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Ardrad the Red
Life Story

I was born in the North, and soon became a high ranking soldier under the command of the Urgan Nagru. The goodbeasts like to think they captured or killed all the beasts in Urgan's horde, but that ain't the way it goes. I escaped and found meself a ship called the Goldeneye or some goodbeast name like that. I stole it from a small tribe with the help of fifty or so stoats and weasels I had gathered from around the area. They were reluctant to accept me as their leader (who wants to follow orders from someone who doesn't pay them?) but as I was the only one who knew about sailing I became their Cheif. We traveled along the coast and plundered the numerous villages of shrews and otters. Many vermin joined my band and soon it numbered almost thirty score. Well, an army of six hundred is powerful indeed and we decided to take on the Haliar, a reknown goodbeast protecting the shores to the far, far east. During the long voyage there was a feirce storm, and most of the horde drowned that day. About twoscore were washed upon an island, including meself. Some were mutinous, and we divided into two groups (the ones loyal to me and the ones not) and fought. Both sides killed enough that we called it a draw and went opposite directions. The small band I still had numbered only six, five stoats and one rat. We set out to explore the island and soon discovered a huge forest full of fruit. We weren't interested in that, but we killed many small birds that came to eat the fruit and managed to survive off this for a good while. Finally, after about a month or so, we spotted a ship sailing from Sampetra. We enlisted as crew members, swore allegiance to the Queen of Sampetra (back then it was a vixen named Altsakaar) and managed to slip off the ship (well, I did; two others were caught and the rest decided to stay) onto an island much farther west inhabited by a throng of vermin led by a rat named Hernzatt. I joined his army but they had odd customs and fairly soon they were trying to kill me because I had mentioned Hernzatt's name in front of him. I quickly slew Hernzatt while there were only two hordebeasts in the room and ran to the harbor. There I stole a raft and sailed even farther west to Fort Nightshade.