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Darkfire Stargazer
Song of the Savage - Chapter One: Introduction

Gentle waves lapped at barnacles, who could do nothing in return to the playful seas. A dazzling golden-russet sun crept over a horizon who could do nothing to stop the day's decent. And the captain who's eyes gazed out over the waters could do nothing to stop it either. Heavy seaboots beat out a steady pacing rhythm, Morgan traced and re-traced his steps mindlessly. Large ears flattened to downy brown fur as the captain of the Sayladar sighed heavily into the cooling air. He stroked at his scruffy goatee with a weary paw, his other paw resting on the deck rail of his fine corsair galley. Finally he came to a halt, dark eyes watching the sun sink into its nightly bed. Soon there was the sound of pawsteps behind him, he didn't even have to turn his head. The heavy sound was familiar, Morgan smiled to himself. "Brutus.. what news do you bring me, if any, old friend?" Brutus was a pudgy, yet strong black searat, clad in tattered trousers cut short, and jangling with many large earrings and bracelets of many metals. Brutus rested on the thick spearhaft of his most trusted weapon, nodding politely to the turned back of his captain and friend. "Ca'pn sir, there's been talk o' trouble.. Mutiny they says! Must be Bluddgutt and his cronies. .you know.. Fishtooth and Krutaine.." Brutus trailed off and shook his large head. Morgan did likewise, still stroking his beard in thought. Morgan ran no ordinary ship, as Morgan was no ordinary corsair. He was strong, cunning, and determined as any ordinary sea vermin.. but he was no vermin at all. Morgan was a mouse. Slowly he scratched an ear and adjusted his black bandanna, fiddling with the buckles of the belts crossed over his chest. Finally he spoke, his wisdom and justice apparent in his deep, unafraid voice. "Always the same three.. Cut off the head and the body will surely die.. Mayhap I shall have to deal with Bluddgutt in a final manner." Brutus nodded solemnly. "Aye sir.. will ye be wantin' me to keep an eye on 'im, sir?" Morgan turned from the railing to face his friend and second in command, nodding in the affirmative. "But do not be obvious.. though that mud- brain would probably never notice if you hid in a barrel and followed him all day." They both restrained their chortles, snickering quietly to themselves for a moment. "Oh! Cap'n I also came to tell ye that supper's done. Can't keep vittles a'waiting!" With a faint smile Morgan nudged his friend playfully forward. "Especially not you, my pudgy friend." Brutus stifled his laughter and pushed the captain onward, both tromping off along the deck. (To be continued, I'll try to have a chapter every week or so)