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Berryice Moonseeker
The Battle

A fox, named Pearl, for her pearly white fur and misty white eyes, was a highly dangerous warrior. But one day, a new crewbeast, a black ferret named Deadfur, challenged her in a fight. Since he was on the same ship as her, and she was higher rank, he said he was tired of being pushed around constantly by her. This just simply got her mad. She had hated this ferret ever since he had insulted her. But this just broke the small and (very) thin (very) line. She lunged, teeth bared. The ferret was unarmed at the moment, so she just used tooth and claw for a fair fight. The ferret fought steadily back. They were like a tornad of death and destruction. As they fought, they moved, and they fought themselves into a a small storage room. A weasel quickly shut the door, so they could fight peacefully (huh, peacefully) in there. There came the sounds of things being broken; old vases that were never put up, paintings that had no room on the wall to be hung up, old mops for cleaning maesses, and ripping bedsheets and pillows. Snarls, screams, howls, and yells of agony and anger came from the miniscule room. Everyone passing by stopped and stared wide eyed at the door from wence the noises came. The noises grew fainter, and there was a shuffling sound, like somebeast shaking somthing him/her. Some hoped that Pearl had won,others, the ferret. The door opened slowly, and siluted in a beam of moonlight coming from a window on the other wall siluted the dark, but kinda glowing figure of a fox. The budhy tail was an unmistakable giveaway. Pearl stepped out, and looked so frightening, everyone took a few paces back. She had rips and blood all over her, and some of her left ear was missing. She was limping, and had a bloody lip. The most vicious looking scratch on her was actually a bite. It had tooken a huge chunk of flesh from her neck. All knew, that Pearl had one a fight. The ferret, Deadfur, though new, was now dead for sure.