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Coldeyes BloodTalon

Blackeye was a corsair from birth. His father was brawny ole stoat and his mother also a stoat. Yet his mother and father were not the type of vermin that roved the land looking for trouble, these beasts just lived their lives in solitude. Well blackeye was given his name because since birth one his eyes had been blackened over and he could not see out of it. Well when Blackeye came of age he set out for the coast to find some followers and build a ship. On his way he forced a raggly bunch of 4 ferrets, 2 foxes, 3 rats, and a wolf. Blackeye had always been a fighter at heart and was easily able to "convince" his new comrades into joining him. When they came to a small goodbeast village they pillaged it and took many slaves. They kept moving till they got to the coast where they set up camp and discussed future plans. His crew had been motley at first but now they were very dangerous killers. His first paw was QuickClaw a grey wolf with a passion for killing. His second paw was Gorma the Searat there was never a craftier and quick witted corsair than Gorma. The rest of his crew were dangerous also but not near as much as these three who would later become the most feared names on the seas. They took action, they set the slaves gathering wood and began laying plans for the construction of a fine vessel, one fit for the King of Sampetra Lord Ublaz himself. Soon they completed the vessel and it was named "The Black Dragoon". This is only the first of BlackEye's tales, for BlackEye was my close mate and he has many tales which I will save for later times.