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Slave name/age/species Capture Captured by:
Sundance/-/mouse Some good beasts have set up a camp alittle south of here. I was wandering around when I spotted there camp. There are a few mice, a hare, and a squirrel or 2. I saw 1 of the mice wander off alone. She must have gone to scout out the land or something, so i followed her. And so when she had her back to me, I jumped her. She was easy enough to get back to the fort. But as i grabed her, she screamed, and there is almost no doubt that her friends will try to find her. Arrow
Tibbar/Unknown/Hare As I was walking in the woods I heard a voice of a rabbit. I walked over very slowly. Then I saw him. He was singing a song and he was all alone. So when he back was facing me, and ran up to him, and knocked him out. As I draged him back towards the castle. A friend of mine came and helped me to bring him down to the dungeons for the slaves. Leurc Fieht Nailliv
Springpaw/13 Seasons/Shrew My friends and I were snoozig in the woods, when suddenly we were attacked by a huge tribe of Guosim shrews. I whistled loudly and the crew of my ship came running to help us. We managed to defeat the the shrews, and we took one shrew that was in her prime back to the ship as a slave. Iceclaw
Barktail/30 Seasons/Squirrel I was polishing my cutlass blade on the beach when all of a sudden, a huge group of squirrels running away, shouting,"Barktail`s in trouble!" So I followed their trails and found a squirrel trapped in a pit." How old are you" I asked "30" was the reply. "HA HA HA, a galley slave in his prime!" I the got a strong rope , hauled him out and took him to the fortress. Urthjaw
Sassy/-/Squirrel I saw a small boat coming into the bay. I knew it was not one of our so I went out to see to the intruder. I could tell it was no vermin and that it was only a squirrel. I put on the sweetest smile I could and walked up to her. "We welcome you to our humble home" I said. "Would you like to come in and have a rest? We shall not harm you, we are a fortress of peace here." She beleived my everyword and followed me right in. Once we were inside, one swift kick sent her spraling. I grabed her and draged her down to the dungens. Arrow
Tillin/17/Squirrel I captured the slave on a scouting expedition. I came upon her in a field, gathering nuts and strawberries. I drew a knife, snuck up, and grabbed her from behind. With the knife held to her throat, she came quietly. When we were out of the field, I knocked her out and dragged her back. Drabane Darksun
Branchblade/12/Squirrel I captured this squirrel while rescuing the stoat from the big squirrel band on a mission. He was their chieftain's son. Seeth Falork
Moondance/5 seasons/Mouse, Rose/20 seasons/Mouse Me and a few friends had seen some mice wandering around the near the fort. We desided to go out and have some fun. There were 2 adults and 2 kids. Of course the father "tryed" to protect his family, ha ha ha, fool! We should him how to "really" fight! My buddy grab the female. She screamed for her children to run. And they ran, but not fast enough! I peicered one with and arrow though the heart and wounded the other. I grab the wounded one and the mother and dragged them down here. Arrow
Gofred/17/Rabbit I was out on patrol when I saw a rabbit watching me. Pretending I didn't notice, I circled around and took him prisoner. Darkstripe
Jancka/16/Squirrel Some troops and I were out on patrol when we were ambushed by six rebel woodlanders. Two of ours were killed and then we retaliated. We killed all but the squirrel and took her as a slave. Darkstripe
Waston/13/Beaver I was out foraging for food when I came across a beaver working on a dam. I walked up and took him prisoner. Darkstripe
Midge/45/Hare I got him form tavelen in the woods. I looked at him and saw he was hurt."Easy money.",I said. I took fast picked up a stick and threw it at him. He fell on a stone. Then I dragged him back here. He is smart,tall,and skinny. he knows about Redwall! Bloodspot
Tamm/25/Mouse I got him just outside of the fort. I had to fight him with me hands. He drew a long sword. I threw a rock at him. He fell down. I think he is a spy. He is weak and stupid. Bloodspot
Omaiyrra Kumaiyrra/14/Squirrel Place: Banks of the River Moss
I woke that morning to a hare prowling around my camp. I pretended to be asleep, and when he got close to me, I shot him with my crossbow. He fell dead instantly, and I hid the body behind a bush.
Later, I was splashing in a nearby stream when I heard someone sobbing. I hid in a bush and watched a squirrel weeping over the body of a dead male hare. "Shorebreeze, no! Please don't die! I'll kill that vermin that murdered you!" It was, of course, the hare that I shot earlier. Suddenly, the squirrel spun around and saw me. She screamed "I am Omaiyrra Kumaiyrra!", as if me knowing who she was would help, and scratched my face. I knew that she would be a good slave, so I acted as if I was hurt. She ran at me and I whacked her stomach with a piece of wood that was near me. Omaiyra stumbled and I hit her over the head with the wood. Then I chained her to a pike I had with me so if she moved, she would be cut. I took her to the Seasnake and brought her here.
Redslash Snowfur
Valloo/24/Otter I was walking through the woods with me matey Gorepaw when we reach a stream. We both took a drink and then to big otters came swimming up the stream we bid them good day but since they aint very bright I easily kill the smallest with a throw of my skinnin knife and catch him through the throat. The other otter knocks Gorepaw into the stream while I come from behind and tackle him. We tie him up and I use his fiends skin to make me a kilt. Aye Matey. Bloodfur
Greenflash/22 seasons/Otter, Brickblade/20 seasons/Weasel We caught him quite easily. I was alone in the woodlands with a bow and some arrows, hoping to find a bird for my meal that evening. All of a sudden I hear a moaning noise to my right, and I creep into the shadows, my dirk drawn, ready for battle. Peering through the bushes, I saw two weasels and a rat tormenting an injured otter. I smirked, got up and walked into the clearing. Seeing that I was vermin like them, the others didn't see me as a threat, so they invitied me along. Walking over, I watched one of the weasels hitting the otter in the face with a stick. I sighed, smirked, and suddenly kicked the weasel in the stomach. The rat snarled and lunged at me, but I side-stepped and knocked him down. The weasel who I kicked got up, drew his dagger, and advanced towards me. The rat did so also, and I quickly ran forward, slew the weasel, and whirled around just as the rat was leaping on me. I thrust my dirk up, and slew the rat with one slice of my blade. I t! urned around and the thrid vermin, the other weasel, backed off. I ran at him, and held my blade at his throat. "If you want to live you will join us at Fort Nightshade." The weasel spat at me, replying "I hate Nightshade, I'd never join those cowards. Y'know what? They're stupid, mangy, idiotic, moronic little-" I knocked him in the face, and he fell to the ground. "I'd hate to make a slave out of a vermin like myself..." The weasel spat at me again. "I ain't joinin, you rancid ol' rat, and that's final." I leaped over and slammed my dirk handle between his ears, stunning him. I then remembered the otter, who was still lying injured on the ground. Iknocked him out also, tied the two up, and brought them to Fort Nightshade. Iceclaw
Rugabar Goldbank/21/otter i was walkin along the river bank when i sees an otter swimmen by so i thinks hmm the lord could use him as a slave, so i knocks him out with my hailbard when he comes out and i bring him back. he should be kept under wacth he looks like afighter and he could do some damage. Bloodrush the Mighty
Wever/20/hedgehog this beast is a real fighter give him a blade and watch him best anybeast save me. Im the best with a cutlass. he was captured in a swordfight between me and hhim. the only reason i didnt gut him is because i knew you wud want him. Screwsnout
Jurret/50/mole I was walking along on patrol when I tripped over and fell flat on my face I looked round to see what it was that ad tripped me and I saw a hole in the ground and I thought "MOLE" so I pretended to cry out in pain "Argh" and a mole came out of the hole and said "Sorry zurr doid yoi troip over moi hole" says the mole "here loit moi help moi name is Jurrut ond io be quiot old" says the mole "Hello Jurret my names Ruddertail here come with me and I'll show you a really cool place" I say so he says "Oikey doikey" and he follows me. When we come to Fort nightshade I tell him to close his eyes so it a suprise and I lead him into the castle and down the steps to the slave dungeons then I put him in and slammed the door saying "OPEN YOUR EYES" Ruddertail
Rockpaw/-/Hare I 'as just goin' for a lil' strole round the 'oods when all da sudden a hare jumped onta me from behind. Whippin' around I caught him with a blow in the stomch. He kicked me and sent me stagering. It had broken my leg. Quickly i fit had an 'rrow in a my bow and sent an 'rrow inta 'is leg. Then i had taken up my staff that I had brought wit' me and cracked it down over 'is 'ead. Wit' dat he fell to the ground sence less. I 'as in great pain. I yelled out to one of our 'orde rats as I say 'im 'alking near by. Together 'e dragged em back ta da fort, right down ta da dungeons. 'is name Rockpaw. I dunno 'is age. And 'es obvously a hare! 'es a good fighter though so i'd watch 'im close case i'm sure 'e won't wana stay 'ere long! Arrow
Salinta/4 Seasons/Mouse I was walking along the shoreline, when I spied a small fire. Sneaking along, I spied a small mouse maiden with a bag over her shoulder. As I crept up behind her, she saw a my shadow and turned around just as I took out my whip. In one flick of the wrist I had my whip wrapped around her. She cried out, so I muffled her voice with a gag. Then I tossed her in my sack and snuck towards the woods and headed for the Fort, for I knew not wether any other beasts were about. Fortuna
Kinco/20/Mouse I was walking in the forest humming softly when a rustle came from a near by bush. I stop,and ears pricked forward, listened hard. No sound, so I kept walking but cautiously this time.Then I saw a mouse figure come slowly and silently toward me. I grimce and slink into the shadow and disappear.Then the mouse came out in plain view looking around, confused. Then I took out my sabre and walk slowly and silently toward it.It started walking still looking around. Then I pounced at it with my left arm around it's throat,it then bite my arm very hard. I grimced and struck my sabre at it's throat real quick so it could'nt go anywhere.I said in a hard and mencing voice in it's ear"Whats your name and age and why you follow me,hm?Tell me or this here sabre is goin' trough your stinky throat!" the voice said in a female tone,"M-m-my name is Kinco,a-a-age is 20!I-I-I followed you because you were a vermin.P-p-please don't kill me!" " What and waste coins!You me mouse is gonna be a slave dor Fort Nightsade,hehehe!So move yer scringin behind!" So I lead the frightned gal to Fort Nightshade. Casell Windnight
Martin/13/Mouse i caught this mouse in a land raid this animal was the son of a chief of a gang of mice. he carried a red pommeled sword that had a keen swift blade that could take me whiskers off. the animal was fighting along side his daddy when i snatched him up and chained him up to be put on the ship. this animal is mad he has a warriors spirit. take care and notice this mad creature he aint sain. he was a problem when he was borded on the ship. he squealed and turned around alot to give us a hard time. this mouse would kill any beast if he he had the chance watch him closely. Screwsnout
billosa/3/otter me and a banned was lookin 4 some food when we saw a baby otter and 3 adultes.1 of the idiots in the group fell and hit a holl log the otter truned around. before we could take cover 3 of us were dead so there me and 4 others were hidding when we saw another baby otter we grab it and held him hostage and made the otter put down there weapon when they did they charged us before they toke a step i slu the bab and pulled out my axe and slu anyer 1 another 2 men fell to them but i pulled out my dagger and killed another 1 and my mates kill the rest escepet for the 1st bab. Archon the Slayer
mariel/13/mouse I used to be of the sawneyrath war clan. a clan that constantly fought for our land and power I ruled over raths fighters as a fight ruler (meaning leader of army) and won many lands. And im telling you this beast is a fighter. In the battle me and my army of 40 of sawneyraths rats fought a band of 20 mice and they were hard to bring down i tried to pick em off but they kept on runnin so i ordered my army to charge them. I lost 6 rats to one of them but after hard fighting we won and captured a bunch. trust me when i say watch this one. Vallug
Dallaq/25/mouse I was wandering along the coast, when I sees two mice sitting by a palm tree. When they sees me, one of them ran away, but the other takes up a staff and rushes me. He swiped at me, but I used a downward slash that ripped open his stomach. I left him there to die. I goes futher along the coast and I found the other one, crying like a little babe. I bound and gagged him, then I took him back to the ship, gave him a good, hard beating, chained him up, and took him back to the fortress. Splitnose
Astarte/-/mouse I was out walking around when I started hearing noises coming from a nearby path. When I heard the noises I went to go see what it was when I saw a traveling band of mice so I decided to follow them. I followed them for almost the entire day when they decided to make camp. When one young mouse in it's prime went off looking for firewood I knocked her unconcious, dragged her with me, and decided to take her to fort nightshade. Meda
Flamefur/-/Rat In my mission to stop the poisoner, I described how he had a few (three, in this case) underlings aiding him in his devoius plot. After I "subdued" the morons, I finished the mission. Returning later, I found two of the former guards missing, with a trail of blood and drag tracks leading from their former positions. It seems somebeasts took matters into their own hands and dealed a darker kind of justice. Anyway, one remained. Still unconcious, a strange rat with orange fur lay unharmed on the floor. When he came to, I questioned him for the motive of the crime and whatnot. His name is Flamefur. I took him as a slave because he is a burly rat, probably capable of heavy labor. Be careful, however, he may want revenge and seems capable of it. Durran Bloodbather
Woodpaw/17/Mouse Well out on a voyage I happened to come upon a group of mice 3 in all there happened to be 6 others with me so I wispered to them top use there bows to get them. The first 2 were felled quickly well my javalin stuck into the leg of the 3rd as he mouned on the ground I ran up and knocked him senseless Reintail Quickpaw
Ralando/25/Black Squirrel I decided I was going on guard duty that night. I stationed myself at the place where the squirrel attacked most and waited. My keen eyes picked out movements through the trees, The Squirrel. I watched him climb up the wall he did not see me draw my Otter Javelin. When the squirrel got up I hid behind his back and tried to lunge at him, he dodged and disarmed me with a swipe at my paw. I grabbed him and bit at him. We rolled about on the parapet almost rolling off the ledge. When we did fall I unlocked myself from the squirrel and kept my paws on his body. I landed on the squirrel and it was knocked uncoincious. It woke as I lashed it with a flail. He arched his back in pain. "Whats your name scum" I demanded. "I am Ralando gargh sir" he shouted above the sound of the flail. (This is what I did in mission 41 as I took Ralando Captive) Ruddertail
Jillas/59/Wildcat I was walkin thought the woods when i spotted a nice little farm. I said 2 my self i will get a few slaves 4 my leader. so i built a little fire withe NO smoke and lit 1 of my arrows then i shoot the house with the arrow. i got ready 4 em i was surprised when only 1 beast can out it was a wild cat an old 1. so i nocked it out and dout him back 2 the fort. Archon the Slayer
Thias/17/Shrew I was traveling when I came across a group of shrews that were sleeping after a fight. I decided to steal a few things from them considering that they were so pathetic looking and it was just oh so easy. Right when I was going through their things I realized that they don't have many valuables so I decided to put holes and their boats and just leave but when I was carving out holes in the bottom of the second canoe one shrew woke up. He did not see me right away which was remarkable so I snuck up behind him and took him with me, needless to say I'm glad I only destroyed two canoes because I needed to make a quick get-away because others were starting to stir. Rosebud
Medioa/?/Hare As I was traveling through the woods around fort nightshade, looking to see if maybe there were any beasts out there that didn't belong, I saw a group of hares. There had to be no more than four so I decided to kill them all. It wasn't even that hard, they didn't seem normal. I could get unusually close to them but I stopped when I was getting close enough to feel some of the heat from their fire. Well, anyways, I quickly finished them off by merely throwing my daggars. They were dead quickly. I went to their camp to get my daggars and to see if there were any valuables, unfortuanatly there were no valuables with them. Just then another hare, kind of young, came in from the woods, I suppose she was getting firewood, so I knocked her unconcious and dragged her back to fort nightshade before she awoke. Rosebud
Bizen/13/Otter I was looking for somthing good to eat when I came upon an old mouse, a youthful mouse, and a young otter. I was spying on them when the old one spotted me and yelled out so I attacked and killed him with my double-pointed spear. The other mouse drew a double-edged dagger, but was so clumsy and pathetic with it he was killed within a minute. The otter whimpered, leapt up and tried to run but almost immeadeatly tripped over a tree root. I beat him senseless, picked up my spear and took him back to the fortress. Splitnose
Jibga/7/Squirrel It was the middle of the night when i stumbled across a small group of squirrels having a party.then one of the younger ones went out in to the bush to get some more berries for snacking on.I chased her and hid beside a bush near her. when she went over to the bush that I was hiding in I jumped her and tied a cloth around her mouth befor she could scream.Later on I found an old pair of shackles near the fort. I chained her up then locked her into a chamber in the dungeons, that was cramped and leaky. Mauna
Durrgery/30 seasons/Mole I was on mission to stop this mole who was popping up at random places inside the fort and then damaging the ships with his claws. At first I sent two guards to guard the places the mole had popped up, as he never popped up at the same place twice, but I took a precaution. One night I put guards at each of the boats that had already been damaged and watched at a distance. I noted that he never damaged more then one ship and he never damaged the ship more then once unless the ship had been repaired. I also noted that in order to to get to the ships, the mole always popped up in the same place, in front of the very ship I sail on, the Cyclone. I hid right above where the mole would come up, and when he did I knocked him unconcious with a sling stone and tied up his paws and gagged him and dragged him to the Slave Dungeons. The next day he was forced to repair each and every ship he had damaged, and wasnt fed a scrap until he wa sodne. Now he is in the Slave Dungeons again, awaiting whatever task you force him to. Kauejika Frettchen
Damppaw/15 seasons/mouse I was out walking with Rosebud my first mate of the Storm Raider when I sighted a small mouse thinking Quickly I drew my javalin and threw it at his chest but he twisted and it hit his shoulder non the less he collapsed from the pain, but as I ran forward to grab him he threw a knife at me I barely avoided it jusdt then Rosebud came forward and bettween us we were able to subdue him. Reintail
Hojo/75/squirrel I was looking for somthing to eat(or destroy) and I find a small congergation of creatures burying a dead thing. One sees me and yelled out, so I charged and chopped his head off. Then pandamoneum broke out between the goodbeasts. I slew two, knoked one out, and slew another one. When the rest of the beasts ran away, I took the one that had been knocked out and woke him up by sloshing water on him. I put on my wickedest grin (which I practice) and said to him,"your gonna die pretty soon, what one so old getting beaten so much." Then I beat him some, took him back to the fortress, beat him some more, and chained him up. Splitnose
Juventa/-/mouse I was out traveling one day around the northlands when I had stumbled upon a battle. I joined the fight imediatly and I killed quite a few shrews, hares, and mice. When we had finally beat these beasts I found one mouse that was only merely wounded. She had seemed to be knocked unconcious from the ordeal and she was starting to come to so I had to act quickly. I took some rope from a fallen stoat and I bound her foot paws so that she could walk... just not easily. I led her with me for awhile until I had finally come upon fort nightshade and she was becoming a nuciense (talks constantly... threats of death could not quiet her)so I had to get rid of her so I brought her to the dungeons. Rosebud
Barkclaw/21/searat I was out on a voyage when I noticed a small life boat floating along side my vessel inside were 3 beastes 2 rats and a weasel. As the beast in the crows nest of my ship called down to let me know of this he fell dead an arrow in his neck so I had my suprised crew fire 2 volleys of arrow at the ship of this many hit there mark and the weasel and one rat were slain but the other rat was only wounded so I climbed down knoked him out and brought him back here. Reintail
Billaca/35/beaver Me and 20 others where put out on guard dutty When i sees a beaver nawen no a tree so i sayes to my mate wantn see tha beaver tren in to a dead beaver. so he says ya. So i get out my bow and arrows but because it was dark I missed and hit it in the leg. So my mate sayes might as well take it in as a slave. So me and him go out and start beetten the beaver when i knock it uncontoin. Then me and my mate dragged it to the slave Dungeons and chained it to the wall. Archon The slayer
Wakka/39/adder 1 day i was hunt so birds with a net when i saw the ader. At 1st i was scrard out of my wits because i heard my capin talken about 1 once.Then i noticeced it was asleep so i thought 2 my self this ader would make a great slave.So i layed the net over the ader's head and got out 4 stakes and a hammer and pounded the stakes in 2 the ground. Then it woke upand boy was it made it tride 2 rip my head off. then i nocked out and cut of this fangs. Then i went back 2 the fort and got some of my mates 2 help me pull the ader back. p.s. be careful around it. Archon The slayer
Hope/20/otter I had been traveling down river in a log boat I 'ad taken off of the hands of a few shrews when I started seeing otters swimming under the water near me and they must have thought there was a shrew in the boat 'cause they really didn't look twords me. I got down and hid in the hollow of the canoe to see if any of the otters would check it out and just a few minutes later one swam up to the canoe and stuck 'er head inside and right then I grabbed 'er and tied her up with some rope that the shrews had in the canoe. After I had been traveling downstream for a few days and in a totally remote area I untied her, for the most part and started making her row... she eventually got me back to fort nightshade. Rosebud
Gurtgut/30 seasons/mole I was walking in the woods, when I saw a door set in a cave opening, and through the door I could hear sounds of feasting. I jumped behind a tree and listened. Faintly, I Could hear a "Gurthgut, whoi doan't yew go get summ water?" I listened to the mole plodding out, until I grabbed him, gagged him with some cloth, and ran back to Fort Nightshade. Aconitum Miles
Bilaben/28/sea rat Me and so mates went out lokin 4 somethin to do when i see 15 sea rat around a fire.So I decided they would make good slaves so i walked in the middle of em.Then i dru my axe and called my mates.They came at me so i slu 3 or 4.THen my mates got there i was surrouned.They got out there bows and arrows and toke out 5 or 6.Then the fighten began. Boy was that fight bloody i losted 2 of my mates.We killed all of them but one (there cap'n). Me and what was left of my mate toke him as a slave. Archon The slayer
Gleanore/15/squirrel, Polomina/17/squirrel, Sol/16/squirrel I had been on a mission retrieveing a kiddnapped stoat from a group of squirrels when I had found a wounded weasel who disguised himself as a squirrel and myself as a young badger. We pretended to be travelers who needed safe sleep and good food and over the night won the trust of the squirrels. During the night the weasel I took with me made a poison that if applied to one of the squirrels would make them go into a deep sleep for a few days. I used it on a few of the younger and stronger looking squirrels to take as slaves while I killed the rest of them. I had also used it on the missing stoat so that he would not try to harm me considering I looked like a badger. We then put the stoat and the squirrels I had taken as slaves on a cart and pulled them back to fort nightshade. Rosebud
Lorus/19/mouse I 'ad been walking through the woods when I saw someone's camp. They weren't currently there, I thought maybe out foraging or something, so I decided to trap whoever's it was when they came back. I then went up a tree and waited, must have been about only fifteen minutes, and I saw a mouse and a shrew come into camp. They made an odd traveling couple but the shrew looked to be very strong and for protection so I decided to get him out of the way. I waited a few more minutes until the shrew got near the tree I was in and then I threw one of my daggers right into his back (talk about backstabber) when the mouse wasn't looking. I then snuck down as quickly and as quietly as I could and got behind the mouse. She seemed to be cooking something so she really wasn't paying attention, which was very good for me because I accidentally dropped something on my way over to her. I started feeling less concious because of that but that was my mistake because I was starting to get a little careless and she turned around and screamed. Just then I heard someone else in the woods coming so I hit her hard with the ladel she had dropped on the ground to knock her unconcious and I dragged her away before the other person could get there. Rosebud
Barleyfur/11/squirrel I heard how a lot of Barley Wine was being stolen, along with many other items. Me being very close to the leader, I was ordered to track the thief down. I camped downstairs that night with a score or so hiding behind barrels. When I was sure it was late enough for the villain to be around, I swigged as much of the remaining wine as I could. But I did not go to sleep easily. I feigned rest until a red-furred squirrel came into view. Using my Marlvixen powers, I snuck behind the beast and pounced, callin the score of soldiers. They grabbed him, but he caught one a blow and leapt the rest. When he was still in earshot, a plan forming in my mind, I called out,"Let's get outta here, mate! We ain't comin' back here!"
That next day, I alone, invisibly, sat in the larders. I caught the squirrel, tickling some informantion out of him with Flameroar, my fabulous scimitar-like blade. Then I stuffed him in an empty barrel, latching it by shoving a steel pole through two holes, one in the lid slanting diagonally out. Putting several poles in different slots to ensure his capture, I brought him to the cells and reported, hoping to gain a reward for such work.
Waterfox Taggerung
Milo/babe/mouse I ran accross this little babe early in spring, back when he was naught but a newborn. His father, armed with a stout stick, called me the "cleanest vermin he ever did see," a compliment, I suppose. Anyway, "vermin" is as rude a comment as I can think of, so I nailed the worm with one of my new Stingers, and he fell dead in roughly eight counts. I saw a babe lying nearby, so I took it, naming it "Milo" after one of my shrew freinds. I wouldn't call him a slave, but if you don't mind, I would like to keep and raise him. I'm quite partial to him. Durran Bloodbather
Yon/18/squirrel I had been on a mission killing some squirrels that had attacked some gaurds at our fort. When I got to their camp, in the middle of the night, I had a companion with me that was after vengence for the squirrels. He had killed the leader and I had killed their best fighter when the fight came with the remaining three of the group. I started fighting them and I could tell that they were not experianced in fighting so I killed two of them easily. I then went after the remaining one which was the weakest so I decided not to kill him but to instead just injure him enough to take him to the fort and, when healed, use for a slave. I started by circling him and I could sense fear in his eyes, he thought he was going to die. I then took one of my daggers and stabbed it's leg so it could not get away and it, amusingly, fainted at the sight of it's own blood! This one really wasn't used to fighting. He'll have a good time in the slave dungeons at fort nightshade. Rosebud
Hondurs/20/otter, Damsle/17/squirrel I had been on a mission attacking four good beasts that were coming to the fort. There was one that was to burly to take on so I killed him before I came into sight. I then shot arrows through the otter's and the squirrel's footpaws to injure them so that they could not run away. I then tried talking to the wildcat that was there but he refused my offer so I killed him. The otter and the squirrel were trying to leave, but with the injuries to their footpaws they could not go at all fast so they were basically in the same spot they started at. I then took the sword that the wildcat was carrying and knocked out the otter and the squirrel. I then bound their injured footpaws so that they would not lose to much blood on the way back to the fort because they could make good slaves. I then dragged them back to the fort. Rosebud
Curlo/20 seasons/shrew I was taking a walk one day and came upon a shrew fishing in the stream. I quickly looked around a took sight of my surroundings. Then I quickly thought over my plan and went back to the fort to gather my materials. I came back later with 3 others and a large net. We snuck up to a clump of bushes right behind him and waited for a minute to make sure he didn’t hear us. Then we quickly threw the net over his head and pulled it tight, like a bag. Luckily there were no others around. We unarmed him a brought him back to the fort. Mistyeyes
Kaya/9/shrew I was paddling my canoe in the River Moss when I found the little shrew wandering on the bank. I crept up behind it, threw my hand over its mouth, then took it with to the canoe. I gagged it, tied its hands, then made my way back to Fort Nightshade. Storm Brightblade
Semper/19/squirrel I was walking through the woods when everything seemed abnormally quiet. I started looking around to find out what was going on when I saw that there were some savage squirrels near, all seemed to be asleep. Many appeared wounded, which I took into account and thought was kind of odd, considering that the only beasts anywhere near to fight were themselves. Based on these notations I at first thought that they might make good additions to fort nightshade, condsidering that they seemed to be good fighters and struck enough fear into other animals to make them either flee or be silent, I still did not know which one. I then noticed that one was waking and when I tried confronting it the beast went balistic. She quickly ran for a club and she did not appear to speak any language so I decided to either kill her or knock her out before she woke the others. I don't need more than just one of these awake around me, not a good situation. I then took a club from a nearby squirrel and knocked her on the head, unfortunatly after being afflicted with many wounds from her. I then bound her front paws with a peice of cloth that I found laying nearby and I carried her silently out of the camp and dragged her the rest of the way to the fort. Rosebud
Riveruner/20seasons/otter I was walking in mossflower woods and saw an otter family picnicing on a river bank. The older male said he was going to get some blue berries. so while he was getting them I knocked him sensless, tied him up, and brought him back here. Deathpaw
Riverun/16 seasons/otter Ambushed afamily of otters by a riverbank this was the only one left alive Deathclaw Quickblade
Darli/6 seasons/shrew, Jamero/24 seasons/shrew I was standing on the beach when I saw a small rowboat with to small figures in it. I said to myself, "These could be good slaves." Since I am a good swimmer, I decided that I should swim out there and take them by surprise than boat out there and have them run away. I slipped into to the water and swam over to where the small rowboat was anchored. When I got there I realized that the two figures were shrews, and that one was a middle-aged male and the other was a small Dibbun female. I slipped my dirk out of it's scabard and quickly slammed the hilt into the older one's head. He fell with a thump, and the Dibbun screamed. I scrambled into the boat and threw a rope around the Dibbun. After she was bound I checked to see if the other shrew was still alive. After I found out he was, I bound him also and started to row the boat ashore. When I got there I shook the older shrew awake, then started them on the journey to Fort Nightshade. Storm Brightblade
Kilka/55/mouse/, kila/24/mouse/, kilma/3/mouse Me and 5 mates where out looken for some thin to do because there where no missions for us to do when i sees 5 mice wonderen in the woods so i says to my mate to you think those will make good slave. He says ya all of'm exselped the old 1. so i says lets kill the old 1 and take the rest as slaves. So he ageris. So me and him get our other mate and make a plan.Then we charged the camp. We were siprised we the young male mouse pulls out a nice sword. He took 1 of my mates out. So i pike up doth of the babs. Then the mom serenders and the grandmother but not the outher mouse didn't. he charged me and i throw 1 of the babs at him it hit his sword i could tell that the bab was dead but he was still comin at me so i dropped the other bab a drew my ax. Me and the mouse got in to fight'n when i chopped his head off. Then i took the rest back as slaves even the old 1. Archon The slayer
Hijikeen/young/Otter As I was walking around the fort the other day, after the rains, I came across some muddy tracks. They were suspicous because they zig- zagged around, not being strait like they would if a beast from the fort had left them. I readied an arrow in my bow and pulled out some rope out that I always carry with me, just in case. It was noon by the time I found what I was looking for. There, on the bank of a river, sat a sleeping otter. It was there I saw my chance, because he was leaining against a tree. First, I tied him up and unloaded all my gear into his canoe. Still sleeping. Next, I untied him from the tree, tied him up, and dragged him to the canoe. Still sleeping. Finaly, I had to get him in, and being a mouse that would be preeeeeeeeeeeeeeety hard. So instead I grabbed a few oars (obviously there was alot of otters and this baffon was left to watch the stuff), and rolled him up into the canoe. Awake. It is amazing how this thing can scream. I quicly muffled it and pushed it up against the other end. Rowing the huge boat tired me out quickly, so, in exchange for not screaming or trying to escape, I let the otter help. It was the first movement for him in hours, and he has happy to oblige. When asked what he was doing here he told me he was here on a spying mission. He rowed more untill the fort was in sight. I quickly tied him up and gagged him. Before I did I got his name though. Huturo
Quinty/18/hare, Kimbode/10/mouse, Jaimae/12/mouse I had been traveling through the woods when I overheard a group of stoats I was staying with say something about a nearby village of goodbeast. They had apparently just found it and they were going to go and poison the goodbeast's water supply. I decided to join right in and we started making plans for it the following night. In the meantime a memeber of their crew made up a heavy poison. The next night I and three others snuck into the village and put small doses of the poison into the water, not enough to be tasted to enough to be deadly if enough is taken. After we had been finished I decided to raid a couple homes that appeared to be empty. In one I found three mice, two children and the mother. The mother tried to fight me so I killed her and I gagged and bound the two mice to take as slaves. I had been dragging them when I had run into another child, this time a hare. I dropped the children and went after the hare, I have to admire something about him, he held me off as long as he could but right when I was going to kill him I decided that I might need a little help carrying these dibbuns so I told him that if he wanted to live that he had to carry them and make haste about it, although I tied a rope around his neck so he could not run off. Rosebud
Brocktwig/40 seasons/badger I was walking through the woods when I heard some gruff snores. I tiptoed to a cave and looked in. There was a badger family! Knowing how strong and dangerous they werw, I slew the parents with my spear and sword, then I grabbed the youngest one and ran back to Fort Nightshade. Acontium Miles
Ren Quickpaw/18 seasons/squirrel i caught this one on my travels while collecting items for my sword. she was trying to steal the emerald i had just "obtained" from the lutar i had visited. clumsy little thief, she sneazed while working. Wraithe Stjerna
Reynal/25 seasons/mouse out on my quest to find items for my sword when i came across this young fellow who tried to relieve me of my newly "accquired" emerald. he said i had "stolen" it from his village. i simply tried to explain to him that i had come across it else where but he was stuborn and actually tried to fight me. while he was drawing his dagger i simply knocked him out with a quick punch to face and he just fell over unconscious. by the time he had regained consciousness he was bound and gaged and just in time to row me back to the fort where i brought him to the doungens. he didn't make it esay to get him there i had to get the assistance of the guards to get him in the cell. Wraithe Stjerna
Amera/22/otter I saw 5 otters having a picnic. When one went to pick berries I knocked her senseless with the flat of my blade. Banek
Buera/13/squirrel, Tobie/13/squirrel I was traveling through a forest when I overheard a group of assorted good beasts talking about staying in a nearby village of good beasts. They had apparently known about this village before hand. I decided to go and I started making plans for this night. After I had successfully got into the village I decided to raid a couple homes that appeared to be empty. In one I found two baby squirrels alone. I gagged and bound the two squirrels to take as slaves. I had been dragging them when I ran into rat. He jumped on me and tried to take the squirrels but I stabbed him with my dagger before he could take them. After that getting the squirrels back to the fort was easy because they admired me after I "saved" them. Mistyeyes
Tik/dibbun/otter I was lieing on the edge of the riverbank, eyes closed, just lazing about, when all of a sudden this rock came out of nowhere and smacked me square on the nose! I sat up as staright as my spine woulld allow me and rubbed my throbing face. A giggle came from the water, and I looked over to see a group of otters semingly amused at my pain. "OY! That bloody hurt you bloody pack of delinquents!" I screamed, shaking my fist and trying to steam the flow of blood. They laughed a little more, and then swam in towards me. It puzzled me, why they were coming to certain doom. Then it dawned on me that because I was a mouse, they thought I was a goodbeast. Acting as sweetly as I could while in this much pain, I said to them, "That was dangerous. Why did you do it?" all the while feeling for my dagger. I couldn't help but notice a certin one standing next to me stairing. Well, they thought I was a goodbeast but they took no chances. They were a good 5 yards away from me. Then I found my dagger. I grabed the dibbun, and boulted, running as fast as I could with a otter to weigh me down. It was a good thing I was close to the fort. As soon as they saw it, they turned high tail and ran the other way. I have to say, that was close. Huturo
Sanere/14/mouse I was walking through the forest when I found a small camp. Sitting around a warm fire were two mice, an elderly male and a young male. They had sufficient provisions and a well-made tent. I strode into the camp without them noticing me until it was to late. I bashed the hilt of my dirk into the elderly one's head and quickly grabbed the young one so that he couldn't escape, then tied him up. When I walked over to the old one, I found that I had hit him too hard. In his old age, he couldn't take force of the blow and tied. I buried him out of respect. I ate some of their provisions then pitched the tent. Before I went to bed I secured the young mouse then went to sleep. In the morning I packed everything up and set out towards the Fort with a new slave. Storm Brightblade
Nitor/19/sea otter, Formido/18/sea otter I had been out on the seas for a few weeks when food began to run very low. They crew was begining to get desperate for food and had began to scavenge for any little thing they could find on board. They could find a little skilly and duff, but that was only enough for about one day so we all searched the ship in a frenzy. Then one ferret found a fairly large net so I used it to try to catch some fish. Another crew member, a marlfox had been watching the net and had come to alert me of some otters trying to take the fish we had so far aquired out of the net. I had then went out to where the rope of the net was fastened to the deck and ordered two nearby ferrets to help to quickly pull up the net. There had been four sea otters stuck in the net, along with 15 fish. I had given each of the ferrets one slave and took the remaining two for myself. Rosebud
Uyp/15/shrew I had been traveling for a few days going upriver when I had spotted a village of shrews. I had stayed where I was at and waited for nightfall and for things to quiet down a bit in the village before I made my move. Then, when things appeared to be quiet I tried to make my way silently into the little village. Just as I had entered I had heard some noises coming from one of the homes there. There seemed to be a fight inside and one young burly shrew came running out. He had spotted me just as I was trying to divert around him so I could capture someone, well, less awake. He was about to shout... but then for some reason he decided not to and it appeared like he wanted to fight. Stupid shrew... although he did seem burly he was unexperianced with fighting and I had him down within a minute. I had then knocked him unconcious and dragged him as far away as I could before dawn. Rosebud
Moritouri/19/mouse I had been on a mission stopping some goodbeasts from attacking the fort when the battle was getting pretty fierce. There had been skilled archers scattered all over the area shooting at the goodbeasts when they suddenly had stopped. They must have thought that they had gotten them all because they started coming out of the trees in which they were concealed and then I had noticed one more goodbeast hiding in the bushes. I had thought of killing him until I thought of taking him for a slave considering I had gained no more from this battle so I took a nearby club and hit him so he was unconcious and dragged him back to the fort. Rosebud
Jask Shell/20 seasons/otter i caught Jask wondering round the shore one night when i was out for a walk. he regonized me from a previous time in our lives, we grew up up in the same holt, this brought back many memories. as he started walking towards me he drew he blade and charged me yelling "you scum nosed yellow bellied bastard!" now i thought that's no way to greet an old friend. by this time i had my blade drawn. we locked baldes and with my free paw i punched him in the gut which winded him as he dropped to his knees. "you never could control your anger, could you jask." i said. "why have you come this way? surely you weren't looking for me were you?" i asked. "you (cough, cough) you killed one of our allies against the vermin, you must be punsihed." he told me. "i thought being banished from the holt was my punishment. but it seems you weren't happy with that decision, so set out on your own to find me and punsih me the way you see fit is it? well thats going to happen because you can't punish what you can't defeat and we both know you could never best in battle." i told him. with that he lounged at me a second time this time catching me around my knees and knocking me to the ground tempararily winding me. he got to his knees and started to pummel my face with his fists. i grabbed both his shoulders and with my legs i threw him over my head into shallows behind me. before he could react i was upon him with my footpaw on his chest and sword at his throat. "you have two choices: one die here and now or two live as my slave. what is your choice?" i asked. jack replied "kill me now you cowardly excuse for an otter." i thought about his reply for a short time, almost considering it, but hten thought, 'it would not be fitting for to die by my sword.' "up on your feet, and face th sea." "you can't look at me when you kill me you are coward." he said. "it's not that i can't look at you as you die it's just harder to knock you out if your faceing." with that i hit him at the base of the skull with the pommel of my sword knocking him senseless. i then threw him over my shoulder and carried him to the fort. wraithe stjerna
Whitestripe/30/Hare Several hares were searching for there young ones when I saw them. They were getting very near the fort,so I found some large stones,and I climbed up a tree. They had no weapons,so as soon as I started hurling rocks at them,they ran away. I managed to hit one so while he was unconcious I dragged him back to the fort. Banek
Dunny/25/mole 3 moles went berry picking. Eventually they got lost.0ne got seperated from the other 2.When he turned the other way I tackled him.After a feirce fight I finally knocked him out.Then I dragged him back to the fort. Banek
Jarn/25/wildcat I was sitting at the edge of a small pond burying the corpse of a recently dead otter whom for some reason, probaby my species had attacked me first with sling then javelin before I heard my trackers, all experts in killing and tracking, call for me. I stood and walked to them with my normal montonous expression. I turned to my second in command, a mouse, black as night and asked. "Huturo, what are they laughing atm." She gave me a look and replied. "Caught some female wildcst up there, Admiral." I nodded and wen over to the spot where a large wildcat lay bound and croouched slowly to her face, my dual toned eyes emotionless. "You are in custody of the trackers of Fort Nightshade so I suggest you decide to join us." The cat spat at me. "I'm Jarn, fox and I will not join you." I nodded sadly and turned to Huturo. "Get some sleep and post a guard around this creature, we've got a new slave." Silvren
Goklen Puncife/5 seasons/Squirrel I was walking through the woods and I was attacked by a small band of sparrows. When they we're finally drove away, I was deeper in this unknown forest. Next thing I know I hear chattering and arguments. As I creep closer I think, "What could this noise possibly be coming from?" Before I could catch on, a young squirrl fell infront of me and all I could hear was a shreik. I grabbed her adn ran as fast as my pawscould carry me back to the fort. Lamone
Mecrinas/8 seasons/Sea Otter A few days after I came to this place, I wanted to better familiarize myself with the local area. So I decided it would give me some exercise and I could learn somthing of my surroundings if I went ahead and scouted the area. So I did so and as I came to a coastline I saw a moored ship that was in bad shape, interested I went over to observe what was going on while staying hidden. I saw two grown male otters and what looked like a female otter warrior as well. I knew it would be foolish to take on all three, the female had a bow and the males would be some trouble so I decided to lay a trap for them. I noted my position and went back to the Fort and had two rats and ferret accompy me to a small canyon not too far from the otters position, i had the two rats equiped with arrows and had the ferret accompy me as bait. We lured the two males back to the canyon where they were mercilessly shot down but unfortunately the female did not follow. She did not get far though I had the ferret follow me in case of a trap and using my expert scouting skills I was able to track her down and subdue her with only and arrow to my shoulder. I took her back to the fort and present her to you now. Coldeyes BloodTalon
Jessreel/4 seasons/Hedgehog About 1 season ago, before I came here, I was a wanderer/thief/rouge whatever you want to call me, in essence I was living by me wits and by me skills. Anyways on up the path I saw what appeared to be a male hedge hog run across the path into the bushes. Well me ole mate Ublaz of the Club Sampetra: INSU and I used to practice tracking skills quite a bit so oi had no problem finding the lil blaggard. Of course he never knew I was coming hehehe. He went down a hole chattering like a dibbun and when it turned close to mid-moon, i lit a torch and quickly descended down into the hog's home. I found him and his wife asleep so silently I pulled my scimitar and was just about to put a quiet end to them when a dibbun hog began to scream, the elder male woke and jumped at me lukily still had me blade unsheathed, the poor beast jumped right into me blade, as he slid to the ground the mother began to scream, I made quick work of her, slashed her across the face two or three times till she stopped screamin. I then took what vittles i could scrounge up, dropped the dibbun in a haversack and took off into the night. The hog you see before you is that dibbun, he served me well during my journey here but he's becomin a liability so oi be handin him over to you m'lady. ColdEyes BloodTalon
rags/20//squrriel Iwas on duty on the wall when I heard a bush sound. I quickly took out my bow&arrows and took aim and shot. I wouned a squrril and asked what was it doing here. The squrril told me that he was a spy for a shrew tribe. I then took the squrril and told him to show me where the sherw tribe is. When I got there a huge shrew told his tribe that there will be a attak at fort nightshade. I took out mybow &arrow and killed the huge sherw and 5 others. Then I killed the rest of them. I check to make sure there was none alive and took Rags with me. That is how this squrril came here. magicblade the warrior
Blackpatch/23/otter When my ship Galerider landed on an odd island our Lieutenant-Commander, Ruddertail, told us to split into groups and find the owner of a small battered ship we had seen on the difficult journey over to the uncharted Island we were each split up into three groups, six in two of the groups and five in one, to find the owner of the ship and hopefully either a slave out of it or a new member of the Galerider. I was sent with the group of five. when we met a small marshy area the five of us split up and searched the swamplike marsh. I was on my own. I walked slowly to be sure I did not stumble into quicksand. thats when I saw a creature about as tall as my shoulder rush out of a nearby bush with a jagged dagger. I easily side steped brought my cutlass out and slashed him down the side of his face. he let out a terrible shriekand dropped his dagger into what appeared to be quicksand. When I got a closer look at his bloodied face I saw he was the same otter a few seasons back that drove me towards the red stone building. I then sneered at him finally having my vengence. "Whats your name?" I asked him. "Bla- Blackpatch." He managed to stammer. "Didn't you have a friend or two?" I asked. "Wiped away, Agh..., storm." He then fainted. I wiped away some of the blood off with his torn tunic. Then three others from my group came. "You found him?" A female ferret from the ship asked. "yes." I said simply. We then dragged the miserable otter back to the ship. I've since gone down to the slave dungeons and give him a good sneer. Doompaw
Mistern/2 seasons/squirrel This squirrel I captured two seasons ago when he was but a wee lil dibbun babe. I was walkin through what they call Mossflower woods, filled with obnoxious otters and other goodbeasts. I was walkin down a path snacking on some smoked wood pidgeon when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in me right arm. I hit the ground and a large squirrel hit me over the head with a large stick. I awoke some time later with a splitting headache tied to a chair. I quickly used my claws to tear through the ropes and hopped against the wall where I could hear voices. They were obviously coming from the next room, I looked around and saw my staff laying against a wall. Stupid beasts I thought to myself, but I was grateful for their stupidity. I took my staff and jumped into the next room, 3 squirrels jumped at me but I expertly impaled all three sustaining minor wounds. I took the dibbun squirrel and made out of the underground homestead as fast as my legs could carry me. Coldeyes BloodTalon
Amrafa/22 seasons/squirrel I was out killing birds for food in the woods when I smelled a squirrel. I stopped what I was doing and went nearer to the sound to investigate. I discovered that some goodbeasts had made a crude trap. They expected me to run towards a bound squirrel and get killed by the squirrel archers in the trees. They hadn't counted on the nose of a wolf. I smelled them before they saw me and I thought out a plan. I then circled around the squirrels and climbed a tree near them. One squirrel I killed with a large stone I found before he had a chance to shout. His pal met his end by my blade, wich I threw. Then I dropped to the ground and ran behind a tree so they couldn't fire at me. The last two squirrels (besides the bound one) ran to me. I made a show of running away, and they followed. When they had almost got me I sidestepped. They couldn't slow their rush and ran right into a bear's den. I went back to the tied squirrel and learned that the five squirrels had come here alone in a small boat. I captured him and brought him to the fort. Ardrad the Red
Kinko/40 seasons/mouse As you might already know, I love making rafts. One day, while making a raft, I remembered the time when I was doing mission number seventy, and I had to make three cages to capture a spying bird. So, instead of using the sapling branches to make a raft, I bent them to make a cage. I went to the woods and set a trap on the forest floor. I figured I could trap at least one creature with it. That one creature was a rat from Fort Nightshade. I apologized to the rat. I don't think he felt very nice towards me. Next time, the cage trapped the same rat! I tell you, I must have the worst luck. That rat yelled at me like it was my fault! He should watch where he's stepping(alright, so the trap was disgiused. Oh, well, details, details.). I made sure to move the cage away from that area. The next time I checked the trap, I saw the exact same rat! It turned out that he had gone the long way round to avoid my trap. I had moved it directly in his path! He was fuming. After a week more of him getting stuck in my trap, he finally attacked me. I neatly tripped him, and he fell right into my trap again. I picked up the trap and emptied it of its load...into the moat. I ran away and set the trap again in a different place before he got out. By then I was long gone and out of his reach. The next time I checked the trap, my plan had finally worked. I had a mouse in my trap. I took him over to the slave dungeons. You know, that rat is still giving me dirty looks to this day. Vaikasa Deathpaw
Mingrle/37/squirrel I was drifting, down the river to an island in the middle. The river was a hundred feet wide and I lost my paddle. On the other side of the island was the sea so I landed on the beach. I dragged my craft uder a bush. and made a wooden hut against a large tree with leather. I found some berry bushes and started to eat. Iwas still hungry when I finished so I set off through the woods. I saw smoke over the tree tops and I headed toward it. I smelt fish cooking. I saw the light through the trees. It was evening by that time. I crept closer abd climbed up a tree. This is what I saw. A large bomfire with fish roasting. Squirrels were dancing around in with throngs and headresses. One went intp the woods and I followed it. I snared it with my net an ran with it to my craft. It had screeched so the whole squirrel tribe chased me. I jabbed at one and flung my prize into the boat and jumped in myself without vittles. So I floated clean away with the blubbering stupied squirrel. He was young by that time though. I felt sorry for him sense I was female. Slde shifter
Antolia/7 seasons/Sea Otter Well this young sea otter maid's name is Antolia. Her father was Lutrik Ripscar, the elected leader of the Ripscar Holt, located along the west coast of the island of jesweyn. We approached the island on a mercenary ship, i (of course) was a mercenary at the time and so we sailed up to a vantage spot on the coast where we could set up camp. There weren't many of us to begin with, I'd say half a score and so I was mighty uncomfortable setting up camp without scouting the area. Well my intuition didn't prove false, later that night we were attacked by atleast 2 score of sea otters. 5 of us were slain immeadiately and while the rest scuffled I went into a berserker rage and laid out atleast 5 foes, I then tackled the nearest sea otter and knocked her out, I dragged her to the boat, left the doomed mercenaries behind and sailed for sea. After several months with me as company she's pretty tame I should say hehehe. Coldeyes BloodTalon
Jip/13 seasons/squirrel, Toyt/11 seasons/mouse After 'aving snuck into a goodbeast encampment (I 'ad been wandering the beach after a shipwreck aboard my raft, the Queen of Death) I used some sand and the tail, whiskers, and ears of the mouse gaurd I had slain when 'e spotted me to disguise meself as a mouse. Me grandfather was a master of disguises. I walked up to a young squirrel (putting on a goodbeast accent), pretending that I needed 'elp carrying some of my supplies to the camp. The camp was so big that the squirrel wasn't surprised when 'e didn't know me. The squirrel called one of 'is friends over to 'elp me. The gullible goodbeasts followed me across the island to where my raft had wrecked, quite a ways from the encampment. I put on a horrified face, and told the goodbeasts that someone had wrecked the raft, and stolen me supplies. I peered at the ruins of my raft, pretending I 'ad seen something. "Oh!" I said, "There's a clue to the culprit. That little thing right there... I can't quite see what it is. Maybe your young eyes can help me out." As the two friends bent over the ruined raft, I grabbed some driftwood and knocked 'em senseless. using the rope that used to secure my raft, I tied the goodbeasts limbs tightly. I repaired my raft quickly, and managed to reach Fort Nightshade before it fell apart. leaving the slaves on the beach behind me for the moment, I sadly threw the remnants of The Queen of Death to the waiting sea. She had served her purpose, and gotten me two slaves, but sacrificed herself in the process. She had been a loyal craft. I turned around and led the slaves to the dungeon. Vaikasa Deathpaw
Pippy/three seasons/squirrel I was doing my duties as a crewbeast on board the Seafire when I heard a squeak from the shore. A young mouse had spotted our ship and was staring wide-eyed at me. I slew him by throwing a dagger that was lying on the deck. I reasoned that there must be a goodbeast encampment nearby, so, as we were close to shore, I dived into the water and swam to shore. Though I couldn't find the goodbeasts, I did see a group of ugly Dibbuns pretending to be vermin. I showed three of them what vermin were like before I could stop meself, but I took the last one living as a slave. I walked back to the fort, as they were on the same island as Fort Nightshade, and here I am. Ardrad the Red
Kriktor the Giant/15 seasons/Badger This great Badger was injured by some beasts for when he came to our gates he was beat up pretty bad. I don't know, more so nobody knows how exactly he got here or where he is from but Lady Snowstar allowed him to enter and said to give him care. We took him into the fort and took him upstairs to one of the dormitory buildings. We put two cots together and layed him down on them. I of course playing it safe assigned two guards to sound the bell if he tried to escape. I went down stairs to sit by the fire and wait for morning to go and scout the coast. As I sat and thought I heard screams from above, the badger had gone mad, into a bloodfrenzy. I quickly grabbed a rope and tied it to two adjacent torch scones and sure enough the beast tripped blindly and fell to the floor, I stunned him with a chair to his head, and at that time beasts ran in and tied him up. We hauled him down to the dungeons and tortured him for weeks, not knowing his motive for the frenzy. He eventually lost his mind and so we put him to work in the galleys. Coldeyes BloodTalon
Reddikin/???/Painted One Well this story of how I got this litte scoundrel is a very unsettling one. I was walkin through the high country, rollin hills with green grass, overcast skies with a crisp, cool breeze on the air. It was a perfect day fer travelin, and a traveler I was. Well as I got further along I began to see the line of a forest. Well I was in a particuarly good mood so I didn't do an recon before entering the woods. So I just walked in without a care in the world. About 5 or 10 minutes later, I began to hear little whispers and things running around in the trees. I looked up just in time to see a rock land betwixt me eyes. I fell over recoiling in shock. I quickly recovered though sensing one of the mysterious enemies on me back. I hacked him down with me scimitar and took on more, they jumped at me like mad beasts and as they jumped I kept striking them down. Finally i had wiped out over 50 of them when they began to retreat. One though was a stubborn one, the kept at me, tryin to take me head off. I knocked him out and put him in me bag and took off running. Later I made him me servant, washing the paint off his face I realized he was some sort of tree rat. Now I give him to you M'Lady. Coldeyes BloodTalon
Sunlily/-/Hare I was taking a walk out by the ships.Iheard some giggling so I went to see who it was. I snuck up on two baby hares:a brother and sister.The boy saw me and started to run.The girl followed but tripped.I caught her and brought her back here. Crystaleia
Toundo/15 seasons/sea otter, Leylis/15 seasons/sea otter As I walked away from my beached ship towards the sound of laughing creatures. After traveling down the beach for about five minutes, I found two teen-aged sea otters sitting together on a small boulder near the up coming tide. Thinking to myself, I realized that these two would make good slaves for the Fort. Unsheathing my dirk, I quietly walked up behind them. When I was about fifteen feet away I picked up a large, smooth pebble. I aimed carefully at one of the otter's back, and threw it forcefully. As soon as the pebble struck, the otter slumped forward, unconscious. The other otter cried out in alarm, then turned around and faced me. "You, you killed him!!" She said. "Yeah, yeah, whatever," I returned, knowing she was wrong. I walked over and grabbed her by the collar of her tunic. Spinning her around I quickly tied her paws together with a piece of rope, then did the same to the unconscious otter. Throwing the male over my shoulder, and dragging the female along beside me, I headed back towards my ship. Xeyla Kanai
Setari/27 seasons/mouse, Cotkie/12 seasons/mouse Once during the winter I was walking through the northern forest. After a while I started to smell the strong scent of smoke. Traveling towards the smell. I soon came out to a clearing surrounded by tall oak, with a small log cabin in the center. Quietly I crept up to the cabin and looked in the little window. Inside was a family of mice. There was a middle aged male and female sitting on a small counch in the corner. They were watching three Dibbun mice who were playing on the floor with wooden rings and balls. I went around to the side of the house and knocked on the door. Obviously surprised, the father called out," Who is it?" Changing my voice to a raspy whisper, I replied," I'm a traveler. I was robbed by vermin in the forest, and I have no food, water, and warm clothing. All I have are these thin rags to keep warm. Please let me in!" I heard footsteps, then the door creaked open. I threw open the door the rest of the way and barged in the cabin. The babies screamed and ran to their mother, while the father grabbed for the metal fire-poker. I whipped out my battle axe and swiftly swiped the poker out of his hand. Shifting the axe, I knocked out the father with the butt of the axe. He crumpled to the floor, and I turned to the rest of the family. I walked over to the mother and looked closly at her. She was thin and frail, not the good slave type. I took out my dirk and swiftly slit her throat. Looking at the Dibbuns I picked out the only one that would be of use to me. It was a strongly built male close to being a teenager. I did away with the other two, then grabbed the male. I tied him and the father up, stared to drag the father to my boat in the river that was close by, came back for the Dibbun, then started back towards Fort Nightshade. Storm Brightblade
Scruffy/5seasons/hedgehog Me an' me mates was walkin' 'round the fores' when we comes upon a onrey 'edgepin. Aye, this one was flippin mad, e' was. Kept muttering 'orrible things 'bout us 'vermin'. So's me an me mates figure we got this fella' out numberd, 3 against one, but the spikey bugga just kept chagin' at us, gored up poor FlashClaw like old cheese he did. So I gets me noggin' workin', an' afore you know it, I got him into a mudhole. But this wouldn' stop 'im, he was so bloody mad he kept chargin; at us, a big ol' mudball of fury that one! He managed to knock my buddy, SlashFoot off a ravine. So I hightail it outta that forest, into broad daylight, and the beast just won't give in, but unluckily for him, me' plan worked. That mud dried quicker than a frightend hare, and between the wieght or his mud prison, and exaustion, he conked out. I just rolled back, slow as ya' please, washed him off, cut is' spines, an put him in shackels all before the doomed critter could even wake up. I hear nowadays he can lift 10 quarry stones at a time, quite an asset to out little... collection. Gyro ThunderShot
Greenblade/24/hare While i was walking through the woods iheard massive snores so i walked over and there was a badger and three hares. 1 hare was awake standing guard, i silentelly crept up behind and poked him with my poisoned wooden dagger and he fellover dead. I did the same with the other hare i figured that the badger would take the poison and wake up and kill so I slit his neck when the other hare woke up an saw me i shot powder into his eyes and drew my sabre when a squirrel came shooting down and came charging at me with his spear i moved left and while he charged i slew him with my sabre. when i turned around i saw the hare he punched me. I came at him with a mad furry and knocked him in the stomach. while he gasped for air i dropped non leathal poison in his mouth and he instantly went out cold and i drug him here Farren
Kolnou/15/squirrel i was alone in the wood lands and i found a camp.there were some squirrel's there.they had a few babys.they also tryed to run me off so i left...that night i snuck back in to the camp and slew the for the babys i took all of them.i went to my ship and made them row.i stopped at an island and got some vermin to go with me.we were traveled the seas for weeks and weeks.we stopped at another island and took a break for a while.then we came here and Kolnou has been my slave ever sanice. Moonstar the slayer
spik/12/mouse i was walking on the shoreline and i saw a fire.there was a family of mouses so i asked if i could stay.they said late that night i took there things like:knifes,skillet,food.then i took there kid and went back to my crew!!!!!! he been my slave ever sanice. Moonstar the slayer
Sunlily/16 seasons/hare I was taking a walk by the harbour when I heard some giggling.I ran over to see who it was and saw 2 small hares.The older one saw me and started to run.The little one followed but tripped.I caught her in a sack and brought her back. Crystaleia
Unknown/7 seasons/squirrel, yipsy/six seasons/squirrel BOOOMMMM!!!!!!! The bell rang out across the sea. I, on my little raft, the water wake, could not help but hear it. I realized it would be quite a while before I reached other islands, decided to turn towards the sound. After all, a bell tower can't be built in the ocean. It was a clear enough day, so it was easy to spot the huge, rocky cliffs that stretched across the ocean. Many rocks stuck out of the sea. Therefore, it was also a simple matter to tie the rope that trailed from my raft to one of these, and climb ashore. Having gotten up the cliffs (by jumping from rock to rock, then climbing up the face of a cliff), I surveyed the island that I was on. The only sign of life on the island was a small jungle, way on the other side. A glimpse of black at the top of the jungle was just visible. Naturally, I wanted to find some food to add to my already diminishing stockpile, so I set out to the jungle, climbing nimbly down the cliff to the rather smoother terrain below. I hadn't expected the jungle to be so far away. I had been walking for hours, and my paws were sore. But the jungle was only one hundred feet away, at the most. I kept on walking. Finally, I felt cool jungle foliage on my aching paws instead of hard rock and dirt. And, right in front of me were the best feast in nature that I've ever seen. Pear, apple, banana, and fig trees. Blueberry, blackberry, rasberry, and gooseberry bushes. Even some easy-to-kill pheasants, so silly that they just sat there and stared while I was right next to them. A paradise for a hungry mink!!!! I had gorged myself, and had tons more food in my various pouches that I had brought with me. But I felt like someone was about to kill me. I had a feeling that the fruit and vittles had been bait, something to get me full and off my guard. I had noticed that the trees were in straight, orderly rows, and not by coincidence, either. I was right. I whirled around, my ears, trained to hear the slightest rustle from many adventures, had served me well. Two squirrels stood there, taken by surprise. In their paws were two sharp daggers. I didn't let them recover. Lashing my paw out, I knocked their weapons out of their paws. They realized that they outnumbered me just then. So did I. But I had a plan. I had been running forever, chased by two angry squirrels. I was waiting for my chance. It came. They were tired, unused to being out of the forest. I pretended to be weary, stumbling every few steps. They realized their chance, and put on a burst of speed. I stopped suddenly, stepping to one side. They had too much momentum to stop. When they came by, I neatly tripped both of them. They dropped to the ground, hitting their heads on the jagged rocks and passing out. On my raft, I found that I had only enough room for two animals, so (after tying them up)one of them had to drag behind the raft, his head just above water enough to breath. Luckily for him, the raft was going fast enough to just keep out of reach from the sharp-toothed fishes that smelled blood. Only just, though.I still wondered what the bell was. "Some more slaves for you." I said, stepping into the dungeons. "One of them is still out cold, but the other is very wide awake. Nasty shock involving a pike, you know..." Vaikasa Darkpaw
Bloodfrog/unknown/fox This beast was wandering around Fort Nightshade and bumped into me. He was very high-strung, and started running out to the exit. I wasn't sure why he was doing this, but it was suscpicious behavior if I ever saw it, so I ran after him. He went straight to the water, where he had hidden a small boat. As he pushed off from shore I swam after him, and climbed into the boat. He immediately put his paws up and yelled that he would give me information for his life. I agreed, and he told me that there was a group of foxes plotting against the fort. He led me to them and I told them I'd like to join. They were much too trusting and brought me inside their hideout. I killed the leader with my hook and, as the others had left their weapons by the door, I soon had slain them all. The first fox I left alive to take back here as a slave. Ardrad the Red
Garrag/20 seasons/squirrel I had been taking a walk in the forest outside Fort Nightshade, when I saw a trickle of blood on a fern. I heard a rustle in a nearby bush. It was a squirrel. I leaped at it and it ran. I drew my scimitar and chased it. I saw the squirrel climb a hill and dissapear over the other side. I finnaly caught up to him near a small pond. I leaped on him and pinned him down with my footpaw. "Fool," I sneered. "You tried to escape me, but never think that yer better than a ferret, because yer not." The squirrel struggled, and unexpectedly jumped up! It ran around the pond. I chased him, snarling angrilly. "You think this is a game, don't you?" The squirrel ducked as I lashed out with my scimitar. The squirrel dove into a patch. I lunged, and my scimitar slashed deep into the squirrel's footpaw. It tried to run, but was slow because of it's wounded paw. I laughed. Easy prey! I sat down, watching the struggeling squirrel. I had all the time in the world. the squirrel was going nowhere. I got up and walked over, kicking my victim viciously. "Yer commin' with me." I brought him to fort Nightshade, trying to hold my exitment. I knew what my reward would be. Five to ten gold coins!!!!!!!! I locked my prisoner in the dungeon, and went to seek out my friends, who have probably never capured a prisoner in their lives. Deathfang
Pongo/15/mouse i was traveling until i saw a campfire so i stopped was a group of mice so i asked if i could stay hehehehehe they said yes! what morons anyway i was staying there for a few days and i was teaching there son Pongo how to fight.of course his mother and father would not allow it so i stopped.days turned into weeeks and weeks turned into i said sanice we had been moving for a long time that we should go to a fort i know.they said ok so i lead them here and we captured all of them but the parents were old so they died and i got to keep Pongo and hes my slave so thats it!! Moonstar the slayer
tom/dibbun/mouse little rat stole into me camp one night ate all me good food he tripped waking me up grabbed him tied him up and brought him to you. Nightflame
kuri/middle aged/otter I was walking, forging, really when i heard a sniffeling i took a peak it was a baby otter, stuck in a big ditch of quick sand she was sinking slowly i stuck me pole out and pulled the little critter out. very cheeky. Nightflame
Jarret/16 seasons/shrew I was out for a walk in the woods when I heard a crackling noise behind me. I thought it was just a bird or something, so I carried on. However, I heard it again and again and again- somebeast was following me! I found a hazel tree growing beside the path, and bent down one of it's stalks across the path, hiding on the other side and holding the end. Along comes a musculy-looking shrew, trying to look sneaky, and failing miserably. He was making enough racket to wake the dead! Just as he stepped up to my bent branch, I let go. It cracked him under the chin and knocked him out cold. I tied up his paws with a spare bit of rope I had in my pouch, and dragged him back to the fort. Ciar Tynan
Rontain/19 seasons/Field Mouse During an intence battle I noticed a little mouse under an old wagon wheel. He caught my eye when he was trying he was trying to run from the wheel to an old abondand bunker. I ran up to him quiet as I am. As he slowly approached the old broken door I took my sword out from my back and put in front of his face and told him to "Hult". He jumped in fright as I stood thier looking at him. I told him to not be afraid but he was anyway. I told him to stand up and I put my sword to his back as he walked fowerd I took him back to my cave. He has been a big use to me. When I joined Fort Nightshade I let him go with some suplies. Starmin
Rigaleto/dibbun/mouse One day I was walking through the opean grassland when an arrow flew at me, instict made me drop I drew a dagger, and held the tip ready to throw. A band of mice cut through the grass towards me. I let the dagger fly. Embedding itself into a mouse, they stopped and crouched down beside they're fallen comrade. I heared them talking softly to the dieing mouse. I started sliding silentlytrough the grass to get away when a young mouse looked in the direction of me. He drew a big sword and came at me. I went faster. Then he yelled. I glanced back, he had an arrow in his back. I looked over the grass, and saw an army of vermin. They had saved me. I walked up to them. The captain was a very nice old stoat who told me he was from Fort Nightshade. I told him I had been on my way there, when I was atacked. They moved out, taking the rest of the mice with them for their Lord. When a stick stuck me in the back, I swung around to face a little dibbun mouse, I picked him up and slung him over my shoulders, I then carried him away after the army to Fort Nightshade. Nightflame
Koori/29 seasons/hedgehog Well, I was down by the river doing some fishing when I saw a funny-looking bit of flotsam coming towards me. It was all spiky, and a bit too rounded to be a proper log. As it came nearer I realised it was a hedgehog! I slipped of my rapier and dived into the river- for all I knew it was a Fort Nightshade comrade of mine- and dragged the hedghog to the shore. She didn't look to be breathing, so I thumped her chest a few times, and up spurted a load of riverwater. She gasped in a load of air, and I was pretty sure she'd be all right. When she came round, I tried talking to her. She tried to punch me, but couldn't summon the energy. "I saved your life!" I cried, but she just yelped "Vermin!" After that lovely display of gratitude, I decided she deserved slavery. There was a bit of dead wood by the bank- I knocked her cold and dragged her back to the Fort. Ciar Tynan
Halfpaw/20/mouse When I snuck into the mouse camp on the beach A couple died but here is a strong, bold, mouse. We found him in one of the chests of gold. Nightflame
Burnago/unknown/mole, unknown/30 seasons/otter I was sitting by Fort Nightshade when I saw a mole sneak by me. He/she didn't seem to notice me, or else he/she might have started running. I stood up slowly, careful not to make a noise. I crept up behind the mole. When I was very near it, it suddenly whirled around and held its dagger to my throat. "Don' think you c'n get away with that, you stroipey weasel." By its manner, it had obviously counted on me to sneak up behind him/her. I scolded myself silently. I should have thought about it first. I had been in plain sight. I shouldn't have assumed that the mole hadn't seen me. Now I was captured! Plus, nobody had seen my capture, so I was entirely on my own. As far as ally's, I mean. Soon I found that the mole had many friends to assist him (I had identified it as a male now). Almost as soon as we entered the woods, a whole group of goodbeasts crowded round him. A burly otter spoke up. "So, what's this? Looks like a weasel wearing a skunks tail." I was seething with anger. I had twice been insulted by being called a "stripey weasel" and now they thought I was part skunk! I shook my head angrily. "I'm a mink! Ain't yer ever seen a mink before, yer-" I was going to insult them, but I caught myself in the middle of my sentence. It wasn't exactly a wise idea to insult your captors, especially if they outnumbered you twenty to one. A mole laughed at my outburst. "Burr, aye he serpently ain't to 'appy 'bout uz cabtzurring 'im" This was another outrage. "Him! Me, a him! I'm mos' definit'ly NOT a him. I'm a female! A female, I tell yer!" I turned my back on the crowd. I refused to hear such insults. As I dreamed of my escape, I could still hear the goodbeasts laughing behind my back. Suddenly, I imagined the laughs turning to screams. I thought of the goodbeasts running. I sighed. Dreaming would never get me to escape. I turned around, prepared to make a deal with the goodbeasts. But the sight that met my eyes told me that I had not been dreaming. The goodbeasts lay on the ground. A mink was standing among them. He introduced himself as Fang. He said that he had heard them insulting me and thought they were taunting him. He had stopped by to teach them a lesson. He asked me if there was a suitable place to spend the night, so I pointed out Fort Nightshade. He set off in that direction. I decided to see if any of the goodbeasts were still alive. I bent down over each one, checking their heartbeat. Two were still alive. It was the mole that had captured me and the burly otter. I grinned. What luck! I would get my sweet revenge on those who insulted me when they were in the slave dungeons. I carefully tied them up with some vine I found in the forest. Then, lifting them onto their paws, I ordered them. "March to Fort Nightshade. You're my prisoners now!" We started off. By nightfall, we were there. I led them into the slave dungeons and whispered something into the guards ear. He looked puzzled, then a wide grin spread over his face. Following my request, he spoke to the otter and mole I had captured. "So, what's this? Looks like a swimming dog with whiskers and an overweight black pigeon with claws." The otter yelled with outrage, and the mole looked absolutely flabbergasted. The guard continued, imitating molespeech. "Burr, aye. Both of them goirls serpently ain't 'appy 'bout us cabtzurring them." Both the otter and the mole were lost for words at this insult. I interrupted the guard's and my enjoyment. "That will be fine. I can 'andle 'em now. Thanks." I led them to the dungeon and left them to the dungeon master to cage up. I had gotten my sweet revenge. Vaikasa Darkpaw
Killat/40/otter My two companions, the stoats named Trake and Maim, came running to me, out of breath. Trake explained their story. "There was an otter camp about two hours trek west of here. It is surrounded by bushes, so we can take cover. They'll be ready fer us, they saw us. We ran back to you right away." "Otters, eh?," I said, trying to act as if capturing them would be simple, "Tough beasts, they are. Go back to Fort Nightshade. Bring twelve armed beasts with you. If we capture them, we will all get a reward." Trake and Maim ran off. I sat down on a stump and smiled. I drew my scimitar, and waved it in the air, laughing. "Hahahahahahahaha. The otters have brains, but they won't outsmart me." Trake and Maim came back a few hours later with twelve rats. I told them the plans. "When we attack, they'll expect us to strike on all sides. They'll post archers on all sides of the camp, so their won't be as many battling us at once. Archers!" Six rats stood up awaiting my orders. "You will fire, crouch behind the bushes, and fire at a different point. That will make it look like we have a great army." We marched away. When we reached the otter camp, I saw otters wearing armor and carying weapons. Trake was right, they were ready for us. Instictivly, I said, "!" They let loose their shafts and crawled to a different position. Maim whispered in my ear, "You were right, Deathfang, their garding all sides if the camp." I leaned on my scimitar. "When their number drops, We'll charge." The archers fired again, taking out an otter each. After about twenty mimutes I screamed, "Charge!" We attacked with our blades. I slew a small otter, and ran into a big one, larger than the rest. He was obviously the leader. He drew his blade, a long deadly sword. I struck, but the otter was quick. He ducked and slashed at my leg. He missed. I slashed his footpaw off, and he fell. I stood over him, and stabbed him in the throat. "Not so tough now are you?" I gloated. "Should not have tried to mess with beasts from Fort Nightshade." I grabbed a passing otter. I signaled to my small army, and we marched back to Fort Nightshade with our captive. Deathfang
Buff/10 seasons/hare I was walking through a forest when i heard a sound, It sounded like a rusty gate being swung open. It was comeing directly from my right (um i think it was right being a vermin i never been to school so i dont know those things) anyway i walked foreword some and walked to my right. i walked till i came out of the forest and came to a small clearing and there was a hare laying on its stomich snoreing. face into a bundle of moss thats what the weard sound was. well this hare looked kinda tough so i walked over it and hit it hard on the back of its head to knock it out then i tied up its paws and hobbled its feet. then i turned it over and splashed its face with water made it walk back to Fort Nightshade. BloodBath The Bad
Kelx/22/badger Me and my mates were potrolin the beaches when we see the long potrol. 1 of my mates saws let killem. i say hell no the hare is probily from salamdaston. Then he says so. then i saw do you want a badger to kill you. he says no why. i say because a badger rules salamdrastor. so we go on and on until they talked me in 2 it. so we kill 5 of them and take 6 as captive. we let 1 go back to the mountain to give the badger a message that we will trade the hares for him so he does it. when we saw him we nocked him out and brot him back as a slave. Archon the slayer
Jeea/12/mouse i was on my ship and all of a sudden we were ambushed by some mice.they captured us and were going to kill us if we did not do what they we had to put up with it for a year.all of my crew died excepet me i dont know why but they did and i was working all night some times but i lived and then one day i decided to escape.but i did not know how so i thought and thought andthought.then it hit one day while i was done working i asked a little mouse to come over here so she did and i gave her a rock.i said it was a magic rock but she asked how she could repay me so i said let me out she did that too and then i grabed her and ran into the woods.the mice came looking but we hid good.i was stuck on the island for a yaer but then a big ship came and it was full of vermin so they searched the woods and i went out to greet them and they said they were heading for FORT NIGHTSHADE so we went with them and shes been my slave ever sanice that time!! Moonstar the slayer
Jiyet/42/mouse I stood on the battlements of Fort Nightshade, facing the sea, scanning the horizon for some sight of a sail. Rumors of an enymy fleet approching the Fort had reached me. Rumors, gossip. You don't no if any of it is true. But why risk it? I might even get a few coins if I spot an enemy ship. A spot of white appeared. I smiled. I was very likley to get a reward. A seconed sail appeared. A third. A fourth! In my exitment, I almost lost my balance, I almost fell. I ran through the halls of Fort Nightshade, shouting, "Enemy fleet!" I left the fortress and stood on the the beach with the stoats Trake and Maim. The fleet pulled into the harbor. A squirrel jumped ashore. "Hahaha!" I laughed. "Woodlanders!" At my signal, archers fired fire arrows from their bows. The ships burned, and wekilled each and every woodlander, exept a mouse, which we captured. The battle was over on a moment. Trying not to gloat openly, I locked the mouse in the slave dungeon, conviced that nothing could defeat Lady Fleetpaw's hordebeasts. Deathfang
Grubba/30/Sparrow I was running from a score of wolves, each with throngs and a sword or pike along some cliffs. I tripped and fell sideways and I went headlong into a buch covering a narrow bush. The wolves didn't realize I had gone. I walked down the tunnel untill I came to a great hall. I heard voices coming nearer. I dived into a side chamber to hide. I landed on a sparrow with chains on. We stared at each other but we were roused. by the voices. "The prime minister wants the bird to be fed but Nashta Ripclaw won't allow it." one voice snarled. "But it will work harder if we leave the food for last. Anyway we are already in trouble for letting that darn fox escape from eavesdropping. See, Wilmut!" The first voice whined. "But we need to check the Sparrow, Deepfire." "No!" the second voice was cold as steel. The guards drifted off. I went into action. I sliced the sparrow's chain from the wall and ran, dragging the sparrow along with it shreiking. Imediatly soldiers came rushings through halls and chamber and tunnels including the two guards the first guard was saying "See,I told you we needed to cha=eck on the bird!" I looked around the great hall for a way out. I found it. I ran over an inner lake kon a set of stairs. I stopped midway and sliced several vermin necks with my axe. The surviving vermin fled. I turned up the stairs with the sparrow out to the forest saved. Slide Shifter
Lallar/12/otter With the stoats Trake and Maim at my back, I set out into the forest. I followed a trail of damaged ferns until I reached a river. "Scout ahead," I whispered to Maim,"See if you can find some food." He had only taken a few steps when he he fell to the ground, unconcience. I leaped up, drawing my scimitar. An otter threw a dagger at me, and I avoided it. I struck, cutting off one of his ears. He reached for his dagger. I kicked him over and leapt on his his stomach. I smirked and said, "Come here, Trake." When Maim got up, we took the otter to Fort Nightshade. Deathfang
Dregtail/17/otter Well on a voyage the storm raider took in some heavy water and we had to land and pacth her up, well most were busy at this chore I was sent off to find some timber well exacuting this task I noticed an ottter sitting sharpining weapons I no not how he didn't hear me for I was making an awfull din. Slowly I drew my javalin and too aim at his shoulder, my weapon flew straight and true and before long I had him tied up and hauled back here. Reintail Quickpaw
Daral/40/hedgehog I ran to the armory, yelling, "Were under attack!" A band of woodlanders had come to Fort Nightshade, determined to free the slaves. Soon, a whole army was out the gates. I saw Lady Fleetpaws whispering something to Darktail the ferret. Darktail dissapeared into the crowd of Nightshade warriors. Lady Fleetpaws was now speaking to the leader of the woodlanders, but I couldn't hear what she was saying. Without warning, the woodanders charged. Slashing with my scimitar, I killed two mice. I heared a voice behind me. "You murdurer, you killed my brothers!" A tough looking mouse charged at me, brandishing a sword. He swung it, I dodged it, and lashed out at him with my scimitar. He blocked it. I struck again, and he avoided it. I leaped at him, slaying him with an upward thrust of my scimitar. I turned, and screamed in shock A hedgehog was rolling toward me, curled up in a spiny ball. I leaped out of the way. The hedgehog leapt up, snatching a cutlass from a fallen rat. A few seconds later, I found myself fighting for my life. This hedgehog fought like a madbeast. But, finally, I struck hard, and the cutlass flew from the hedgehog's hands. I hit him on the head with the handle of my scimitar, knocking him unconscious. I dragged him to the slave dungeons, and locked him up.

We won the battle, and it was a temptation to attend the victory feast. But I stood on the wall with Trake and Maim, scanning the horizen.

Rose/10 seasons/mouse I was out working to get herbs and I saw a huddled figure. Thinking it was a member, I went to see her and saw it was a mouse. I asked her what she was doing and she said she had crashed into the Island on a ship, which I later found. I asked her where she was headed and she said she was exploring. I grabbed her and said not any more and I forced her to come along the beach and She kept lashing out at me but I put her arm length so she couldn't hit me. That's how I got her, she might be a good worker though. Nightstripe
Chugger/10/otter In a pool that i was swimming in 5 otters poped up next to of them said "What do ya think your doin ere!" i said "Im swimming if ya dont mind and mate do me a favor and go to the hell gates!!! Then i took a club from one of them and started bashin skulls left and right. i killed three of them but more came so i grabed the closest thing near me an otterbabe! then i jumped out of the pool and ran towrds my ship.i was hit by an arrow in the sholder but keeped running because i knew i was running for my life! When i got to my ship i handed the babe to my firts mate and started yelling oders and we set sail but we had to shoot arrows and stones to keep the otters off the ship. i took the babe back and he was not more then a year old so i razed him and hes even eviler then me but he left and joined another fort but he always comes back to vist and learn from me too! Moonstar the slayer
Bwacha/67/vole I was walking along this river bank on one of my exploring trips when I saw footprints of some small good beast. I guessed it was a shrew or vole since their kind lives by water. I followed the footprints untill I came to a sandy part of the bank. The tracks ended their. I jumped on the over head branch to get a look around. I discovered that the branch was worn smooth and at the base of it was a small hole for a small creature to slip inside. Sp I waited on the branch above for a few hours. Then I saw a nose and eyes peeking out. It was an old vole. I leapt down, seized it by it's whiskers and knocked him out. I tied him up and put him on my shoulders and started towards the fort. Once in a while a vole would attack but I would slay it with my axe. So I took my little bundle all the way back. Slide Shifter
Gwatch/62/lizard I was having an adventure in a dessert. My name for that dessert is Morundor. I t was lunch time and I saw a bunch of boulders so I decided to have my lunch there which was a fish sandwich with some October ale. So I sat in some shade. Suddenly a small rock hit me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a lizard, a small one, out of the corner of my eye.I pretended not to notice .After five more rocks a stood up and pretended to wander away. I knew that lizards are boasters and think that they have driven away the enemy. So I snuck around the boulders and lept and the lizard he squirmed and finally said. "No hurt lizard,no hurt lizard. Liard give fox prezent. He reached for a rock and slamed it in my face. I slapped him on the nose and tied him up. I put him on my shoulders and headed back toward Fort Nightshade with the nuisence. Slide Shifter
Dirtpaw/16/Mole I was out with a younger ferret, patroling the area around the fort. We then decided to split up and patrol the opisite directions I patroled the south and the east, while the young crewbeast patroled the north and west parts, I patrolled the south parts with no trouble at all. There were a couple of bird nest that was all. Since I had left the fort early I decided an egg or two would be a good breakfast. I looked an all the nest but not a single one had any eggs. I finally found some had started cooking them. I started a fire and got out my old pan. Right when I pulled out a scone and was about to enjoy it and the rest of my breakfast a young mole walked up with a goofy smile fixed on his face. "Hurr, thaten' smells good, can oie have some." " Its eggs." I responded as I drew my cutlass. " Nevermoind than, oie don't loik ee' eggs, you wouldn't happen to 'ave ee' scone." I put my cutlass back and let the mole have the scone. After he was finished he said. "Do ee' 'ave another." "I have more at a fort." I said. "Why don't you come and get some more." He nodded. We then went to the fort. He's young enough to be a useful slave. Doompaw
Chubb/17/mouse Well I was in the forest exploring everything when a strange noise came from behind the bushes. I decide to hide behind the tree, being black and all. Then a little figure comes scurrying out of the forest and starts walking away. I noticed that it was a mouse and the it was young. I followed it quietly, keeping to the shadows. It would stop and look around like if it was expecting someone to suddenly pop out, then I feared that it might have noticed me. it then started to walk again. I followed it even more quietly then usual. Then as quick as I am, I jumped out and kicked him in the back. He stumbled and turned around. "So it was you who I saw, vixen!" "Well, yeah! who do you think it was the beach girl?" I took my saber out quickly just as he charged at me. I hit him on the head and flung him against a tree. I then stuck my saber under his chin. He stuttered and said" Go ahead and kill me." "What, and lose coins? You crazy you're coming with me, but first what is your name and age." "I-I-I'm Chubba a-a-and I'm seventeen." " Okay Chubba, I'm going soft on ya this one time." I turned him around and took out a rope from one or my many pouches and tied his wrist up good and tight. Then I took him to Fort Nightshade. Casell Windnight
Morningsun/25/hare A snapping of a stick came from behind me as I did my usual routine of walking in the forest.I quickly sidestepped behind a huge oak tree. I peeked my head behind the tree to see who was there, and there it was, a brown colored female hare laying something on the ground. The hare then left, leaving the things behind. I had the temptation to check it out.I looked at what it was and then I knew, it was a group of blueberries, oh I loved blueberries. My curiousity and hunger got the better of me so I went to the blueberries quietly and slowly, but before I could reach it, a brown blur came at me. I quickly dodged it while taking out my saber, and feeling like a total idiot for falling into a trap, but I loved blueberries! I then came back at the female hare, which it was yet again. Is she going to stay here or not, she can't seem to make up her mind. I also worried about the blueberries, I didn't want them stepped on, so I ended it quickby comeing up behind her and sticking the saber. I asked her her name and age. she said boldly" My name is Morningsuen, and my age is 25." "Morningsun, what kind of name is that? Were your parents drunk or something? You need a switch of names, thats what you need. Okay enough chatting and lets take you to Fort Nightshade." " I'm not going there." "Oh well, you don't make the choices anymore remember? You're a slave now." I then grabbed a rope and tied her hands, then I bent down and took the bluberries, which luckly never got stepped on. Casell Windnight
Rough Claw/20 seasons/mole I had herd rumors about Fort Nightshade about the plunder so I came to check it out for my self. One night while I was camping I saw a shadow moving in the distance I went to investigate it nothing was there so I thought it was my fire playing tricks on my eyes. Next morning I woke up to get an early start and found this mole eating my food. I got up quietly not to alert him reach for my sword when I had it firmly in my hand, I swiftly knocked him out with the flat of my sword. In the clear morning air I saw Fort Nightshade in the distance. I tied up my prisioner and dragged him here. Bloodpaw the Slayer
Dirk/dibbun/otter, Ive/adult/otter Me and Mace (me matey) went on a mission to look for slaves. We went on a small boat to a surronding island. when we docked we pulled the boat up to the tree line to hide it with palm leaves, after that we snuck into the warm, tropical brush. Soon we were walking almost right next to a young otter skipping along a worn path, in the distance I heard his mother calling him. Mace grabed the dibbun and ran, Mace covered the otters mouth, but the little tike bit him , Mace yelped in pain, and the litle otter gave a blood-crulingly scream. The mother came at a run. Me and Mace had put the boat in the water when the mother burst through the trees, a spear in her paw. Me and Mace pushed off and started to row, the otter dove in the water. Mace stood up and fired an arrow into her back. She moved just in time for the arrow to hit her leg instead. She shot out of the water to lad on the side of the boat. I based her in the head with my saber and she went limp, the spear sinking to the bottem of the ocean. Mace pulled her up to the middle of the boat we tied her and the dibbun up to the mast. Soon we were back at Fort Nightshade. we brought the slaves to the dungeons and went to get our reward. Nightflame
Holly/28 seasons/rabbit I was walking through the woods, when I heard the most peculiar noise. It was this rabbit, here, Holly, humming to himself. I thought, Well, Boar, he's not armed. Why not take him in? It wouldn't be any trouble. And besides, you'd get rewarded for having some fun. So, I walk up to him, and say,"Good day to ye, mate!" He shrieked, and dropped the basket on my toe. "Now why did ya have to go and do that, mate? Now I have ta haul ye in for questionin'." "No please sir, don't do that. I hve a family to look out for-" I hauled him here, and he wouldn't stop talking all the way. Do you have a muzzle you could put on him? He's makin' me ears bleed. Boar Warfang the Slayer
Alno/18/Mole I slew a small tribe of moles. He hid under a rock but i caught him in thee end Darkfur the Slayer
Arambar/very old/water rat While me and my mates were sailing up the shore we saw a great hut on shore. We were in desprate need of food so we stoped and sent a scouting party to go serch the hut. They saw a very old water rat knitting in her chair and much food was on the table. My scouts came back and reported to me and we all went to land and surronded the house. We lured her our by pretending one of our men was hurt then we trabbed her and tired her up and feasted on all the food she had. Then we sailed back to Fort NightShade and took her to the prison. Archon Spikefist
Petty/6/DoorMouse Now one day while exploring my scouts found a house in a grass land about 5 mile from where we were camped. They continued to servey the house and found out that an only hedgehog and a baby door mouse live there. I rounded my men up and we marched there in to time. We surronded the house and shot and started the house on fire. Then they ran out and we circled around them. The hedgehog had a huge club in hand and the mouse a little knife. When we moved closer the hedgehog made a move and whirled around and knocked one of my mates down then i shot her in the back with a poison arrow and she died in seconds. Then we reached in to get the mouse but she cut my hand so I knocked her out with the but of my dagger. We took her and sailed back to Fort NightShade and put her in the prison. Archon Spikefist
Dingfur/16/Ferret Me and ma crew were up on land away from our ship serching for food. After many hours we came back empty handed only to find our ship had been overrun and taken by ferret scavengers. They killed my 5 gaurd's and threw them off we could see there inflated bodies floating lifelessly in the dark waters. Luckily I and my 3 best mates were trained and highly skilled assasins and sharpshooters. So the rest of my crew made a distraction fire to make the ferrets come to land and it worked all then we saw started running to them. We sneaked aboard our ship and got our bow ready then our men started running towards us and we picked off all the ferrets. When the ship was secure u went back to my chamber only to find their leader ferret asleep on my bed. I quickly took out my dagger and put it by his throught and blew to wake him up. The i knocked him cold with one clean blow to the head on the bedboard and took em back to Fort NightShade's Prison. Archon Spikefist
TinderFoot/14/Grey Wolf One day my mates and i were out in the forest hunting when one of my scouts saw a great grey wolf coming our way. My crew and I jumped into the tree's and set out a trip wire. When he was well in normal seeing distance we made the rope very tight. He ran right into it fell flat on his face and in a split second had a weighted net on him. He struggled and kicked 2 of my mates senseless. Then I wacked him hard on the head with the butt of my axe end. He was out cold until we got him in our prison. Then we branded him with our mark(£). This is how we caught the great TinderFoot. Archon Spikefist
Titar/28/shrew I was in the tavern, fighting with Vitay, a stoat. "Lady Fleetpaws dosen't care what those shrews are up to," I snapped. Vitay was slowly drawing his dagger. "I don't care if she cares or not," he snarled. I drew my scimitar, sneering at his ignorance. "Shut yer trap, were drawing a crowd," I hissed. Vitay raised his dagger. "Go and find what they are up to, I'll give you my dagger if you capture one of the shrews," he challenged. I entered the shrew camp. I hit the nearest shrew in the head with my scimitar handle, knocking him unconcious. I took him from the camp, unoticed by the other shrews. I locked the shrew in the dungeons, and walked into the tavern. I leaned on a table, smirking at Vitay. "I captured a shrew. If you want proof, I'll show him to you..." Deathfang
Unknown/13/mole, Rose/11/mole I was wandering around on the same island Fort Nightshade is on, just walking along in the forest, when I crossed some little mounds af earth. I didn't notice this as anything unusual until one of the mounds laughed. I looked at it. "I beg your pardon? Did someone just speak?" This time the sound was unmistakenably coming from the mound. "Ahem. Um,, nobody spoke. You jus' go along and forget about this. It's a figment of your imagination." I would have done just that if something hadn't caught my attention. When the mound had been "talking", it had said "jus'" in what was undeniably molespeech. I grinned. I walked away rather loudly, making sure to stomp hard upon the ground so that the moles felt the vibrations. I circled round quietly after about 50 yards of stomping, and came upon the mounds from a new direction. "Teehee-Shhhh! Here's another one.Shhh, Rose. teehe-mph!" I came up until I was almost standing on the mound and then sat down, holding some long vines I had gotten from the forest. I then announced in a loud voice, "Burr, aye. Thoz vermin sure gave me a chaze!" I didn't have long to wait. soon the "mound" spoke up. "'ey! Youz up there. We're diggin' ye down!" The mound next to me trembled and heaved. Suddenly, in a shower of earth, two moles burst out of the ground. It was no mean feat to get them tied up. Once I had finally gotten one of them into his bonds, the other tried with fervor to rip my eyes out. Luckily for my eyes, I was faster than the mole. In the end, I had to threaten to kill the trussed-up mole to make her stop. Of course, she still tried to attack me anywhere besides my eyes. After many attempts at tying her up, I pretended to tire. I stumbled a little here and there. She saw her chance. She lunged at me. I nimbly lept aside, and managed to catch her arms. Bending them behind her back, I tied them together, then started tying up the rest of her. By the time I got back to the fort it was nearly nightfall. I went wearily into the dungeons. Handing them to the slave-master, I said to him. "Watch out. They talk a lot. That's what got 'em captured." Vaikasa Darkpaw
Pookie/11/mouse Well I was just sitting on a rock staring at something when I heard a snap of a twig. I shrug and decide to walk of to make it look like if I'm leaving. As I walk off into the forest, I heard voices so I stop and lay down behind a bush. The one of the voices said, " See that vixen left, I told you that it would scare her." The other voice which was much older said," No, she didn't, shes probably hiding somewhere, and when the right time comes, she pounces and takes us as slaves, so we better leave." "Ha, you're scared, aren't you? I'm not. I'm staying right here, and wait for her to come out." I was thinking, yeah stay there, then I'll scare the daylights out of you! I watched as one of the figures left, running. Then I quietly sneaked in behind the small figure and said" Scared, now pipsqueak?!" the figure jumped and turned around. Then he said" I'm not scared of you, you stinker." He then started making some kind of sword movements. I took out my saber and put it near his throat. " Well you should be now." He must of realized that he was trapped. I said" Whats your name, and age? " My name is Pookie, and I'm 11." "Good." I wrapped my arms around his neck and dragged him. he bit me several times but I smacked him on top of his head.Then I went after the other mouse. Casell Windnight
Hench Pench/???/hedgehog I was in a meadow with half a dozen beasts. We hear some noises coming from the other side of the meadow so we hid in the bushes. A tribe of hedgehogs comes marching past. A funeral party. There were a few stragglers so we pounced on them. It was a picky fight. We got two of my guys knocked out but, we manage to kill all the hedgehogs but one. "Get that hedgepig!" and we chased the hedgehoq down. He managed to punch a rat before got netted. We bound him up tight but it wasn't easy. He kicked and bucked all the down to the dungeons with us carrying our knocked out mates. We shoved him in a cell before we gave the slave keeper a thanks and dashed off. Slide Shifter
Riptongue/31/wildcat I was writing on a piece of parchment on a boulder when a wildcat strode up to me. "Whit's en the bag?" he demanded. "My lunch, mister. And you ain't gonna have it," I repleyed coldly. "Yes I will 'ave it." The wildcat grabbed for my haversack. I rapped his paws and he withdrew. He gave me a shove but I lashed out. He sprawled onto the ground when I kicked him, my rapier point touching his neck. "You better watch out for I am the mighty Luitenent Slide Shifter Shadow Moon, the midnightvixen of the ship Sea Hawk. So up on your back to the slave dungeons." I snarled. I paraded the growling Riptongue into the Fort. Slide Shifter
Mitch/12/vole, Dabpaw/13/shrew I was in a meadow with a friend, Vaikasa Darkpaw, we came across a score of voles and shrews. They were all ninnys and cowards since they were runaway young uns and they were dancing around a fire chanting. We came in and slew them all but saved two. I few tried sticking their weapons in us but we killed them. We gagged and bound the two remainders and ran for it for forty shrews, adults, arrived. Slide Shifter
Yahatch/21/squirrel I was eating a strawberry trifle when a blooming peach pit hit me in the eye. A couple more followed that one. I slowly reached for my rapier. I threw it hard into the direction where the flying peach pit came from. I dashed into the foilage to find a squirrel struggling feebly with another squirrl. The first one had my blade stuck in the hip. He was old and died shortly. I crept upon the younger weeping squirrel, his son, and knocked him out. I hefted him onto my shoulders and strode towards the fort before a barbarious gang of savage squirrels came. Slide Shifter
Brownpaw/3/baby badger I saw a babe screaming it's head off being chased by six vermin, chased by a grass snake followed by the mother badger hollering something terrible. I swiftly follow her trail. I caught up with her. I swung my axe blade into her side. Then ran on with her hot on my heels. I came up to the snake and chopped his tail off. He slithered beside the badgermum. I came to the vermin. I tread on their paws so they stopped and crashed with the serpent and badger mum. They fought each other savagely. I gained on the sobbing badger babe and swept her up. I ran to the Fort as quick as I could with my liddle cute but bawling bundle. Slide Shifter
Bingo/17/mountain hare I was followin' the path from Fort Nightshade when I heard something. I wriggled towards the sound on my stomach. I peeked out and saw some youg hares. They were tormenting a young mountain hare because of his strange accent. They kept boxing him but he kicked them back. He finally fell out of exaustion. The foolish through some mud at him and made themselves scarce. I crept up to the young mountain hare and asked if I could be of any help. He lashed out getting me in the shins. I fell, he scampered off. I quickly followed him, running on all four paws (I'm alot faster that way). I grabbed his long ears and yanked back. I punched him in the face, bond him and dragged him back. He was quite heavy. Slide Shifter
Liry Tinge/31/Otter Glur, I bask on beach, near river. I hear noise, look, see otterlady and muchsmall otter. Marakul! I stay still, they no see Thell. Otterlady turn her back on Thell, muchbig mistake. I jump at they. Glur, otterlady fight muchgood, muchlong. Muchsmall otter run circles, make muchloud noise. Nakara, I grab small otter, put scimiter at throat. Otterlady go on knees, cry muchmuch. Glur, I tie up otterlady. Muchsmall otter much too small to be good slave, I kill small otter. Otterlady cry muchmuch more, muchloud noise. Glur, knock her out with dagger handle, bring back to fort. Muchgood slave, but muchmuch cryweep. Thell
Kenney/43/Squirrel Era, I walks in woods. Find d'squirrel, eatin' he lunch near de riverwater. Glur, he see me, he turn white, he run away. I eat he lunchfood, murakal. I track squirrel farfar, til night. I see he fire in woods. I go there, find he sleepin'. Wake he up with kickin' footclaw muchmanytimes. Glur, point scimeeter at he, he give up mucheasy. I lead he back to fort. Nurakal, want muchmuch gold. Thell
Pondan/13/mouse As I went after the other, who must have been either a brother or a relative of Pookie,I saw tracks of where he was running. I tracked for half a day. He must have been an excellent runner. As I was tiring out slowly, I saw a mouse figure standing there with some sword of some sort. I quickly melted into the shadows and watched. he came closer and started searching around for me. He grinned slyly as he came. He then walked right in front of me with his back turned. I quietly stepped out and pricked his back with my saber tip. He whirled around and yelled" You took my brother as a slave, so now I must kill you!" " Well he was starting to annoy me, and his name...come on, I mean Pookie? Who would name a child that. His parents must have been drunk or something. I wouldn't even name a child Pookie." He then thrust his sword at me stomach, but I was quick, and so I quickly sidestepped and sideslashed at his side. He squeaked and backstepped, but he tripped over his tail and rolled down the hill we were on. I ran slowly beside the rolling figure and stopped when the hill came to an end and he stopped rolling. I swiftly put my saber tip at his throat. " So, whats your name and age,hmm." He glared at me and said deftly"I'm Pondan and I'm 13." " Well Pondan's a better name then Pookie. Get up and lets go." He got up and I took his sword, which he must have held it really tight because he still had it,I threw it in the bushes because I had no use of a sword. Then I tied his arms and we walked all the way back to Fort Nightshade. Casell Windnight
Crayla/23/female ferret I was in a clearing hunting wild fowl when I heard the screams. It was a ferret being attacked by a bunch of crazy moles. The ferret was doing well when one of the moles banged her on the neck and had a headlock on her. I decided to help. I rushed in, wrestled the mole off of the ferret. She spat at me. "I dinnit need help from you. I was doin' fine. I was jest abou' to do a trick." She turned and started to walk away. But she stopped and lunged at me. I neatly side stepped her and sent her sprawling. "Next time you are dead meat," I snarled with my rapier point at her neck. I tied her up and made her walk in front of me. "I wouldn't anything or you'll be with this this no good ferret." I called back to the moles. When we made it to the fort I slung the outraged ferret into the March hare's cell that I captured earlier. I watched the ferret jump on the hare but he lashed out taking her in the stomach. Slide Shifter
Bushtail/??/Gawtribe squirrel I was in the forest trying to capture a woodpigeon when screams ran in the air. I slunk toward the sound and saw two score squirrels laughing and jumping around a tied up mole to a stake. Underneath the mole was a pile of burning branches. I could not bear watching the foolish squirrels torment a poor little mole so I charge. I took a couple squirrels out with my bolas. The squirrels didn't notice. With my dagger I lept among the squirrels and made my way to the mole. The amazed squirrels watched me as untided the mole, carefully treading on nonburning branches. I slung the mole and my back and shoved my way past the gawtribe squirrels into the forest. No sooner I had put down the little mole the squirrels started charging. Two moles came out and rushed towards me brandishing ladles. I quickly gave the moles their baby and started fighting the squirrels. I killed maybey half a dozeb when I slipped. I ran towards the cliff and then hid in the bushes. The squirrels plunged on down the cliffs screaming. I managed to get a small one before he fell down the clifftop. We scuffled a little bit but I knocked him out and jogged to the fort. Redclaw
Bulltree/34/Squirrel I was on patroling outside of the fort when an arrow hit me in my leg. I ripped it out and charged towards the trees. I tripped on a tripline and then squirrels bounded forward and tied me up. They exclaimed about getting a fine strong tall beast like me. As they talked I bit through the rope and jumped up dagger in paw. I stabbed one and kicked another and pushed a young squirrel is the ravine behind the fort. I squirrel stuck me with it's javelin but I pulled it away and knocked him out. I put him on my back and limped to the fort as fast as I could. A large squirrel blocked my path and rained blows upon me. I ducked and charged forward, winding the squirrel. I escaped with my life. I limped into the dungeons and threw the squirrel into a cell. Redclaw
Ginga/2/mole I wuz eatin' my lunch when a trifle dispeared into de ground. It went like that for a while. I got tired of it so I put a cake on the ground. I observed it. Sunddenly a velvety paw came out of the ground. I grabbed it and stabbed it. I yanked on it and a baby mole flew out of the hole. It started crying and sucked his paw. I put mud and dockleaves on it's paw and gave it a ride to the Fort. I gave it a mole doll and put it in a cell with a kindly mole. I gave my thanks to the slaver and strode out of the room. Redclaw
Red Fur/?/Fox As I walked through the woods of winter, enjoying the crisp air as well as the fresh snow under paw, I came across a fox. I greeted him as I do any beast: "Well, good day to you, friend." His reply came none-to- kindly: "Tis' no good day for you nor I. You serve that white wolf, don't you? Then you are no friend to me! You wolves are all the same, you think you're beter than us foxes. I chalenge you to unarmed combat. "When I win, I'll skin you with your own sword. Your pelt and blade will be my prize." "And if I win?" I asked, amused by the thought of a tiny fox wearing my skin. I was twice his size! "If you win you may do the same to me." The thought of tradeing in my full length habit for a half sized fox pelt was equally, if not more amuseing than the first idea. I unbuckled my sword belt and pulled off my black robe. Likewise, the fox shed his cloak. He sized me up a moment befor lungeing forward. I dealt him a sharp blow between the ears and he fell in a senseless heap. As I retrieved my sword, I thought about the fox's ideas. But which is better: a fox skin or a new slave?... Brush Tail
Brother John/?/Mouse "Yahhh! Gerrof me!" A furious mouse from a nearby abbey had caught me by surprised whil patroling the fringe of the woods. He had me now by the throat while another mouse, Sister Parslip, was holding me down. I quickly kicked her in the side winding her. She let go of my arm and I brought it round at Brother John's head. He fell off me moaning with pain. I quickly stood up and made for the other mouse. She fled in terror. I threw my bolas at the bush she had dissapeared in. I heard a scream. The bushes thrashed around and the mouse fell out dead. As a unwrapped my bolas from around my head Brother John crept up on me and punched me in the head. I turned and he swiped at my face. I was furious. I hit him so hard in the ribs that I heard a snap. The mouse fell unconsious. I tore a shred from his tunic at wrapped it around the place where I had hit. I picked him up and headed to the fort grimicing. Redclaw
Trundle/32/Hedgehog The commotion wa in a field. A rabble of hedgehogs were prodding a big male ferret. He was one of the new vermin in Darkshadow the ship. The ferret lept at the hedgehog whacking him with a stick. Quickly the other hedgehogs threw rocks at the ferret. I sunddenly appeared right by the leader. He yelped in surprise. "Free that ferret or your leader dies!" I yelled out with my rapier point tickling his throat. The hedgehogs freed the ferret. I shoved the leader towards the hedgehogs. I turned away. "The ferret walked beside me. "Hey, thanks for saving me. I owe you one. My name is Redclaw the ferret." He put out his paw. I shook it. "And my name is Slide Shifter. I am a commander in the ship Sea Hawk." We strode into the forest unaware that we were being followed. Sunddenly five hedge hogs burst out of the bushes and charged us. I quickly kicked one in the stomach into another hedgehoq. Redclaw had his bolas out and whacked one around the legs, crippling him. One hedgehog was creeping up on him with a noose. I felled him by throwing my blade but a large hedgehog leapt on me. He punched me in the ribs and started choking me. Then he fell back with my rapier between his eyes. Redclaw winked at me and I smiled back. Together we knocked out the remaining hedgehog. The ferret slung that one on his back while I picked up the weeping hedgehog I had kicked in the stomach. Both Redclaw and I stumped back to the fort with grins on our faces. Slide Shifter
Dibbun/1/squirrel As I slipped unnoticed through the trees, I come upon the picnic. I looked around cautiously for any guards around the area. There were none. There were many beasts gathered around one area, sitting in a huge circle. I scout around a little more and see a couple of Dibbuns sitting a small ways from the larger group, incredibly close to the cover of the forest. I smiled to myself and move closer to the Dibbuns on near-silent paws. When I got close enough to the Dibbuns, I sent another cautious look around the area. There were no beasts looking in my direction. I took that as my chance. "Hello, little friends," I whispered through the bushes. The two young ones turned in my direction. One was a mouse, the other a squirrel. The squirrel cracked a little smile. "Hewwo!" he said cheerfully. His shout caught the attention of an elderly mouse, who glanced over. When he saw nothing was wrong, he turned back to his meal, shaking his head. I let out a sigh of relief. "Do you want to see something interesting?" I asked them quietly. The squirrel nodded his head excitedly. "See what?" "Come with me and you can find out," I replied vaguely, knowing I had fooled at least one. The mouse just stared in my direction and shook his head. He stood up and ran off in the way of the picnic. I gritted my teeth and grabbed the squirrel, knowing it would be my only chance. The squirrel was too shocked to let out a sound as I put my paw over his mouth, which was full of a blueberry scone. I ran off with the squirrel into the cover of trees. Behind me, I heard a few angry shouts but none close enough to cause me any worry. I would easily be able to outrun them, even if I hadn't had a head start. As I dashed through the trees, the squirrel Dibbun begun to squirm frantically. I had no real choice but to knock him over the head. Enough to stun him so that he was silent and unmoving. I felt a small bit of remorse for such a move on one so young, but I knew I had to do it. I ran even harder as the shouts seemed to get closer. I lunged at a tree, grasping it with my sharp claws. I held the Dibbun in my right arm and began to pull myself up swiftly, using my free arm and my legs. I got up just in time. When I was able to crouch within the leaves, a group of woodlanders dashed under me. They had obviously thought I would stay on a straight trail, which was their mistake. When all was clear, I got out of the tree and headed in the direction of Fort Nightshade. The End BloodBath The Bad
Kiatug/26/sparrow(sparra) As I was walking in and out of the trees, I noticed a gathering of sparra. They conversed rapidly and then five of the eight flew off. I decided to let these ones go for even with my bow it could be a dangerous endevor to challange all eight at once. With only the three left I strung my bow and quickly fired an arrow off into the chest of the big male. As the other two squawked in shock and took to the air I fired at a second, wounding it so it fell to the earth, it's neck snapping when it hit the earth. The thirds wing bone was broken by another of my arrows. I looped my bow string tightly around it's neck so that it couldn't escape and then I brought it so that it could be questioned by the leaders here. Saverill
MoonBurah/23seasons/Mouse I was wandering along th' Banks 'o MossFlower, When I lapped meh eyes upon three mice around a fire. I watched them for what seemed like ages, until meh oppertunity arose,two 'o th' mice were goin' to get some water from the creekbed!. I waited till they left, then crept up on th' mousemaid. Taking out meh gag, i bound her mouth. Boy, did she fight back, i got a black eye for a week!. After a minute thinking about what i should do with her, the mice clambered up the rocks nearby. I ran for it, dragging the mouse maid behind meh. I set up camp for th' night, feeding the liddle maid, and settlin' down, I thought, Fort Nightshade would like some more slaves!. Falling asleep was easy, now i knew what to do with th' mouse! I woke up, gave th' mouse brekfast from the spare food I had. After sittin' on th' beach fer hours, a ship came by, and I called out, we borded the Ship, and said to the 1st Mate,' two to Fort Nightshade!'. So thats how I got meh slave here to Fort Nightshade! Madstrype Fangbow
Fleetfut/?/hare I was rovin around by Salamandastron when I found him. Was runn'in away, he was. Trapped 'im in a net, I did. Ulic Dethclaw
Juloo/?/squirrel I was foraging when a ran into a small party of squirrels having a picnic. They stopped and stared when I neatly skewered an apple with my rapier point and bite into it. "It wasn't very nice to not invite somebeast like me you broomtails. Oh, lookit that! A large puff ball." The squirrel who was the puff ball got outraged. "Shut it, you stinking whelp!" He charged. I side stepped him and brought my rapier crashing down on his neck. The squirrels yelled and rushed at me. I duck and punched a stomach while jabbing a squirrel in the gut. I leapt at a squirrel that was sliding away and throttled him. I turned around to get knocked down. A large squirrel stood over me brandishing a club. "I am going to give a bigger chance then you gave us. Stand up and fight vixen!" I stood up while the squirrels surrounded us. I glared at him. "Yes I will!" I yelled while I unstrung my axe. I donned my cloak to a tree branch. Then I swung at the club and ducked. The squirrel roared and and whirled his club at my head. I dropped to the ground and stabbed him in the foot. The club crashed down onto my side. I groaned and rolled on the ground. Large paws found my throat and I was lifted up. "You will be dead meat when I'm through with you." The squirrel lifted me up above his head to throw me. I strove to lift my rapier and swung. The squirrel yelled and dropped me. His paws were bleeding terribly. I crawled away to a large pebble. But my opomenthad spotted me and staggered in my direction, paws bleeding and eyes bulged out. I grasped the rock and threw it at his head. The squirrel roared in pain and stumbled away, clutching his head. He whirled around and tripped. He fell and his back. He crawled toward me but collasped. The auidience broke out into the ring and surrounded the squirrel. I staggered to my feet and retreived my weapons. I did a bloodcurdling crie and rushed at the squirrels. They scattered but I caught one by his tunic and began punching him untill his face was a pancake. I passed out. When I woke up the squirrel was still there, nicluding the lifless body of my challenger. I rested fro a little bit before dragging myself and the squirrel to the fort. As soon as I got to my room I passed out again. Slide Shifter
Gisaelera/Early Adolescent/Mouse The gullible thing was just sitting there, watching me sharpen my arrows, and when she wandered just a little too close, I thwacked her over the head with the shaft of the arrow I was sharpening at the time. She was so weak, that's all it took to knock her out. Regardless of how stupid and overly trusting she is, she should be a good worker for seasons to come. I don't think any of her friends or family saw me take her down to the slave dungeons. Even if they did, they would present no problem to us. Akeeva Phantom
Jaberl/9 seasons/squirrel When me an my gramps were out plunderin, we saw this young one tryin to escape. "Oh, no you don't!" we says. Hit em hard across his 'ead, 'e fell flat. Figured he's healthy enough ta help ya. Mariel of Thornrose
Chestnut/13/squirrel It was at the seashore we found this squirrel. We was very quiet and sneacked up on 'em. then we werstled 'em good in tae submission. We picked up his loot and brought 'em straight to you captain. Silvertail Greeneye
Pitch/25/hedgehog I found him wondering about in Mossflower Woods; he seemed to be training to fight! He was attacking trees, all that those Redwallers seem to do when they're training. I came up behind him and put my spear against his throat. He then turned around, flipped me over his back and threw me to the ground!!! He charged at me, but I dodged his attack and lopped a bit of his ear off, too! He roared in agony, turned around with his eyes blazing, and charged me yet again with his sword! This time, I didn't dodge quick enough, and he cut off a bit of my ear!!!! I was so enraged, I tackled him, despite his quills. He fell to the ground, where I threatened to slit his throat. But finally he gave up. Redeye
Liopel/7 Seasons/Mole One day I had a couple of the crew from my ship going through Mossflower woods with me. We are walking in the woodland when I heard a noise. We all hid in some bushes and watched the area where the noise came from. It was a well-traveled path that kept going through the woods as far as I could see. As we were watching I see a little mole walking through. My second mate started to go for it, but I stopped him. I said," You idiot! Ever think that there might be an adult with it?!" I said in an angry, yet quiet voice. After waiting a little while we didn't see a big mole so we ran out grabbed it, and ran back to the ship. Redeye
Dash/37 Seasons/Badger One morning, My ship was sailing next to the shore, looking for signs of activity (for this purpose) When the fellow in the crows nest sees a mountain with activity on it. We drop anchor and head head for the inhabitants. We found a bunch of hares darting this way and that, although they put up a good fight. Once we captures a big strong one with the net, I see a great big badger coming and thats when the crew ran. Me and my first mate were holding him off as the others got the captive back to the ship. Unfortunately, my first matey ended up dead and I got half of a wooden spear stuck in my shoulder. Redeye
Redflash/10/badger I was looking for some slaves when I heard a moan, and cry. I was then on alll 4 pwas sinffinting the ground, and listin to the cry. I then found where it was comeing from, and it was under a tree. There was a door, and I oppend it and I walk down the sprlling starirs. I found a little bundle of cloth and I grab it and pulled it off. There was a baby badger crying for his litle mum and dad were dead. He actullatry look older, but he was only 10 seanosn old. So I fed him to give him strengh and I carried him out of the tree. I put him in the slave deguons with outher dibbun goodbeasts. He shall never get Bloodwarth nor shall he go to Salamandastron. For he thinks of me as his mouther. Magicblade
Borun/4 seasons/shrew, Tayner/4 seasons/shrew, Yasdre/16 seasons/shrew *Xeyla Kanai, the dangerous black wildcat of the Sea Hawk, walked silently through the dark forest. She hadn't stopped for more than a few minutes at a time for the past three days that she had been searching the woods under the order of her admiral, who had told her of the shrew colony that was living here. Her leader had commanded her to seek out and capture as many of the beast as possible and bring them back as slaves, and that was exactly what she was going to do. Soon Xeyla could hear the soft bubble of the stream that ran through the forest and she knew that she should be getting close. Suddenly Xeyla heard the unmistakable sound of small beast laughing. Crouching low, she crept up towards the noise. On the bank were three shrews, two young ones and on older one, obviously the lookout. Xeyla took out her length of rope and tied one end into a slipknot. She threw t towards the elder shrew, but missed. Silently she crept around the bank until she was in close enough to reach easily. She swiftly through the rope around the shrew’s neck and used her strong paws to knock him out. She then tied the rest of him up and laid him in the trees. The shrews did not notice until about five minutes later that their watcher was missing, but when they did they began to call his name. “Yasdre, Mister Yasdre!” they called. Disguising her voice, Xeyla called back, “I’m over here, young ones! Come look at what I have found!” They skipped over excitedly only to be given the same treatment as Yasdre. They were bound and gagged, then set with the elder. The wildcat smiled happily at her feat. Another mission accomplished by Xeyla Kanai! * Xeyla Kanai
Tonter/7 seasons/otter, Gadner/7 seasons/otter *Xeyla Kanai crept through the dark forest swiftly and silently. She was beginning to resent the mission that her commander had given her. Two slaves hadn't sounded like much, but she hadn't seen a single beast fit for slavery in days, and she was due back at Fort Nightshade soon. Stopping by a small creek Xeyla filled her canteen with water and took a long gulp. She stood back up and leaned against a tall oak, trying to figure out what to do next. Suddenly she heard the sound of playful laughter. Creeping along the bank amid the cover of the shrubbery, she approached the noise. Two young otters were playing along the bank of the creek, looking around for small articles of interest. Xeyla took some small crystals out of her pack and threw one near the otters. One of the otters turned around, and seeing the crystal, let out a whoop of joy. He grabbed it and turned to his companion. Xeyla tossed some more until there was a trail of crystals leading to the bushes containing the wildcat. The otters took the bait, picking up crystals until they were in Xeyla's range. Abruptly, the midnight cat pounced on the two young otters and quickly bound and gagged them. She took back her crystals and rested on the bank as she waited for dawn to come. * Xeyla Kanai
Mynie/12 seasons/Squirrel, Kinder/24 seasons/Squirrel *Xeyla Kanai plopped down on the hot sand, nursing her sore footpaws. She hadn’t stopped walking she left her wrecked ship on the beach two days ago. Xeyla wasn’t worried about the ship; its hull had been ruined when the wildcat had mistakenly led it into a coral reef during the heavy fog that morning. It was unfixable- a useless piece of wood and nails. Picking herself back up, she sighed thankfully at the sight of the sun lowering past the horizon. She padded along the coast, occasionally slipping on a loose patch of sad on the steep dunes. As night set upon the coast, Xeyla began to walk faster. Her path was illuminated by the shine of the full moon and the mysterious glow of her icy blue eyes. Xeyla’s eyes pricked up. Was that speaking she heard? Crouching low, the wildcat crept over the tall dune. Lying low, Xeyla was overjoyed by what she saw. Two squirrels, an elder and a child, sat on small wooden stools around a bright fire, talking quietly to each other. Not believing her amazing luck, Xeyla looked just beyond them and saw a ship! Xeyla unsheathed her slingshot and set a large pebble to its thong. Aiming carefully, she let it fly. Its path was true, striking the older squirrel in the head. The squirrel fell with a thump. The younger squirrel began shrieking fearfully, so Xeyla ran over to quiet her. This only made the beast cry more, but she was too scared to move so Xeyla had no trouble binding and gagging her. Then the wildcat did the same to the elder and sat down, enjoying the warm fire and good food left by the squirrels. She had nothing to worry about now- she had food, fire, slaves, and a ship! * Xeyla Kanai
Elm Tree/13/squirrel he was looking for his family in mossflower woods.but was caught by guards as he went by are fort Klitch
Digger/24/Mole I was walking along the shore of Fort Nightshade and saw a band of mice digging into the fort wall with the help of a mole. I slid behind them and took my scythes from their places at my side. I grabbed the mouse closest to me and quickly lopped off its head. The other mice swung around and drew thier swords. The mole turned and gasped. It hid behind a rock. Meanwhile, another dead mouse dropped onto the ground. With a pair of squeals, the other two mice ran and I threw my scythes at their backs. They dropped dead and I turned with a grin of pure malice towards the quivering mole who was nor trying to run. Quickly, I unravled my whip and snaked it around him. With a snarl, I pulled him in. "So... little mole, what be your name?" The mole looked in terror and squeaked out. "I be called Digger in me village." *I dragged him over two the two mice who ran and pulled my scythes out of their spines* "Now you be part of the slaves of Fort Nightshade!" And with that, I dragged him into the fort. Valgas Bloodscale
Yurbre/8 seasons/ pygmy shrew, Tagdee/18 seasons/pygmy shrew *Xeyla Kanai blended in perfectly with cold night around her. The little shrews didn’t even know she was there. Then suddenly, she was upon them, biting and scratching until she had the large rope noosed around their necks, and their tiny paws tied. One shrew, a young male, was crying non-stop, and the elder, a teenaged female, sat there with a firm look of mixed emotions- fright, anger, and absolute horror. “What are your names and where do you come from,” the wildcat asked the oldest shrew. She just sat there defiantly, staring into the cold blue eyes of her captor. “Well then, we’ll see if the baby has anything to say,” Xeyla turned and faced the younger shrew, “What’s your name little guy?” “Yurbre,” he squeaked. “Okay Yurbre,” Xeyla replied calmly, “Where do you live?” The baby pointed a chubby finger at a canyon a few hours to the east. Sighing, the wildcat decided to ask about the other shrew. “What’s this pretty little maid’s name” “Tagdee, sir,” the baby answered politely. Xeyla turned to Tagdee, “So young lady, how did a band of shrews come to live out in the desert, where there is hardly any water?” she asked. “We’re not shrews,” she replied coldly, “We’re pygmy shrews. And I’m not a young lady- I’m the future queen of the Green Canyon pygmy shrews, so I demand that you treat me with respect!” Totally peeved, Xeyla grabbed the two ropes and tugged them along beside her violently. “Oh yes, Your Magesty, the utmost respect for a princess, though I can’t say it’ll be Green Canyon that you’re gonna be queen of- more like the ruler of the slave dungeons for you!” The wildcat pulled the two future slaves across the beach and loaded them roughly onto her ship. As the new morning rose, the wildcat smiled wickedly at her new prizes- two slaves! * Xeyla Kanai
Dung/-/sparrow nasty litl 'hing 'e is.i saw 'Im all by his lonesome, sittin' by a fire. well, Knowin' me, I jumped 'im, stole all 'is vittles,money, and extra weapons. He swores loik a sailor an' tried ta bit me, an' then I gots out meself a bit of thick leather and chokes 'im. brought him back, an' seeing that he can't speak a word o' otter, I named 'im dung, harrharrharr! so, here were are, 'e won't listen ta me, keeps chirpin' ta me about "squwarg" I led 'im back ta camp with a leash, and 'e chewmn roight through dat! I roight rather wannted to kill 'im, but Oi knew 'e'd be worth somethin', roight? 'e really is nice now, only bites at the mention of "orf" but he serves well for a stupid bird, doncha thunk? Citrus Blossom
Torlill/10 seasons/mole I was walking in the woods trying to find some things for the cooks and saw something move in the foliage. I immediately hid behind a tree and tried to see what it was. I saw it plop over top of a bush and recognized it as a young mole. It didn't look lost, and it had a pack of candied chestnuts and strawberry cordial with it. I came behind the mole and grabbed it, holding its mouth shut. "What are you doing?" I asked. "N-n-nothing, marm!" He said. "What's your name?" "Torlill I be, but please doan't 'ee 'urt me!" I took a rope I had and tied his hands together and brought him here. Arkeya
-/babe/badger well it all started me and my crew were out serching for gold that familys might carry when we spyed a badger mom and a babe. I sent 2 archers up in a tree and 2 arrows went in her neck. I thought she might be a good galley slave still young to Klitch
Elkwood/33/squirrel it was a dark stormy night i this unknown thick forest my family wich i had traveled with all my life and I were in a little cave.Then out of know where 2 stoats started chasing my family they each had daggers they stabbed my dad to death because he tried to fight my mom and my sister ran into the deeper section of the forest.where a group of sea pirates were sitting around there camp fires eating they spotted us and captured my mom and sister but i got away.knowing that if there was sea pirates this far inland then there was water near bye! I ran and ran i wouldnt stop for nothing then finally a dawn later i came to it the ocean! but there was a vermin fort right on an island near bye then it hit me I froze get him i herd a ferret yell but to late trapped by a net............ Klitch
Waslie/14 seasons/water vole, Jadur/14 seasons/river otter *Xeyla Kanai scanned the dunes around her, looking for anything that could assist the wildcat in the quest she had been given. She slid gracefully down a steep dune, and headed towards the welcome shade of the forest that stood on the edge of the coast. Once in the safety of the woods, she sat down and took a rest. Hearing the soft trickle of a stream, she rose and stepped quietly through some bushes. She saw the brook, and rested her tender footpaws in the cold water, enjoying the cool feeling on her feet, which were blistered from the scorching sand of the coast. She slowly began to doze in the peacefulness and calm of the small glade. She suddenly woke up, her ears darting wildly around, trying to catch the sound that had woken her. Then she heard it again- laughter and conversation. The wildcat rose from her sleeping place, and crept towards the sounds. She peered through a small cluster of shrubs and saw two teen-aged beasts, an otter and a water vole. They were joking quietly together, and Xeyla could hear bits and pieces that sounded as if they were runaways. "Good," she thought to herself, "They should not be to hard to capture, they are young and inexperienced." Xeyla took out her sling, and loaded a large pebble onto its thong. Aiming carefully at the otter, she let it fly. The stone struck, and the otter fell to the ground- unconscious. The vole shrieked and stared frightened at her friend. Xeyla quickly strode into the camp, and used the hilt of her dirk to knock the vole out. She then tied and bound the two, and sat down to finish her previously disrupted rest. * Xeyla Kanai
Frayne/15 seasons/mouse, Odila/15 seasons/mouse *The midnight black wildcat tugged violently against her tight bonds. One of the mice that her captors had put as a sentry laughed cruelly, twirling a small dagger. “Look, Odila,” he remarked to his companion, “the lil’ wildcat wants loose. Should I let her free?” “I don’t know Frayne,” the female answered as she played along with his mean joke, “her paws do look a little sore, I wonder if they hurt.” Odila moved towards Xeyla until her face was within a few inches. “Do your paws hurt, cat? I sure I can make them tighter if’n they don’t.” “You won’t be so cocky when you’re chained to the oars of my ship, mouse,” Xeyla sneered, “That face of yours won’t be pretty for long, not after you get a few good slaps and some dirt and sand on it!” Odila was surprised by the wildcat’s evil comment, but protected herself with even more jeers. “Don’t be to sure of yourself, vermin. My father doesn’t take to kindly to beats like you. You’ll be either kept prisoner forever or killed, slowly of course.” A smile formed on Xeyla’s face, and Odila gasped in fright. Suddenly Xeyla lunged forward, knocking the small female to the ground. She leapt at Frayne and he clumsily dropped his dagger. Xeyla scooped the dagger up in her teeth and used her strong jaws to slice the blade through her bonds. Shaking away the torn ropes, she turned and brought the hilt of the dagger down on Frayne’s head, sending him to the ground senseless. The wildcat rounded on Odila. Shrieking, the mouse scampered into a corner and covered her head with both paws. Xeyla grabbed her roughly and slung her up against the wall. Using some of the spare rope from her own bonds, she tied the mouse’s paws and gagged her with a piece of cloth. After doing the same to Frayne, she dragged both captives out of her prison and down to the secret harbor where she had left her ship. Throwing them on board, the wildcat quickly unfurled the sails and lashed her tiller going south, towards Fort Nightshade. * Xeyla Kanai
Aleuan Moonshadow/14/Wolfmaid, Rose Treefwirl/4/Squirrelmaid I was slipping through the forest, unseen in my large black cloak in the darkness. After finding an empty camp, all made up for the night, I waited for several hours in the darkness, barely breathing, moving noiselessly from place to place until I found a perfect spot for sniping. I took out my arrows and tipped them with tranquilizer and waxed bowstring, quietly twanging it from time to time, making sure of its power. After shooting a few clean arrows at some random targets and retrieving them, and went back to my spot, happy with the way my bowmanship was coming along, I waited. Soon my sensitive ears picked up some clear, pretty singing voices, and I inwardly grinned. IT'S A COUPLE OF MAIDS. AND YOUNG, TOO, BY THE SOUNDS OF THEIR VOICES, I thought. I waited until they got drwsy before I let the tranquilizer-tipped arrows fly, hitting them in their sides. Both were light and easy to carry back to the fort, so I chained them up in a dungeon after fixing their wounds for them. They'll come around soon................ TerraLuna, Keeper of the Black Moon's Law
Granger/80/mouse It was a time not to long ago when I found a bankvole wounded on a small winding path. I asked him if he knew of any other beast in this area he replied yes a old wise bank vole living in a hut. He told me this because I promised him gold. But instead he got an arrow. I found the hut he was inside napping i stole his valubales and tied him up and burnt his hut down. He knows of many good forts in a close area. Klitch
Tarwood/30/bankvole Me and a bunch of my friends were walking along a wierd path then a bunch of mive and bankvoles popped out and attacked slaying 2. But they were no match we slayed them all except a very strong bankvole who was injured he begged us not to kill him so we decided he would make a great slave for rowing. He also told us of info about a bunch of otter camped up along a stream about 3 days down the path. Klitch
Sawaxe/40/mole I was out for a walk in the woods with a few members of my crew. When we ran into a bunch of moles. No these ones were fighters they saw us and attacked right away slaying 2. But we had the upper hand and we slayed all but one who ran away with a wierd lookin axe. We followed until we caught up with him when he was crossing a river. I took out my sling put a rock in it and fired knocking him out. When he awoke we learned he was the leader and they were planning to have a feast that day. So we found alot of food and brought it back to the fort. Klitch
Yahoo and Google/60 seasons/foxes On a recent mission I found these seers. They know alot about alot and I thought that might be useful. Capturing the sisters was easy, I simply acted like I was having some bad luck and promised them if they did a charm for me I would give them some gold trinket I found and had no use for. Thinking of course that all vermin were supersititous they bade me go into the woods and get some herbs while they made a special pot of magic something or other. I quickly left and went to the other side of their hut where they talked about how much they could ween out of me. I just knew it. I got my band of 10 vermin to be on both sides of the door 5 on each side. I then went to the forest edge and called out to the vixens,"Ho, Seers! I think I got your herb but I am not sure. Come out and tell me so I dont have to trudge through more of this muck!" They came out and were surrounded by my vermin. They came peacefully, of course. Mayhap they can be put to good use healing. Swiftclaw
Waren/30/hare I was walking through the woods by myself one day collecting vittles when I spotted a hare and a vole by a creak singing really loud. I thought "morons" they are in unknown woods singing. Then the vole turned my way she was a maid. She pulled out sling seeing me i had an arrow ready to fire already I fired and slayed her. The hare had noticed but had stumbled getting up I put my sword to his chin and asked him what he was doing here he said just traveling I knocked him out with my sword handle and dragged him back here for slave Klitch
-/five seasons/ermine I was fishing in the river Moss. I had just caught a big catch. This stupid ermine started eating it! He was foaming at the mouth, and I decided I better kill it right away, see? I had my skinning knife out and ready to throw, but he came after me. It was no bother at all, I just zipped me knife at 'is leg, and he fell. Not worth much I suppose, but e's somethin'. After he was limpin' around with me knife in 'is leg, he finally decided to sit down against a tree. Hah! I pinned i'm to it with arrows, tied 'im up good and proper like and dragged 'im along. He'll make a good dirgecaller, that'n. Just look at 'is bloodshot eyes, 'is sharp teeth and wild spirit! You won't find one like 'im for a ten more seasons! Duskdream Twilight
Fretaw/20/shrew I was walking through the woods when I came to a river and I saw a shrew fixing his boat it had a big hole in it. I thought what a great slave. I took out my sling and fired but I had miss aimed and hit is foot. He yelped and looked up and saw me. He pulled out his fencing saber and I pulled out my sword and dropped down from the tree's. He was young and still an experienced warrior i pulled a side step on him and he tripped and fell but slached my paw. I put my sword to his neck and brought him back here. Klitch
Vex/Seven/Mouse I was walking through a forest When i saw a little mouse sleeping in a blanket that was like a tent. I could tell he was going to be strong when he was older then all of a sudden a mouse maid popped out. I knew she was going to scream so i shoved my sword right threw her neck! i didn't have to worry about her now. That little mouses kid was on my mind. I was thinking the whole time of how a wonderful slave he was going to be. I knew he was going to be very strong for such a mouse. I thought in my mind food or slave. Im the kind of vermin that snacks on little mice. I thought of of how the crew members on darksail would treat me if i came back with a young slave that could work till he died. I made Vex are ships new slave and if he didn't corparate i was going to end his little life. Klitch
Tobby/11/shrew one day i was on a moutain having some cold moutain ale when in the distance i saw a shrew family. I thought. hum! Perfect now WE can have a slave. it was going to be tricky to get in but i could do it. I ran to the little shrew house i hid behind a tree. There mother can out so i shot 2 arrows at her cause she was going to scream and alarm her family. I had to hid her so that when the father came out he would see her. So i threw her down a well. Then all of a sudden there was someone taping on my sholder Who are u. it was a father shrew. I quickly pulled my dirk and stabbed him and put him down the well. now it was me and the kid mono e mono. i ran to his room. I then picked him up and head for Fort nightshade when i got there i told someone named klitch he then thanked me and that was how i captured the slave tobby Shadow
Floodpaw/25/otter well when I was getting fresh water from a river I herd some yells. I walked down the river a little and hid in a bush. An otter was sinking in some odd looking mud. I walked up and said dont worry I wont hurt you he believed me I helped him out of it. How old are you I asked 20 he said I though yes a slave in his prime! Then i pulled out my sword and hit him with the flat side and knocked him out. Then I dragged him back here to the fort. When I was dragging him back I noticed he was really heavy because of all his musle. I laughed and started humming an old ditty. Klitch
Rubin/18/mole i was on a mid night patrol when i saw a lost mole wandering around. i walked up to him and asked him where he was going. he said to loamhedge but i cant find my way. he was a woodlander!! i took out my bow and pointed it at him with an arrow in it. i told him to come with me. i told him he was the property of fort night shade and that he could be a slave and work the restof his life or he could enlist. he said "I would rather die than join up with u u filthy slime." so be it i growledand i shot him in the hand. he fell down tears poring out of his eyes. Oh stop that whinen and get ur butt up. we set off tward fns where he still sits, prayin for the day when his little woodland friends will come rescue him and all the others. Killclaw
Tudor/19 seasons/silver dragon I was walking through the black woods when in the corner of my eye i saw a glimps of silver shining lighting the way through the forest as i ran out he followed me home i stabbed him with my long sword and he started to attack me so i got my backup slaves to injure him. i brought him to the imfirmary and kept him Kimori the Shadow
Zing/40/hog I was just checking out the woods when I saw a cave with light in it. It was winter and I was freezing my tail off. But I was serching for food. I thought it would be vermin becuase there brave enough to show light where they live. I walked in It was a family of hogs the male was strong and he knocked me out with a punch to the chest. O woke up I was all bound up tight. Hey let me go scum fight me like a man. The male walked up. If i wasnt so strong you would have murdered my family vermit! I spit on him. Give me my weapons now! No I'm gonna teach you a lesson tou will never forget. He got out a whip and whipped me for several hours. I was knocked out again. I woke up everyone was asleep I bit the ropes off. Took out a dagger and sliced the hog maids gizzard. So she could'nt yell. I put an arrow in the wifes chest. I walked over to the male having nice dreams cause you wont for the rest of your life i smacked him across the head with my flat part of the sword. I dragged him back here after several lashes with his own whip. He was in pain i could tell ! Klitch
Taft/17/squirrel As I was making my way along the coast I came across this snot nosed little brat of a squirrel. Not only did he have enough audacity to tell me to shove off, but he managed to throw a few stones at me before I decided enough was enough. Normally I don't participate in slave captures... i've no reason to. Slaves are fairly worthless in my world, however this one I shall freely give to the Fort because I wish not to deal with him anymore then I have too. As he turned off to dart up a tree I quickly unslung my bow and fired, pinning him through his footpaw (which in it's own was a remarkable shot) As he squalled with agony I looped my bow string around his neck and wrenched his footpaw off my arrow before taking my arrow from the trunk and placing it back in my quiver. He wasn't much trouble after that... though he did try to bite me once. This one needs to learn... Saverill
Ferso/12 seasons/otter, Daisy/7 seasons/otter, Likie/15 seasons/otter *A small family of otters sat laughing happily in their small, but cozy, house. A fire roared brightly in the hearth, and leftovers from a delicious meal sat on the table. The father, Paro, sat on a large comfortable chair, the only one in the house. Sadre, the mother, was cleaning the kitchen busily, but had to stop frequently to calm her laughter. Two of the three children, Daisy and Likie, sat in a corner beside the fire, cracking up in laughter at their brother’s funny antics, Ferso, who was doing imitations of different well-known vermin. There was one villain they didn’t know of though. Zaviar Stormspirit was hunting for slaves, and she was in their territory. The vixen had seen the smoke billowing out through the top of the forest miles back, and she could now hear the loud laughter. Soon Zavair came upon the small cottage, and crept up to the side. Looking through the window carefully, she saw the family laughing obliviously. Ducking back down, she walked silently to the door and knocked three times. “Who would be at the door at this time of day?” Sadre wondered aloud. She opened the door slowly, but found no one there. As she turned to look at her family in confusion, Zaviar leapt out from the side of the house, and brought the hilt of her dirk down on her head. Likie screamed in horror, and Ferso and Paro jumped up to aid the otter mother. Zaviar struck again, this time at Paro. He fell back for a moment, and Ferso rushed in. The vixen lashed out with her dangerous clawed paws, catching the young otter under his chin and sending him sprawling to the ground unconscious. Paro jumped up and came at Zaviar in a fury, but met his death by the blade of Zaviar’s dirk. The vixen crouched to the ground to check the lifebeats of the two fallen otters. The mother was dead, but the son remained alive. She swiftly bound and gagged him, and then walked over to the two female otters that were weeping pitifully. Reaching out for the younger one, she grasped her paw forcefully and jerked her away from Likie. “Hold out your paws,” said the vixen. Daisy did as she was told. Zaviar bound them together. “If you want to talk or cry, you can be gagged like your foolish brother,” she said. Zaviar then turned to Likie. “You’re the oldest, right?” The otter nodded her head. “Then you should know that your family’s life is at stake here, so do what you’re told.” Likie immediately put out her paws to be tied. The vixen smiled evilly. Standing up, Zaviar grabbed the two otters and jerked them up beside her. “Carry your brother,” she instructed Likie. The vixen then lined the otters up and started marching them back through the forest, toward her small ship. “You three will like where I’m taking you. You’ll have lots of friends.” “Where are we going?” squeaked Daisy before her sister could stop her. Surprisingly, Zaviar smiled. “Fort Nightshade!” Zaviar Stormspirit
Heru/14 seasons/water vole, Trepin/14 seasons/water vole *Zaviar Stormspirit sat down wearily on the bank of the stream, head in her paws, thinking to herself. She was angry, and when this warrior vixen was angry, nobody wanted to be in her path. Her commanding officer had sent her on this wild goose chase of a mission, and told her to be back within two weeks. That left her 5 days of sea- faring travel to get to these blasted woods, four days to capture at least two slaves, and another five days to cross the sea again. And that was with good weather. The vixen had already dealt with her two accomplices. They were either lying on the beach letting their carcasses rot in the burning heat, or being flown away in the stomachs of scavengers. Like she cared. Suddenly Zaviar’s ears pricked up. The faint sound of speech had drifted over her way. The warrior smiled. Evilly. Standing up, she drew her bow and knocked a sleep-potion tipped arrow to its strong twine. Creeping silently through the slowly darkening forest, she used her keen hearing to follow the sound. She soon came upon the noisemakers. Two small water voles, both males, sat playing in the shade of a large creek-side willow. Laughing loudly, they didn’t hear Zavair slink up behind them. Swiftly and silently, she swept her strong paws around the heads of the two creatures, and brought them together with a soft thunk. As they slumped to the ground unconscious, the vixen searched through her pack for a length of rope. After finding it, she roped them up and began to drag them across the bank and back towards her ship. * Zaviar Stormspirit
Demetri/15/stoat one day i was in training for being the greatest assassin i was being trained by bloodslashes the greatest assassin in are village besides me. Well we heares noises. we ran to the bushes and there was a great family os stoaks. then i heard my trainer say Blood this is ur chance kill them all or u may get a slave that fat one over there. Ok i pulled out my bow and was aiming right when the stirng was cut. i heard my trainer say u have to with ur scimitar u made it and u eed to be able to work it better. Then i jumped down and snuck up on the guy in the back guarding the carrige from the back. I ran at him from his side and stabbed him and made him say im going to the bathroom. when he said that i then killed him and threw him in the trynck of the carraige. i snuck into the carriage and had to kill two stoaks. i then snuck up top and had to kill the driver i put im in the cqrriage. I was on top when i heard someone scream ahhhhhhh. i turned and threw a dagger in one motion. her pressure was off my shoulders. I saw the kid and jumped off the carriage and jumped on him and hit him in the face with my fist to knock him out. I dragged him back to are village and was reward and also there was a new assassain me!! Bloodwrath the Assassin
Hermis/16/hedgehog i was on a patrol walking in the forest when i saw a mouse and a hedgehog playing togther in the foliage. the mouse saw me and tried to ask me if i wanted to play. oviously he hadn't been farmilar with fort night shade. i took my long bow out and told them to put there hands up. they did and i told them to follow me. we where mearly back when the young ones started to run away. I turned and shot the mouse in the back of the head. it was at very close range so it whent right through him.the bloody arrow came very close to hitting the other one but it fell short. the one that i hadne killed turned and picked up a rock and through it at me. I shot the rock with such force that it shattered. the stunned hedgehog froze in fear. i shot him in the foot and he screamed in pain. i draged him back to fort nightshade. he passed out on the way. Killclaw
Hatric/20/mouse I was walking through the woods when I spotted a mose family. There was a 2 mice in there prime and a mom and dad. All of a sudden one of the ones in his prime noticed me I pulled out my long bow and shot an arrow. It impaled him in his chest. He stared at the arrow in suprise until his eyes rolled into his head. Attack the dad yelled to late for him to do that my sword blade sliced his gizzard. The one in his prime tried to stop me but i tripped him and knocked him out. The mom surrendered so i tied stones to her and threw her in the river. Bye bye hahahahahahahha. The one in his prime was waking up so i put my sword to his neck. Whats your name little one Hatric sur please dont hurt me at the same time he kicked me in the chest i lost my ballance but recovered you dirty scum i sneered at hem i tripped him and sliced his back he was to weak to move so i dragged him back to fort nightshade. Even though i hurt his back he still is A GOOD oar slave. I laughed out loud to my self see you in the galley scum HA! Klitch
Coyta/23/shrew I was walking along the outside of the fort near the forest when a ban of shrews attacked me and chased me deeper into the forest. I lash out with my dagger taken 1 out of the 8 down. I am jumped on and beat down on.i Flare out with rage kicking 3 shrews of me and punhing one in the jaw. I ran farther till i found a giant pine tree and i scurry up it.i fling out my bow and fire two lightning arrows into one unlucky shrew. I attempt to shoot another one but get wocked out of the tree buy rocks from shrew slings. i fall hard crashing to the earth with a tud. I notch an arrow to my bow and shoot the sling out of the shrews hand.The reamaing 2 must of got frietened and ran away. I was able to find the srew i had punched in the jaw and brung him back to fort nightshade. Elmtail
Tomina/13/sparrow well one day i past this high tree and i saw some food in the tree so i started to climb it. AT that moment i was attacked by a group of spearows. i killed 2 with my axe then i lost grip and it fell and landed on a lower branch. I pulled out my scimitar and started cuting away. I thought and i thought i saw a young spearow perfect for a slave. I dropped down cause i thought i was just seeing things when i got to the branch with my axe i hearded a noise. MOMmy. thats what i heard so i started climbing up the tree and to my surprize it was there again this young spearow i started up the tree and realized it was real. So i climbed to the other side of the tree and got to the branch with the spearow on it. It was like a spit seconded later bang i was hit in the face by a beak or a rock. I feel and hit the ground. I was knocked out and had 1 broken arm and about 3 ribs where broken. I am a courages ferret so i started up the tree again and the time i was ready for a peck. when i got up there i woved to the side and i saw a beak so i grabed it and hit it with my axe and threw the bird off the tree. The young spearow still didn'y know i was here so i snuck behind her and hit her so it wouldent kill her only knock her out i then carried her down the tree and to the fort and i had to kill 2 rats and 1 mouse on the way. I got back to the fort and the darksail had a new slave. Shadow
Bloggy/5 seasons/Frog I was out in the woods just the other day. I kindof was lost, and the ground seemed unussually muddy. I turned around and started going back, but it just got muddier. Whichever way I went, the mud got deeper! It was starting to rain too. The mud was up almost to my waist and I was sinking.... Fates rest my soul... It was very dark in the swamp and I had given myself up for lost when This frog lifted me up and took me to this rock in the very center of the swamp. (oh, big help) Then he started making moves to attack me! I had lost all my arrows, and my skinning knife was back at the fort. I was kicking at him, but he had a spear, and that was far better than my one javelin. I don't know how I did it, but I grabbed his spear and had him under control. I made him take me back to land. After that I found my way back to the fort with him. He did save my life, but he also tried to kill me! I think it is better if you keep him as a slave. Duskdream Twilight
Pod/32/shrew I saw a crashed lon boat on a river shore with foot prints leading down stream. I folled them to find a napping shrew I knocked him out. Then when i walked by his long boat somthing under it was shining.I wondered what it could be i tipped the boat ovewr to find alot of gold silver and jewels than al, of a sudden the shrew woke up. Hey he pulled out a saber thats shrew treasure scum. Scum eh well your gonna be the scum when im donw ith you i tripped him with my sword then knocked him out with an extra hard swing with the back of my sword. then i took the treause and him back to the fort. Klitch
Dingeye/5/Badger I was walking alone along the shore near here when I could see somebeast coming towards me. As it got closer I could see that it was only a dibbun. But a badger dibbun. I watched him for a while and followed in the bushes besides the grey craggy rocks. He seemed to look lost and I hadn't seen any signs of a search party following him so I decided to confront it. "What are you doing here?" "Doin' wurr?" I sighed, trying to remember how to translate dibbun. "Where are your parents?" "Dunno.. are you my mama?" I was confused and extremely tempted to kill the whelp there and then. But the more I thought the more of a good idea keeping the thing alive seemed. "No, both your parents were killed by squirrels and mice. Let's go to a place called Fort Nightshade where I live at the moment" "Yay!" "You'll work and the beasts there will keep you healthy and happy". "Okay" I expect the badger will be very useful, especially since we can start rewriting his memory. Train him up or use him as a slave. Either way he's a very handy thing to have lying around the place. Roth Rouga
Yattola/unknown/mousemaid I was walking up and down the sandy coast by fort nightshade when my foot hit something. It was brown And only a little was sticking out of the sand. I started digging. By mid day I could tell it was a small long boat. I lifted it up there was an unconcius mouse maid under it. There was a map she was from a far away place called jenkins abbey. I could tell that she was strong by being able to paddle that far. I dragged her back to the fort. Klitch
Riverromp/10 seasons/otter, Rantabant/15 seasons/otter I was out fishing by a stream and had caught a tidy catch when i noticed a movement in the reeds on the opposite side of the bank. I slipped into the water, drifted downstream for a bit and climbed out onto the opposite side. I crept up to the moving reeds to a giant willow. I looked out from behind it and saw three otters. It must have heen those otters unlucky day because i hate otters. I got out my sling and aimed a stone at the second biggest one which must have been, oh, about 15 seasons old. Well, when the other two saw him drop, they were up, but i was already amonst them, i drew my dirk and rapped the little otter between the eyes, knocking him unconsious. Then the other, biggest one hurled himself onto my back and sunk his teeth into my shoulder. I flung him off me and against the willow. He was up and at me again. That was when i really lost my patience. I grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up. I asked him what holt he was from, because the otter holt that killed my family was around here. He spluttered out those awful words. HOLT RANTA. I snarled at him and hurled him to the ground. I then told him to tell his skipper that Skant, daughter of Elbirret, says hello. He ran off as the the other two were coming around. I smiled at them and said, why hello my liddle Rantas', i'm gonna pay special attention to you. I then dragged them back to the fort but dont be surprised if they dont last long. after all, i DO hate otters. Skant Bloodfur
Goganza/30 seasons/stoat I found him on the south coast and i threatend him and finaly he ageed for a race if I won he would be a slave in the fortres if he won he would be free to do whatever he wanted with me.Even kill me!When the race started he was in the lead,halfway through te race he was still ahead of me then about50 meter away from the finish line i put on a burst of spead and won the race he dropped to the grond sobbing and i dragged him to the ship and made him a prisoner. Magnaflash
Perdt/?/squirrel, Kaster/?/squirrel *The midnight vixen slunk quietly through the forest towards the high-pitched laughter. She had heard it a while back, and knowing it was probably young animals good enough for slavery, she set out to find them. As she followed, she realized that the giggling beasts must be squirrels. Taking care to be silent, she took out one of her sleeping-draft arrows, and knocked it to her bow expertly. Zaviar walked a little ways farther, and soon saw the two squirrels. They were playing in the treetops carelessly, and Zaviar knew that this mission would be soon over. Crouching low behind a small bush, she sighted in the squirrel running behind the other. Aiming carefully, she let the arrow loose. Her shot was true, and struck the young beast in the leg, knocking it over and into the bushes below. Hurriedly she knocked another arrow, and as the other squirrel turned to see where it’s friend had mysteriously disapeared to, she shot it too. Rising, she walked casuaully towards the two fallen beasts. They were both sleeping soundly, and were injured slightly. Tying their footpaws together tightly, gagging them, and slinging them over her shoulder expertly, she started the walk back to her ship. * Zaviar Stormspirit
Gareth/Adult/Mouse, Jacinta/Dibbun/Squirrel A storm was threatening to break in Mossflower Country. Adele Starminster was polishing her blade with care by her camp fire. She set her weapon on the grass beside her and feed the flame more dry and brittle wood. Watching the fire, Adele stroked her chin, mulling over recent slave shortages at Fort Nightshade. Ever since an epidemic of Dryditch Fever had swept through the Fort, slaves had been dying like vermin before Martin the Warrior’s gleaming sword. She sighed and began to pack up her sack full of of food. After shoving dirt over her source of light, Adele pulled her cloak close like a blanket and rested her head on a pile of leaves. The female fox did not rest. Something was keeping her awake. Some sort of rustling. Was it the chirping crickets? No... Suddenly and silently, Adele rose. Something was wondering about the forest at night! It was their own fault she had caught their scent... She picked her sword up and sheathed it, then jogged towards the source of the noise. So intent was she on finding the noise she did not pause to cover her tracks. Seven creatures were marching just ahead of Adele very slowly. She could not make out their species, though five of the seven looked smaller, like Dibbuns. As she got closer, she saw that all of the creatures save one were mice. The other was a young mole babe. Adele suspected the traveling group had gotten themselves lost in the maze-like Mossflower Woods en route to their home. Should she show them the way? She did know this area like the back of her paw. Adele grinned maliciously. The vixen crept behind a boulder near the creatures. She drew her blade and outlined a fast plan of attack and capture in her mind. Adele decided to use her wit rather than strength. Why tire herself when beasts such as these could be fooled by even the likes of a rat? Ducking low, Adele moved towards a tree. She shook it slightly, just enough for it to make a sound. She scooted back to her boulder and waited for a moment. Then she grabbed a small, round stone from the ground and tossed it to the back of one of the creatures, where it connected to his skull. As she had hoped, the little Dibbun squealed and everybeast halted. Adele used this moment of confusion to her advantage and ambushed the group. She pounded the ground before several times to make it appear as though there were more than one of her. A mouse, who seemed to be the leader, spotted Adele Starminster just as she clapped her paw over a young squirrels mouth. With the Dibbun gripped in just one paw, she kicked fiercely at him. The mouse raised the alarm, however, saying, “Mabel! Take the young ‘uns and run!” The other creatures ran, and Adele saw an adult mouse scoop the mole babe up before racing on. She muttered indistinct words under her breath. Two slaves would be added to the Fort Nightshade dungeons on her return. Adele Starminster
Yernama/27seasons/badger the badger came up to me and asked me to collect 3 mythical items for him and i would recieve a wish. 27 moons later i returned with his desired things. i wished that he would be my slave and he granted it. Kimori the Shadow
Yattalooya/27/otter I was out camping on the woods with some friends when we herd screams near by in the middle of the night. We saw smoke as we ran towards it. An otter den was on fire and all the otters where running away. We climbed up in the trees and started firing arrows alot of the otters where hit. The rest jumped in the stream. One otter was wounded with an arrow in the leg. We draged him back to our camp. We herd otter serchers near by. A small group found our camp we slayed them all and threw them away in a stream. We dragged the otter back here. Klitch
Tint/3/mouse i was on an evening patrol when i spotted a family of mice. they saw me so i charged at them and sliced the moms neck. me and the dad got into a sword fight. the youngest one came to us and threw a rock at me. it hit me on the head. i kicked the dad and i headed for the little one. he backed up and started cryin. i told him to stop his wining and then slayed the other little one trying to escape with my long bow. thedad got up and stared toward me and hit me over the head. i was knocked out. thew where dragingme to the lake to drown me when i regained concesness and kicked the dad in the back the head by swingin up and kickin him. he was knocked out so i drowned him. i took the little one and tricked him into comming back to fort night shade. he gladly went along with me cause hewas so little and he had no idea what was going on. Killclaw
Milla/32/Shrew I /hate/ shrews, I will say that straight off. I don't know why but for some reason they just get on my nerves. I was walking along the shore when I saw a shrew stumbling through the undergrowth and coming towards me. She had a rapier raised and was actually going to try and kill me. I reached for my morning star and as she ran I flicked the blade into the sea. Then I dropped to MS to the floor and gripped her shoulders as she continued running. I put my foot in her stomach and rolled backwards sending her flying backwards onto the hard sand. As I jumped up right I picked up my MS and placed it digging into her neck while I bound her paws. I marched her all the way up to the fort singing our song ^_^. Roth Rouga
Grundy/15 years/mouse I was taking a walk along the shoreline of the ocean when I saw a group of field mice huddled around one another. I had never had a slave before and thought that it would be fun to see what I could do. I waited until the night . They posted a gaurd that could have been no older than the age of 25. I knocked him in the back of the head with the handle of my knife. He fell unconcious. Then I snuck up to the first mouse. To old. So was the second one. the third one was only a dibbun, but the next one I came to was perfect. These mice slept like babies, so all I had to do was slip a blindford over his eyes and gag him. I picked him up and he squirmed alittle. I gave him a shove, and carried him quietly back. Slash Streampaw
Tibbuns/9/mouse i was out one day in the woods on potral when this mouse came up and asked me to play i said ok with a grin i told him to obay me and put his hands behind his back so i could tie them i then told him to walk into the harbor over there he did so and then he knew i was taking him as a slave so he ran. i pulled out my bow and shot him in the leg. i picked him up and carryed him onto the ship and the darksail had a new slave Bloodwrath the Assassin
Tiptail/11/mouse one day i was sleeping in the woods when i heard a very little noise. It sounded like a peep from a mouse. A big grin came on my face at that moment because i was hungry and i thought they could make slaves if there was any thing there. SO i pulled my throwing daggers out and tip toed to a near by brush. I moved some of the branches and i saw a whole pack of mice. I had 10 daggers and there was 12 people well only 11 because either that mouse was really old or very drunk. I looked for a sturdy and pretty big mouse that could carry stuff. Wala I found him his name was tiptail becuase i heard someone call him that. I waited till that tiptail was gone. i threw all my daggers and hit everyone tiptail was going to the bathroom somewhere and i was hiding in his carrage waiting utill he came back. I saw a mouse apper and he scream a deathful scream. I jumped out of the carrage and held my scimtar to his neck. I took the carrage and took it back to the fort. Thats how i got tiptail! Bloodwrath the Assassin
Danga/36/Shrew I was hiking along the shore when my foot hit something. It was a knocked out shrew covered in sand. He woke up all of a sudden he noticed me and rolled away and sood up. He drew a rapier lets go he yelled. I smacked him over the head with the side of my saber. He had probley came out a river accidently in a storm and landed in the ocean where it knocked him out. Near by I found some iron and gold wich he had had on his ship. I dragged him back here. Latter I found a letter saying of a plan to take over the fort. I laughed out loud to my self and continued dragging him back. I ripped the letter up and threw it in the ocean. Scar
Silo/30/otter I was out traveling in the woods when i saw an otter family putting a baby otter in the water for his first time. I fired an arrow at a huge male. My arrow struck the little one in the chest killing him instantly. I cursed to my self as the otter turned around I could tell he was mad. I quickly let an arrow off it hit him in the shoulder he fell to the ground yelling in pain. I walked by him and beheaded his wife. I dragged him back to forthightshade. On the way I ran into his son hehe i tripped him and ties him to a tree and shot 10 arrows in him. The father hed seen it all he was crying and building up rage. I knocked him out and dragged him back here Klitch
Peatro/14 seasons/badger well one day a young feller came and told me if i could climb to the top of a tree i could control him and make him a slave. I thought it would be a sinch but this wasn't an ordinary tree it was like at the clouds. I started up it and i was good till i was pecked at by a sparow i fell. thud i hit the grouind and had to get healed i then tryed again the next day ready for any attacks. Then a beak came at me i slashed at it and cut it off a bird fell and hit the ground i made it to the top now hard part getting to the bottom. I started going down i was looseing my grip if i fell i won't die i would be very hurt so i started to slid when i was a little father then to jumpp when a sliver went in my paw i dropped down and broke my arm but thats how i got peatro. Bloodwrath the Assassin
Typross/24 Seasons/Monitor I was going for a pleasant walk but before i got far a... something... leapt down from the trees onto my back. My first reaction was to run, (I never was any good at ambushes)but then i realised that whatever was on me hadn't caused me any pain. In fact, it seemed to me that it was finding it very hard to hold onto me. I threw whatever it was onto the ground in front of me and saw what it was and why it hadn't attacked me. It was a fully grown monitor. But it had obviously been having the worst day in it's life. It had been muzzled and its claws had been filed down and tied. I figured that whoever had done this had tied him up and then tied him by his hands to a tree. He had just got himself free when I walked underneath. Obviously he had tried to scare me. I grabbed his tail and dragged him back to the fort to use as a slave. Skant Bloodfur
Demow/23/mouse I was walking in the forest gathering food when I saw a little den with singing coming from it. I snuck in there was a family in there. I fired an arrow and it struck the wife. The little kid all of a sudden was upon me i jabbed my saber through his chest. The dad i knocked out. I stole all there food and supplies and burnt the den down. Then I put him in a sack and carried him back to the fort. He was really strong. It was a good thing I caught him off gaurd. They had alot of gold that I stole. Scar
Ciner/20/mouse on a patrol in the forest i was walking whin i saw a mouse all alone. i decided to make him a slave. i walked up to him and told him my name was kinder. he told me his name and he asked me if i wanted to go fishing with him. i said sure so we walked to the pond togther where we started to fish. after about 20 mins we had cought about 15 fish when his friend had come. we had started to talk and catch more fish when he asked me what my bow was for. i said for hunting, i paused and said...pathetic beings like u. i took out my bow and shot the secound mouse. i picked up the fish and brought them home to fort night shade along with a slave. Killclaw
SunFlash/20/badger I was walking through the forest and i heard a noise it sounded like a beast was snoreing. so i crept up and saw a badger sleaping. so i crept up to his head and hit him hard on the head with my Mace. he jumpt up so i hit him a secont time and a third and on the third time he fell down . so i tied him up and rode his back all the way to Fort Nightshade. BloodBath The Bad
Bloodmouse/14/mouse Well one day i was in a war with a castle that had was full of mice. I was slaying each one when this one hit me a grabbed him and threw him into a very large bag i had i forgot he was in there when i came home and we had a new slave on the darksail Reiltar Shadowstrike
Treeflight/15 seasons/squirrel I was on a bounty hunting errand. So I'm walkin' along,and all the sudden, an enormous grey squirrel comes shooting out of a tree. He takes one look at me and shouts,"Breezy! vermin in the woods!" He started to say something else, but I slammed my dirk handle down on his head. I was about to run off, but then I thought of what a great slave he would make. So I cut some vines and tied his footpaws so he could'nt run off. After that,all I had to do was threaten him a few times to get him moving. And now I'm back home to present this new slave as tribute to my beautiful, glorious ruler. Good day, and I hope you enjoy the slave. Darkshaft
Kitt/9 seasons/mouse I was out on a mission but i wont say what i had to do, when i was attacked by several male mice. I tried to fight for a while but I was outnumbered so I ran. I didn't have to run far before they stopped chasing me. I turned around and looked around for a bit until i found the mices' tracks. I followed the tracks until i came to some caves. A mouse tribe were living there. I decided to just go back and tell Snowstar where they were when i saw a young mouse walking alone not too far from me. So i snuck up and grabbed him. I then carried him back to Fort Nightshade. Skant Bloodfur
Jeneker/29 seasons/wildcat A long time ago before I was a loner my slave sister jeneker left my home and ran away. my mother looked for seasons for her but never found her. Unfortunately mother died on her search so it was just me and my dad. my dad was very strict so every time i did something bad he took it seriously then when i was just 12 seasons old my dad died and i became a loner. I decided to join my sister if i could find her. I never found her so i traveled to fort nightshade and lived there for most of my seasons. Then one day i saw jeneker walking into the fort. she had changed alot and i was surprised she had lived. I ran up to her but she didnt reconize me at first. then i told her my name and she asked me to prove it. so she asked me if i knew what her name was i replied "Jeneker" "good now do you know my mother and fathers name?" "Cynaris and Yokomo" and then she joined me. My long lost slave sister and me were finally reunited. Kimori
Rhettoin/58/mouse i captured him in the water with his family. they tried to retaliate so i slew his mother and father with my arrows he was getting away when i saw him. so i ran after him and found a whole cave of them. so i took out my arrows and bow and shot in panic being slain. i slew them all but the other one i was chasing and brought him back here. Rhennbar Fishdeep
Spick'n Pincush/3 seasons/hedgehog I was walking 'round the border of the mossflower woods trying to find some healing herbs for our healer when I heard a little giggle. I turned 'round and looked, but there was nothin' 'round but a few fat wood-pidegeons. I turned 'round again but saw but still saw nothing.I then felt a sting on m' rear and saw a little hedgehog run off with my trusty ol' sling! I chased after the nimble little fellow and managed to pin 'im to the ground. He tried to wiggle out of my grasp but I held 'im firmly. I then said to the lil' rascal : "What is yer name, you lil' sack o' rubbish n'dung?" He then said to me: "Why, moi name's Spick'n Pincush, and moi dad's name be Logalog of the River MOss! Show some respect to the Future Logalog!" I stuffed some dead grass in 'is mouth, tied him up, and strapped him on m' poor old back. Me, being a smart ol' otter, took him back to the Fort and made 'im a slave! The last thing I says to 'im before I pin 'im in his cage was this: "Oh harrharr! So who's the future Loggylogg now? hmm?" He said nought a word. Harrharr harrharrharr!! Citrus Blossom
Teener/21/mouse to cut a long story short. i shot him n the foot and now he is rotting in the dungeons. hahaha Killclaw
Bulse/Unknown/otter As I walked along the bank I spotted an otter playing in the stream. I hid behind a big bush waiting to see if there were any more otters or beasts. I took out my sling and hit him knocking him unconscious. I swiftly dragged him to the slave dungeons. Blaze
Brott/5/Vole I was walking along the woods and found him injured. I captured him and took him here. Blaze
Earnix/5/Hedgehog Well me an me old mate Van Glacierback were takin a walk down east when we heard cryin and cryin "Waaaaaaah" "Waaaaaaaaaah"and "Waaaaaaah" then Van said we should see what's makin that loud noise. We found an baby dibbun an Hedgehog so Van said leave it well i thought it would be useful for carryin vittles 2 miles down the path there was an Hut we thought of raiden it.We went in side where we found 2 dead Hedgehogs we thought it was it's parents so we took the supplies and then we traveled with the dibbun and came here Gancho
Denise/10 seasons/Otter Ok. I captured the slave, as I found her walkin around the forest alone. So I took her here. But I ordered everybeast to take care of her, and treat her nicly, or they'll answer to me, a dangerous fox with the most excellent weapon you ever saw. So here she is, the otter. She has cream clored fur, and brown eyes. Every day she comes to my barrack room and we talk. But don't worry, she wont ever tell any others. She said she likes it here, cause shes treated good. Thank you. Berryice Moonseeker
Gew/24/mouse T'would be one of them pesky spies out to see our progress. I's caught him round the dormatory peekin' in thar winder getting information and rumors on a possible raid. Needs a good beatin'. Apparently has slave experiences. All the better. What's he worth to ya? Shadow
Tarnu/29/toad my party and i were trudging through the woodlands. we heard something on the other side of the trail. as cutarm, badthroat, rancidmouth and i drew our weapons, we heard the noise again. this time it was much more distinct. CROOOOOIK! it was a toad. five of them rather. they jumped at the four of us without warning. a trident skewered rancidmouth and moved in on badthroat. he dodged, and brought his spearhaft down on the taods head, and silenced him with a quick thrust. cutarm had just sliced the head off of one when the third toad threw his trident and it speared his neck. it was badthroat and i against three toads, one of whom had just retrieved his trident. i jumped onto the back of one of then, bringing my falchion down on his head, and then through his back, as i jumped off. badthroat had been disarmed, but whipped out a dagger and threw it. it caught the toad in the throat. the last one turned to jump into the bushes, but i threw silvereye(my dagger) and it buried itself in the toads back, as he fell from midair. i ran up as badthroat retrieved his weapon. i held my falchion to his neck, and said " you have been captured by the rangers of fort nightshade. join us or die. you are in our custody." "krchaa!" the taod spat, " i will never join you! "i am disra gnashtail! avenger of ublaz! i will not be defied in this way! the toad spat again" the lady of nightshade killed attacked my tribe! i will never join her!" "then your life is at our disposal. you are to be a slave, in the dungeons of that very lady whom you have spoken of!" the toad, after much torture and interrogation, told us that his name was tarnu. he was a member of the tribe of krachkatil toads. this colony may be a good location for a new settlement.i would suggest sending more scouts out.oh yes, we have his weapon milady. feel free to use it in any way, as a tribute of my loyalty. Disra Gnashtail
Riven Hardsoul/20 years/badger back when i waz a zervant of ublaz mad eyez, there were many zlavez at zampetra. i waz the emperorz 5th in command, one of the leaderz of the elite corps. of monitorz. lazk frildur was my brother, he waz the highezt in favor of the emperor. i waz in charge of all of the zlavez. the zlavez thought i waz obliviouz to their planz, but they were miztaken. they were planning a revolution of waz lead by a badger named riven hardzoul. that badger was a nazty one. he had no rezpect for the divine ublaz. well one day, when the zlaves were working, an ottermaid came to the island. she claimed that ublaz had zomething that belonged to her. it was during the ensuing chaos of battle that the zlavez made their ezcape. i waz ready for it though. i leaped out of the bushez, and caught that badger and tied him with many ropes and put a pair of manaclez on hiz wriztz. i brought him here on a zmall ship, and gave him to the lady. Disra Gnashtail
Hillshun/12/hedgehog This hedgehog was a wanderer. I was out patrolin one day, and I found him. He is now in the slave dungeons, working. This is all there really is to say about this hedgeboy. Thank you for workin him hard. Berryice Moonseeker
Elker/12/Squirrel i was up on the cliff having a rest when i saw him sitting in the branches of a nearby tree he looked pretty guant and hugry and it looked like he had been up there for a few days hiding from our troops so i snuck behind his tree without him seeing me and waited soon he came down driven by hunger lower and lower till at last he jumped out of the tree and before he could get to his feet i jumped out and grabbed him and brought him back to the fort Fatso
Tungra/11/Weasel This weasel could have been a member but nooooooooo. He said he didn't want anything to do with STUPID vermin! Stupid! So I dragged him here and put him in the slave dungeons. I even whispered in his ear. "Anybeast that we finds runnin' out there, and they r'fuse ta be a member, they get c'ained up, and they become a slave." He wasn't far from Fort Nightshade, so it wasn't to hard to drag a wierdo weasel into the slave dungeons. But I had enough of this creature. So do what ya want with im'! He's been bad enough already. Any more trouble from him, and he don't get punishment....he'll start to get the better of us! So beat him up! Berryice Moonseeker
Retomid/20 seasons/mouse While walking around the slave dungeons I noticed how weak the slaves looked. Their eyes were dull, their teeth were rotting, and their muscels were wasted away to almost nothing. I asked myself, Why do we force them to work if they're so weak that they could hardly lift a kettle? It's a waste of time. And it's stupid how we give them little food and they grow weaker. The next day I brought food to the slaves. It was a stew a cook had made from anything he could lay his hands on, and by the way the stuff smelled, I wasn't sure I wanted to know what was in it. I gave each slave a fair amount of food, and they ate it quickly. The more food we give them the stronger they get,I told myself. But we dont want them stong enough to attemped an escape.
I noticed how pathetic they looked, and I thought, We should start all over again with the slaves. Catch new, strong ones and let the sick ones die. These slaves are to sick to grow strong.

The next day I set out with a score of soldiers to capture a group of slaves. We found a camp of mice and attacked. We didn't kill any of them because we were trying to capture them. They all escaped except for one, a strong looking mouse. He was brought to me with his paws tied behind his back. I took a good look at him and smiled. I told him what his future was to be. "You look strong enough to do some of the work that needs to be done," I said. "You will live as a slave for the rest of your days in Fort Nightshade, serving your enemies. Isn't that a wonderful fate? Hehehehe, I see a defiant look in your eyes. You think you can resist us! But soon, you'll find that you can't." We took the mouse back to the fort.

Rofikin/23 years/beaver it was raining heavily. my cloak and cape were soaked. i was searching for a good place to find shelter. i came upon a camp of otters. i crept around the bushes, checking to see if they were armed. there was only one who was. he was standing near the bushes, so i took out a rope and reached out. i put it around his neck and heaved. there were little gagging noises, but he died after just a few seconds. "hmm, i thought that otters had good lung capacity." as soon as the task was done, all the lights went out in the camp. the bonfire was doused. i was used to living in a dark barracks. i could vaguely make out the shapes of the houses. there were little shapes scurrying around. i picked up a discarded torch and lit it with some flint and steel. all the otters were gone! suddenly i heard a deep grumbling voice complaining to itself. " if only the others would help gather the wood... i have to do everything..." i lunged out of the woods and onto the beavers back. i tied a knot with some rope that i had from sampetra. as i knocked him senseless, he seemed to be almost oblivious to my existence. it was only when i had stunned him with my trident haft that he had said "unhand me!" beavers are queer creatures. quirky too. but most of all they are heavy. it took me a day straight to get him inside nightshades gates.he is very strong and hard working. i think he has hopes of getting out. not while i remain here! Disra Gnashtail
Ghirakol/?/ferret Well, well, well! I just so 'appened ter be walkin' along the path that runs past Fort Nightshade when I saw this here ferret. He seemed pretty surprised to see me. I asked 'im so and he told me that he 'ad never seen a vermin. When I slew a pidgeon for supper he cried! He 'ad never killed anything either. I thought about the state for a while and I asked him if he wanted to see Fort Nightshade. When we stepped inside he started SCREAMIN' 'is 'ead off and started runni' for the gates. Imagine a vermin screamin'. Now that's wierd. I ran after him and caught 'im and shoved 'im down 'ere in the slave pits since he was acting like a goodbeast freak out. Slide Shifter
Bradsorth/53 Seasons/Weasel bradsorth was another member of my the northlands, our clan prospered under the leadership of my grandfather. i was only an infant, but my father told me the story many times. my grandfather, raga fineblade, was the greatest chieftan ever to lead our clan and wield the sword, ziddar. he was the one who slew the smith that made the sword. this smith, groogun, was the greatest in all the northlands. he crafted the sword that is the symbol of power in my warclan, or i should say was. bradsorth was the father of yirna, the one who betrayed my clan to their destruction. bradsorth slew groogun in his sleep, and he fled the camp after it. he ran to the place called marshank. i caught up with him on the path from marshank, and we battled, my rapier flashed in the sun. it caught bradsorth in the eye, and to this day he wears an eyepatch. he fell to the ground, clutching his face. he was obviously very angry that a young polecat could beat him in a fencing contest. i brought him to the camp, and he was put into a cage. when the clan was attacked by birds, i left with him. we caught up with the traitor yirna, his son, and i brought them both to nightshade to serve as slaves. Karda Jadefire
Yirna/30 Seasons/Weasel yirna is a triator from my old warclan. he is a weasel and was once my brother. it all began in the mountains far to the north. it was a sunny day in the middle of winter. i awoke to the sounds of a blizzard outside. i went to my father's tent to tell him that i would be at the prisoner cages. we had recently captured an eagle and several falcons. but alas! when i got to my fathers side, he was dead! someone had slit his throat in the night. whats more, his sword was gone! the symbol of power was in the hands of a traitor. i noticed several pawprints leading out of the tent. i followed them to the cages, and the birds were gone! i told my fathers close friend bosamer, but there was no time to explain anything. there was a screeching noise overhead, and dozens of eagles and falcons descended upon us. i grabbed a javelin and a sling form one of my comrades, and loaded a sharp pebble. i slung it into the mass of feathery shapes, and was rewarded by a screech as a falcon fell with a pebble sticking out from his head. they tore into us, and we fought tooth and claw. i speared one bird with my javelin, and threw it at another bird with all my might. the javelin pierced an eagles chest and it fell from the sky. i ran over to it and retrieved my javelin, just in time to see a falcon come straight at my stomach. i leapt to the side, but not fast enough. the birds beak connected with my side. i had lost my sling and my javelin on contact. i remembered in my fathers tent there had been a candle. i ran in with a long stick. i emerged with a torch. i swung the flaming brand at an eagle. it cought his feathers, and the bird flew only a small distance before falling to the ground in a heap of blackened feathers. several others had armed themselves with torches, and the falcons were dropping like flies. i threw my torch at an eagle, and it fell with a screech. the last of the birds were retreating, but most of the clan had been killed. i set about with the few survivors, piling dead bodies. one of them was not here though. it was yirna, my brother. i was going away from the northlands. there was nothing here for me now. i left several days later, after forging my prized short swords, siddar and ciddar. i caught up with yirna in the place called southsward. it was a very long journey. i had to depart, after being chased by the beasts from castle floret, led by that squirrel named truffen. i got aboard a small longboat, and i landed here. yirna is unfit to have ever been part of our warclan, much less to wield the sword that is our symbol of power. i have no brother. Karda Jadefire
Lilee/6 Seasons/Hedgehog This hedgehog was the only one left after me and some others scouts killed her weak and stupid parents. But she was a strong and healthy 2 year old, so we dragged her back to the dungeons to serve Her Highness. She has been in slavery for 4 years, and has served well. Her Highness is very happy with me and my scouts, 2 ferrets, a weasel, another fox, and 2 stoats. This hedgepig doesnt remember any other life than the one shes living now, which is good. She is scared of escaping, as she has seen what happens to "escaped" slaves before. So now she wont be running around getting stupid and foolish ideas in her head. This here hedgepig is a worthy slave. Berryice Moonseeker
Diryat/32 Seasons/Badger I was in the tavern with a stoat named Vitay. I had known Vitay from my childhood, because the tribe of ferret's I once lived with had tangled with his family and blood had been shed on both sides. Soon after I became a Fort Nightshade member Vitay arrived. We argue and fight alot. He is very arrogant and always tells of how he took on and beat a army of armed rats with only a broken dagger. His story is half true. He didn't face an army of rats, the rats only numbered six and were indeed armed, but only with cheap weapons. He is respected for this, because nobeast knows the true story. I have told the soldiers that he was lying, they didn't believe me for a seconed. Because he was thought very highly of, he was asigned to destroy a group of badgers in a nearby forest. Though I'm sure he was terrified, he kept up his swagger. "I won't come back without the head of one of the badgers as proof that I completed my mission," he said. He and his fourscore soldiers set off. I took ninty troops with me and went off after him. I wasn't going to let that smug, self-assured stoat claim all the glory.

By nightfall we set camp and sent scouts to find the badgers. They came hurying back.
"Deathfang," said one, "We found the badgers! They are unaware of us. Come on!"
I took my troops and marched toward the badger encampment. Before we reached it, I heared shouts and screams. Vitay had reached the badgers first! I charged into battle at the head of my army. There were twenty badgers, smashing and destroying Vitay's army, wich now numbered about forty.
I set my archers on a hill and they peppered the badgers with poison arrows. The arrows slew four badgers. Sixteen more to go...I hacked madly at the badgers with my blade. The I saw something that made me scream in rage. Vitay was standing away from the action, the cowardly filth! "Look at the mighty Vitay now," I jeered. Breaking away from the battle, I approached him. "Coward," I snarled. Vitay drew his sword and struck at me. I raised my blade, forcing his weapon to the side, snaking my blade around his arm until it almost touched his throat. Vitay was a coward, but he was smart. He sidestepped away from my blade and struck out. I blocked his blow and forced his sword upward. Bringing is weapon around, he struck again. I blocked a seconed time, but he pushed forward, knocking me over. He was about to kill me when a shout came from one of his soldies. "Captain Vitay, we've killed them all. No more badgers." Vitay whispered into my ear, "I'll let you live this time." He strutted over to his followers. He smiled. He was no longer frightened. He turned to me and smirked. "When I return to the fort," he said, "Everyone will find out how I wiped out all the badgers. If you tell them I'm lying, they won't believe you! Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!" Then, one of the badgers leaped up. It hadn't been dead, only unconscious. It lifted Vitay into the air and snapped his neck. Tossing Vitay's carcass aside, he launched himself at one of my soldiers. Then my soldiers and I beat him back into unconciousness. He was extreamly heavy, but we mannaged to take to to Fort Nightshade as a slave.

Borlo/7 seasons/fox Just like the weasel I captured, he didnt want to join a STUPID army.....look at the pot calling the kettle black.....huh. He didnt look like he knew a gosh darned thing! *Idiot* mutters.....oh least his idiotic antics come in at a good place. Hes to dumb to get any ideas of escaping....know what I mean. But so far hes a good worker...and Her Highness is very proud of me. Maybe you guys should get your butts up and catch some slaves! (Talkin to the ones not doin anything) Im rather impressed with others, Klitch for instance. he caught many slaves. Ive caught 4 so far....but anyway, this slave will be see ya later! I got other things to do! Berryice Moonseeker
Derguan/17/Otter I was walking through some unknown parts of the woods and i saw an otter den by the side of the creek. I walked up to it silently and opened the door slowley. Inside there was a otter mom a little otter maid and an older otter son. the son noticed me and charged me with a sword raised. I was suprised and caught off guard and his sword jsut missed me. I drawed my sword and lashed out at him he doged to the side and kicked me out the door into the stream. The stream was deep and i cant swim so i yelled "help me i cant swim please help me please" He jumped into the water and hit me on the head knocking me out. I woke up and he was sitting down right in front of me and i was tied down to the floor. He said 'why did u come in here vermin?" I said nothing and he jsut walked away and fell asleep. I bit my ropes through and found my sword. I slayed his wife and his sister silently. He woke up though but i was faster this time and i smacked him upside the head with my flat side of my sword blade. And i dragged him back here. Klitch
Deribuall/19/Mouse this puny mouse was found snooping around the areas that are fort nightshade's territory. it was near a freshwater spring that is not too far from here. the mouse was drinking, along with several other mice. they were quite large for their race, almost the size of a rat, and several of them were armed with bolos. they were made from rounded river pebbles and strong grass thongs. there was one small one though. as i drew my sword, he heard me and went to see what made the noise. i grabbed him and ran. the ither mice noticed he was missing, and they came after me. they were picked off by the guards at nightshade. mice... such puny worthless creatures. Karda Jadefire
Goldfoot/5 Seasons/Fox Well one day I was walking down to the harbor to get things when I saw this farily large fox who looked like he was up to no good. Having my sword with me I said to my self, "well looks like her Highness is going to get a new slave". So I walked up to the fox and said "what in the blazes do think your doing" he looked at me with a nasty grin and said "what I do is none of your blinking business". Well that made me mad so I smiply told him That he just won a one way trip to to slave ranks. He looked like he was going to make a run for it when I said "move one step and i'll skin you and feed you to the brids" so needless to say he didn't move. So that's how I caught him. Zenvag
Ginkell/12 Seasons/Badger You see, I was out on a morning stroll, just as inocent as could be, when all of a sudden, I heard a twig snap and a grunt. I could also feel someone watching me. Luckily I had my weapons with me and stepped more cautiously to where I was going. As I reached my destination, I became even more cautious because I knew that this would be an advantage point for the enemy that was following me. I heard the noise again and went to a nearby bush. There I hid and awaited the anonymous creature. As I waited, an enormous and sturdy badger appeared tripping over a vine amongst the ground. Even though she was a klutz, I knew she would be worth a lot on the slave market for her strength, so I decided to capture her. I got me a vine and covered it in sap. As I placed it on the ground, I felt her presence. I hid and awaited the enormous klutz. She came and tripped over the extremely sticky vine. It momentarily grabbed her, so I snuck behind her and knocked her out with the flat of me sword. When I was convinced that she was out cold, I tied her up all fancy-like with the same vine and handed her over to the dealer. Tallinquer
Barikke/33/Hare This hare was caught on the shoreside of an isle out west. he is very obese, and quite spoiled. i caught him trying to eat from the haversack of a vermin crew. they allowed me to have him as a torture subject. i tested many of my whips and knives on him. he is missing a kidney, as well as his spleen and appendix. i won't go into detail about how i did this. he is quite strong, and he is not fat anymore. he has a great love for celery, and he can't stand to see somebody else eating it. he is quite fond of well made ale. his weapon of choice is a slingshot. he tried to escape from me using a little chunk of iron that he shot at my head. i have a scar on my cheek to this day. he has several on his back as payment for this infantile escape attempt. Karda Jadefire
Sorrits/40 Seasons/Moniter **Tawney comes cheerfully bounding down into the dungeons. She leads a moniter, pulling him by a chain. The reptile yells and spits. Tawney looks at the guard on duty.**
Eh, look, I caught mahself a slave, first one too. He was creeping around the gates of the fort, so I asked all the other beasts who he was, but no one could identify him.

**She tugs lightly on the chain, angering the reptile. It hissed at her.** Curzz you longearz!
**He opens his mouth wide, still hissing. Tawney turns her head away with a dramaticaly disgusted look.**
Hooo! Ole' chap, I say you have terrible breath!! Wots'a chap been eating anyways?!
**Tawney turns back to the guard** Anyhow, I went down to confront him and he blinkin' tries ta kill me!! Do you believe that? So I aim a kick at his stomach, and send him flyin'! It was jolly fun.
I tried to get some bally informatino out of 'im, but all he says is that 'is name is Sorrits. Is'nt that right ole' scaly face?
**She rattles the chain, looking at his face. Sorrits sneers at her.** Zorritz iz my name. Let me go or I'll slize you!
**Tawney smiles and takes Sorrits knife out of her belt.** Slice me? With what? I got your knife! And I say, it's a ugly one at that. I'd use a prettier knife If I was going to slice an apple eh wot!
**Sorrits hisses** Iz not for eating...Iz for killing longearz like yourzelf!! **Snaps his teeth**
**Tawney puts the knife back into a sheath on her belt** Oh Aye, that's a good so funny.
**She hands the chain to the guard** Here, lock him up, and keep questioning him, I do believe he's got somethings to tell us. Some kind of information. Scare it out of him, tickle it out of him, do anything..oh but don't,..don't deprive the chap of vittles. Eh, vittles is wot all beast need eh wot.

**Sorrits rolls his reptilian eyes sarcasticly at her** Thankz longearz, your too kind.

**Tawney cuffs him hard while turning to leave** Aye, and don't you forget it. Oh and enough of the longears comment eh? Tootles chaps!!

**Tawney skips off toword the kitchens.**

Tawney L. BallyHare
Wampa/15/Squirrel I found em sleepin on a beach of the coast of where that ol gabbol lived eeh screamed so loud that it bout broke me ear drums so i sez to him i say you stob screamin or i slice you up nice and fine yesssur so he shatts up and i takes him abord me good ol ship i did so the whole tribe all comes out on shore screamin and hollerin and i tell me men to kill em cause they be attackin me ship here so they did and here he is strong and healthy me lord. Caleb
Bluebell/-/Feildmouse I noticed a small campfire going while I was out fishing with one of my shipmates. As we drew closer we saw two mice (one male, one female), and an old hare. I told my friend to hide and wait for me behind a large rock. I said if I chirrped like a cricket for him to come out because they were attacking me. Being a hare myslef I was able to eneter their camp without suspicion. We chatted for awhile and I told them I was a lone traveler. When the female mouse began to make dinner, I offered to help. Together we made oatcakes, fruit salad, and mint tea. I made sure I was in charge of the tea. When nobody was lokking I slipped a powerful sleeping potion into the teapot. Unfortunately just as I was going to get my firend to help me carry all three beats back to the fort, a cricket chirrped. Fool that my firend is, he heedlessly fired an arrow into the camp slaying the male mouse. Disgusted, I told him to pick up the female mouse. I myslef went to get the old hare, but when I picked him up I found he was dead. I guess my potion must have been too strong a drug for his old heart. We took what provisions were in the camp, doused the fire and headed back. Pasque
Blizzard/19/Mole I was walking in the woods on the way back from gathering food when i stumbled across a hole leading to a tunnel under ground. The tunnel was big enough for me to fit in it so i got in it and went on. the tunnel suddenly sloped down and it was very steep so i fell down and i rolled down for a ways when the tunnel suddenly led out to a big secret cave. i rolled out of the tunnel into the cave. I suddenly herd two voices so i took cover behind a couch in the cave. Two moles came in and the first one said, "its gettin out o contrll, Oi cant ene go'oin a woods woith oot ben chased by them filthoi guards." Then blizzard said "oi, yer oight, oi baint able ter fine moi food." I couldnt take it anymore. I jumped up and shouted how dare u critisize FNS. I shot the first mole and the second one charged at me with a dagger. OILL KILL YER. I pulled out my sword and slashed the dagger right out of his hand and hit him on the top of the head with my sword butt and draged him back to FNS were he is in the dungeons cryin for his friend. Killclaw
Jark/5 seasons/squirrel A huge battle was raging today. It was woodlanders against us. I had only my trusty dagger, cunning, and speed, and that was all I needed. I was in a high rank, so I could tell some orders and things. But, then I went to our problem at Fort Nightshade; we were running short of slaves. Most were old, and died. I had solved the problem earlier. Go to their camp, and get all the little ones as slaves. Peice of cake. Right? Wrong. They had left the strongest of guards to guard the camp. So I put all of my cunning together to get at least one young slave. And then I saw the perfect opportunity. A baby squirrel of no more then five seasons was wondering away from the rest, unoticed. I waited till he was closer, then made my move swiftly. I knocked the baby unconcious by a swift blow on the head with my dagger handle, then grabbed him and ran, laughing in proclaimed glee. I reported straight back to the castle and instantly put him in the slave chains. Now, we had one more young slave to serve us for long seasons... Berryice Moonseeker
Kassan/middle aged/Squirrel Squirrels evade. Darga had fought their archers far to often not to appreciate that. He also knew there weakness that lay in their cockiness. They never expected a foe to reach their treetops. Sweat dripped from Darga Truetain's face as wrestled his way over a tree limb. The possum was doing his best to get the mark, and the high prize for this squirrel encouraged him further. So far the beast hadn't awakened, and Darga prayed he would stay unconscious for a while longer.

As Darga reached the frailer limbs he pulled out a climbing hook that snagged far better than his large claws. His feet dug in, just a big farther, he could see the mark, just in the fork of those branches...
The branch ripped off. In one move Darga lunged forward securing his hold in the tree and braining the alerted beast with the branch he'd torn loose. Pain pierced is foot paw where the falling hook point had slammed down. Kicking he dropped it to the forest floor and slowly desended. At the base of the tree the squirrel lay,crumpled against the roots. Inching forward Darga was about to conclude him dead when a dagger flashed up. Countering with a massive paw the possum disarmed and clubbed the squirrel senseless. He laughed, never engage a foe larger than you from the ground. Wait for a better time. He dragged the beast off, after binding his paws tight. A day later he trudged back, still with the squirrel. The beasts foes only wanted to brand him a traitor to them. Seems the squirrel betrayed his clan, and the attackers. Darga did not question, he now had the bounty off of the mark, and a slave for selling. Nightshade wasn't far off at that

Darga Truetain
Simion/14/squirrel I was sitting on the deck of my boat polishing my dirk when I spotted a dark figure wandering around the coast. Since I was off duty I quickly went to shore to investigate. I discovered a young squirrel hiding in the bushes. He was armed with a short sword and a sling. I snuck up behind him and he spun around. He seemed ready for a fight but my honest hare face convinced him I was friendly. He told me his name and confided that he was a wandering orphan. He asked what the buliding behind him was. I told him it was a fort which was home to seafering goodbeast. He believed me and asked if he could join our group. I told him that he could if he passed an interview process which would take place inside. I also told him that he had to come unarmed so we could be sure that he wasn't a villian. He seemed reluctant to part with his blade so I assured him that it would be returned to him whether or not he passed the interview. Finally he gave me his weapons. Then he turned to look at the fort again. As soon as his back was turned I brought the hilt of the sword down upon his head knocking him sensless. I picked him up and carried him back to the fort. Flash
Rargo/18/rat This is a bilge rat from the south. I was recently there, taking a vacation of sorts. The life at nightshade was not suiting me very well, so I went to southsward. It was there that I met up with a band of slavers. They were all rats, and this one was the second in command. His weapon, an enormous blackthron club, which has been adopted as my weapon of choice, easily outsized him. He could barely even lift it, so it amazed me that he was still alive. In his slave chain, there was a wolf named Anglus. He was quite old, outseasoning me by a long stretch. Over the season that I was gone, we became very good fiends. So it came that I set him free one day. I unlocked the chains that bound him, and he ran off into the woods. Rargo came out of his tent to a shrill scream. As he saw me, sword in hand, he realized what must have happened. Taking the club, he moved towards me. It was an easy shot, I could hardly miss a throw with my sword at a rat's leg when he was carrying an enormous blackthron club. Wiping off the blood from my sword, I sheathed it and picked up the club. I had had my eye on it for quite some time. It was beutifully crafted. Now to find the source of that scream. Dragging the unconcious rat behind me, I went off into the woods. To my horror, I saw an adder consuming the last bit of my friend Anglus. Dropping the rat behind me, I ran towars the adder. A foolish move, I realized later, But it was performed on impulse. Leaping at the adder, I swung my club. With a sickening crunch, the adder fell to the ground. Odd, how easy it was. I remembered my great fear of adders when I was a youngster in the northlands. I had acquired a knowledge of their anatomy by my father, though. My club hit exactly on the one soft spot in the skull. I picked up the rat and began my journey to the one place that I could still refer to as home. Karda Jadefire
Rargo/18/rat This is a bilge rat from the south. I was recently there, taking a vacation of sorts. The life at nightshade was not suiting me very well, so I went to southsward. It was there that I met up with a band of slavers. They were all rats, and this one was the second in command. His weapon, an enormous blackthron club, which has been adopted as my weapon of choice, easily outsized him. He could barely even lift it, so it amazed me that he was still alive. In his slave chain, there was a wolf named Anglus. He was quite old, outseasoning me by a long stretch. Over the season that I was gone, we became very good fiends. So it came that I set him free one day. I unlocked the chains that bound him, and he ran off into the woods. Rargo came out of his tent to a shrill scream. As he saw me, sword in hand, he realized what must have happened. Taking the club, he moved towards me. It was an easy shot, I could hardly miss a throw with my sword at a rat's leg when he was carrying an enormous blackthron club. Wiping off the blood from my sword, I sheathed it and picked up the club. I had had my eye on it for quite some time. It was beutifully crafted. Now to find the source of that scream. Dragging the unconcious rat behind me, I went off into the woods. To my horror, I saw an adder consuming the last bit of my friend Anglus. Dropping the rat behind me, I ran towars the adder. A foolish move, I realized later, But it was performed on impulse. Leaping at the adder, I swung my club. With a sickening crunch, the adder fell to the ground. Odd, how easy it was. I remembered my great fear of adders when I was a youngster in the northlands. I had acquired a knowledge of their anatomy by my father, though. My club hit exactly on the one soft spot in the skull. I picked up the rat and began my journey to the one place that I could still refer to as home. Pasque

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