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BloodBath the Bad

One Day i was shallanged to a duel by a fox. no reson besides that he hated me. so we decided it would be in the clearing outside the forest. well when we got there arrow came out of nowhere and hit the fox on his sword paw. then in a flash we where surounded by 10 squirels. one squirel had a bow and no arrows left and the others all had little clubs. well i had to fight them all off the fox had a arrow in his sword paw. well i killed them all. after the fight the fox came up to me and said. i am in debt to you forever they would have killed me (well im glad i didnt have to fight him he was big and strong) well he followed me around like a bodygaurd. now anybody that messes with me gits beat up by him. now none mess with me.