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Life Story

My name is Crippleblade, I gave myself that name for that is what I became famous for. It all started when my father Quickstreak told me that all the men in the wolven family (thats my last name), gives themselves a name after they move out. This name should reflect yourself for it will be your eternal name. Before as a child I was named Booman, which was very odd I thought. Later on in life as I was leaving my home my father gave me a special blade, which was an erloom of the family. I said goodbye to my family and was off the the south. Not to long after, maybe a day or two later of walking a small mole came to me andasked if were the wolven child. He told me a wildcat named Blackfur the evil had begun attacking east of my former home and was heding west. With my own two broad swords and my special sword, I ran North to help my family. When I arrived my home was burned down and my parents were dead, but no sign of my other brothers. I swore vengence upon Blackfur and went to find an army of Northlanders. I started by recruiting the mole that told me about Blackfur. We travelled all over finding many wolf fighters and once in a while squirrels and large northern otters. After an entire season I had a vast army of ten hordes of wolves, five of squirrels, six of otters, two of moles, seven of mice, one of hedgehogs and eight of hares. My army was great but there was one more place to go to and try to recruit some animals. The Long mountains, home of huge bats and many birds of prey. My goal is to get some owls and falcons. The only obstacle is not to frighten the bats that I know from legends are killers even if approached by gentle folk. This is why I went alone. The finding part was way easier then I thought it would have been hard. As I entered the cave to my luck the bats were asleep and the trip through was a breeze. The birds that lived all together, had been attacked by the evil Blackfur so when I asked if they wantede to join they all had came all fifteen hordes owls and twenty four hordes of falcons. Luck was with me that day.With my army ready (I hoped) we set off west to confront Blackfur and his army of wildcats. For ten moons we traveled to find the base or camp of Blackfur. As we made a secret camp in the woods we were confronted by a horde and one of wolves. Instantly their leader and I recognized each other. It was my older younger brother Nicloe. That night we made camp and I found out that Marsholl my youngest brother was being held captured by Blackfur. We figured that we would rest today and attack at sunup. As the sun rose all that could be heard where the crazy calls of my army and the screaming of the enemy. Enen though tne enemy doubled my men the suprise attack almost evened the oods. The battle was long and before noon all that was left of there army was blackfur and some of his leaders. Of course my army took a great blow we surley now outnumbered the lot of scum. As we approached the remaining enemy Blackfur whistled out behind him and an army of the same as the one we just fought arrived. The day was obviously over for us when my Blackfur challanged whoever wished to fight him in a one-on-one battle until he died or we all died or most of us anyway. If we one we would get my brother back and we would all live. Nicloe challenged him before I could talk. My brother was strong yes but Blackfur wasn't no pushover. They battled long and as my brother was about to strike him down he kicked his legs allowing Blackfur to finsh him. I could bare to watch him die. Blackfur had won. I pulled into the challenge circle and pulled out my two of my broad swords and charged him. His long sword clashed againsted my swords and the battle begined. After what seemed an enternity I broke his long sword with a scissor chop. I threw my swords down and pulled my speacial sword out. He begged for mercy and said he would leave the land and never returned. Being me I trusted him and as I turned back he threw a dagger at me, I turned to only see my brother marsholl stagger to the ground pierced through the heart. I watched take his last breath before I charged Blackfur ans stabbed him in the spine with my sword and started to twist visously until he drowned of his own blood. The other wild cats ran away and we had won the battle at a terrible cost. I had also found my name Crippleblade. That is basically it , after that the army went back to their homes and I went south, for adventures.