy and habby (oops! I mean 'happy').

Ripslash Quickstrike
The Sea The sea can be a beautiful place,
With its cool, clear, blue waters.
Nothing bad ever happens here,
Except when there is a storm.
The waters are no longer clear and blue,
Instead they are tall and black.
And rains pours into the ocean,
Trying to raise it a fraction.
The wind howls and blows with really high speeds,
Aiming for the sails of boats.

Then everything stops.
No more rain or wind,
And only little waves, not big.
After several minutes of nothing,
Black clouds form in the sky.
And the wind and rain and waves,
Are back once again.
It seems that the period of nothing,
Was only the eye of the storm.

The boats that survived the first part,
Are now bound to sink into,
The murky bottoms, of the ocean floor.
But the boats that do not sink,
Will make it to land,
When the rain stops pouring,
The wind stops howling,
And the tall, black waves are,
Clear and blue again.
Midnight Blackwaters
The River Day oh... once upon a riv'r day
i came across a boy named kay
i killed him hearing
fall to the shadow of gierin
Make No Noise If your sailing in the deep and you see a fort ruled by a wolf you best not walk on deck or it will be living heck when ships come to greet you from fort NIGHTSHADE!! Klitch
Sregdab Badgers are mystical beasts,
As Strong as a vermin score,
Death, their constant friend,
Greatness to the core,
Even the wolves are afraid,
Run vermin, run out the door!
Soon you will sleep, forever!
Hero A hero is someone who loves,
A hero is someone who cares,
A hero is someone who helps,
A hero is someone who does a deed for another.

A hero can be someone
Who battles by your side,
Who takes the arrow meant for you
So you can continue your life.

A hero can be someone
Who lends you a shoulder to cry on
Or gives you a helping paw
To lift you up.

A hero can be someone
Who forgives your every wrong,
Trading your sorry guilt
For a new beginning.

A hero can be someone
Who heals your every wound,
Sacrificing their time and energy
To save your very life.

A hero can be someone
Who is always there for you,
Helping you through the bad times
And rejoicing in the good.

No matter what way your look at it,
A hero is someone who really cares,
Putting others' feelings, interests, and needs
Before their own.

Am I a hero to others?
Do I help whenever I can?
Or do I just take care of myself,
Not noticing others around me?

Naddani Isilden
Sights and Sounds of Nature Rushing river, flowing stream,
Swaying willow, silver bream,
Crystal waters of the sea,
Sunlight dances upon me.

Singing voices of the breeze,
Wind that whistles through the trees,
Distant calls and battle cries,
Crying as the warrior dies.

Waves of green in the fields,
Clean fresh air the meadow yields,
Flowers of a blossom bright,
Sun that gives us its warm light.

Birds that fly up in the sky,
Mountains whose height is high,
Endless hills with valleys green,
Beauty round me can be seen.

Coming up the river's shore
Lies the dreary, gloomy moor.
All of nature sings this song:
"Warriors bold and warriors strong."

Naddani Isilden
I'll Tell You a Tale I'll tale you a tale
Of things long ago,
Of things once known,
Of friend and of foe.
I'll tell you a tale
Of a faraway land,
Of past brave warriors,
Of things once grand.
I'll tell you a tale
Of past days and nights,
Of traditions forgotten,
Of wrong and of right.
I'll tell you a tale
Of a time to come,
Of riddles and mystery,
Of flute and of drum.
I'll tell you a tale
Of friends I've known,
Of dreams I've dreamt,
Of my old home.
I'll tell you a tale
Of destruction and pain,
Of battle war cries,
Of loss and of gain.
I'll tell you a tale
Of what you never knew,
Of stories for all generations,
Of creatures bold and friend true.
Naddani Isilden
Run To the River Run to the river
Of crystal waters
Where the busyness of life
Halts for a small moments.

Bathe yourself
In its perfect liquid.
Bask in the peace
Of the surrounding woods.

Adourn your head
With the delicate flowers
Which grow alongside
The river's mossy bank.

Take a drink
Of the cool, sweet water
Which the river offers
To all creatures.

Escape to the stillness
Of the river's glassy bed;
Seek peace and comfort
In its gentle presence.

Sweep yourself away
On its flowing current;
Float along the waters
Of peace and tranquility.

Pick up a pebble
Which sparkles like a diamond;
Skip it down the course
Of the ever-flowing river.

As you head back home,
Take one last glance at the river.
There it lies, under the sun:
A wealth of treasure beyond price.

Naddani Isilden
Unspoken A hope,
A dream,
So delicate,
I am afraid,
If I speak,
It will vanish,
Taking everything,
But if you're quiet,
Ever so gentle,
Maybe I'll whisper it.
Anything louder,
than a whisper,
Might break it.
Schizophrenia Screaming,
voices became,
my family. They stretched,
their hands towar me and kept me,
Song of the Book Where the leaves turn golden,
Where they shimmer and float,
failing, flying to the floor,
Where they lay a path underneath a golden canopy I see,
A place that welcomes the fall in an enchanted wood.
In a tale far off, I lie to sleep,
I enter this world in my mind, through words,
It is intangible to the eye, but to the imagination is where it lies,
Reading this book I live this fantasy.
The New World In this world that lies darkness and hate,
Clouds of anger and chaos scatter the earth,
The wind blows all the pain and suffering away,
The lava kindles the fire of hate and deceit,
All the trees are black like the dark clouds that suffocate the sky,
Swarms of bees pollinate the earth with deception,
The snow freezes all the good that was left,
The rain replenishes the earth with all the evil and corruption,
Hail is like spears, swiss cheesing the earth,
Danger is sprinkling the air like sprinkles on ice cream,
What's left of this cold- hearted world,
What happened to the world I used to know?
A Breath Amongst Billions A breath amongst billions,
Wrapped in arms of purest silk,
Soft to the touch as a caring embrace,
A loner searching among the dunes,
Sand in clothes, in fur, in eyes,
Blinding, Obscuring,
Those searching orbs as they find their way,
Darting from one to the next,
Never aware of where the next madness comes,
Yet flying away to meet silken arms,
And one breath alone amidst billions.
MoonBallad Bend my sword,
'Tis only metal,
But a beam from the Moon Lord,
'Twill provide berserk mettle!

Shatter my spear,
'Tis only wood,
Under the moon you'll fear,
Luna's Lunacy serves me good!

Shatter my heart,
'Tis only stone,
The shifter's art,
A kingdom of bone!

Darkfire Stargazer
Stargazer Lunacy The moon's a razor,
The stars are sand.
The sun's an eraser,
rubbed out by a cosmic hand.

Your face is a ghost,
Your soul is sour lemon,
Your mind is parasitical host,
Your body is brief heaven.

Lunacy is a gift,
And judgement a burden.
When the mind is berift,
Ill logic will occur within.

Darkfire Stargazer
Once Upon... Once upon my traveling
a nightingale by chance did sing
and in the distance bells did ring
once upon my traveling

once upon a walk i took
i quenched my thirst by a brook
so distant did the sunset look
once upon a walk i took

once upon my daily chores
my furry paws all covered with sores
the wind did blow shut all the doors
once upon my daily chores

once upon my wond'rous life
a met a girl, t'would be my wife
there never was complaint nor strife
once upon my wond'rous life

Once upon my traveling
i saw the things that life could bring
and in the distance my death bell rings
once upon my traveling

Taji Stormchaser
Doubts (Insight into Wraithe's half- brother Jask Shell. This is how he felt after Wraithe's ezxile.)

Constant doubts, confidence shattered.

Pestering fears, pessimistic state of mind.

I crave answers which will never reveal themselves.

I am left behind, forsaken in this sea of chaos.

Self-reflection, tearing me up from the inside.

You, and your lies, destroying me from outside.

I'm crumbling, bowing down to this despiccable force.

Yet I wonder why. Can I at least know what I did?

Seems not, no rest for the weary, but I'm too tired.

Tired of this stuff we call a life.

I lay down, humbled and forsaken, wondering how you could do this.

There's no answers, you're not here.

I shut you out, already

No point now.

You've had the first, and last, laugh. Hope you're happy, hope this satisfies.


Wraithe Stjerna
Path (This is a brief insight into Wraithe's life prior to finding this place.)

This path I travel, it winds and twists, no end in sight.
Desperate in this harsh, cold night.
I wonder what I could possibly have done to inspire this hatred from our Lord.
This lonely path with no end in sigh.
If I leave, will anyone notice?
If I just fade away, will anyone even care?
The sorrows of this life thrust upon me, bearing this burden in an endless chain of uncomfortable silence.
This desolate path with no end in sight.
Loneliness and self-contempt, all I've ever known.
Weary, I trod this path in forsaken silence, with no hope for the future.
All those questions are just keeping me guessing.
This despairing path with no end in sight.
These wounds from the thousand needles of betrayal and loss wont heal.
My heart shattered and spread all over, can never heal.
This sense of loss is overwhelming, after you.
This spiteful path with no end in sight.
The lies are tearing me apart, ripping me away from innocence and happiness.
With strait face and serious tones, you spit them in my face, lies.
This confounding path with no end in sight.
This desolate life bereft of all that is good, always wondering, always wanting, I tread the path in a continuing stupor.
This life i can take no more, this suffering borne from the contempt of many, I can stand no longer.
Alone, I will fade away, to leave you in your shallow lives.

Wraithe Stjerna
Salt Water Never mind the tide,
Drink the visions of the surf,
Ride Darksail's black wake.
Water Becomes Snow above
cherry blossoms
winter please
Water The water trickles
Fishes leap out of water
Sound is made of fish
The Fanatic Believe in my words,
the righteous leader had said,
Kill your fellow beast.
- My first is in wandering west and weather,
My second in hornbeam, hale, and heather,
My third is sixth in wandering wood,
My fourth is second in a rushing flood,
My fifth is first of icicle cold,
My sixth is fifth in yellowish gold,
My last is last in quiet roar,
So what am I, I of you implore?
Flameblood Quickblade
Ferrets Furry
Really cool
Rule the vermin
True Vermin
- To those who wish to conquer fate,
A whirling scythe, a sheet of flame,
There left to them is the most great,
A shallow grave that bears no name.
The fire, the blade, I rule them all,
Tamper not with their keen sight,
Else list to the bold, loud shadow-call,
And into darkgates' door fly fall.
Flameblood Quickblade
Weasel Wild
~ Along the shores of southerns bane,
Along the coasts that rage and rain,
There lives a fellow with coal black eyes,
Who deals in murder, and tells only lies.
He creeps about with silent paws,
And takes up babes into his maw;
He rants and rages when one gets away,
But then saves his hunger for another day.
Ode to a Glutton “Ooooohhhh… With his voice so flat, so flat!
And his tum so fat, so fat!
What a horrid great hat, great hat!
The horrid hare’ll curl your tail!

Oh with insults so black, so black!
He’ll stab ye in your back, your back!
So friends I say attack, attack!
The horrid hare steals all your fare!

So heed the words we say, we say!
Keep your supplies for today, for today!
And chase the glutton away, away!
The horrid hare will get what’s fair!”

Darkfire Stargazer
Assassins we may be cool but were really cruel and we fight till the death and never stop cause we gonna are opponents drop. They dont stand a chance against us. Cause were going run them over like if we were a bus. Assians ur so cool may i become and be so cool. Bloodwrath the Assassin
Vermin Vermin are the the strong ones that bonlong here. They may be cowards but we dont care we just wanna kill a hare.a mose is prey o hey hey hey when at bay dont play Klitch
Sword Stratagy
On task well in battle
Rumble your enemies
Shadow Scary
Night of the Dark Storm Across the wilderness, across the sea
The howling winds and hurling waves stretch as far as the eye can see.
When campfire burns out, and when the dark starts to fade in,
Then shall the dark storm begin
Then shall the dark storm begin soon. . .
On the night of the full moon.
Tyrr Darknight
Slaying Sad to the people that die
Lonley at the dark forest
Awsome to your victor
Yes the peson says when u die
Ice is where u lie dead
Never will u see light again
Vermin Violent
Is dangrouse
Not nice
Riddle Often talked of, never seen,
Daily looked for, never here,
Still approaching, coming near.
Thousands for it's visit wait
But alas for their fate,
Tho' they expect me to appear,
They will never find me here.
Can you solve this easy rhyme?
I found it in the nick of time!
Skant Bloodfur
Skants' Poem A leader to be,
That was she.

But one of her own kind,
Stabbed her tribe from behind.

He did a crime,
And he told a lie.

Upon her tribe he placed,
A burden to tempt fates.

The riverdogs that made the mistake,
They released the beast inside.
They killed her family, filled her with hate,
They now must run and hide.

So she now has nowhere to go,
But she decides to roam.
She knows exactly what she wants,
She wants to find a home.

The vixen wanders far and wide,
And many friends are made.
But then she hears of a great place,
It is called Fort Nightshade.

So finally she has found a home,
But i tell you now beware.
For Skant is a fearsome enemy,
So to her, you'd better be fair.

Skant Bloodfur
Gieren these are the days if gieren,
all who fight me will be hearin',
cries of blood and death ,
for all who call
Oblivion And I fell,
Shadows of the past, it was all I could do.
I live in my dream,
Knowing I‚ll never wake,
So I fell into that blissful oblivion.
Falling, falling,
bleeding, I‚m bleeding,
my eyes are bleeding,
and I am bleeding,
as I fall into that oblivion,
that‚s so bittersweet.
Yes I bleed,
black sun rising,
darkness eternal,
that is all I can do.
I die in my dream,
wishing I could wake.
So I drank of that blissful oblivion.
Falling, falling,
bleeding, I‚m bleeding,
my eyes are bleeding,
and I am bleeding,
as I fall into that oblivion,
that‚s so bittersweet.
Where is the true night?
I want to sleep.
Where is the Shadow Crown?
I want to feed.
Where is my soul?
Falling, falling,
bleeding, I‚m bleeding,
my eyes are bleeding,
and I am bleeding,
as I fall into that oblivion,
that‚s so bittersweet.
The Eye 10 An eye on the world turned good.
An eye on the world turned evil.
And inside this battle rages for all the ages.
Wraithe Stjerna
Eternal Combat Time has no meaning.
Our fight will continue forever.
The place will be everywhere and nowhere.
The only thing that matters is COMBAT!
Wraithe Stjerna
The Lone Cloud The lone cloud in defiance to the sky.
Seemingly alone, but yet able to block the sun.
Wraithe Stjerna
Homeland I have seen the ends of the earth, the heavens above, and the depths below.
And yet all of the things can not compare to my home.
Wraithe Stjerna
Blood Blood is what comes out of ur body when ur hit with a sword or scimtar. Blood is friends to thoughs who makes the blood come out off. Blood is only good to rub in beast face and to use as war paint. blood is a vilan because it take the lifes a helpless beast away. blood is not good but it is. Bloodwrath the Assassin
Saber Slay with it
Angle it to block attacks
Bloody mess when using it
Ends lifes
Reasuring that you will win
Rill There was a leech named rill.
He lived un-der a wa-ater hill.
It goes that he was a greedy leech,
He'ed take anything that was in his reach.
And once he ate a cup of salt.
Poor little rill it wa-as his fault.
Dot I once kew an apple named dot,
He was covered in mold and rot,
He had holes in him made from worms,
He was infested by ten trillion germs,
He was flat, no longer round,
Creatures had stomped him into the ground,
Juici flowed from him like a river,
An out of him protruded a liver.
Seek This Follow the path of wide and narrow,
Until you reach eat\rth's dark arow,
slay the lord,
Take his sword
Soon you will find a hidden rhyme,
listen whell,
If you are worthy,Youll be able to tell.
Death is Coming Beware the one with the scar,
It is he who will take your lives,
Run now if you want to,
You can't avoid the flying knives.
The black souls of the warlord's ancestors,
will soon be reborn,
combined with his power,
the whole world will mourn.
From the gates of dark forest,
To the lord of all agony,
He is destined tobe earth'sruler,
And make war where there is harmony.
He will turn the world into a dark and wicked place,
It will be the most terrible thing you will ver face.
Nonsense Song I once knew a wolf an' I knew him well,
For this wolf lived in a acorn shell.
He was the smallest wolf you'd ever see,
He was only 'alfway up to a grasshoppers' knee.

Whenever a beast came trundling past,
The wolf would run inside quickfast.
For the greatest thing that he feared,
Was to be stepped on by a Badger wi' a beard.

But one sad day when he went a'walkin',
He stopped by me an' started a'talkin'.
But alas I didn't see 'im an' started to run,
An' now that poor wolf ain't around to 'ave fun.

So if you be small,
Not big or tall.
You'd better look around,
Or be stomped into the ground!

Skant Bloodfur
Riddle You throw away the outside and cook the inside. Then you eat the outside and throw away the inside. What did you just eat? Skant Bloodfur
Vermin Merciless and strong,
We will never be gone.
We are vermin,
And together we stand.
Skant Bloodfur
Searat Spitting, Roaring and things like that,
That is the way of a rotten Searat.
Skant Bloodfur
Sword Striking steel and flying sparks,
That's the way of a sword that darts.
Skant Bloodfur
The Sea Dangerous, Wild, Calm, Blue.
The sea is home to me and to you.
Skant Bloodfur
Otters A mouse loves the land
A shrew loves it's band
A fox is at home in the woods.
But an otter of course
Has his own source
He loves streams and white water.
Tell me another beast
Who could feast
On Shrimp hotroot to make it hotter.
An otter can laugh
or lean on a staff
Or beat an old coot the ground.
But they have no respect For any insect
that's why they're tail is swollen down.
Slash Streampaw
Long Bow Last chance for victim to live
Only you can use it
Nobody ever lives when used
Gore is to be seen when used

Bloody mess when finished
Only an arrow can reach far
What happend to the guy you
killed with it

Vermin Very tough
Excellent fighters
Skant Bloodfur
The Crew of The 'Seaskimmer' NOTE:(This is the song my crew made up about our ship when i was freebootin'. After each verse they would erupt into laughter. None of my crew could sing.)

Ohhh, we're the crew of the 'Seaskimmer',
An' we are wild an' free.
Where ever that we go,
Death follows constantly.

We're worse than a storm,
In th' teeth of a gale.
Goodbeasts always seem to fail to seeeee,
We're the worst of th' lot!

(they would laugh here)

Ohhh, we're the crew of the 'Seaskimmer',
Our Capt'n is really bad.
Her name is Bloodfur,
An' Elbirret woz 'er dad.

We reckon that she,
Is really nice.
But a goodbeast they might pay the price if theeeyyy,
Stick around when she's outside!


Ohhh, we're the crew of the 'Seaskimmer',
No vermints are 'alf as cruel.
We cuts off our enemys' fur an' tail,
So our fires' can 'ave fuel.

So if we land,
Up on yore shore.
You'd better 'ave good fighters galore or ellssseee,
We'll butcher ya alive!

(the crew thought the last line was hilarious and some laughed so hard at this point that they started crying.)

Ohhh, we're the crew of the 'Seaskimmer',
An' we reckon we're a good bunch.
But if ya insult our ship,
We'll land ye such a punch.

Our good ole ship,
Is as light as a feather.
She can get us through any weather or ellssseee,
We'd all be dead!

(the crew now began rocking from side to side slowly, singing mournfully and slowly.)

Ohhh, we're the crew of the 'Seaskimmer',
An' we are wild and free.
Were ever that we go,
Death follows constantly.

I suppose that our,
Respects should be payed.
For all the pore beasts that we've slayed, but then agaaaiiinnn,

(this last line was yelled at the top of their lungs. It was followed by raucous laughter and, unfortunately, another 'stirring' recital.)

Skant Bloodfur
Woods - Written in ancient Syrenet - (NOTE: The Ancient language of Syrenet is very flowing, slow and Musical. Very few beasts except those in The Clan of Syreno can speak it. Many beasts find it hard to pronounce.)

Trhne Weomondes anrue paecancueifeugl,
Tehneiy geiuvie mie teidmye tro tihrienik.
Ie leoevme trhne weomondes,
Feoir tehneiy anrue may heormne.

Skant Bloodfur
No Turning Back A blade shall flash as victory calls,
the howl of triumph reaches the sky,
another valiant soldier falls
as another night pass by.

The Sword of Silence screams its name
as it takes another life,
amazing how quickly things can change
with a simple wave of a knife.

Dedication is everything,
the world be white or black.
Once one finds themselves in a battle,
there is no turning back.

Ramira Nightwake
Ungatt Trunn Ungatt Trunn
Cruel, evil
Killing, fighting, imprisoning
Brother of Verdauga Greeneyes
Lord Brocktree Lord Brocktree
Brave, bold
Fighting, freeing, planning
Great badger lord warrior
Boar the Fighter Boar the Fighter
Brave, bold
Killing, forging, helping
A great badger lord
Martin the Warrior Martin the Warrior
Brave, bold
Questing, fighting, helping
Helped found Redwall Abbey
Vilu Daskar Vilu Daskar
Evil, cruel
Imprisoning, killing, masscring
A very evil warlord
Gonff the Mousethief Gonff the Mousethief
Brave, helpful
Questing, travelling, feasting
A happy, joyful beast
Luke the Warrior Luke the Warrior
Brave, bold
Fighting, strategizing, planning
A brave reckless fighter
Verdauga Greeneyes Verdauga Greeneyes
Brave, sick
Fighting, planning, killing
Brother of Ungatt Trunn
Sabretache Sabretache
Bold, smart
Fighting, planning, killing
A long patrol fighter
Dinny Dinny
Helpful, smart
Tunneling, fighting, questing
A very good beast
- Happy and safe, this
Cold and frosty winter night
In our red abbey
- The warrior with a blade approaches.
Rend the shimmering illusions to the four winds!
Rend the dreams to pieces¡K
Rend the lives, the illusions, the dreams, all away.
Rend them to the four winds¡K
Strike them down.
Stealing hopes, dreams, loves.
Rest now, slumber, sleep.
Sleep the sleep from which there is no awakening¡K
May your dreams be rent, may you never wake,
May you sleep by the edge of my blade.
Flameblood Quickblade
Spring Air Air, what freedom, what glorious fire
Filling my heart with a crisp desire,
Spring is here! O let us exclaim,
Nothing is better than season¡¦s name!
The hawk spirals slowly above his nest,
And soon we too must go down to rest,
But now the air is as sweet and clean,
It makes the old ones young and lean,
It heals the sorrow, erases fear,
Let us all rejoice for spring is here!
Flameblood Quickblade
The day has come. the day has come!!!!
Gieren shall reign.
all who dont call...
shall fall
Gieren has come Gieren has come!
don't be dumb!
follow my words,
and take heed,
or you will look like bird seed.
Warrior Flame If warrior flame can quench any fire
And eagle spirit can soar higher and higher
Then why am I here in this miserable place
Stuck in one land like a trapped vendace?
Where is the saying now, where does it roam
Back to the wildlands that I once called home,
Till men came along, they slew and they fought;
Destruction and doom and death they did wrought
Where is the warrior soul now, my friend?
Caught in lies that never end...
Someone both timid and brave of heart
Must free the spirit, they must now start,
Else all shall soon be trapped like I,
Else all shall soon be trapped like I.
Flameblood Quickblade
Corsair Cursing
On guard
Really tough
Skilled fighters
Attack from the sea
In great ships they come
Ripping and tearing
Skant Bloodfur
Ship Shape (sing slightly out of tune)
Oh! o'er the oars and past the mast; lies a sea so ve-e- e-ry vast!
It's deep and dark and crawling with beasts!
I wonder if the creatures ever do sle-e-ep!
So grab the sail and turn thy rudder!
the thought of sinkin' makes me shudder!
I'd lie an' cheat an' steal fer only one chance at this beauty ship's wheel!
But it must be a dream, fer I only scheme; work is fer thy slaves!
Bring me some cordial and i'll think it over; never make yer decisions too soon!
Never eat the friar's cookin' and never sweep with a broom!

And.... make sure yer ship is shape! yahyahyah!(break into insane laughter)

Citrus Blossom
Where Were You Opened my eyes
Looked around
You where nowhere
To be found

Now time has past
I’ve gone on
You’re still hurtin
Me inside

Where were you
When I needed
You the most

You left me
Without a note
You were gone, gone, gone

Kliset Starkust
Vulpuz, the lord of the dead By the fangs of Vulpuz we all stand here.
His darkness holds over all.
For the bad things that we've done,
The things we thought fun,
How we slayed,
How we tortured,
How we burned.
For the things that we've done,
For the lives that we've led.
We will all go to Vulpuz,
The lord of the dead!
Goldrut the Slayer
In my Grandsire's Time Twas a long time ago, the moon has shone white, when a stoat had a dream, one stormy summer night.

Of evil and good, of seasons to come. Many ruins of the earth, all nothing. He would give his soul for them now, but they are dust in the future. Why would anyone want anything? Earthly possesions vanish, to the dust of the earth. All animals die. Redwall Abbey will crumble. Kings go up, kings fall. Hearken now, what is the point of life? Because we are creations, of life, cherish every moment, friend. It may vanish. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

Zyneera Roseflame Fireblade
- After one another
all a giant blunder

with a strike They all,
will just have a giant fall

never see the light again As the sun sets in the west,
the vermin know this is the best

For the cloak of night will fall,
None but evil will exist at all

the weapon Spears that poke,
Swords that stab.
Maces that bash,
javelins jab
The day that he died That had been the day they died,
when they all were skinned alive,

He had been a warrior mouse,
Never to see his beloved house.

The Last Words that he had said,
were filled with sorrow, pain & dread.

Those words just happend to be,
Die that Marlfox, die will he!

I am Still Waiting The cries still ring in my ears. I hear screams, and shouts. Fort Scarfire, my home for many seasons, is falling. My Grandsire Zinkah appears in my mind, reminding me, of all left behind. Fort Scarfire is dying. Waiting by the sea, the breakers never cease. A ruin behind me is nothing but a memory. Once Fort Scarfire, the greatest fort of all, is now just a pile of dust, stones, and bricks. It is a ruin. Once I ruled there, for many, many, happy seasons. The happy times are gone. Scarfire is dead. I am the last one living. . . I will live forever, wandering alone. . . remembering the times that are dead. I am still waiting, waiting to die. I am the only beast left from Scarfire. I will wander the rest of my life, waiting, and remembering, those happy times that are gone. Zyneera Roseflame Fireblade
- Everywhere that I do go,
Strolling far and wide and low,
Vagrant that I am,
Over brook and dam,
Near and far, every day
There¡¦s a saying that they say¡K
¡§Everything that I once knew
As you are, I once was too
As I am, you soon will be
When these words upon my grave you see
Remember me.
I was the girl you tried to win
I was your ancient long-lost kin
I was the one you wanted to meet
But never succeeded.¡¨
All those hopes, all those dreams,
How foolish it all seems
Lost in an unforgiving realm.
Flameblood Quickblade
The death song Enie Minie minie, mo

which of you have got to go

which of you will taste some blood

hey, not my fault you chose good

bye! Haha i laughed as he said goodbye,but when he spit ito my eye, that is when he had to die Darkfang
Victory if you don't the plan will fail,
the redwall lord then you will hail

the cry of war beats down
all of them will frown

but if we do happen to fall
none but good will prevail at all

when we win we'll have a feast
It will fill a room at least

Thats when Lady Fleetpaws wins,
& all of us begin to din

"The Squirrel Song" Once upon a rainy day,
I found a sqirrel, gone astray

I had seen the look of dread
As i slashed & bashed at his Head

Although he had a stout Little heart,
He just didn't have quite a Good start

He had given me this small Scar,
Good thing he ain't here no Mar'

I guess he didn't want to die

Too bad, I like squrrel pie!

sitt on my toe there once was a raider name sitt on my toe he told me once to smull his mole i say ye crazy fool what do ya mean by a mole well he said to smull my mole you have to sit on me toe. Gancho
The Anthem of Fort Nightshade Oh, Beautiful for ships in dock, For people living well. For other men who has it when it still is good and proud. FORT NIGHTSHADE! FORT NIGHTSHADE! How I think it is grand. And this fort shall not abort. So this place may keep peace. Kallen Renbauch
Fall or Die I do say, i will make u eat hay, if u dont fall, i will call kill them - kill them all Gieren
Raven's Poem Outcast/Sometimes i cry/But my woes go unheard/The voice of an outcast/Takes wing as a bird/Not to fall upon true hearts/but to mournfully sour/until my voice/can cry out no more/so fall upon nothing/but hearts set in stone/and burn like the fire/that smouldered my soul/ let this be my solace/to finaly die/Remember me outcast!/Bird Trying to Fly!/Fade and be remembered as outcast/Bird.../lost/from the sky... Lumos Klisque
Prologue Son must not challenge sire,
Demoneyes takes not revenge,
while in position dire,
Streamrose will be avenged,
Wolffox pays for actions,
squirrelprincess starts reign,
while Mossflow'r yields attraction,
to Corsairs on the main.
Little Wind Storm Little wind through the trees
grows and grows as it goes
as it wisps upwards in the air
the sound of the ocean is heard
finally the wind goes off a cliff
and says hi to a hurricane
it says hey to the clouds above
for raindrops and falling
The ocean doesn't like and begins to roar
the hurricane grows wild and explores
the little wind gets whirled away
and huffs and puffs at a lone ship
the ship gets tossed and turned midst the storm
but she is sea worthy and does not sink
when the clouds ceases to rain
the ocean rocks itself to sleep
the hurricane tripped up on land and disappeared
and the little wind hid it's hole
as water laps the ocean shore
and every little thing falls asleep
Slide Shifter
- One old mouse
Two ferrets
one staff
two swords
Ferrets approaching
Old mouse retreating
Wham! Bang! Clong!
One old mouse
grinning like a frog
Two beaten ferrets
crying like babies
Slide Shifter
FALL TO GIEREN fall to me,
or you will see,
the pain,
and my gain.
Ferrets Mustilid
Dangerous, Decieving
Swift, Sleek, Killers
Good, deadly warriors
Death in Form of Adders Adders
Cold, Deadly
Striking, Hissing, Killing
Evil, Feared, Hated
River yo ho yo ho to terramort we go! we follow the rule, of king gabool! yo ho yo ho to terramort we go! to fort bladegirt, where searats stand alert, yo ho yo ho to terramort we go! king gabool's agoin insane, that great shiny bell will be his bane! yo ho yo ho to terramort we go! Disra Gnashtail
Adders, the Deadliest of Beasts What is the deadliest beast alive,
It can swim but cannot walk,
It's teeth are sharp as razor knives,
It cannot shout but it can talk.
See it and draw you're last breath,
As it stikes, know the meaning of fear
Gaze into the eyes of living death
Hark! Eternity's here!
Days of Glory Oh, I remember when we were the lords,
No one could stop us, nor our eleven hordes.
We passed trough the land, our victory bells knelled,
For we were the masters of all our eyes beheld.
Netyr From where did he come, to where did he go,
Do not plead ignorence, I'm sure you know.

He slaughtered my siblings, my loved ones, my friends,
Tell me now or you will see,
There are painfull ways for lives to end,
You don't want that proved by me.

From where did he come, to where did he go,
Do not plead ignorance, I'm sure you know.

Netyr they called him, the murdering stoat,
One day I will find you for sure,
As long as I'm hunting you'd better take note,
You'll suffer too much pain to endure.

From where did he come, to where did he go,
Do not plead ignorance, I'm sure you know.

The mole from Bungaloo I went strollin' through the woods
eatin' an apple or two,
When a mole jumped out from 'neath a bush,
a mole from Bungaloo.

I knew he was from Bungaloo,
and I'll tell you how I knew;
for one of the young lad's ears was green
and the other one was blue.

Now all beasts know, a normal mole's ears,
are neither green nor blue,
but they are out west in a little land
the beasts call Bungaloo.

I offered him my apple,
and I said 'How are you?'
The mole just smiled, winked at me,
and said 'How do you do?

He waved goodbye, he did not walk away,
instead he flew.
And from the ground he'd stood upon,
and purple flower grew.

Now you may think I'm fibbing,
but I tell you 'tis true!
There lies a land with colorful moles,
the land of Bungaloo!

Tawney L. BallyHare
Love Love and pain is all a game,
All a way of life,
For when you love,
And then it leaves,
And you feel as thought you want to die,
You may want to give it all up,
And you say,
"Why love when it only ends in pain?"
But let me tell you, so listne up,
Who says love has to end?
Xeyla Kanai
The Songs Of The Birds The songs of the birds,
Are their forms of words.
They sing at morning, they sing at night,
They sing in joy, sadness, and fright.
Some have have voices that are happy and sweet,
But others have voices that sound more like a shriek,
Owls hoot,
Raven caw,
And then there's the mockingbird who says a little of all,
So next time you're and you hear some birds shout,
Maybe you should stop and wonder what they're talking about.
Xeyla Kanai
Betrayel of my Life You came so soon and left so fast,
Yet somehow in this time you captured my heart.

You were so simple and so free,
Why did that monster take you away from me.

I remember that look in your bright blue eye,
I remember the words that i heard you cry.

Save me Skanny you yelled out to me,
As you fell from that ship into the deep, blue sea.

I remember the look in that murderers eyes,
Come and get me, they said, but i couldn't.
Big surprise.

I let you down. The only one I cared for.
That cute little wildcat, who was pushed through my door.

Skant Bloodfur
The Bluggdell Sea Shanty Ohhhhhh,
When ye sail away,
Ye sail all night an' day,
Till ye reach the treasure
On the other side o' the sea!

Livin' on a ship,
Off to the bunks ye kip,
Till ye reach the soft beds
On the other side o' the sea!

Fightin' on the deck,
Be sure to watch yer neck,
Till ye reach the castle
On the other side o' the sea!

Skilly'n'duff ye scoff,
It'll make ye real toff*,
Till ye reach the vittles
On the other side o' the sea!

When ye sail away,
Ye sail all night an' day,
Till ye reach the treasure
On the other side of the sea!

*Poetic licence on "tough"

Tormeero Bluggdell
Old Chestnut One day while looking through the kitchens,
I found a chestnut under a chair.
I wondered what kind of unthoughtful beast
had happened to leave it there.

It did look old, I do declare, It was old yes indeed.
But when a chap is hungered so, he does need food indeed.

So I put that chestnut into my mouth and started to kinda' chew.
At first it tasted good, but then an aweful taste soon grew.

I spat it out at once of course, and I wanted for some ale,
but I spilled it, then I slipped, and I fell hard upon my tail.

Up to the nurse I soon was sent, to cure my aching woes,
but on the stairs I sadly tripped, and fell upon my nose.

I knocked on the door and then sat down, and for the nurse I waited,
thinking of my injuries, wondering if I was fated.

The nurse she tried to heal me up, but in a minute saw,
another injury had I- a splinter in my paw.

She wound me up with bandages, and splints and patches too,
and a dose of nasty nettle soup to clear all illness too.

So I walked out, and down the stairs, but fell and got a cut,
and I see know, I'll blame it all on that nasty old chestnut!!

Tawney L. BallyHare
Oi'm a mole Oi'm a mole , Oi know it.
Oi'm never afeard to shoaw it.
Oi loike to cook, or read a book.
Or just get in a boat and row it.

Oi'm a simple mole. Hoo aye!
Oi'm vurry modest, and a liddle shy,
But when Oi've 'ad a drink or two,
Oi'l loosen oop, on the boi and boi.

Bunker Rue
Corsair's Life The life of a corsair is the life-
that's lived on the sea at the edge of a knife.

Through storms and gails you must survive
If at all you want to stay alive.

Heed the captian, and swab the deck,
or else you loose you dear old neck.

Gamble, and rob, plunder and sail-
without mercy, you'll never fail.

Stealing and cheating without a care,
there's nothing better than getting you share.

When you're a corsair you must know,
how to pick locks and strike a blow.

And though 'tis dangerous, there's no better life,
than that of a Corsair at the edge of a knife.

Sedona Marlscut Blacksom
Why Not Eat Dinner Grey fog covers fort
Why not eat dinner before......................
The Assassin comes.
Redblade Quickfox
Raven of the Sky Fly on the wind
Raven of the Sky
Fly here
Fly there
Carcasses here
Bones there
Fly on the wind
Raven of the Sky
Slide Shifter

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