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BloodBath the Bad
Life Story

I can't remember distictively, but I'll tell you the best I can. My father was a sailor, and abandoned our family as soon as he got a proper crew. That family was me, my mum, and my sister, Aerrie. The waters around our island (Death Island)was filled with backstabbing scumbags, so I had to become the protecter of the family, Aerrie was too young and mum too weak. I never forgave my father, and I vowed to go after him as soon as Aerrie was old enough to take care of mum. I felt that if I left them alone and helpless, it would be hypocritical, after all, thats the reason I was so mad at father, right? So I also got a crew and built a ship, twas called Wyndstorm, I think. Or was it WhirlWind? Damn! Something to do with wind anyway. We travelled around the seas, looking for HIM, but we never did. Eventually my crew got tired of it and commited mutiny, the blogheads. They threw me over the side. Thankfully, I knew how to swim, and so, half drowned, I ended up infront of a mountain called Salamandastron. I was found by a haremaid named Softpaw. Softpaw was a softie, the biggest I have ever met. She took me to her home, a little hole in the dune, really, but she never let me starve. Twas a miracle, I think. She healed my cuts and bruises, gave up her own bed, just to make me feel BETTER! Her kindness made me sick, but still, she saved me. I couldn't deny I was in her debt. And unfortunately, when she looked at me with those sad eyes, I could've stabbed myself for staying in debt. Should've died and gotten it over with. She had twelve children. TWELVE! One was her own of blood, but he was away when she healed me. The rest were adopted. I swear on me grandmum's grave, one of them was a ferret, as soft at his mum!! Twas a crying shame. There was a good weasel, TWO good ferrets, and a strange rat. It was sick to see someone of your own race take such a lifestyle. I was made a honorary member of their Group, Tudor, and they trained me how to use the crossbow and throwing knives. Since I was in debt, I had to babysit once. How could i sit there with this whiny dibbun on my lab screaming for her dolly? I never had a dolly when I was growing up! Eventually I worked off my debt, and I never felt so CLEAN. Its a horrible feeling, to be a "honorary goodbeast". Eventually I found out that there was a club named Dark Mouse's Cove, and phoot! I was outta there! I felt so much relief being around vermin! Dark Mouse gave me back my attitude, but there was one thing I never forgot.... There was two beasts whom everyone was trying to kill. That softie stuff is permanent or something, because I refused to hurt them, and convinced others to leave 'em alone. I swear, I felt so NICE....argh! I never hated that debt more than ever! Then I met Fury. I ditched DMC to be with him. He was so charming, handsome, tall....Then he ditched me faster than I ditched DMC. I can't believe how stupid I was, blinded by love. He forgot he proposed to me when he came back, and so I just threw the bloody ring at him and told him to get out of my face. Then I met another "honorary goodbeast." White Fang. I never met such a crueller beast. Particularly agaisnt males. For some reason she loathed them. I think she had her heart broken too. She could've killed them first chance she got. She was my idiol. White Fang converted my heart break to anger and rage. So I learned that DMC was being reconstructed. So, now I'm here again. Pass the grog and move over, mate!