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once there was a mighty king .he ruled the far of land of Byduer. his name was day the enemy reptiles of Slitherdon seized the palace. the king's subjects were slain, athough they spared furro.they threw him in the dungeon for many years & burned the bodys of the subjects.For many years the Slitherdons were the rulers.while furro sit in his cell, his anger grew & grew, & the sorrow for his beloved subects became more painful. Since the Subjects were not properly given a ceremony or a memorial, they sensed his sorrow. A ghostly horde rose up from the ground and stormed the castle of the Slitherdons. They all were terrified and died of fright. Furro was set free. He found some old friends and started a new kingdom of Byduer. now byduer is the highest of kingdoms. If you go to the heartlands of Byduer you can still hear the screams of the Slitherdon's spirits.