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Casell Windnight
Black Shadow

A black shadow came running by Fort Nightshade that night. A stoat was also there that night guarding the walltop when the shadow came behind him and pushed him over the walltop. The stoat fell with a yell that woke the others up quickly. The shadow ran down that night and was gone. A ferret and a weasel came by to see what happened when they saw the stoat way down there dead. Those two started talking about it and wondering who did it. Then that night a weasel was standing guard at a different area so he don't have to go done so long away. Then he saw the black shadow and gulped. He knew it was that shadow doing it all. He felt someone pushing him off the wall. Another death happened that night. The creatures each wanted to go last but it didn't seem to work. A fox was guarding this time. But the weird thing was he never got pushed over the wall. A weasel yelled, "Thats not fair! I'm not a fox and so I'm gonna get pushed over the wall! He never got pushed 'cause he's a fox." The captian said, "Be quiet back there ya hear!"And so another night came with rat this time. But the shadow never new it was a trick. When the shadow pushed him over the wall he never even died at all. He just bounced once and ran back in. Then the weasel and the ferret came and knocked the shadow on the head which was quite hard because it was black. That day the weasel and the ferret brought the shadow to the queen. When they opened it out came a vixen that was pretty small for her size. The queen asked why she was killing her soliders and not the vixens and the foxes. She responded, "Well they are my species."Then another ferret came and asked what her name was.She said, "Casell Windnight."The queen liked her to be one of her soliders and Casell said, "Alright I'll join!"The weasel said to the ferret, "It sounded like if she planned it all along, didn't it?"The ferret said, "Yeah it sure did."And so Casell joined and stayed there for a very long time.