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Darkfire Stargazer
Song of the Savage - Chapter Two: Candlelight Conspiracy

The Sayladar rocked softly upon the gently rolling seas, the lapping waves singing their soothing lullaby. Not all aboard the vessel were lulled to sleep, however. Weak candle light cast a sickly illumination over the solemn faces of the conspirators, gruff voices lowered to awkward whispers. Bluddgutt the searat sat before the candle, his two cronies huddled close. Bluddgutts tough face seemed menacing in the flickering light, rough features exaggerated by the wavering shadows, which concealed his pudgy stomach. His co-conspirators were equally hardened in appearance, but could not equal Bluddgutt's girth. One was a beady-eyed, sly- looking rat, while the other appeared more solemn, almost stern. The smaller, beady- eyed rat wriggled in his seat, as if eager to speak, while his solemn companion seemed taciturn. Bluddgutt, on the other hand, seemed greatly pleased to be in control of the meeting. His gruff voice seemed almost hoarse as he did his best to whisper, clearly unaccustomed to the act. Bluddgutt was much more used to bellowing and bullying, for he was the slavedriver of the galley. He greatly enjoyed his job, demanding tirelessly from the weary slave-beasts who worked the oars, who could give no more. Strangely though, Bluddgutt didn't mind that his demands were never met, as long as he could still make those demands. Glee filled his greedy eyes, knowing he had his cronies as a captive audience. "Listen up Mates, 'ere's the plan. Youse all know 'ow "noble" 'is 'ighness the cap'n thinks 'e is. So, we play 'is game, but by our rules, y'see? 'E always says that if anybeast thinks 'e can 'andle this 'ere vessel, 'e'll gladly face 'em in a duel. So we 'ave ter use that ter our advantage. I'll challenge 'im to 'is liddle duel, an' thats where youse two come in.." Bluddgutt reached a chubby paw down to his belt, retracting it a moment later, holding out a small dagger, sheathed carefully. His wicked, homely face lit up cruelly with a black- toothed smile, placing the dagger on the table. "Finest poison this side 'o the seas, mates. 'Un jab wit this beaut, an' say g'bye ter the mousie. Th' moment 'e gets the upper 'and, youse dive inter th' fray an' give 'im a good dose!" Bluddgutt began to cackle, though it emerged sounding strangled and choked with phlegm. Quickly, the beady-eyed rat elbowed him to shut him up. His voice was almost a snide hiss, kept to a cautious whisper. "Keep it down, d'yer wanna get us all killed? We get the idear, but why do yer wanna kill th' cap'n anyways? S'not like we don't get our share of tha plunder, y'know?" Bluddgutt immediately glared at his beady-eyed companion, drawing up his girth in defensive and haughty rage. "Listen pudden 'ead, d'yer really want ter be known as th' corsairs of a damned mouse? C'mon now Krutaine, are ye in this or not? An' you, Fishtooth!" Bluddgutt turned his temperamental glare upon the larger, taciturn rat sitting at his other side, who merely nodded in his consent. Krutaine glared a moment before muttering his agreement to the mutiny. Bluddgutt seemed smugly satisfied. "Right then, yer informed. Two nights from now 'twill be the temp'rary date, y'hear? Don't ferget, pudden 'eads!" With that, the conspirators rose from the table, Fishtooth snuffing the lone candle with a heavy paw. From the solitude of his bunk, the fox Lieutentant Scaplax did his best to stifle a snicker at the careless trio. Morgan would know of the details before dawn. (To be continued..)