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After my mother died, I began wandering farther and farther away from my home. I finally left my home altogether. Taking only food, my poisoning saber, and some herbs, I left to find a new companion. I passed many rushing rivers, big sturdy oaks, and finally came to an old, twisted elm tree that soar higher than all of the oaks. At te bottom was a small opening.
I peered into the opening, and I saw an old vixen seer. She turned to me and asked,"Who are you, and where do you go? My vision failed me long ago." I answered calmly,"I am Darkvale the Vixen Wanderer, I do not stay in one place for long." "Well come in then!" she said.
"But you haven't told me your name yet!" "Oh, sorry Darkvale, my name is Elmroot the Healer and Seer."
I glady walked in and saw that she carried a tall honey locust staff with a quartz orb on top. Together we slept, but not for long.
I was awakened by a sharp jab. It was a fat stoat, his beady eyes glistened. Elmroot woke up. "Gashleg, I should have..." "Ye shut yeself up," commanded a taller stoat.
With that he grabbed Elmroot's staff and started beatting her with it.
"Yer a dirty liddle blighter, you deceptive doofus," he said.
The last hit was enough. He dropped the staff on the carcass of the dead seer.
Before Gashleg, the fat one, could react, I pulled out my saber...The tall stoat screamed as he saw Gashleg's head hit the ground dully like a rotten fruit.
I quickly grabbed the seer's staff and swung hard. On contact, The stoat's skull smashed into pieces like a china dish.
I once again had been deprived of a companion I thought as I was burying the old vixen. At least I now had something to remember her by.