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BloodBath the Bad

REVENGE! That is all I could think about. I felt like a badger during bloodwrath. Late one night I slipped out of Fort Nightshade. I crossed the lands until I reached the woodlands. I then let go my secret wepon. It was a falcon. The falcon was a black that matched the sky perfectly. It had talons that seemed to glow. I had been traing it for some time. Now it was time to test it. I let it go. I flew upward and to the enemies camp. I heard shouts. Then all was queit. I figured that my pet had done it work. I walk in. In the camp bodies here and there. I walked over to a big room. Inside were my pals. I freed them and we ran all the back to Fort Nightshade. The next day me falcon came bakc to me. You will be hearing from it again.