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BloodBath the Bad

"OK!! Order in the ranks! No slouching!" "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ! Did you have to wake me up from me sleep? I had a great dream about food." I walk over to the ferret who calls him self Fullwhisker. "You do as I say! Not get up and get a move on it!" "This is going to be hard" I said to myself. "Fullwhisker" "Yes?" He said a little fearfully. "Since you were dreaming about food I think that you should get NO food. Hows that?" "Yes sir" "Atleast he shows a little respect" I thought. "Ok the rest of you. Drop and give me 100 push up and run around Fort Nightshade 20 times!" I was greeted with swears. "OK have it your way. Go aroung Fort NightShade 30 times!" The ferrets started the push up slowy. "Faster faster" I yelled. They went faster and faster and before 15 were up they were down. "OK troops take a brake and then come back you still have 30 times around "Fort NightShade" Everyone ran to the shore and guzzeled up water. They came back and started to trot around the massive building. After 30 I said" Get some sllep we will be doing more tommrow." The next day I spilt the ferrets as evenly as I could. One group started out with sword fighting and the other group did shooting. "Good job Whitetail move, an' thrust. igave the ferrets more compilments to build up there codfindents. I then went to the shooting range," Great shot!" I said to Fullwhisker. Fullwhisker kept shooting and never missed a shot. I ask him to help the other beast who werent' that great. After a couple of days and lots of hard work my team of ferrets went into the enlisting office. When they came out they were all happy. Snowstar had approved them! I felt very pround. Then I thought, "Maybe I will get a some food?"