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Darkfire Stargazer
Song of the Savage - Chapter Eleven: Chief of the Savages

Morgan stirred a second time. The ache in the base of his skull was still present, nagging him into wakefulness. He hadn't even realized he had drifted back to sleep after he had regained consciousness. As the corsair captain opened his eyes, however, he found that it was not the pain that had awoken him. The first sight that had greeted his eyes was a pair of footpaws directly before his face. Looking up, he viewed a burly-looking ferret warrior, leaning confidently upon Morgan's own sabre. The islander's luminous eyes were narrowed, a cocky smirk upon his black and tan face. Slowly, the ferret clucked his tongue and raised his paw. At this apparent command, several of his comrades came to attendance. All were wearing some piece of captured corsair apparel, draped in bandannas and jackets, brandishing cutlasses or spears. They resembled jaunty dibbuns playing dress- up. However, Morgan was in no condition to find the humor in this situation. The ferret bearing the captain's sabre spoke gruffly. "You to meet Chief, sea-comer." He unsheathed the glittering sabre, clumsily slicing the rope binding Morgan to the post thrust deep in the sand. As the ferret stood back, looking proud of himself, the others hurtled forward, hauling Morgan up roughly to his footpaws. He stumbled, but they shoved him until he began to walk. They crossed the beach in a short time, arriving at a great cliff- face near to the water. Morgan was shoved into a tall ladder, rising high up the cliff. Realizing that their prisoner could not ascend the ladder with his paws tied, one ferret began to haul him up by his shirt collar, another snapping at his heels as he struggled his way up. The mouse shut his eyes as they reached what felt like a staggering height, finally ending out upon a broad rock ledge. Two ferrets with large bone-tipped spears stood at the entrance to a very dark cave. Morgan had little time to ponder why the cave was not lit by torches, as the ferrets who had forced him up the ladder pressed him inside the cave opening. Upon entry, only the ferret bearing Morgan's sabre followed him within, prodding him with the sheathed weapon. The islander warrior knew his way within the dark chamber well, for his luminous eyes seemed to allow him vision in the pitch blackness. As they rounded a bend, Morgan was startled to see the glow of another pair of eyes. His guide shoved him down hard upon the rough stone floor, forcing him into a groveling position. His gruff voice was lowered, so as not to echo excessively. "O great Chief, I bring leader of sea-comer scum." The other creature in the chamber spoke softly as well, though its speech sounded far more educated. "You have done well, my lighteyes. I shall not take long with this intruder.. wait outside and I will send him out when I am done with him.." "Yes, Chief Mooneyes." Morgan heard the pawsteps of the ferret fade away, he noted the direction in which they went so that he might find his way out. Chief Mooneyes paused a moment, then spoke. "So, corsair.. For what reasons have you invaded my island..?" (To be continued...)