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Berryice Moonseeker
The (Un)Loved One

It was the night. The night Vanilla the creamy colored fox had been dreading for weeks. Itnwas the night of the dnace that was always held once a year in the main hall. She hated this night because she was the only one never to have a date to take. She had no idea why. But she always went anyway. She was just finishing getting ready. She had on a silver dress that was silky and had white furry material rimming the bottom, the collar, and the long drape sleeves. She had just finished combing her fur to a silky shine, and now she was putting on some vanilla scented spray to make her smell like her name. Her brown eyes shined with determination. She was going to ask Darksun to dance. She was nervous. Only 30 minutes until she went out. She cleaned her teeth one last time. Then she thought of somthing to make her look a little prettier. She put some shiny stuff on her eyelashes, so they looked long and shiny. She went on ahead out and headed to the main hall. She got there, and some members were already there, mostly females. She spotted her friend, Karree, a chocolate brown ferret in a gold robe, and went to stand beside her. "Hi, Vanilla. You smell nice!" she said. "Thank you." I replied nervously. "You still gonna ask Darksun?" she asked me. I nodded slightly. "Even though he's going with that snooty red fox Flex...." she said, then hesitated. She knew my strong hate for I rolled my eyes. "Even so" Now my nervousment was replaced with anger. Then as Darksun ebtered the room, it turned back to nervousness, with some anger mixed in, because I say how great Flex looked in that white silk robe. I walked over when she had gone to the food table, and stood in front of him. I tryed hard to knock in as much bravery as I could. "Umm..Hi Darksun...I was wonderin if you...would..*sighs* if you would dance with me." I said in one breath.He looked surprised, then smiled."Sure" we went out to the dance floor. "I've been waitin for you to ask me, but Flex beat you." he said. I couldn't say no, because my friends really liked her and all, you know...." he said. I smiled. Then I caught a glimpse of an angry Fle galring at me. I grinned, and me and Darksun danced the whole night, and Flex never got to touch him once that night. I finally had a mate!